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Analysis of LMS Categories of Function

LMS Review: Additional
insight needed.
LMS: Desire2Learn Integrated Learning Platform
Instructions: URL: www.desire2learn.com
We are interested in your
response in defining the
following capabilities of your
hosted LMS product and

Please check off if the feature is available and add a
description of the feature(if needed) in the spaces
Customized Administrative
Role Capabilities

With over 500 distinct permissions, the number of unique roles that
can be created is endless. Unique to Desire2Learn Learning Suite is
the ability to set advanced access and security permissions for roles at
any level of your organization, all the way down to an individual tool
or feature within a tool.
Throughout the organizational hierarchy you set up with D2L, users
can have different roles and responsibilities as they move through
different areas of the system. In addition, we provide bulk tools to
both create these org units as well as manage the enrollments
throughout them.
Banner Integration

Yes, Desire2Learn has multiple approaches to integrating with
Banner. The integration includes course creation, user creation,
and user enrollments, and can also include a grades send back to
Banner. These approaches include:
Approach 1 Banner Adapter (requires Luminis Message
Broker): Supports real-time course creation, user creation, and
user enrollment. Also provides a UI for Faculty to manage the
submission of Grades into Banner. The integration also includes a
cross-listing interface to manage mappings for both courses and
Approach 2 Holding Tank: Our SIS-agnostic middleware
approach supports real-time course creation, user creation, and
user enrollment. Grades can be submitted back to Banner through
a scripted bulk process. The integration also includes a cross-
listing interface to manage mappings for both courses and
Approach 3 Custom API Integration: Desire2Learns extensive
APIs can be used to build a more custom integration. Further
scoping would be required for this option.
Single Sign On Authentication &
Publisher Content

Course Cartridges

Our solution supports the import of IMS or SCORM compliant ePacks
or course cartridges from most textbook publishers. Desire2Learn has
partner relationships with many major content publishers and is a
standards compliant platform, easily allowing ePacks to be imported
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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in most major formats. Content Development Partners create online
courses, unique multimedia materials and custom course materials,
and engage in the Desire2Learn Partner Network to ensure that their
content is compatible with Desire2Learn Learning Suite.
LTI Compatible
Learning Apps
D2L supports IMS LTI v1.1.1 and is heavily involved in the process of
developing specifications around core LTI v2 and associated,
individual services specifications. D2L is committed to the ongoing
support and implementation of this standard.
We have LTI-Based integrations with many of our publishers, and
often they will include deeper data exchange through our APIs. These
McGraw Hill
Vital Source
And more
Desire2Learn also supports alternative authentication
methods, including:
The Desire2Learn API uses variable management within
the product to accommodate external authentication
directories such as LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, and
custom systems.
Desire2Learn can also implement Single Sign-On from
diverse systems like portals, libraries, and other content
systems. Administrators can set up fail-through
authentication against a secondary source like the system's
own database in the event that the primary source (for
example, the LDAP server) fails.
Shibboleth authentication is supported by Desire2Learn
Learning Environment. It is deployed and configured as a
custom project through Desire2Learn Professional Services
We integrate with Central Authentication Service (CAS) as a
single-sign-on protocol for the web so that learners can
access multiple applications by providing their credentials
(such as user ID and password) only once.

Social Learning

D2L has different tools to handle social groups depending on the
use case of Cuyahoga Community College. These include:
Course-Level Groups used for creating private
discussion areas, shared file folders, and group
submission dropboxes. Content and resources can also be
conditionally released to groups within a class.
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Wiggio Groups D2L offers a feature set known as Wiggio,
which allows for student-let ad-hoc group creation for
hosting virtual meetings, conference calls, chats, and
collaborative document sharing.
Community Groups Course shells can be converted to be
used as a community group or club. Students can be given
a greater amount of permissions to manage these groups,
and the language, branding, and toolsets can be modified
to be more appropriate for the group.
Opt In

Referring to the answer above, both the Course-level groups and
Course shell-based groups have an opt-in function. In a course,
groups can be configured to be a self-sign-up. In the organization,
Community Groups use our Self Registration tool to enable opt-in.
The Self Registration tool can also require the user to complete a
form, and for the group leader to approve registration.
Link to Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn,

Desire2Learn also enables Cuyahogas users to add links to
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

and Google+ in their user profiles.

Discussion Feed

Users can subscribe to entire categories of forums, individual
forums, and individual threads as an email notification. These
notifications can be sent out immediately, or just sent as daily
Avatars, Bio, or
Customizable Profiles
Yes, Desire2Learn Learning Environment provides users with the
ability to create an individual user profile allowing for a personalized
space. Users have the ability to add information to their user profile,
which can be seen by other users with the appropriate permissions
set. This information can include everything from a picture and
nickname to addresses, likes/dislikes, and other user-configurable
Access or Sharing
Inside of Desire2Learn Learning Environment, files can be shared
through a variety of different tools for file sharing. These include:
Group Lockers shared file folders that allow users to
submit files to a group.
Wiggio our ad-hoc group tool also supports a shared
files area.
Blog the blog tool allows for sharing externally outside
the system.
Desire2Learn ePortfolio (separate product offering) is a
robust social platform for sharing files to peers and
groups. It also supports a presentation module which
allows for external sharing.
Video & Audio
Desire2Learn Learning Environment includes both a Record
Audio and Record Video tool. These tools can be used in many
areas for the students to record and embed multimedia directly
into content areas.

Badges, Student Incentives &

Mozilla Open Badges

Desire2Learn can integrate with badging platforms that support
the Open Badges standard through an LTI integration.
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Credly supports integration with Wordpress, and D2L can
integrate with Wordpress via LTI.

Desire2Learn can also integrate with other Badges, Incentives,
and Retention offerings through LTI initiatives. D2L is also
working on a badging solution for future release.

Mobile Abilities

Desire2Learn Learning Environment includes a web-based mobile
interface built specifically for mobile access. Included with
Desire2Learn Learning Environment at no additional cost, mobile
users can read content, view their grades, see the latest news, view a
courses calendar, and read and reply to discussion boards. All of these
tools are available in a format designed and optimized for mobile web
Faculty Grading App

Desire2Learn provides the Desire2Learn Grader app which
supports both online and offline grading for content submitted to
our dropbox tool. This app supports MS Office Types (Word,
Excel, PPT), .PDF, Apple Iwork, TXT, RTF, HTM and HTML, PNG,
GIF, JPG, TIFF, and iPad-supported audio/video (mp3, mp4, etc.)
Student App

Desire2Learn offers students the Desire2Learn Binder app for
both online and offline viewing of content.

ADA Compliance & Accessibility
Video Captioning

Desire2Learn supports Video Captioning with multiple tools:
1. Videos uploaded into Desire2Learns content tool are
rendered in a D2L player which supports the addition of
2. Desire2Learn Capture (additional product) is a Lecture
Capture solution, and this solution supports the addition
of captions.
3. Desire2Learn Learning Environment also integrates with
Kaltura, which supports the addition of video captions.
Audio Transcription 3rd party
There is no native feature for audio transcription in Desire2Learn,
however standard audio transcription tools that support web-
browsers. D2L does internal quality assurance testing with
assistive technologies like JAWS

, NVDA, VoiceOver, and Dragon

NaturallySpeaking to proactively identify and address issues.
In addition, Desire2Learn has other Accessibility integrations
such as ReadSpeaker for reading content pages out to users with
learning disabilities.

The Desire2Learn Learning Environment, Desire2Learn Learning
Repository, and Desire2Learn ePortfolio all comply with the
applicable industry standards of Section 508 of the United States
Rehabilitation Act of 1973. D2L designs and tests web applications
against the World Wide Web Consortiums (W3C

) Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2 level AA and Section 508.
In addition, Desire2Learn is Gold Level certified with the National
Federation of the Blind.
Innovations, Ratings Awards
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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& Awards D2L is also the only LMS vendor that has pledged to
review their accessibility program with the National
Federation of the Blind yearly as part of their Nonvisual
Access Certification and is the only LMS vendor to achieve
Gold level certification on multiple occasions (2010, 2011,
On July 8, 2013, as a demonstration of our commitment to
accessibility, D2L was awarded the Dr. Jacob Bolotin
Award for groundbreaking work in accessibility by the
National Federation of the Blind (NFB).
Uploaded videos convert to HTML 5 player and support
closed captioning
HTML editor creates semantic markup by default
Special Access - Prompts authors for alt text on adding images
Allows for individual time limits for assessments
WCAG AA checks for color contrast during content
creation and warns the user
Allows authors to add ACCMD to content
Equation editor produces accessible output by default
All authoring practices demonstrated in documentation are
Founders of Desire2Learn Accessibility Interest Group
Additional information on Desire2Learn Accessibility Standards
Compliance can be found at:

Upgrades & Implementation of
New Features


Desire2Learn is implementing Continuous Delivery which is a method
of delivering updated technology to our clients that enables rapid,
incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to
users. This frictionless model makes it possible to increase
collaboration with our clients and adapt software in line with user
feedback and needs for incremental and easily integrated changes.
With continuous Delivery, smaller updates of new features that do not
impact a key workflow or require retraining will be released as part of
the regular monthly update.
These features are loaded into the system automatically, however it is
at Cuyahogas discretion as to when these features are turned on.
When released, the features will be turned off by default in the update
allowing Cuyahoga to have the control to toggle on these features
within a 12 month period from release before they are turned on by

With continuous Delivery, smaller updates of new features that do not
impact a key workflow or require retraining will be released as part of
the regular monthly update. When released, the features will be
turned off by default in the update allowing Cuyahoga to have the
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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control to toggle on these features within a 12 month period from
release before they are turned on by default.
Testing Before
Release Procedure
Cuyahoga will have access to a test environment that will allow
them to test new features before rolling them out to their
production environment.


D2L documentation is provided online through the Desire2Learn
Resource Center website via the Community. Desire2Learn Resource
Center is the source for the most recent user documentation. Users
can leverage the integrated search engine located in the main
navigation bar to immediately find relevant topics and resources.
Documentation is also offered in downloadable packages that are
targeted to three audiences: one for system administrators, one for
instructors and course designers, and one for learners. These packages
are downloaded from the Community.

Implementations of Desire2Learn include access to our self-
directed training videos, which is a library of student and
instructor-oriented videos detailing the use of each tool. In
addition, our Desire2Learn Community site includes help guides
and recipes for using the tools more effectively.
Feature Release Info.

Yes, feature releases include training resources to help your team
understand what is new in the system. In addition, your dedicated
account manager can help facilitate demonstrations and Q&A
sessions with your team to further understand the effects of the
Face to Face Option

Our trainers can deliver hands-on workshops onsite at our clients'
locations and share best practices on teaching and learning.
Training typically takes place in a lab setting with each participant
working from their own training course.
Product Improvement
Desire2Learn is a client-centric company focused on meeting client
needs. Client input drives our development roadmap. Clients can
contribute ideas and input a variety of ways:
Community Website | This open discussion forums is visited daily
by Desire2Learn employees and used to interact in real time with
clients and respond to their suggestions.
Product Idea Exchange | Within the Community, clients can post a
unique idea, vote on posted ideas, add their comments, search ideas,
view recent and popular ideas/feature request, and subscribe to ideas
to be altered to any updates.
Focus Groups | Clients can join focus groups on specific topics of
interest to contribute ideas and innovate collaboratively.
User Conference | Desire2Learn hosts an annual user conference
where clients and Desire2Learn employees can work collaboratively
Client Site Visits | Product Managers, Trainers, and anyone who
visit clients often get an opportunity to speak to administrators,
instructors and even students about how they use the system and
what they would like to see from it.

Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Web Meeting/Conferencing
Webinar Online 3
Desire2Learn has deep integrations with Adobe Connect,
Blackboard Collaborate, Webex, and Microsoft Lync, and we can
also integrate with other LTI-based tools like Big Blue Button. In
addition, our Desire2Learn Capture (optional)offering supports
live and archived webcasts that integrated directly into the
environment as its native to our solution.
File sharing

Files can be shared using multiple different tools:
Group Locker shared storage areas for files
Wiggio our ad-hoc groups tool supports shared folders
and document creation/sharing
Desire2Learn ePortfolio our robust sharing platform
allows users to share files from both the web and mobile
Video Uploading

Video can be uploaded using the following tools:
Video Note this tool exists in almost all content entry
areas and supports the recording of video directly into the
Drag and Drop Video in Content our content building
tool allows for the drag-and-drop of video directly into a
lesson, and our system will provide an HTML-5 based
player to make it suitable for all devices. In addition, the
video player includes options for adding closed captions.
Desire2Learn Capture our lecture capture solution for
displaying live and archived video in courses. This
solution also supports the uploading of pre-existing video
Diverse Meeting
Yes, through our integration with third party tools like
Blackboard Collaborate, Webex, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft
Lync, different and hierarchical meeting roles can be controlled
within a web conference.

FERPA Safeguards
Verification Options

Desire2Learn understands the importance of regulatory compliance
with respect to the security and privacy of information. Our solutions
have been engineered to address privacy-based regulatory
requirements. Confidentiality elements are controlled by a Cuyahogas
system administrator. The system allows administrators to flexibly
define what information is public (e.g. directory information), what is
private (e.g. non-directory information) and to indicate whether a
specific role has the ability to see non-directory information.


Desire2Learn complies with the prohibitions under FERPA: we do not
disclose any information to anyone except to those that our client-
schools authorize, and those people are internal only. We provide a
framework for our clients to determine what user information fields
may be considered appropriate for a directory, which is accomplished
through a User Information Privacy setting. In addition, there are
additional security permissions to control access to fields such as
email addresses and student IDs. Since our clients have taken
different approaches to FERPA, we attempt to make the system as
flexible as possible. It is ultimately up to the system administrator and
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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instructors to configure the system to best reflect their privacy (and
regulatory) requirements.

External Building
Our policy is that we do not give access to the data we handle by our
Desire2Learn Cloud offering other than to authorized personnel; we
do not give direct access, but instead our clients ask us to provide
them with specified information.

Metrics & Data
Course reporting

The User Progress tool provides progress reports to learners,
instructor, and auditors. The User Progress tool acts as an all-in-one
view of interactions users have with various tools and features within
an organizational unit (e.g. a course). Instructors can use the User
Progress tool to gain quick insight of usage patterns of one individual
learner and compare them to that of their peers. The User Progress
tool provides a snapshot view of all activity within Desire2Learn
Learning Environment such as:
Learning Objectives
Login History
In addition, our Intelligent Agents tool can be used to create
automatic emails that send out to teachers, counsellors, coaches, or
other interested individuals when certain criteria are/are not

Student Activity
Reporting Options
Using the User Progress tool described above, the faculty member can
also see detailed information at the individual student level. At the
student level, the reports show more specific information such as time
spent on activities, submission dates, and comparisons against the
Also, as mentioned above, Intelligent Agents can be set to check for
incomplete/complete activities or for certain grade thresholds and
automatically email invested stakeholders. Furthermore, using
organizational rubrics, this could even be used to track activities that
are happening across the system as an early alert system.
System reporting
Desire2Learn Analytics Essentials provides a useful interface through
which Cuyahoga can create reports detailing system activity.
Desire2Learn Analytics Essentials enables users to select a wide
variety of data to report on and to shape reports through the use of
filters and other parameters. Desire2Learn Analytics Essentials
provides three different categories of reports:
Class and User Progress Dashboard 1.
Inline Tool Dashboards 2.
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Administrative Dashboards 3.
The data available for Desire2Learn Learning Environment to report
on is contained in datasets. Once a dataset is chosen to report on, a
render type can be selected (render types define the format of a
report). Custom filters can also be added to reports to constrain the
information to only show specified and relevant results. The available
render types are as follows:

Area Graph Pie Graph
Bar Graph Table
Line Graph

In addition, our additional offering Desire2Learn Insights is essential
for administrators, steering committees, information technology
personnel, system auditors, financial analysts, and many other
stakeholders who want to make informed, organizational, and cross-
organizational decisions without purchasing expensive business
intelligence software or hiring a large team of business intelligence
and database analysts.
Desire2Learn Insights provides on-demand access to data related to
your Desire2Learn instance to help improve your organizations
understanding of how your eLearning solution is used. Desire2Learn
Insights is a flexible solution to create your own reports or create
export files without having to extract raw data or understand
Structured Query Language (SQL). In some cases you may have some
additional user-based information that you want to incorporate into
the academic solution.

Inside of Desire2Learn Learning Environment, our Intelligent
Agents tool can be used to trigger emails and flags based on
learning objective performance happening across the system.
Using this tool, Cuyahoga can build a framework to evaluate key
metrics and indicators and flag students for intervention as they
progress through multiple courses.
In addition, Desire2Learns Insights (optional) Student Success
System module provides a more in-depth platform for identifying
at-risk users. Desire2Learn Insights empowers institutions with
predictive analytic tools to improve student success, retention,
completion, and graduation rates. Student Success System uses
statistical analysis to generate predictive models that enable Cuyahoga
to identify at-risk students and intervene appropriately to improve
their rate of success and increase institutional effectiveness.
The predictive analysis is used by the Student Success System is
adaptable to the instructional approach of each course enabling the
monitoring of student engagement and achievement expectations per
course. Weekly predictions are based on five possible domains:
Course Access | The course access domain compiles Desire2Learn
Learning Environment logins as well as accesses of course-specific
homepages as a demonstration of a students engagement in a course.
Content Access | The content access domain describes engagement
by tracking access of content material for the course.
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Social Learning | The social learning domain uses data captured
within Desire2Learn Learning Environment discussions to show the
level of student engagement. The sociogram visualization is critical in
identifying students that may be performing well in terms of their
grades, but may be disconnected from the class socially which could
present a risk for dropping out or transferring.
Grades | The grades domain describes student performance on
assessments. The grades predictive chart provides a compact
visualization of student performance across all course assessments
while also comparing student performance relative to classmates.
Preparedness (optional component) | This domain consists of a set
of data elements from a Student Information System (SIS), including
admission scores, overall institution performance and demographics
to provide a view on a students level of preparedness for the course.

Implementation Plan
Please see the attached sample implementation plan included
with this document.
Any Other Advantages

Predictive Analytics

One of Desire2Learns biggest differentiators is our focus on deep
analytics, learning outcome assessment, as well as predictive
modeling to provide valuable insights that will improve learner
success. These offerings include:

Insights and Learning Objective Reporting
Desire2Learn Insights allows you to see the results of learning by
reporting on the assessments and mastery of skills. Desire2Learn
Insights fills in the gaps as it measures how the student and instructor
used the learning suite to transform the educational components into
knowledge and the mastery of skills. The reports of Insights allow for
filtering at program, department, course, and student levels to help
Cuyahoga access to the effectiveness of your programs. In addition,
other reports help identify at-risk students, grade trends, quiz item
analysis, and much more.

Student Success System
The Student Success System the early intervention system in
Desire2Learn Insights that empowers institutions with predictive
analytic tools to improve student success, retention, completion, and
graduation rates. Student Success System uses statistical analysis to
generate predictive models that enable Cuyahoga to identify at-risk
students and intervene appropriately to improve their rate of success
and increase institutional effectiveness.

Degree Compass

Degree Compass is a personalized, web-based course
recommendation tool that uses predictive analytics to guide
learners course selection in a way that not only enhances the rate
of academic success but also drives on-time completion of their
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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degree or training.

Personalization and Adaptive Learning Paths

Also unique to Desire2Learn is our focus on creating a truly
personal experience for both students and faculty members.
Without courses, faculty members are able to create courses that
selectively release content based on the users past performances.
In addition, the courses themselves can be restructured to suit
each delivery model, including blended, purely online, or even a
gamified course.

Release Conditions

Instructors can create custom learning paths and provide a personal
learning experience by attaching release conditions to items within a
course. For example, learners can be prevented from accessing
specific items until they meet the associated condition such as a
required score on a quiz or viewing a certain amount of course
content. In this case, access to aspects of a course is fuelled by
successfully meeting an objective. Another example of customizing
learning paths with the Release Conditions tool is that a release
condition can be set up to trigger additional resources for learners
who receive a low score on a quiz (i.e. under 50 per cent) and would
benefit from additional help.

Desire2Learn LEAP
In our commitment to provide instructors and learners with the tools
and technology that personalize the learning experience, D2L
acquired Knowillage Systems, Inc. in September 2013. Knowillage
Systems is the creator of the dynamic adaptive learning and semantic
engine technology called LeaP derived from the phrase Learning
LeaP strives to improve learner engagement and achievement by
using a language processing engine and an adaptive analytics
algorithm to systematically determine gaps in a learners skill set and
then provides the right tools, content, and techniques to address those
weaknesses right at the moment of learning. By combining a
learners scholastic profile with learning objectives, activities,
assessments, and information regarding their content mastery, LeaP
guides the learners on a personally, optimized learning path, in real-
time, according to their individual learning pace and style.
At the heart of LeaP is an adaptive engine that is designed to increase
efficiency in the content-mapping process. In the past, creating
personal learning pathways for each learner required a significant
amount of labor to create the personalized map, search for the right
content, and input learning activities and assessments to address each
individual learners areas for improvement.

Flexible Branding
Many aspects of our solution can be tailored by your administrators
and course designers to align with your organizations vision and
Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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system variables
organizational units and
roles and permissions
navigation bar layout
homepage layout
presentation and
navigation settings
interface development
features to

In addition, the Homepage tool enables complete customization for
home pages at the organization, course, and any level in between. For
instance, a department can have its own unique color and scheme,
look and feel, department news, and department events. Widgets can
be positioned and sized to fit individual homepages. Some of the
widgets available include: bookmarks, calendar/events, content
browser, Google search, my courses, my settings, news, picture
library, role switch, and updates.

The flexibility of these course pages allows Cuyahoga to be
creative with your course delivery. For example, a course shell
could simply start in the content tool to encourage user adoption,
course shells could have a dynamic landing page made from other
web-based languages, or you could have a course land on a
virtually captured lecture accompanied by a twitter feed.

Pervasive Offline Capabilities

Lastly, Desire2Learns mobile apps have the advantage of being
offline enabled. Our apps are free to use and integrate directly
back into Desire2Learn Learning Environment, and all support
offline features.

Desire2Learn Binder (offline supported)
The Desire2Learn Binder platform has been designed to help
educators world-wide make the transition from print to digital by
simplifying the discovery and acquisition of publisher content through
eTextbook integration into the online learning experience.
Furthermore, the Desire2Learn Binder platform includes engaging,
intuitive cross-platform mobile, and desktop applications that allow
learners to consume purchased eTextbooks, course content
originating from Desire2Learn Learning Environment as well as other
personal learning objects all in a single location with the tools they
need to stay productive and organized.

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader (offline supported)
Desire2Learn Assignment Grader for iPad

is available from the

App Store for free. With it instructors can grade and leave
feedback wherever they go even offline. Desire2Learn Assignment
Grader enables offline, mobile access to assignments in the Dropbox
tool in Desire2Learn Learning Environment and the ability to grade
those assignments from a tablet device.

Office of eLearning & Innovation
Access, Learning, and Success - Cuyahoga Community College

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Desire2Learn ePortfolio App

Our immersive social sharing app also supports the offline
creation of learning artifacts, and once reconnected to wifi this
app will synchronize with the web-based server. With
Desire2Learn ePortfolio users can:

Take photos, record video, record audio and add them to your
portfolio. Add content (image, audio recording, reflection, or
link) to Desire2Learn ePortfolio directly from your device.
Create items and share, tag, or add them to collections in one
Share items with peers, mentors, and instructors.

In addition, Desire2Learn also supports a lifelong ePortfolio called
MyDesire2Learn for when the user leaves Cuyahoga Community