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Queens for the King

A month to be thankful...
November always means Thanksgiving in our brains.
We have a lot to be thankful for this year. God made a
way for us to start a young adult Bible study in
Sweetwaters. God sent us teachers from Australia
who began our much needed reading program. It is
going so well. Emily and Julie responded to God's call.
They have been indispensable in witnessing to the
community and kids as well as making the walls of
Tabitha come alive with their artistic talent. Elizabeth
and Jacob are thriving in school. They both are
blessed with new wonderful Christian friends as well.
Our God is good ALL THE TIME!

"Make disciples of all
nationsteaching them
to observe all
It has been a long time coming
but God finally made a way for
us to start a young adult Bible
study in the Sweetwaters
community. Our turn out has
been great with 8 young
people coming each week. We
are teaching them sound
doctrine and how to share their
faith. Pray God will raise up
mighty, godly leaders from this
group to impact Sweetwaters
for His Glory.
Reading, Reading, Reading
We began reading groups in earnest this month. Each volunteer takes a
group of students at 10:30 am. We read with the group for 45 minutes. We
work on vocabulary and comprehension as well. It is amazing how improved
each child is after just a few sessions. Pray these groups enable our kids to
read God's Word more easily.

Elizabeth Update
Elizabeth was a big help this
month. She helped us
monitor the Tabitha kids at
Jacob's cricket match. She
also helped us chaperon the
kids at the Light Party at
Hilton Baptist on Oct 31st. It
is hard to keep 24 excited
kids from devouring ALL
the free candy from
the candy table before the
other kids arrived but she
helped us manage. She is
doing great at school and
looks forward to her Senior
year starting in Jan 2015.
The Jacob Scoop

Jacob was elected as a
prefect/councilor at his school.
This means he was recognized as
one the leaders of his grade by
the faculty (sort of like student
council). He is currently playing
cricket and helps the Cowan
House swim team as well. He is
making Mexican food for his
business project at school. Pray
we sell lots of tacos rather than
just eat them HA!

Sharpen Your
Emily and Julie are amazing. They
are transforming this center into a
beautiful place to live and grow in
Christ. They are currently drawing
amazing murals in the little girls'
bedrooms and the toddler's room
too. They paint Scriptures on the
walls in each room which will be
etched in each child's heart for all
PJ's for Tabitha kids-ages 6
months-11years (new or
Peroxide/Baking Soda
toothpaste for kids. Socks
for all ages
Art/Craft supplies for
Devotion classes for kids
and art classes
3 dressing tables for girl's
bedrooms and new
comforters for 10 little girls

Check out our
website: queensfortheking.org or

Follow us on our Facebook page
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Permanent Address:

Thomas and Paige Queen
135 Leamington Lane SE
Cleveland, TN 37323

In-Country Mailing Address:

Thomas and Paige Queen
Suite H 17
P/Bag X 9118
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Praises and Prayer

2 patients saved in
Sweetwaters on house visits
last week!
God providing sponsors so
kids get Christmas presents
New Bible study and reading
groups making a difference
Prayer Requests:
Unity and peace among
Tabitha staff. Improved
health among staff
Wisdom in choosing the right
curriculum at school
To reap a large harvest on
house visits and in SW Bible
study. Good weather a must!
Continue to pray we have
our permanent residency
status approved soon by SA