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To improve your grammar, look for

A Communicative Grammar of English

A Comprehensive Grammar of the English
Advanced Grammar in Use
Advanced English Practice
Grammatical Semantics
Usage and Abusage
To improve your vocabulary, look for
Advanced Vocabulary and Idioms
English Vocabulary in Use Advanced
Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary and
Test your vocabulary 5
Word Perfect
To improve your reading, writing,
speaking and listening, look for
Poem into Poem
Writing for Advanced Learners
Reading Culture
Practise Advanced Writing
Reading Advanced
Process Writing
Effective Reading
Conversation Gambits
Britain in Close-up
For business and professional
students, look for
Barbarians at the Gate
Business @ the speed of light
Business Idioms International
Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced
Check your vocabulary for Business
Collins Cobuild key words in Business
Effective Meetings
Effective Negotiating
English for Business Studies
In at the Deep End
Longman Business English Usage
Oxford Dictionary of Business English
Persuasive Reports & Proposals
Test your Business English: General Usage
(Upper Intermediate/Advanced)
English for Accountancy
Banking English
Check your vocabulary for Banking and Finance
Key terms in Human Resources
Management and Marketing
Management English
English for Telecoms
English for the Telecommunications Industry
Collins Cobuild key words in Science and
Vocabulary for Law
Collins Cobuild key words in the Media
English for International Negotiations
English for International Tourism
Grassroots Grants
For the IELTS exam, look for
101 Helpful Hints for IELTS academic
101 Helpful Hints for IELTS general
202 Useful Exercises for IELTS
A book for IELTS
Academic Writing Practice for IELTS
Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS
Check your Vocabulary for IELTS
How to Prepare for IELTS
IELTS Strategies for Study
IELTS Testbuilder
Instant IELTS
Prepare for IELTS academic module
Prepare for IELTS general training module
For other exams, look for
BEC (Business English Certificate) Higher Practice
For academic studies, look for
A Study Skills Handbook
Academic Writing Course
Check your vocabulary for Academic Purposes
EASE Essential Academic Skills in English on CD
Exploring Academic English
Study Listening
Study Reading
Study Skills in English
Study Speaking
Successful Dissertations and Theses
Advanced Level
For students at advanced level
Advanced Level
For students at advanced level
And on the computers you will find:
Network English 2 Advanced
Tense Buster Advanced
Mind Games Advanced
And for reading for pleasure, look at the readers with a red sticker. Some of the books
(marked: Cassette available) have an accompanying cassette so you can listen while
you are reading.
You may also like to try novels and short stories for native speakers which can be
found in the ARTS and Culture and Learn English areas.