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The Department of Software Engineering


Project Title:
Automated Fingerprint based
Attendance System

Project Supervisor:

Engg Ghulam Rabbani butt
Submitted by:
Muhammad Ibrahim (17)
Said Islam (24)
Nisar Ahmed (25)


Designing a student attendance management system based on fingerprint
recognition and faster one-to-many identification that manages records for
attendance in universities like university of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Every organization whether it be an educational institution or business
organization, it has to maintain a proper record of attendance of students or
employees for effective functioning of organization. Designing a better attendance
management system for students so that records can be maintained with ease and
accuracy was an important key behind motivating this project. This would improve
accuracy of attendance records because it will remove all the hassles of roll calling
and will save valuable time of the students as well as teachers. Fingerprint
recognition are very advanced today in terms of technology. It was our
responsibility to improve fingerprint identification system.
The aim of this project is to develop a reliable attendance tracking and
recording system based on biometric fingerprint identification that can be used to
monitor attendance of student. This project will only involve the development of
software. This system will integrate with a compatible fingerprint device. This
system will be developed using Microsoft visual studio with user-friendly
interface. So that every lecturer will used this system without many problems.

Objectives of the project
The aim of this project is to develop and design user-friendly attendance
management system that can be implemented in this university. It can record the
student basic personal information and monitor the student attendance. This system
will be able to print the attendance report and analyze the percentage of attendance.

Technology to be used
Dot net platform
o ASP.net
o Sql server

Hardware Requirement:
Pentium IV
Fingerprint Reader device

Features and functionality of the proposed system

Record the student attendance.

Computer software will start the process after inputting _fingerprint of
teacher. It will find the Subject ID, and Current Semester using the ID of the
teacher. After some time, say 10 minutes of this process, no attendance will
be accepted.
Calculating the percentage of student attendance.
Generating reports.
Admin can update, delete, search and download or print the attendance
Lecturer can update, search and download or print the attendance record.
Student can search and download the attendance record.
Admin and teacher have own login-id and passwords.

Possible areas of application

It can be used at various government or non-government associations.
It can be used to implement authentication at almost all schools, colleges
educational institutes and office purpose.
Security purpose

Limitations and constraints
A main limitation of the system is that the software will not handle the situation if
the electric power supply is turned off, in which case the functionality of the
system will fail.
The image capturing capabilities are affected by the skin quality of the finger. For
example, a maker or dirty finger is difficult to be captured properly.

Testing and completion criteria
Once the project is assumed to be complete it can be tested to check its
functionality by making a fake scenario like it actually installed in a university.
The enrolment phase is an administrative and teacher phase in which the
administrator and teacher needs to log in. The student fingerprint as well as the
other bio-data will be stored for the first time into the database for student
enrolment. Fist teacher place his/her fingerprint then students will place his/her
fingerprint and it will perform its required functionality i.e. real time testing will
performed, if all turns out well then it can be actually implemented for this
university and office etc.