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General A&P C. J. SHUSTER

Id Muscles, Know Origin/insertions and Actions for Class and Lab

Dashed Lines (----) means that the student can ignore this section.


A. Face, Skull & Neck: Open/close mouth & eyes, chewing, swallowing, facial expressions, move head.

Orb icularis O culi ----- Blinking, Squinting

Platysma ----- -----

Zygomaticus ----- Smiling Muscle

Masseter Zygomatic A rch/Ramus of M andible Back & Forth of Jaw

Tempo ralis Tem poral Fo ssa/Coronoid P rocess Elevate M andible

Orb icularis O ris ----- Close M outh

Diga stric ----- Swallowing

Pharyngeal Constrictor Group ----- Swallowing

Sternum & Clavicle/M astoid Pro cess

Sternocleid oma stoid Head, neck flexion, Rotation Skull
of Temporal
B. Back : Movement of head & trunk (vertebral column)

Erector Spinae Group ----- Extension of Back

NO TE : flexion of vertebrae is done by the abdominal muscles ( See below).

C. Thorax : Breathing

Diaphragm Inferior Border of Rib Cage Flattens on Contraction

Interna l & External Interco stals Border of Ribs
D. Abdom inals: M ovem ent of Tru nk + abd om inal co ntents

Rectus Ab dom inis Pubic Crest/Xiphoid Process Flex Lumbar Vertebrae

External & Internal Obliques ----- Synergist w/Re ctus Abdo minis

Transverse Ab dom inis ----- Compress Ab dom inal Co ntents

E. Pelvic Floor

None Needed
F. Sholder Joint: -Rotate, Abduct/Adduct & Flex/Extend
Clavicle, Sternum, Ribs 1-6,
Pectoralis Major Arm Flexion at shoulder
Abdom inal Ap oneurosis
----- Raise, Rotate, Stabilize Scapulae

Rho mbo id
(No te: if this muscle is not sho wn in
the lab book, look it up in the lecture ----- Adduct Arm at Shoulder
book or one of the other books
Arm Extension and Adduction at
Latissimus Do rsi -----
Lateral 1/3 of Clavical, Acromion &
Deltoid Spine of Sc apula/De ltoid T uberosity Arm Abduction at Shoulder
of Humerus
Fossa, Lateral Border & posterior
Rotator Cup G roup Surface of Scapula/Greater & Lesser Stabilize Shoulder Joint
Tubercles of Hum erus
H. Elbow Joint-Rotate & Flex/Extend F orearm

Tricepts B rachii Scapula & H umerus/Radius Extensor of Forearm

Distal 2 of Humerus/Co rono id

Bra cialis Flexor of Forearm
Process of Ulna
Bra chioradialis ----- Synergist in Flexion of Forearm
Coracoid Process & Lip of G lenoid
Biceps B rachii Flexion of Elbow, supinates forearm
Cavity/Radial Tubero sity
Flexors/Extendors o f Forearm ----- Flex/Extend Fingers & W rist

Pronator Teres ----- Pronate Forearm

I. Hip & Knee Joint -Rotate, Abduct/Adduct & Flex/Extend
Muscles Often Flex & Extend B OT H H ip & Knee. K now Bo th; Usually Oppo site (i.e., they flex the hip and
extend the knee or vic-a-versa)

Sartorius ----- Flex/R otate T high at H ip

Ischial & Pubic Bone N ear the
Adductors Gro up Adduction of T high at H ip
Symphysis/Medial Aspect of Femur
All have insertion on Patella & Tibial
Quadriceps Group Tubero sity

* Rectus Fem oris Origin: Iliac & Bo rder of Acetabulum Extend K nee, Flex Hip
* Vastus Lateralis Origin: Greater Trochanter Extend Knee
* Vastus Medialis ----- Extend Knee
* Vastus Interm edialis Origin: Fem ur Sha ft Extend Knee
For all of them:
Hamstring Group: For all of them:
Ischial Tuberosity/Head of Fibula,
* Bicep s Fem oris Antagonist to Quadriceps; all flex
Medial Condyle & Proximal Shaft of
* Semitendinous knee & extend hip
Tib ia
* Semimembranous

Gluteus Maximus & Medias Ilium/Trochanter of Femur Extend T high at H ip

J. Calf Muscles: Movement at Ankle and Knee

Tibialis Anterior ----- Dorsiflexion

Medial & Lateral Condyles of
Gastrocnemius & Achilles Tendon Plantar Flexion
Soleus ----- Plantar Flexion