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Explain about DC OPs Architecture.

Server Management: It means maintenance of web servers i.e, when you have a
fully managed server, your
webhost is responsible for some/all
maintenance. If your sever is not fully managed, you are responsible for maintain
it or you have to hire someone for this.

Server Monitoring & Reporting: It means , here we are monitoring the servers,
server uptime/downtime reports, server health check-ups....etc.

Admin & Security Services: It means , the admin peoples gives the right
permissions/privileges to all employees and he maintains all the employees
information, he is having rights to change the employee passwords.....etc.

Install & Upgrade/Patching Services: It means, to update the software/OS from

older version to newer version. Here patching means, to fix the issues/errors.

Server Security & Hardening: It means to update the software i.e, taking a soft
surface/material & making changes to it, which result in that surface become
stronger & more resistance to damage it. This is how exactly how the server is

Backup Recovery & Job Scheduling: Backups is to recover data/ copying and
archiving of Computer data. so, it may be used to restore the original after a data
loss event. Job scheduling, refers to a batch system that manages and monitors
the behind-the-scenes data and applications that are necessary for batch jobs to

Incident Management: It means, creating the logs i.e, it contains assign to group,
time, assign by....etc and it is performed by monitoring peoples(90%)

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Problem Management: It means, if we receive same issues/alerts multiple times

in a same day, but background process running successfully, in this case
manager will access this and he is responsible to this type of issues.

Change Management: It is performed by change management team. It contains

incident raised by, time, involved peoples, what we have to do, to whom we have
to inform after resolving the issues....etc.

Service Request Management: If you need any server/mail access/inter related

queries, we need to raise the service request.
Note: Most of the servers are placed in other countries/client place based on
client request, So that we can recover the data easily due to disasters/floods.
What is Threshold?
It is a type of disk usage alert and it will comes from NS client & automatically it
will generate i.e, reached the maximum in disk space.
What is ticketing tool?
It is a software which provides solutions for the tickets. Ticket means a problem.
There are many ticketing tools are available. For example BMC Remedy. Ticket
consists : SLA (SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT),Ticket No, Summary, Status, Start
Time, End Time, Reporting Person : Email ID , Phone Number will be there in this
If Instructions are big attachments will be there.
What is VPN?
VPN means virtual private network. Through VPN only we can enter/login into
clients network i.e, if one server in USA &one server in India, we have to
connect/login through VPN with your Username & Password.
What is DHCP?
It means dynamic host configuration protocol. It gives IP addresses automatically
to the clients who is requesting for an IP address & it is a centralised IP address
What is DNS?
It means domain name system/services. It provides resolution of/convert host
names to IP addresses & IP addresses to host names. Computers are running for
DNS service can be server 2008, 2003, 2000,NT 4.0, linux,unix...etc.

Prepared By Prudhvi