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2010 Shuang Hor Outstanding Vice Manager Overseas Seminar – Guilin, China

The Picturesque Scenery, The Real Shangri-La

The countdown for the much awaited tour to Guilin has begun!
What is there for YOU to hesitate?
Gear up, lock onto your goal,
and make the final dash.
Secure for yourself the opportunity to join the tour.
Indulging in the poetic,
picturesque scenery of Paradise on Earth.
Admiring the awesome landscape
as you cruise along Lijiang River.
And adding that extra touch of vibrant hue to your life.

issue 6 2009 NOVEMBER


Health Topic:
A Strong Immunity Begins from Our
Everyday Life

P16 Lo and Behold!
Health Hazards Common to Computer Users

2 10 29
Jia Hor Hi-Fibre - Achievement Roll (July & August 2009)
SYstem & YOU
Eases the Burden of Your Body The 91st New Vice Manager Leadership
Make Shuang Hor Business Your Chosen Career
with Daily Intake Seminar – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Winning for Yourself the 8 Major Fulfilments of Life

DIAMOND story 12 32
Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder -
4 For Full Vitality and Great Health!
Ordering Details

Triple Diamond
Phoon Khee Onn & Lim Ah Ai
The Vcare Hair-care Range -
PRODUCT COLUMN Crowning Glory Begins with Healthy Scalp

The Epoch-making Energy Health Food - 16
VitaKing Be Wary of Free Radicals, the Killer of Youthful Skin –
Vcare Refining Serum

Moisturizing & Nourishing Body Skin –
Vcare Hand & Body Lotion

Dehydrated Skin? –
Vcare Facial Toner

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The 1st New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar
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Make Shuang Hor Business Your Chosen Career
Winning for Yourself the 8 Major Fulfilments of Life
System Leader
Ku Cheng Chun

Q: A countless number of ways to make money are available out there. Why should I make Shuang Hor
Business my choice, then?

A: You should make Shuang Hor Business your chosen career by taking the following reasons into consideration:-
I. Wealth creation: Shuang Hor Business is undoubtedly a golden opportunity to build your own business and earn
lucrative income (Note: You may refer to the previous issue of Shuang Hor Bimonthly, in which the subject Why
wealth can be created through Shuang Hor is covered in the same column System & You, entitled The Business
Opportunity of Enormous Potential for the 21st Century).
It goes without saying that this one reason alone is not good enough to justify the purpose, for opportunities of
wealth creation are aplenty out there. However, when it comes to making lots of money without having to dish out
a huge capital outlay (zero-risk factor), then your options would be very, very limited.
In Shuang Hor Business, you can build a free enterprise of your own with only as low as RM35 or S$20. Where else
can you find another opportunity through which wealth can be created with such an incredibly small amount of
And that is not all…

II. Time freedom: In Shuang Hor Business, what you can earn is not only big money but also time freedom. That
means you have lots of money to spend and at the same time enjoy a great deal of leisure. This feature differentiates
Shuang Hor Business from so many conventional business opportunities out there, for which the bigger the business
grows, the less time freedom you will have at your own disposal.
In Shuang Hor, a successful, high-flying Shuang Horean (such as a Gold Diamond Distributor) refers to someone
who has successfully developed a network supported by thousands of distributors. This implies that he or she not
only has a stable and sustainable source of passive income. More so, when outstanding downline distributors in the
network promote themselves as junior leaders, it transforms into a fully autonomous, self-empowering entity whose
members of respectable statuses enjoy an uncommon freedom (enormous flexibility) to pick and decide on how to
make good use of their time at their own disposure, such as attending a floral arrangement class, going for yoga
sessions, pursuing a PhD degree, skiing at the foothills of the Alps, hunting at the Safari in Africa, travelling round
the world like an ace, or engaging in their favourite Shuang Hor activities to entitle themselves for bigger bonus
cheques, month after month… After all, it is a matter of doing what they enjoy doing.
Yes, it is a matter of having a date with your destiny – to “enjoy a lucrative income while having a great deal of
leisure” by making Shuang Hor Business your chosen career, or to “earn big money but left with too little time to
enjoy life” by sticking to those conventional opportunities. Which one would you pick?

III. Health: Shuang Hor Business becomes an obvious choice if you list “optimal health” as the next but no less
crucial component of your perceived ideal lifestyle.
This is because – Generally, as far as a conventional business opportunity is concerned, money is made provided
that you work for it hard enough when you are still young and your physical wellbeing is still in tip-top condition.
In other words, you barter health for wealth. More often than not, by the time you have reached the prime of your
career, it is also when the condition of your health has very little left to be salvaged. As a result, you embark on a
desperate scramble to pay the ransom for the return of your health with the wealth you have accumulated. Before
long, visiting the hospital, undergoing treatment, and taking course after course of medicine would become a way
of life.
In this respect, Shuang Hor Business is itself a lifelong crusade to promote optimal health. As a successful
Shuang Horean, you are dealing with topics concerning physical wellbeing, day in and day out. In effect, you are
continuously programming into your awareness the importance of preserving a healthy body. Most importantly, you
are consuming, on a daily basis, the most efficacious health food ever marketed in human history – the Lingzhi
products of Shuang Hor – which also serve as a driving force that spurs you on to walk the talk on the finer points
of prevention better than cure.

IV. A harmonious matrimonial relationship: Shuang Hor Business is your
family business.
Shuang Hor Business is so designed that it is inherently meant to be built
and run by husband-and-wife teams, who are to work for it and reap the
sweet fruits of success as couples. Because of it, you and your spouse get to
embrace the same objectives in life, share common topics, and relish a more
blissful marital tie. There may still be differences and occasional disputes,
though. But as leaders, you and your spouse have become indoctrinated on
the importance of maintaining a positive image and exercising self-discipline.
Moreover, your upline couples will usually assume the role of intermediaries
in a timely manner as a part of the environment put in place by the Education
System of Shuang Hor to inculcate the values of a harmonious matrimonial
relationship. It is through this holistic set of interactive influence that a
better understanding is forged and wedded bliss further enhanced.
In contrast, as this regulatory mechanism is glaringly absent from most
conventional business opportunities, it is not uncommon to see couples
making a mountain out of a mole hill, which explains why promises of
“happily married ever after” could well plunge into a dead bolt of worsening
relationship sooner or later.

V. A widening circle of friends: Due to the fact that frequent contacts and getting to know more people
are essential aspects of network marketing, it is just natural that establishing a cordial bond with others,
equipping oneself with a positive mindset, and handling situations with people-oriented approach have become
the indispensable skills to ensure success in Shuang Hor Business. These grow by the day as enriching
habits that will naturally reflect on the ways you interact in your network, your everyday life, and your social
activities, which will work wonders as you build your network from strength to strength, with closer rapport
being established with old buddies and more meaningful union nurtured with new ones. You begin to win true
friends who cherish the same ideals. What’s more, for those who have regained vitality (health benefits) through
the products of Shuang Hor recommended by you and for people who have lifted themselves out of financial
troubled waters because of your efforts as an upline, your connection with them will definitely be beyond the
scope of “friendship”!

VI. Personal development: The distributor networks (Education System) of Shuang Hor Business are collectively
a progressive, studious organization and an ecosystem where multi-faceted lifelong learning thrives.
Each and every individual here is not only imparted with knowledge pertaining to the products but also its
spin-offs that extend to health care, the ability to express oneself, oratory skills, know-how on managing a
network of people, leadership quality and commanding aptitude, socializing, moulding of character, key areas
on how to respect each other as a couple, and so on. All these can be acquired in hands-on and learn-as-you-
do situations through the selfless mentorship from your uplines, guidance from the System Leader, or even the
synergy harnessed from the macro environment of the Education System of Shuang Hor en route to achieving
mastery and constant perfection.

VII. Self-reassurance and respect from others: Success and high achievements in Shuang Hor Business are
built upon the foundation of helping others (your downlines) to succeed – to uplift more people through wealth
creation and to bring them health. Something that you could not possibly have fulfilled with your past calibre as
an individual but now that with Shuang Hor, the transformation you have gone through has enabled you to touch
the lives of people around you, to turn the impossible possible.
Putting into practice the belief of “garnering personal gain by first bringing hope and benefits to others” with
concrete actions is certainly the surest way to beef up your self-esteem and earn you the respect from others.
This is exactly what makes Shuang Hor Business so extraordinary.

VIII. Benevolent deeds: The definite and noble purpose of becoming a Shuang Hor distributor is to rekindle the
lives of those suffering from financial hardship and people enduring physical anguish. It is through the moral
cultivation and edification of this compassionate environment that one becomes a caring citizen, a Samaritan,
and a white knight in shining armour who is always reaching out to the needy and the less fortunate.
In Charity of R.O.C. Association, a non-profit organization set up by Shuang Hor Group and devoted to helping
the poor and the sick, our distributors find a meaningful channel to contribute in cash or kind. Over the years,
they have chalked up one flying colour after another with their big hearts for a good cause, earning them much
appreciation and numerous official recognition from the government of Taiwan.
If making money is your only concern, then I am afraid that Shuang Hor might not be your ideal chosen career.
But if your intention is to benefit from the best of both worlds – to create wealth and at the same time optimize
the quality of your life, then Shuang Hor Business is absolutely your choice of a lifetime.
Triple Diamond Profile
Growth Stages in Shuang Hor:
Signed up Shuang Hor in January 1991
Promoted to Vice Manager in April 1991
Promoted to Senior Vice Manager in July 1994
Promoted to Special Vice Manager in May 1995
Promoted to Diamond in August 1998
Promoted to Double Diamond in August 2007
Promoted to Triple Diamond in July 2009
(to be continued…)

Current Residence:
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Phoon Khee Onn Lim Ah Ai

Year of Birth: 1966 Year of Birth: 1964

Chapter on Diamond

A Warrior Who Smiles At All Times

Phoon Khee Onn was born to a poor family in Ipoh. With his humble background, he
has since a very young age vowed to make it big in life and bring comfort to his family. After completing his
upper secondary education, he began working as a lorry driver. In between jobs, he also became an assistant to his mother at
her vegetable farm. Soon, Khee Onn discovered to his dismay that what he was doing could hardly help him fulfil his dream.
Subsequently, he left for Singapore where he looked for a greener pasture in the shipyard industry and, with sheer fortitude,
he worked his way up as a contractor. However, just as his career advancement seemed to have progressed smoothly and
life seemed to be getting better and better, he began to indulge in gambling and lead a dissipated life. It goes without saying
that his wife was heartbroken.

Early Rejection to the Life-changing Opportunity

The couple’s Shuang Hor Business began first with the involvement of his wife Lim Ah Ai. In the early stage, she was met
with Khee Onn’s intense rejection instead of his blessing or support. Whenever their upline paid a visit for a follow-up, Khee
Onn would either give a cold shoulder or make excuses to absent himself. Even by the time Ah Ai had her condition of poor
health markedly improved through the consumption of Lingzhi and promoted herself to the level of Vice Manager Distributor
within 4 months, Khee Onn still refused to get involved. Though he would occasionally accompany her to attend meetings, his
support was half-hearted, as he would just puff away stick after stick of cigarette and impatiently urge her to go home early.
Opportunity came knocking on his door several times, but he did not act to grasp at it.

A Changed Attitude towards Shuang Hor Business

For 3 years on, through Ah Ai’s unreserved commitment in Shuang Hor Business, Khee Onn witnessed with his own
eyes how their upline transformed in many aspects. Upon being inspired by a ceremonious Diamond Award Presentation cum
Distributor Rally, he started to look at the potential of Shuang Hor Business in a new light. He proceeded without hesitation to
give up his shipyard contractor job and plunged headlong into this wonderful business by following the footsteps of his wife.
Khee Onn is frank to admit that due to his biased conception of the past, coupled with the trouble of having to swallow his
pride and false arrogance as a boss, one can imagine the initial defeats he had to go through when he tried to do it his way.
Khee Onn has had the bitter experience of having sold only 1 bottle of Lingzhi in 3 long months. At one stage, he almost lost
confidence and considered going back to his old trade. Fortunately, it was only a spur-of-the-moment disillusion. Khee Onn
points out that it was the tremendous power of Shuang Hor Education System and its quality products that drove him on. And
of course, the support and encouragement from their upline was also instrumental to his determination to forge ahead.
Khee Onn and Ah Ai are adamant that as long as they persevere in this business with an attitude of optimism, all
challenges and difficulties could definitely be overcome. They also count their blessings that if without Shuang Hor Business,
they would remain to be an ordinary couple, and the yearly 5-star overseas tour treatment provided by Shuang Hor would be
something beyond their wildest dream. Most importantly, Shuang Hor has turned Khee Onn into a cheerful and approachable
guy who now enjoys an increasingly stronger intimate bond with his family.

Chapter on Double Diamond

Driven by a Burning Desire

Diamond, Now One More Level Up

Bouncing Back from a Downturn with an Unwavering Resolve

Through a trying episode that would last 9 years, and from a raw Diamond Couple who had had their share of ups
and downs, Phoon Khee Onn and Lim Ah Ai have today metamorphosed into a Double Diamond Couple beaming with
confidence and charisma, while their network has by now grown to a respectable size and recorded enviable group sales
performance. To this dynamic couple who always greet others with passion and full vitality, their growth path is a reflection
and manifestation of their trademark maxim: “Ask not for personal gains, but be a friend in need.”
Khee Onn admits that upon qualifying as Diamond Distributor back in 1998, he once allowed himself to take things easy
and fall into complacency. As a result, the group sales performance of his network underwent a gradual decline. By the year
2000, Taiwan Gold Diamond Lin Shen Chang came to Malaysia to coach fellow distributors on how to fulfil the fundamental
goal of 3,200 points. The couple was like having got hold of a piece of driftwood while in troubled waters. The moment they
were initiated into this proven right approach to reach for success, the anxiety that accompanied their longing to break
through the bottleneck vanished.

The Turning Point – Putting the Fundamental Goal of 3,200 points into Practice
Khee Onn took 2 solid years to readjust his pace and fine-tune his focus, during which he did a lot of soul-searching,
analysis, and deduction, which eventually enlightened him on the omnipotent power of the Fundamental Goal and its far-
reaching impact. “There isn’t any shortcut. The only way out is to walk the talk and keep doing it! When I took to the stage
to spread the gospel of the Fundamental Goal of 3,200 points in my network for the first time, my downline distributors were
inspired, and the rest was history.” Ever since putting this fundamental goal into practice, the group sales performance of his
network grew by almost 40% within a short period of 6 months. And that was exactly how his confidence was rekindled.
To the guidance rendered by the Gold Diamond, Khee Onn extends his heartfelt appreciation when he says: “As far as
us Shuang Horeans are concerned, Mr. Lin is as good as the godfather to Shuang Hor Family. More so, he is our dedicated
mentor. It’s only fair that we reciprocate by putting into practice what he advocates.”

Promotion to Double Diamond – Yet Another New Beginning

“When I was promoted to the level of Diamond Distributor, I put satisfaction in terms of material gain above everything
else. Today, what I value and care most is fulfilment in terms of personal development and spiritual enrichment.” From Khee
Onn’s smiling face that bespeaks sincerity, we can tell the triumphant sense of having transformed into what he is today – the
higher the vantage point a man perches on, the more panoramic the horizon becomes.

Chapter on Triple Diamond

Engaging in Shuang Hor as a Mission

An Appreciative Heart
Along the way, apart from the firm belief that they have in Shuang Hor
Business, Phoon Khee Onn and Lim Ah Ai have also devoted to it with a
deep sense of mission. “Over the years, we have been rewarded in ways
far exceeding our anticipation. With an appreciative heart, we extend our
deepest gratitude to what Shuang Hor Business has brought us. Indeed, it is
only by learning how to humble ourselves and be appreciative that we have
been able to overcome one challenge after another and advance with ever
steadier strides in this business of ours.”

Markets in Indonesia and Malaysia Growing at

Synchronized Pace
Since 2008, Khee Onn and Ah Ai have begun developing
the Indonesian market with zeal and zest. With the previous
experience accumulated and by the lessons learnt during their
attempts in developing the Thai market, the couple went on to
prevail over the language barrier and build their strongholds on
islands of all sizes in Indonesia, which were literally strangers’
markets on the outset. After years of committed cultivation down
the road, the results have become very encouraging. “We attribute
it all to the modus operandi of the Fundamental Goal of 3,200
points, an educational tool that we have successfully adopted
and religiously applied in Indonesia. The progress has been one
of plain sailing, paving for us the way for a strong foundation to be
laid in this part of the world. More importantly, this has enabled
us to also take good care of our network in Malaysia for synchronized growth.”

Forging a Harmonious Bond with Downline Distributors

Forever radiant with his unmistakable, affable, and contagious smile, Khee Onn is
today a famous and popularly sought-after speaker for functions and events organized
by Shuang Hor. To this feather on his hat, the modest Khee Onn gleefully reveals: “I
really enjoy the profound gratification that I draw from sharing on the stage. As long
as I have the time, and irrespective of which of my downline network the invitation
comes from, I will be more than happy to share with those who want to gain
a more in-depth insight into OPP Flip Chart or become successful. For to me,
helping more and more people to scale the pinnacle of success is not only
an obligation but also something I want to do most.” Khee Onn stresses that
moulding a mutual trust among uplines and downlines for the common interest
of all is of paramount importance in forging a harmonious bond. Committing in
Shuang Hor Business is about shouldering responsibilities. In other words, it
is the bounden duty of an upline to lead his or her downline distributors and
to impart them with his or her valuable experience, so that they will not repeat
the same costly mistakes or deviate from the direction leading to success.

An Epitome of a Fulfilling Life

The couple are Over the years, Khee Onn and Ah Ai have never neglected their family life
closely connected while focusing on building their Shuang Hor Business. With both of them committing
to and proud of son wholeheartedly in this meaningful engagement, their son have by osmosis learnt
Hong Wai, who has to be sensible and independent in sharing the special attachment to Shuang Hor
learnt to be sensible Business as part of the family. In retrospect and looking around, the couple have
and independent. found in their possession a successful career, family bliss, healthy mind and body,
time freedom, financial independence, and more. “Shuang Hor has enriched our
lives, allowing us to reach for life’s fulfilment. To us, nothing else on earth can be
more satisfying, rewarding, and gratifying than what Shuang Hor has in store for
us. What say you?” From the bottom of their heart, they believe that by holding fast
to this sense of mission, as well as taking result-oriented steps with fortitude, a
more promising future is as good as assured.
Nutritionist Ng Jia Yee

k i n g E n ergy Health Foo

c h -ma d– Vita
p o K

in g
Special Features of VitaKing Lemon Verbena:
VitaKing is enhanced with Lemon Verbena, which is known for A natural herbal ingredient widely used in the West
its exceptional ability in subduing inflammation, enriching the for its exceptional anti-inflammatory effects:
blood, and detoxifying the body, and Ribose, which facilitates
energy regeneration in the body, giving a state-of-the-art Efficacies:
biotech Hydrolyzed Collagen product that is natural, safe, 1. Clears pathogenic heat, eliminates toxins, enriches
directly efficacious, and of immense health-giving benefits, the blood, heals bruises, promotes smooth
urination, and offers antioxidant attributes.
2. Protects cellular tissues of our body and reduces
Hydrolyzed Collagen
cellular inflammation.
A high-tech hydrolysis method is used to produce hydrolyzed
collagen of extremely minute molecules that can be rapidly
absorbed into the blood stream of our body.
As collagen is itself a vital constituent of cartilage in our joints, it This is a major component of the intercellular energy
can thus fulfil the need of ‘direct assimilation’ by the joints without source Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), capable of
having to go through any conversion process in the body. synthesizing vitamin B 2 to relieve muscular pain
and diseases related to the metabolism of skeletal
muscles, apart from rapidly replenishing the body
1. Discourages and minimizes damage done to the cartilage and
with the ATP consumed.
at the same time repairs cartilage cells to promote regeneration
of cartilage.
2. Reduces inflammation.
1. R apidly restores the cardiac and skeletal
3. Repairs skin tissues, encourages cellular renewal, and restores
skin elasticity.
2. S treamlines energy recovery in the heart.
4. Assists in the production of lean muscle tissues in the body.
3. R elieves enlargement of joints and pain in the
5. Capable of repairing and strengthening the vascular walls to
fibrillar muscles.
boost cardiac functions.

Recommended Consumption:
Can be consumed either before or after meal,
preferably on an empty stomach for more efficient
absorption. Recommended 2 sachets daily or 1
additional sachet or 2 depending on the needs of
individual conditions.

Direction of Consumption:
Add a sachet of VitaKing into a glass of water or any
of your favourite non-carbonic drink. To be served hot
or cold. For better results, consume together with Jia
Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder, Jia Hor Calcium Plus
Tablets, and Jia Hor Hi-Fibre.

15 sachets/ box
Distributor price: RM230/S$113/B$113
About VitaKing… Retail price: RM265/S$130/B$130
Q: Why is it recommended that VitaKing be consumed with calcium PV: 180
A: Movements of the human body are made possible through synchronized
interactions between the bones and joints. On the other hand, a sufficient content
of collagen is crucial to a healthy density level of the bone mass. With collagen
constituting a major part of our bones, calcium is stored up in between the
bones and collagen molecules. The lack of collagen will result in the drainage
of calcium, which in turn leads to a reduced density of the bone mass, hence
affecting the skeletal health. As such, it is strongly recommended that in order to
effectively cut down the risk of lesions in the joints and bones, the consumption
of VitaKing (to protect the joints) should be supplemented with Jia Hor Calcium
Plus Tablets (for healthy bones).

Q: What is the difference between a Glucosamine formulation and VitaKing?

A: Both the composition of VitaKing and Glucosamine are important to our
cartilage. Glucosamine is a type of mucopolysaccharide, which is usually isolated
from chitin, an extract of the shells of crustaceans such as crabs and prawns. A
typical Glucosamine product cannot be directly absorbed by the joints. Instead,
it has to undergo many rounds of conversion processes before finally being
converted into collagen and other substances that are beneficial to the joints.
In contrast, Hydrolyzed Collagen in VitaKing is capable of directly catering the
raw materials needed for the construction of cartilage. At the same time, it also
promotes the regeneration of cartilage.

Q: Will VitaKing bring any side effects?

A: No, VitaKing is absolutely free from any known side effects. It is basically
a health food formulated using purely natural ingredients, hence is universally
recognized as a safe product.

Nutritionist Ng Jia Yee

Jia Hor Hi-Fibre ~

Eases the Burden of Your Body
with Daily Intake

20 Sachets / Box
Distributor price: RM90/S$47/B$47
Retail price: RM104/S$54/B$54
PV: 72

Special Features of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre

Each sachet of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre contains about 4g of dietary
fibre of the highest grade, providing a valuable mix of water
soluble and insoluble dietary fibres. It is further enhanced
with the valuable Lingzhi, vitamins, and minerals, making it
a perfect source for the replenishment of dietary fibre for the
modern people.

Fundamental Steps to Intestinal Health, Clean Inner Environment, and Normal

Physiological Functions
No thanks to a drastic change in our dietary and living habits, we as the modern people are unable to get
a sufficient supply of dietary fibre from our daily meals, resulting in the cropping up of a long list of civil
diseases, notably colon cancer, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

Today, an increasing number of people among us are being afflicted with gastrointestinal problems, ranging
from a mild stomach-ache, rough skin, headache, poor appetite, and bad breath, to the more serious
ailments including haemorrhoids, liver lesion, and colon cancer.

Our gastrointestinal system is a crucial line of defence for the maintenance of optimal health. It is only with
healthy intestines and stomach that our physical wellness can be assured.

NOVEMBER 2009 10
The Advantages of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre
1. Promotes peristalsis in the intestinal tract
Dietary fibre is capable of increasing the volume of the faeces,
strengthening the intensity of excitation on the intestinal wall, and
promoting peristaltic activities. Besides, its excellent ability in
absorbing and holding water contributes to softening and moistening the
faeces for their more efficient elimination out of the bodily system. By
encouraging smooth bowel movements everyday, it also helps preserve
skin radiance, retards skin ageing, and prevents the onset of various
health problems.

2. Reduces cholesterol and discourages arteriosclerosis

The water-soluble dietary fibre in Jia Hor Hi-Fibre is remarkable in
adsorbing away free fatty acids to reduce the absorption of cholesterol
by the human body, hence contributing to discouraging the premature
onset of arteriosclerosis and lowering the risk of heart diseases.

3. Helps control blood sugar

Dietary fibre is known for its efficacy in suppressing the elevation of the blood sugar
level and improving the metabolism of carbohydrate in the body. As it assists in
capturing the sugar content from what we eat, it reduces the speed at which the
level of sugar rises in the blood, thus contributes to controlling the blood sugar and
preventing the onset of complications associated with various types of diabetes.

4. Assists in controlling bodyweight

Taking 1 sachet or 2 of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre before each meal will ensure sufficient replenishment of dietary
fibre to increase the sense of satiety. With a decreased craving for food preceding a meal, it follows that
less food is eaten and hence a reduced intake of calorie is achieved. At the same time, it also speeds up
defecation and encourages daily bowel movements to support your weight-loss program.
On the other hand, taking 1 sachet or 2 of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre after each meal will aid in a more efficient
digestion to make us feel hungry for food again in a much shorter time, thus encouraging an increased
amount and frequency of food intake. That explains why consuming the product after food helps contribute
to increasing the bodyweight.

5. Prevents hypertension
As dietary fibre exhibits a superb ability in absorbing moisture and adsorbing body toxins to expedite
the elimination of excessive sodium content in the blood, it contributes to preventing health problems
associated with hypertension.

6. Improves the condition of duodenal ulcer

As modern people and no thanks to our hectic lifestyle, an increased level of stress, having irregular
meals, and unhealthy eating and drinking habits, we become extremely vulnerable to duodenal ulcer.
Since a sufficient content of dietary fibre in the gastrointestinal system contributes to subduing the
endocrinal activities in the duodenum, it can effectively improve the condition of duodenal ulcer.
According to the recommendation of WHO, an adult needs to consume 25g~35g of dietary fibre on a daily
basis in order to preserve the wellbeing of the intestinal tract. This is because an adequate presence of
dietary fibre is the key to encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria and discouraging the proliferation
of harmful ones, thereby promoting a healthy gastrointestinal system.

What is the right way of consuming Jia Hor Hi-Fibre

Recommended consumption: Take 3~4 sachets everyday, or increase the
amount depending on individual needs.

Direction of consumption:
Prepare 1 sachet of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre with about 300ml of water. Better yet,
add Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder and VitaKing, or make a delicious
beverage by mixing it with your favourite fruit juice or milk. Stir well and drink
it immediately.

Jia Hor Hi-Fibre – Your burden-free beverage with low caloric content.

NOVEMBER 2009 11
Nutritionist Ng Jia Yee

d e

Consume o w
Jia H n P
or te i
Ins P r o
tant Soya
for Full Vitalit
and Gr y
Protein is a fundamental building block of all life forms.
For the human body, protein constitutes the major component
in every cell and tissue, ranging from the hair, skin, and blood
to our various internal organs, bones, and so on.

Functions of Protein:
1) Constructs tissues and repairs body cells.
- It forms the various tissues and organs in the human
body, such as the skin, muscles, hair, bones, blood,
kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain.
- It replenishes and repairs cellular tissues that have
worn out and become damaged during the metabolic
2) Forms all life-supporting substances in the human
- Hormones, enzymes, antibodies (immunoglobulin),
red blood cells, white blood cells, spermazoa, eggs,
and the likes are all formed with protein as the key
building material.
- These substances assist in regulating all of our
physiological activities, such as digestion, circulation,
reproduction, and so on, so that our physical wellness
is maintained.
3) Provides calories This Makes Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder
Protein is one of the nutrients that provide the human a Perfect Source to Replenish Protein!
body with caloric supplies. It accounts for 10~15%
Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder is rich
of the total calories needed by the human body on a
daily basis. in plant-based protein of the highest grade
– Isolated Soya Protein, which is extracted
Protein is closely connected to every aspect of our from soya bean (soybean) through the most
everyday living. stringent process, and hence does not
In the event of protein difficiency, it will give rise
contain any purine. Besides, it is enriched
to a decreased rate of production of the renewal
cells, retarded developmental growth, a drop in the with calcium caseinate extracted from
bodyweight, susceptibility to lethargy, impaired bodily milk. The protein content offered by each
resistance, anaemia, slow recuperation from illnesses, sachet is equivalent to that of an egg, or
reduced mental sharpness, and the list goes on. a glass of full-cream milk. It also features
a low percentage of fat and is absolutely
As the human body is unable to store up unutilized
free from cholesterol.
protein, it has to be assimilated on a day-to-day basis.
Unfortunately, the great majority of our protein source
from food intake, such as red meat, seafood, cheese,
eggs, and milk, are found to have high contents of fats
and cholesterols. NOVEMBER 2009 12
The Exceptional Composition of Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder
Isolated Soya Protein
l The best form of plant-based protein that boasts the most complete spectrum of amino
l Universally accepted as being helpful for the prevention of health problems associated
with the disturbances in our physiological functions.
l A protein source of high biological value, capable of being readily assimilated and
utilized by the human body.
l Free from cholesterol, but contains unsaturated fatty acids essentially needed by the
human body.
l Capable of reducing cholesterol, protects the liver, and aids in preventing cancerous
l Rich in isoflavone, a hormone-like compound derived from plants, capable of subduing
the growth of tumour cells triggered by hormonal disturbance. Also features exceptional
ability in preventing the drainage of bone mass, promoting the growth of bone cells,
and reinforcing skeletal functions.

Clinical experiments have shown that isolated soya protein helps enhance heart functions
and reduces cholesterols. Daily consumption of 25g of soya protein to supplement a low-
fat and low-cholesterol diet can effectively bring down the risk of contracting cardiovascular

l A vital component of the cellular membrane. Especially helpful in revitalizing the brain
l Promotes development of the brain, improves memory, and prevents the onset of senile
l A powerful emulsifier and a scavenger that dislodges the fat deposits in our blood

Special Features of Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder

l Provides a rich supply of top-grade Isolated Soya Protein and
l Contains papaya enzyme (papain) and pineapple enzyme (bromelain),
which facilitate a more effective assimilation of protein.
l Introduces a caloric content of as low as 43Kcal.
l Can be readily absorbed and utilized without incurring any
30 Sachets / Box physiological burden.
Distributor price: RM65 / S$34 / B$34
Retail price: RM76 / S$40 / B$40
PV: 50

How Should Jia Hor Instant Soya

Protein Powder be Consumed?
Who Needs Jia Hor Instant Add 1 sachet or 2 of Jia Hor Instant
Soya Protein Powder? Soya Protein Powder into about 300ml of
Every one of us needs to replenish lukewarm water. Stir well and it is ready
protein. Regular consumption of Jia to be served. For better results, prepare
Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder will 1 sachet of Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein
help achieve this objective for children, Powder + 1 sachet of VitaKing + 1 sachet
youngsters, senior citizens, pregnant of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre for their full and
women, lactating mothers, those synergistic health-giving benefits.
recuperating from surger y, and vegans
alike. Consuming Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein
Powder everyday assures health
improvement with adequate assimilation
of quality protein.

NOVEMBER 2009 13
The Vcare Hair-care Range –
Crowning Glory Begins with Healthy Scalp
Soft and silky tresses that shine with a healthy glow not only make you the
focus of attention but also help win the admiration of others. Yet, the purpose of
maintaining healthy locks should never be limited to the appeal for “good looks”
alone, as the needs for hair care and scalp care are also justifiable for the following
valid concerns:-

1. In the midst of our daily activities, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the scalp are busy producing sweat and
sebaceous secretion. If left to build up in the absence of regular cleansing, these metabolic wastes would become the
source of nutrients for bacteria, causing blockage to the pores, the formation of dandruff, sickly hair growth, and a long
list of other hair and scalp problems. In serious cases, the nightmare of hair loss could become real.
2. Healthy tresses with their thick volume contribute to protecting the scalp against direct exposure to the intimidating
sunlight and also avoiding possible injuries from physical impacts.
3. In the aspect of interpersonal relationship, clean and healthy hair is essential to giving a positive impression and
establishing good self esteem.

The Two Major Hi-tech Ingredients of Vcare Hair-care Products

Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum: The liquid concentrate of Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum is extracted through the most advanced
techniques of the 21st Century. It is rich in Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides, triterpenoids, adenosines, nucleic
acids, vitamins A & B, and a valuable mix of various trace elements. Besides, it also helps promote healthy hair growth and
at the same time regulates sebaceous activities, repairs hair scales, and prevents the hair from splitting or breaking.
Aloe Barbadensis Concentrate: It encourages an efficient blood flow in the scalp to excite growth in the hair roots. At
the same time, it also exhibits anti-inflammatory attributes and the ability to revitalize scalp cells for effective control of

Vcare Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizes Your Tresses from the Inside Out
Under normal conditions, about 80% to 90% of our hair is in the anagen or
growing stage, during which a wholesome supply of nutrients is all-important to
ensure healthy growth. Furthermore, water is also an essential element for healthy
tresses. About 15% to 20% of the hair is made up of water by weight, the most part
of which is locked up in the protein tissue. Water helps preserve the soft texture of
the hair and keeps the latter moistened. In the event of water deficiency in the hair,
problems such as dryness, split ends, brittleness, and the lack of lustre will soon
crop up.
Apart from Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum and Aloe Barbadensis Concentrate,
Vcare Moisturizing Shampoo also offers a valuable blend of vegetal extracts, which
are capable of moisturizing every strand of the hair from the inside out, allowing the
hair follicles and tresses to be completely nourished. In essence, it is a remarkable
moisturizing formulation that leaves your hair moistened and soft as silk after

Ingredients & Benefits

Lavender: Features a refreshing and sweet smelling aroma, capable of moisturizing
the tresses to promote cellular renewal, balancing up the sebaceous secretion, and
contributing to the growth of new hair.
Rosemary: On top of imparting the scalp with an exceptional astringent effect, it also
200ml/bottle offers anti-bacterial and deodorant benefits and assists in improving the condition of
dandruff problem.
Distributor price: RM15/S$8/B$8
Vitamin E: Capable of rapidly penetrating into the deep layers of damaged and
Retail price: RM19/S$10/B$10
dry hair, where it delivers inner repair, replenishes the water needed, and prevents
PV: 12 the adverse effect of static electricity, leaving the stresses soft and bouncy after
Vitamin B 5 : A micro nutrient needed to strengthen the hair shaft tissue.
NOVEMBER 2009 14
Vcare Scalpcare Shampoo –
The Answer to Strong & Healthy Hair
It is true that only healthy scalp produces healthy tresses. When the sebaceous
secretion in the scalp becomes too active, it not only renders the hair oily and gives
an unkempt appearance, but also encourages the production of dandruff that will
indirectly lead to hair loss problems.
Vcare Scalpcare Shampoo is a powerful repair formulation. In addition to Nano-
Ganoderma Lucidum and Aloe Barbadensis Concentrate, it is also enriched with a
good number of vegetal extracts to effectively regulate the wellness of the scalp. In
particular, it is immensely beneficial to tresses that are either oily or have become
brittle and damaged due to frequent dyeing. It gives a great sense of comfort after
shampooing and restores their strong and healthy condition apart from keeping
dandruff problem at bay.

Ingredients & Benefits

Green Tea: It possesses antioxidant and anti-fungal capabilities to effectively
prevent dandruff and preserve the wellbeing of your hair.
Chamomile/Rosemary/Sage/Nettle: A formulation that provides scalp-care and
anti-dandruff benefits. It enables deep cleansing in the inner layers of the scalp to
effectively fight bacterial infection and eliminate dandruff, in addition to keeping the
tresses constantly moistened, soft, and shiny.
Distributor price: RM22/S$12/B$12
Retail price: RM26/S$14/B$14 Peppermint: It exhibits bactericidal functions to prevent the formation of dandruff,
PV: 17 leaving the scalp refreshed and comfortable after shampooing.

What is Dandruff
Produced through the natural process of metabolism, dandruff is basically made up of loose, dead
skin cells from the scalp. It has a grayish and scaly appearance and usually causes irritation in the
scalp. The scalp cells normally take a month to complete a metabolic cycle. However, on a scalp where
dandruff is found, the cells tend to metabolize at a much faster rate, prompting them to move to the
outer layer of the scalp more rapidly than normal, forming what we call dandruff as a premature and
unsightly metabolic byproduct.

Vcare Hair Nourish Cream –

Nourishes & Protects the Tresses at One Go
In addition to cleansing, the hair also needs deep layer nourishing on a regular
basis. Frequent use of the hair dryer, dyeing and perm treatment, and excessive
chlorination due to swimming can damage the outermost cellular coat of the tresses
and turn them rough, resulting in the loss of their resilience and lustre.
Apart from a rich content of Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum and Aloe Barbadensis
Concentrate, Vcare Hair Nourish Cream is further enhanced with various vegetal
extracts that help nourish and protect the tresses at one go. It is capable of
efficiently nourishing the hair roots, repairing damaged ends, and improving the
condition of dryness and splitting to restore the radiance and volume of the tresses,
making them even more bouncy and manageable.

Ingredients & Benefits:

Chamomile/Rosemary/Sage/Nettle: An excellent scalp-care and
anti-dandruff formulation with powerful deodorant and anti-bacterial
abilities, apart from assisting in promoting wellness of the scalp and 120ml/tube
improving the condition of dandruff.
Distributor price: RM24/S$13/B$13
Green Tea: Possesses antioxidant and anti-bacterial capabilities to
Retail price: RM28/S$15/B$15
effectively prevent dandruff formation.
PV: 20
Jojoba Oil: Repairs the tresses, improves the condition of rough
Direction of Use:
texture, and promotes the growth of new hair. At the same time, it
On dry hair: Apply directly on the tresses to improve
also helps prevent splitting ends and dandruff problem.
the condition of dryness in the hair and rough texture,
Vitamin E: Capable of rapidly penetrating into the deep layers of other than preventing hair splitting and breakage.
damaged and dry hair, where it delivers inner repair, replenishes
water, and prevents the adverse effect of static electricity, leaving On wet hair: Apply as a hair conditioner after
the stresses soft and manageable after shampooing. shampooing. Massage into the scalp for a while
before rinsing. Helpful for nourishing the tresses and
Vitamin B 5 : A micro nutrient needed to strengthen the hair shaft
improving hair texture.
tissue and protect the tresses from external threats.
NOVEMBER 2009 15
Is Your Skin Ageing Too Fast?
Be Wary of “the Killer of Youthful Skin” –

Imagine one day you find out to your dismay that despite having religiously carried out the
fundamental 3-step skin care regimen every morning and evening, your skin remains far from
perf ect. You begin to wonder why. The answer is: “the killer of youthful skin” – free radicals – is
wreaking its havoc without you noticing it!

What are Free Radicals?

You don’t smoke. Neither do you drink. But you can never escape the toxic attack from a seemingly
unlikely source – oxygen. With each inhalation of the air, its oxygen content injects your body with the “life
force” it needs. However, some of the oxygen molecules are converted into atoms when they are left with
unpaired electrons, producing what we call free radicals. These free radicals attack the nearest cell and rob it
of its outer electron. The attacked cell becomes a free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction when it starts
attacking other cells. The damage cascades and results in skin ageing, an oxidation process that develops in
much the same way as iron starts to rust when it becomes oxidized by the highly reactive radical oxygen.

Scientists have proven that free radicals are linked to more than 200 types of health problems. Examples
are ageing, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, ailments that crop up when our immune system becomes either
too weak or too strong, stroke, senile dementia, and diabetes. In particular, visible signs of the harm inflicted
by free radicals to the skin include wrinkles, loss of skin luster and resilience, rough texture, brown spots,
and you name it. It can thus be seen that free radicals are the prime culprit behind the onset of ageing. As
such, the right approach to effectively retard the ageing process of the skin is by beefing up its antioxidant

The Formation of Free Radicals

Internal Factors
1. Metabolism: The human metabolism is itself an oxidation process, of which free radicals are the byproducts. Besides,
free radicals are also produced when various useful chemical substances are manufactured by the human body to
maintain its normal functions.
2. Guarding against viruses & bacteria: Whenever a foreign microorganism enters the human body, free radicals are
dispatched by leucocytes (white blood cells) to engulf the intruders. That explains why free radicals are always found
in large quantities in the human body whenever there are inflammatory symptoms.
3. Mental state: Excessive stress, exhaustion, quick temper, anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems.

External Factors
1. Keeping to the bottle and active or passive smoking (Just imagine, 10 15 or
1,000,000,000,000,000 free radicals are produced with the puffing away of
merely 1 stick of cigarette!).
2. Unhealthy dietary habits: Fried and spicy food.
3. Radiation, UV rays, and electromagnetic waves.
4. Environmental pollution (Including polluted air and drinking water, industrial
exhaust and effluents, contaminated farmland, etc.)
5. Chemical abuse (Such as food additives, farm chemicals, contaminated fruits
and vegetables, drug abuse, non-prescription medicine, chemical cleansing
agents, etc.)

NOVEMBER 2009 16
Free Radicals to Blame for Skin Ageing
Apart from causing a tanning effect to the skin, ultraviolet (UV) rays are also one of the major causes of skin
ageing. Some of their very direct harms to the skin include exciting pigment activities, promoting the formation of
melanin, or producing free radicals that inflict damage to the cellular membranes and nucleoli, and setting off the
rupture of elastin. These in turn lead to reduced moisture-retention ability, elasticity, and metabolic rate of the skin.
Free radicals also consume the natural antioxidants in the skin. Over time, the signs of ageing will soon deteriorate from
skin dryness in the early stage, to sagging of the skin in the intermediate stage, and eventual appearance of fine lines,
wrinkles, the loss of skin luster, decreased fineness, etc in the final stage.

30ml / bottle
Vcare Refining Serum
Distributor price: RM183/S$96/B$96 Retards Skin Ageing
Retail price: RM229/S$120/B$120
PV: 151 Free radicals and their oxidative actions will gradually turn
a tenderly-soft skin rough and fair complexion dull-looking due to
uneven precipitation of melanin. Close on the heels are the cropping
up of blemishes, wrinkles, and freckles. As relying on an elementary
skin-care regimen alone is no longer good enough to contain the
problems, Vcare Refining Serum comes to your rescue to effectively
help retard the ageing of your facial skin.

Vcare Refining Serum is formulated using Nano-Ganoderma

Lucidum and Aloe Barbadensis Concentrate as its major ingredients.
Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum as a liquid concentrate is remarkably
effective in arresting the free radicals and subduing the activities
of tyrosinase, in addition to help preventing skin ageing and the
formation of melanin. Hyaluronic Acid is added as a long-lasting
moisture-retention formula to complement Aloe Barbadensis in
retaining skin moisture. Nano-L-Ascorbic Acid, together with the
natural extracts of Rose, Green Tea, and Algae, works wonders in
replenishing the skin with nourishment essentially needed to fight
free radicals and put oxidation to a halt. In effect, this marvelous
product helps regulate your skin from the inside out and tones
down freckles. It allows you to bid goodbye to a dull complexion
and leaves your skin smooth and radiant with a firmer touch and
younger looks.

l Nano-L-Ascorbic Acid: It is a powerful antioxidant known for its amazing effects in subduing the activities of
tyrosinase and whitening the skin. Nano-L-Ascorbic Acid assures exceptional skin-care benefits as it features a skin
absorption rate that is 8 to 10 times better than that of ordinary vitamin C.
l Rose: Capable of improving the natural moisture-retention ability of the skin to keep it resilient and young-
l Green Tea: Green Tea is intended in many skin-care products for its antioxidant effects to assist the skin in
retarding the ageing process.
l Algae: Capable of fortifying the skin tissue to help retain moisture and prevent premature ageing.

Useful Skin-care Tips

As the corners of the lips, neck and decolletage are where the secret of our age can be easily
unveiled, special care should be given to this area with the application of Vcare Refining Serum,
which offers a generous supply of nourishing and moisturizing nutrients to reduce the appearance
of fine lines due to skin dryness.

NOVEMBER 2009 17
Moisturizing & Nourishing Body Skin
Mention moisture-retention and nourishment of Protecting Body Skin from
the skin and most of us would usually pay attention Dryness and Dehydration
solely to the face and tend to overlook one fact --
our body as a whole also craves for the same need. Essentially, we should drink a lot of water to
Indeed, the key to owning exquisite and dewy-moist ensure that our skin is hydrated at all time. By all
skin lies in the moisture content of the skin, which is means take large amounts of fruits and vegetables,
made up of several layers, primarily the epidermis as this will contribute to replenishing the body with
(outer skin), dermis (true skin), and subcutaneous the vitamins and other nutrients needed by your inner
tissue. The outermost side of the outer skin is where environment. While having a bath or shower, alkaline
we find the horny layer, of which the sebaceous soap or excessively high water temperature should be
membrane plays the role of preventing the drainage avoided. Otherwise, this will subsequently give rise to
of moisture from the skin. Right inside the horny layer skin dryness and dehydration. Since direct exposure
is also the home to a special group of intercellular to sunlight will speed up the onset of skin dryness and
lipids that are instrumental to the retention of moisture. premature ageing, always remember to apply sun-
At a time when the skin’s metabolic rate becomes block before leaving home and heading outdoors.
retarded, the production of sebum by the sebaceous Make it a must to apply hand and body lotion
membrane also gradually diminishes. Coupled with right after bathing or showering. Do it before towelling
various external excitations, the moisture content in your body dry, as the absorption will be more efficient,
the skin will soon become depleted, leading to skin and skin-care result better, when the skin is still warm
dryness. and moist.

Vcare Hand & Body Lotion

Vcare Hand & Body Lotion is specially formulated to help achieve tenderly-soft
skin. Apart from the main ingredients Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum and Aloe Barbadensis
Concentrate, it also contains Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and natural extracts of Lavender,
Algae, Sunflower, and Cucumber, making it an exceptional skin-care product for the
specific purpose of nourishing your hands and body to rectify problems associated with
skin dryness. Besides, it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, which imparts long lasting
moisture-retention benefits at the inner layers of your skin to improve their condition from
the inside out. It is worth highlighting that large molecular masses are the prime culprit
to blame for the poor absorption rate of generic skin-care products sold in the market. In
contrast, as Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum is a liquid concentrate extracted through state-
of-the-art Nanotechnology, it features Ganoderma Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, and
Vitamins A, B & E of molecules so minute in size that they can rapidly permeate through
the skin to reach the true skin layer, where the intended moisture-retention and nourishing
benefits are delivered. At the same time, they also help subdue the activities of tyrosinase
and prevent the formation of melanin to effectively retard the ageing process. On the other
hand, Aloe Barbadensis exhibits an amazing ability in regulating the skin condition, in
addition to facilitating the softening, soothing, and anti-inflammatory functions.

Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamins, capable of moisturizing and softening the skin.
Vitamin E: Contributes to making the skin tenderly soft and helps resist the
appearance of wrinkles.
Lavender: Made available in the form of Lavender essential oil of the highest
purity to enable aromatherapy functionality, calm the nerves, and promote sound
sleep, apart from expelling mosquitoes and keeping allergens at bay.
Algae: Replenishes skin moisture and at the same time controls the oil-water
balance in the skin. Capable of bringing whitening effects through regular use.
Sunflower: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, remarkable in solving problems
such as allergic skin and hand eczema.
Cucumber: Rich in vitamin C and various soothing and moisturizing substances,
hence is exceptional in soothing, relieving stress, retaining moisture, giving a clear
complexion, refining the pores, and improving the condition of skin allergy.

Distributor price: RM32/S$17/B$17
Retail price: RM40/S$21/B$21
PV: 26
NOVEMBER 2009 18
“Dehydrated” Skin?
The lack of water is usually the tell-tale sign of skin ageing. Following closely
on the heels, other signs such as dryness, sense of tightness, scales, irritation,
and even fine lines, will soon crop up one after another. It can thus be seen that
water is the most important and indispensable element to a radiant and healthy
skin. In fact, moisturization or replenishment of moisture is supposed to be the
foundation on which other skin-care steps such as whitening, sun screening, oil
control, etc. are built. Whatever skin type we may belong to, dehydration is the
common enemy that you and I must always guard against.

Causes of dehydration:
1. Rays: A prolonged period of direct exposure to the sunlight will inevitably lead to skin dryness and dehydration.
2. The onset of skin ageing: By age 25, the moisture-retention ability of our skin will begin to decline. When the skin
becomes aged, the elastin in the true skin layer (dermis) will lose its elasticity, the content of collagen will start to drop,
and its power to retain moisture will fall off, resulting in the thinning of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.
3. Air-conditioned room: Due to a lowered level of temperature and humidity, the contents of moisture and sebaceous
secretion in the skin also drop, leading to an accelerated drainage of moisture.
4. Water-oil imbalance in the skin: The skin is born with a natural moisture-retention mechanism, which automatically
produces moisture retaining substances and sebaceous secretion, forming a sebaceous membrane to prevent
excessive drainage of moisture. However, when an increased level of sebaceous activities occurs, it indicates the
level of moisture in the skin has become insufficient, which will subsequently trigger off the conditions of oiliness on
the outside and dryness on the inside of the skin.
5. Unhealthy living habits: Insomnia, burning the midnight oil, smoking, regular showering using excessively hot water,
prolonged exposure to the elements, failing to drink enough water, dietary bias for excessively spicy food, and various
unhealthy living habits are the precursors to the formation of rough skin, dull complexion, and fine lines.

Coming to the Rescue of Dehydrated Skin

- Vcare Facial Toner
Vcare Facial Toner is formulated using Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum and Aloe
Barbadensis Concentrate as its major ingredients, and further enriched with natural
extracts of Rosemary, Rose, Algae, and Cucumber as well as Hyaluronic Acid as a
long-lasting moisture-retention formula. Its dedicated function of retaining skin moisture
is exceptionally remarkable in replenishing water, apart from offering the benefits of
double cleansing, balancing up the pH value of the skin, softening the aged cutins, and
preparing a skin condition that is more receptive to the absorption of skin-care nutrients.
The liquid concentrate of Nano-Ganoderma Lucidum is extracted through the most
advanced Nanotechnology to offer a rich supply of macro molecular polysaccharide
peptides, triterpenoids, adenosines, nucleic acid, and various active constituents that
contribute in no small way to the retention of moisture and nourishment in the skin.
On the other hand, Aloe Barbadensis Concentrate features a wide range of skin-care
abilities, including regulating the skin condition, softening, soothing, balancing up the
pH value, countering inflammation, and preserving the moisture content in the skin. 125ml / bottle
Distributor price: RM35/S$18/B$18
Rose: Exhibits amazing efficacy for dry, sensitive, and ageing skin. It helps improve Retail price: RM44/S$23/B$23
the natural moisture-retention function of the skin and at the same time possesses PV: 28
soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory capabilities.
Algae: Provides remarkable benefits in countering bacterial actions, promoting
metabolism, and retaining moisture.
Cucumber: Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B 1 , mineral salts, and various skin-care
nutrients. A natural moisture-retention formulation that exhibits astringent ability and
helps reduce the red and swollen skin caused by direct exposure to the sunlight.
NOVEMBER 2009 19
The 1st New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar – Batam Island, Indonesia
★Date: 29/8/2009 & 30/8/2009 ★Venue: i Hotel, Batam Island, Indonesia.


Taiwan Gold Diamond Regional General Manager Triple Diamond Triple Diamond Diamond
Lin Shen Chang Foo Kok Wah Wee Kim Hoo Lim Ah Ai Tan Sheng Teik

Shuang Hor Indonesia held its first ever 2-day and 1-night New Vice Manager
Leadership Seminar in the country with enthusiastic participation by the invited
newly-promoted Vice Manager Distributors of Indonesia. Noted for its all-round
educational attributes and practicality, the seminar featured a powerful and
experienced panel of speakers comprising several Malaysia Diamonds led by none
other than Taiwan Gold Diamond Lin Shen Chang. Besides, the rookie Vice Manager
Distributors also benefited in no small way from topics on Business P hilosophy
and Bonus Schem e of Shuang Hor covered by company officers.

The course content of the event included “How to Set & Accomplish the
Fundamental Goal of 3,200 PV”, “How to Conduct an Effective Home Meeting”,
Motivational talk presented by Diamond “How to Present the OPP Flip Chart Effectively”, and “The Essentials of a Leader”,
Couple Patrick Tan Tzu Chun & Jannice allowing participants to grasp the secret to success in Shuang Hor Business
Tan Yean Theng. in a more firmly manner as well as to connect them even more closely with the
competitive advantage of Shuang Hor Business. The new Vice Manager Di stributors
of Indonesia unanimously commented that they had their confidence substantially
boosted after attending the training.

NOVEMBER 2009 20
T h e r e l a x i n g and fun-filled ambience of the par ty attracted keen participation
o f e a c h a n d everyone present.

A sumptuo u s b a n q u e t s e r v e d
to the deli g h t o f a l l . B i r t h d a y c e l e b ration.

Herlina Xu Bi Chang
Ruddy Januarko
(Tg. Pinang)
(P e k a n b a r u )
In my opinion, this New Vice Manager
I’ve benefited tremendously Leadership Seminar held for the first
fr om attending this New Vice time in Batam Island has been met
Manager Leadership Semi nar with a high level of satisfaction among
held in Batam Island. The the participants both in terms of the
hospitality accorded by the service and treatment rendered by the
c o m p any was simply marvellous and the course company as well as the course content. Most of the
speakers delivered their talks in Bahasa Malaysia, but
c o n t e nt was rightly enriching. Though the speakers
fortunately, I could clearly figure out what they wanted
u s e d a Bahasa Malaysia ‘blend’ of Indonesian
to put across. The 2-day and 1-night semin ar benefited
l a n g u age, I could comprehend their message
me in a very meaningful way. I would like to convey
p e r f e ctly well and b ecame inspired!
my deepest gratitude to all the staff who had made it a
resounding success through their hard works. – Thank
you Shuang Hor and thank you everybody!

Medan Distributor Award & Rally

Date: 8/11/2009 (Sunday)
Time: 4.00pm ~ 6.30pm
Venue: Grand Swiss-bel Hotel, Medan (2nd Floor, Diamond Ballroom)
Address: Jl. S. Parman 217, Medan 20152, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Motivational Talk:
Diamond Couple Mr. Susanto Effendy & Ms. Fenny Surdjono

NOVEMBER 2009 21
The 2nd New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar
- Medan, Indonesia
Date: 7/11 & 8/11/2009
Venue: Grand Swiss-bel Hotel, Medan (2nd Floor, Diamond Ballroom)
Address: Jl. S. Parman 217, Medan 20152, North Sumatra, Indonesia.


How to Conduct an How to Set & Accomplish the

Effective Home Meeting Fundamental Goal of 3,200 PV

Double Diamond Diamond

Lesley Liew Chew Mei Tan Sheng Teik

How to Present the

Motivational Talk
OPP Flip Chart Effectively
Diamond Couple
Low Ah Lip & Lim Em Tee
Patrick Tan Tzu Chun

In order to keep the distributorship valid

for eligibility to continue building Shuang Hor
Business, Indonesia Distributors who signed up in
or before the year 2008 are required to have their
distributorships duly renewed this year.

Period for Postal Renewal: Period for On-the-spot Renewal:

1/10/2009~15/12/2009 1/10/2009~31/12/2009
Distributors can attach the duly completed Renewal Apart from the main office in Jakarta, distributors
Form to a Wesel Pos of an amount Rp25,000 and can also visit the respective Distribution Centres
mail them to the main office in Jakarta. (Only Wesel in Batam, Medan, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru to
Pos will be accepted for postal renewal. DO NOT renew their distributorship on the spot. (On-the-
send company cheque, personal cheque, or cash.) spot renewal shall be on cash term. No credit
card will be accepted).

Mode of Renewal:
For distributorship renewal, you pay Rp25,000 for 4 issues of
Indonesia Shuang Hor Quarterly Magazine. The need for renewal is
waived for those who have joined or join Shuang Hor in 2009, and
their distributorship shall remain valid until 31/12/2010. They are
also automatically entitled to 4 issues of the Shuang Hor Quarterly
Magazine in 2010.

Effective from 1st October 2009, all new distributors, and
those who have renewed their distributorship but have yet to
apply for Shuang Hor Website Personal Identification Number
(PIN), will receive the individual PIN together with their Kartu
Identitas Distributor.
NOVEMBER 2009 22
t r o n g Immunity Begins from
Our Everyday Life
Living in an age with new strains of viruses
and never-before imagined infections cropping
up every now and then, our health has literally
become ever more vulnerable to such constant
threats. Right on the heels of the mad-cow
disease, bird flu, and SARS, we now have to
brace ourselves for the dreaded Type A (H1N1)
pandemic and its impending mutated variants
hitting us on the global scale. It has thus become
imperative for you and me to boost our mostly
less-then-adequate immune system, on which we
must depend to ward off the coming rounds of
viral attacks.

How does Our Immunity Mount Counter-Attacks on Diseases?

T cells, B cells, phagocytes, etc. are what the immune system has in store for us as the defensive
forces, which will activate the defensive mechanisms the moment an invasion of the viruses and bacteria
is detected. For example: T cells take on the task of slaughtering the intruders in close-range encounters;
B cells shoulder the responsibility of spraying bullets – the “antigens” – into the adversaries; and
phagocytes directly engulf the opponents to cripple the assault.

It can thus be seen that the human immune system is a complex and sophisticated defence system.
Upon identifying the presence of any foreign pathogens, phagocytes are mobilized to exterminate them.
When a sufficiently huge number of pathogens has somehow succeeded in invading this line of defence,
T cells and B cells are deployed to take over the task of exterminating them. At the same time, they
produce memory antigens, so that a specific group of pathogens could be recognized and instantly killed
the very instant they reappear.

NOVEMBER 2009 23
In What Ways Can Immunity be Modulated?
Rule # 1: Observe a Balanced Nutrition
It is true that we become what we eat. In other words, adequately replenished and balanced
nutrition is the most important step and also the easiest way through which we can ensure a well-
regulated immunity for optimal wellbeing. It is however glaringly obvious that our nutritional intake
of today bespeaks of unwholesomeness and imbalance, with the great majority of us taking just too
little amounts of fruits, vegetables, and grains, which by right should be included into our daily diet
in much greater servings than milk, egg, fish, and meat!
Protein, making up of 17% of our body by weight, is a life-sustaining nutrient. Insufficiency of protein intake will not
only give rise to retarded developmental growth, but also adversely affect our normal metabolic functions, leading to
weakened bodily resistance. It must be pointed out that our usual daily source of protein, which mostly consists of beef
and chicken as well as egg and dairy products such as cheese and milk, are characterized by high contents of saturated
fats or cholesterols. These foods tend to incur extra burden to our health, especially when they are prepared or cooked
through unhealthy methods, such as frying, which will inevitably lead to elevated levels of blood lipids and cholesterols,
resulting in increased risks of cardiovascular diseases.
That explains why plant protein is preferable for the replenishment of protein needed by our body to maintain full
vitality on a day-to-day basis and yet incur no burden to health.

Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder –

Its sole composition, Isolated Soya Protein, is a plant protein of the highest quality
that can be readily absorbed by the human body. Besides, it helps reduce the level of
cholesterol in the blood. Isolated Soya Protein is also rich in Isoflavone, a plant-base
hormone-like compound capable of subduing the proliferation of tumour cells caused
by hormonal disturbances of our body. Another component of Isolated Soya Protein,
Lecithin, is an important building block of body cells. It exhibits powerful anti-oxidation
and emulsifying actions that enable more efficient digestion and absorption of protein
by the human body, help preserve normal cellular functions and metabolic activities, in
addition to participating in normal functions of our immune system.
It goes without saying that apart from dietary balance, nutritional replenishment through
food supplement is also indispensable. It this respect, while the consumption of Hi-
Fibre is an ideal way to replenish fibre, Pollen makes a perfect source for guaranteed
intake of a full spectrum of nutrients.

Jia Hor Hi-Fibre –

Each sachet offers 4g of a balance mix of water soluble and non-water soluble dietary
fibres, allowing you to replenish an enough amount of dietary fibres that are usually
lacking in your daily meals, thus contributing to a more efficient digestion and better
intestinal health.

Yung Kien Pollen –

Pollen features a diverse and wholesome spectrum
of micro nutrients. In particular, the rich content of B
group vitamins in Yung Kien Pollen is several times
higher than those of other pollen products. As pollen
is a powerhouse of nutrients that actively participates
in energy metabolism of the body, it helps establish a
perfect foundation on which a stronger immune system
can be built.

NOVEMBER 2009 24
Rule # 2: Go for More Regular Physical Workouts and Drink More Water
Make it a habit to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday or every other day. Cycling, jogging,
and even brisk walking are some examples of physical workouts that are simple and yet effective.
Apart from revitalizing our physiological functions, regular exercise also contributes to maintaining
fitness and a healthy bodyweight, which are the basis to constitute a physical vitality robust enough
to militate the invasion of pathogens. On the other hand, as drinking more water is known to be
essential in elevating our bodily metabolism, we should replenish the body with at least 2,000ml of
water everyday to facilitate effective elimination of metabolic wastes and toxins
and promote a healthy inner ecology.

Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea –

An exceptional tea formulation that ropes in the goodness of Lingzhi,
Semen Cassiae, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and Oolong Tea. In addition to
quenching the thirst and water replenishment, its other health-giving benefits
also play a vital role in invigorating your body and adding the healthy glow on
your face.

Rule # 3: Have Enough Sleep and Maintain a Cheerful Frame of Mind

No thanks to our present-day busy work schedule and heavy workload, for many people among us, burning the
midnight oil and staying up late have become a way of life. This results in sleep disorders such as hyposomnia (chronic
lack of sleep), leading to a deranged immune system. As such, living life the way our biological clock intends it to be
and having enough sleep and rest are also a crucial factor to building our immunity and keeping viral attacks at bay.
It is also worth pointing out that an extended period of melancholy or depression can potentially “passivate”
or wear away our immune response. An American scientist conducted a study in which the emotional patterns and
development of 1,000 students were observed through a period that lasted 18 long years. It led to the discovery that
when a person whose state of mind was attached to such negative emotions as a sense of loneliness, disappointment,
and dejection for a long period of time, he or she would suffer from the repercussions of a disturbed inner balance,
resulting in a declining bodily resistance. In other words, maintaining a cheerful frame of mind is the antidote to ensure
that our mind and body remain healthy.

Rule # 4: Consume More Health Food with Immune Modulation Functions

In the market today you can find a wide variety of health food that feature immune modulation functions. Among them,
Ganoderma or Lingzhi is a remarkable choice. According to the most current research findings, regular consumption
of Lingzhi will contribute to modulating our immune functions, as it not only promotes the production of antibodies by
B cells, but also the proliferation of T cells as well as the activities of phagocytes.

Yung Kien Ganoderma has been awarded Immuno Modulation Health Food
Accreditation by the government of Taiwan. This is an official endorsement affirming
the product to be a health supplement with exceptional abilities in modulating our
immune system. Yung Kien Ganoderma differentiates itself from other products
of similar functions with up to 5 (which is by far the highest number and the most
complete) immuno modulation functions as follows:
1. Capable of promoting the production of antibodies;
2. Capable of enhancing the production of immune cells;
3. Capable of regulating the functions of T cells;
4. Capable of promoting the vitality of Natural Killer cells; and
5. Capable of promoting the vitality of Phagocytes.

Our immunity is the key to preventing viruses and harnessing the self-healing power in us to make health recovery
possible. In other words, the immune system is what we have to rely upon pending the successful development of
an anti-viral medicine or vaccine that works. Indeed, we become unlikely to fall prey to a viral transmission provided
that we have a strong immunity. Even if a virus has found its way into the body of a person with a strong immunity,
his or her self-healing power will soon develop a new way to fight and contain the virus.
By toeing the line of the above rules in our everyday living, namely observing a dietary principle of balanced
daily meals typified by less oil, less salt, and less sugar; having more regular exercise, practicing better stress
management, and consuming more Lingzhi products for its amazing attributes in modulating the immune functions,
we are putting ourselves in a position to seal the eventual victory in our immune war waged against viruses.

NOVEMBER 2009 25
Lo and Behold!
Health Hazards Common to Computer Users
You may have to live with the curse of
dry eyes, backache, and obesity
Following the advent of the 21st Century Information Technology (IT), personal computers
have become an almost inseparable tool to us modern people in literally all aspects of our everyday
life, be it at places of work, study, and amusement, food outlets, and the list goes on and on. In
particular, an increasing number of the youngsters today have become hooked to the PCs surfing
the Internet, communicating through cyber chat rooms, and playing on-line games, day in and day
out. It must be pointed out that this phenomenon of staring at the PC screen for prolonged hours
has given rise to the emergence of a spate of novel civil diseases.

As the network marketing industry is among the first to jump onto the bandwagon of
computerization, various PC applications such as the construction of words documents and
spreadsheets, sending and receiving e-mails, and filing management are being adopted as useful
tools by IT-savvy distributors, who would pin themselves onto the seat working on the PC for
hours upon hours. This explains why many among them have fallen prey to a good number of PC-
related health hazards, which include dry eyes as well as problems associated with sedentary
work, such as backache, obesity, and piles (hemorrhoids). It can thus be seen that these so-called
occupational diseases are not confined to IT personnel alone, since they also pose a real threat to
anyone who works on the PC for more than 4 hours a day.

Improper sitting posture the precursor of backache

Given the need to use the PC for long hours, is your favourite posture the right one? Many computer users tend
to sit in such a way that it offers the greatest comfort and stick to it for up to 1 hour or 2, until sudden warning signs
such as pains in the neck or back set in. Before long, even the wrist holding the mouse will start to make complaints,
reminding you that you have been sitting in front of the computer and working on it for just too long.

No thanks to postures that do not conform to the rules of ergonomics, symptoms of computing syndrome
are fast becoming a trend among us. The most common posture of all that create trouble is the sitting
position, to be followed by the repetitive strokes of the wrists and fingers manuveuring on the keyboard
and the mouse. On a typical day, our fingers could well be hitting on the ENTER key and other alpha-
numeric keys in addition to clicking on the mouse for not less than hundreds of strokes, which add
up to well over tens of thousands of strokes a month, every month. It is thus essential for us to
select a mouse that suits the size of our wrist, lest injuries could be inflicted on the fingers over

Of course it is as good as impossible for us to maintain a particular posture, even if it is

an ergonomically right one, when we have to work on the keyboard or browsing the Internet for
a long period of time. The most burdened parts of the body will eventually become fatigued and
stressed. These include the shoulders, forearms, wrists, upper arms, the back, and the neck,
giving symptoms such as muscular strain, pains, numbness, or even stiffness. If left unchecked,
the conditions will sooner or later deteriorate into acute aches. These repetitive stress injuries
(RSIs) affecting the neck, shoulders, and wrists are collectively known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
NOVEMBER 2009 26
The best ways to avoid CTS
1. Calcium deficiency is the prime culprit behind the onset of backache and muscular spasm:
The general lacking in calcium intake among people of our time makes the supplementation of calcium a necessity.
Dairy calcium is strongly recommended as it can be most efficiently assimilated by the human body. Better yet, select a
formulation that is enhanced with Vitamin D 3 and Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP), which can contribute to a more complete
assimilation of calcium, the answer to reducing the risk of backache.
2. Joint degeneration is also one of the factors leading to pains:
Appropriate replenishment of a formulation that contains Hydrolyzed Collagen, Lemon Verbena, and the likes can help
retard the onset of joint degeneration and heal pain.
3. Adopting a right posture:
Sit upright, preferably on a back-friendly chair that comes with a back support and a pair of
arm rests. Position your upper arms and forearms such that they are at right angles or with
the elbows slightly tilted upwards, say at 10 to 20 degrees to the desktop. The wrists and the
forearms should ideally be maintained at the same level.
4. Take a 15-minute break every 1 hour, allowing the body and the eyes to relax.
5. Take up frequent indoor exercise: Walking around, pulling in the abdomen, thrusting out the
chest, swinging your hands, and the likes.
6. Always maintain a distance of at least 40cm between your eyes and the computer screen.
7. Do not use the PC continuously for more than 4 hours.

Staring at PC Screen Causes Eye Fatigue

In the wake of the increased popularity of PCs, the per capita hour of near work involving the usage of the eyes is also
on the rise. According to a survey, about 80% of the people with myopia (short-sightedness) spend an average of more than 7
hours on near work involving the usage of the eyes. This implies that long hours of computing or reading digital messages have
become the trend of the current time, while visual fatigue has been listed as being a disease affecting the eyes.
The images in the PC screen or visual display unit are made up of tiny glowing dots and not continuous graphics. As
such, if we stare at the images of these glowing dots for an extended length of time, our eyes will become fatigued, leading to
reduced frequency of blinking and rapid loss of moisture from the surface of the cornea. Over time, this will result in chronic
conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome.
The need to stare at the PC screen for long hours, especially so for IT people, will bring about loads of visual problems
including myopia, which is the most commonly seen, dry eye syndrome, and muscae volitantes (also known as “flying flies
syndrome”). Youngsters who indulge in surfing the Internet and playing computer games, usually for up to 3 to 5 hours or even
longer, as well as those whose jobs require them to work with PC on the daily basis, are potentially vulnerable to these eye
hazards as IT people do.

Ways of protecting the eyes: With every hour of using the computer, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes. Gaze at a distant object
to relax the eyes. Care must be taken that the illumination intensity of the PC screen is the same as
that of the indoor lighting. Adjust the angle of the PC screen or reposition the PC monitor when
reflection occurs. Ensure that the font size on the PC screen is not too small. By all means
consciously blink your eyes to keep them moist at all time.

Eye-care diet: Research findings have shown that a great number of eye diseases are
associated with the lack of certain types of nutrients. In other words, assimilating those
essential nutrients from our food and drink is crucial to preventing and relieving certain eye
diseases. Listed below are eye-care nutrients that are useful in preserving our visual health
with their regular replenishment:

1. Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Lutein and Zeaxanthin help prevent glaucoma and macular degeneration.
They are also capable of filtering away the UV rays and blue light to avoid harm done to the eyes.
These two nutrients are mostly found in spinach and cabbage.
2. Blackcurrant and Bilberry: Blackcurrant and Bilberry, which offer a rich variety of Anthocyanines,
were consumed by bomber pilots in World War II to help night vision. Apart from exhibiting a powerful
antioxidant capability, they also play a pivotal role in enhancing blood flow in the body to expedite transportation of
nutrients to the eyes.
3. β -Carotene : This nutrient facilitates the formation of visual purple, a pigment that aids the eyes in adapting to changes
in the light source and enable night vision. β -Carotene is mostly found in carrot.
4. Other eye-care nutrients: Wolfberry and Vitamins C, E, and B group are capable of imparting antioxidant functions to help
prevent dry eye syndrome, optic neuritis, conjunctivitis, intolerance of light, tearing, conjunctival congestion, etc.

The eyes are an organ of precision functions and complex makeup. As such, they need a diverse and sophisticated range
of nutrients that are difficult to be wholesomely assimilated from our food intake alone. In order to preserve the healthy condition
of our eyes, it is essential for us to consume Yung Kien Eye + Tablets, a supplement that provides a complete spectrum of the
eye-care nutrients.
NOVEMBER 2009 27
A Sedentary Life
an Open Door to Obesity and Piles

While PCs do bring tremendous benefits to modern living, there are also growing
concerns on their harm to the human body. People whose jobs require regular computing
work and netizens roaming the cyber world tend to sit in front of the PC for long hours without
consciously noticing it. Some of them become so focused that they even forget about meals,
have irregular meals, or take food that are nutritionally unwholesome. Obesity soon sets in,
and following close on the heels are piles.

According to statistics, piles are a common health problem. The condition can be traced
to maintaining a sitting posture for long hours, bringing about poor blood circulation. Besides,
piles can also be the result of a sluggish bowel movement caused by drinking too little water.
People whose jobs involving computing or requiring them to remain seated for up to 6 or 7
hours a day are the high risk group for constipation and piles.

Sitting in front of the PC and staring at the screen all day long not only incurs strenuous loads to the eyes but also
points to a lack of physical exercise. Unhealthy eating habits like having frequent suppers can add fuel to the development
of obesity. By age 30, the metabolic rate of our body begins to slow down, further aggravating the overweight condition.
Actually, losing weight can become an impossible mission after age 30.

Obesity is known to cause untold health problems, the most obvious of which is an elevated risk of the Triple High
(high blood lipid, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure), which are inherent problems attributed to metabolic
disorders. In the event of failing to take improvement measures in a timely manner, the conditions can worsen into
diabetes and other metabolic disasters. As such, for the sake of your health, you should observe a balanced diet and take
time to exercise no matter how busy you are.

Insufficient intake of dietary fibre

Obesity and piles have become common among the masses of the modern
world and they can be traced to insufficient intake of dietary fibre as one of the
factors. As recommended by nutritionists, an individual should take about 25g to
35g of dietary fibre daily. However, a survey reveals that we the modern people
typically take only 14g of dietary fibre on the average, every day. This is way below
the standard recommended amount. There is no wonder that more and more people
today are suffering from obesity and piles. The situation is particularly worse for
those who have to work on the PC throughout the whole day and well into the later
hours. It is worth highlighting that large servings of fruits and vegetables alone will
do little to meet the standard intake amount of dietary fibre as recommended by

Selecting a hi-fibre product of top quality

Other than having more exercise, the replenishment of quality dietary fibre is
also a key contributor of preserving wellness and vitality. In this respect, Jia Hor
Hi-Fibre makes a perfect choice for it features the attributes of offering a rich blend
of water soluble and insoluble dietary fibre marked with their nourishing efficacy.
Moreover, as Jia Hor Hi-Fibre has won the accreditation of Japan Health Food
Association (JHFA), it can be conveniently prepared into your favourite beverage
anytime, anywhere to help you keep obesity and piles at bay and live life to the

NOVEMBER 2009 28

To become a Senior Vice Manager Distributor,

a distributor must sponsor three 28% groups within the same month.

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Yeo Hwe Ting Ong Bee Chin Yu Lai Ang Lee Fong Soon
Winda Gandi Wijaya Oiey Jua Tick Meng Chieng Siew Leng Ong Bee Hoon
Sponsor: Swee Kim Tin Sponsor: Toe How How Sponsor: Tiang Koh Peng Sponsor: Neoh Choon Aun
In building your Shuang Hor Health is what paints our life Money is valuable. But health is We are grateful to Shuang Hor
Business, tough time is only colourful! Shuang Hor is where invaluable. It is only with physical and our uplines for initiating us
temporary, but a promising future we find big dreams! With wellbeing that we are able to go into a wonderful garden and a
commitment and perseverance, the extra mile. business that brings Health and
is here to stay. With unwavering
we can definitely make it. Thanks Hope to people.
resolve, success will surely belong
to the company and my uplines.
to you.


To become a Vice Manager Distributor, a distributor must meet one of the following requirements for two
consecutive months : -
1) Have a personal group PV at 28%.
2) Have one 28% group and maintain a personal group PV of at least 6,500 points.
3) Have two 28% groups.

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Tan Chiat Seng Chin Hock Meng Lim Soo Hoon

Dee Sing Boon Lau Siao Lin Tan Tek Hai
Sponsor: Teo Po Long Sponsor: Lee Bee Yoke Sponsor: Mah Siew Fong
Our dreams can be fulfilled With unwavering resolve, all Thanks to our uplines for their selfless
provided that we commit in it of us can turn our aspirations coaching and encouragement as well
with persistent efforts and result- into reality and join the rank of as to our parents and family members
oriented actions. highfliers. for their support. Shuang Hor is a
business to help ourselves and others
to gain optimal health and rise above
financial woes.

NOVEMBER 2009 29

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Chin Yaw Hsiang Low Keat Cheong Eddy Woon

Sponsor: How Lye Khang Wong Shui Fern Rahimah
Sponsor: Low Kit Wei Sponsor: Woon Yuet Ling
Thanks to Shuang Hor and
upline. Shuang Hor Products Shuang Hor not only blesses us We wish to thank our upline, Ms
are very effective for us. with great health and additional Cindy Woon, who is my niece for
Never use, never know.Once income, but also allows us to introducing Shuang Hor business
use, never stop. I love U redefine and rediscover the true to us. With her guidance and
Shuang Hor. purpose of life. Thanks to our support, we believe we’ll be able
uplines for their selfless mentorship to achieve to a higher level.
and encouragement.

Poh Chwee Poh How Lye Khang

Sandy Lee Yoke Ping Sponsor: Khoo Kuan Thai
Sponsor: Hardi Bin Masrikin It is only by equipping ourselves
Never ever call it quits, as success with the right attitude that we can
is just around the corner! cruise along and keep progressing
with Shuang Hor! Special thanks
also go to our uplines.

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Shariani Ibrahim Liew Nyet Keow Wong Bing Ming
Azrul Syamsul Bin Sahak Sponsor: Tay Hwee Hwee Yap Chen Ping
Sponsor: Oh Ping Ping Sponsor: Yong Choong Hing
Shuang Hor not only helps me
Patience is a great element to regain wellness but also to Thanks to Jia Hor Lingzhi for
of success as the journey will embrace a truly promising future! bringing me a healthy life and
not be as easy as it seems. happiness.

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Lee Chien Sheng Zaleha Binti Yusof (New Vice Manager Distributor
Sponsor: Chang Fei Cherng Mustaffa Bin Ibrahim without enclosed photograph)
Sponsor: Shariani Ibrahim

NOVEMBER 2009 30

To qualify as an Achiever Distributor, you have to sponsor and build up at least one (1) downline group that maintains a monthly PV of 3,200
points for two (2) consecutive months. At the same time your personal group PV must also maintain 3,200 points, of which 200 points must
be from your personal sales (sales performance of international sponsoring groups are to be excluded).
Note: Personal group PV : the sum of your personal PV and those of your downline distributors who have not achieved the monthly PV of 3,200 points.

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Wong Wan Ying Asmah Binti Ibrahim Lee Fong Ling

Choong Shee Yean Sponsor: Shariani Ibrahim Kuan Fook Ping
Sponsor: Wong Moon Fah Sponsor: Hee Chai Keong

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Loo Seow Theng Cheong Lee Ting Teh Li Tyng
Sponsor: Low Ah Lip Sponsor: Cheong Lai Yuan Sponsor: Oh Ping Ping

Ng Cheong Kooi August 2009 >>

Ooi Lean Kheng
Ooi Kim Suan
Sponsor: Chin Lai Yee Khin Maung Myint
Sponsor: Koh Chai Hing
Sponsor: Ma Than

The 91st New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar

Date : 12/12/2009 & 13/12/2009
Venue: The Westin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Featuring pragmatic and all-round course content, the latest New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar is scheduled
to be held in December. The panel of speakers for the event comprises outstanding leaders, who will take to the
stage and share their invaluable experience and proven steps with the objective of helping the rookie Vice Manager
Distributors to promote themselves one level up!

How to Present the

OPP Flip Chart Effectively
Triple Diamond
Phoon Khee Onn

Motivational Talk
Diamond Couple
Sim Ching Tong &
Lok Yem Ching

How to Set & Accomplish the

3,200 Points Fundamental Goal
How to Conduct an
Effective Home Meeting Diamond Distributor
Diamond Distributor Tan Shien Wee
Ng Cheng Siang
NOVEMBER 2009 31
Ordering Details: All Distributors of Shuang Hor are eligible to order directly from the Company
or Distribution Centres of Shuang Hor

Shuang Hor Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. 3) Modes of Payment:

l For destinations in the Peninsula, distributors shall pay a delivery
No. 54, Jalan Tago 2, Taman Perindustrian Tago,
charge of RM15 for orders below RM1, 500.
Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: (603) 6275 8818 Fax: (603) 6276 6822 l For destinations in Sarawak and Sabah, distributors shall pay a delivery
Website : charge of RM50 for orders below RM1, 600.
Customer Service Freephone : 1-800-88-3203 l For orders below the “Specified Amounts for Free Delivery” as
mentioned above, distributors can pool their orders together and
Ordering methods:
appoint one of them as the official recipient.
1) On-the-spot Purchase :
l Having made your payment through telegraphic transfer, please call
Every Monday to Friday, and the last Saturday of the month:
our Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Free Phone at 1-800-88-3002 before
4.00pm on the same day to notify our staff about the particulars of
Distributors can go directly to any distribution centre located in Kuala
your orders. Upon receipt of the payment, Shuang Hor Malaysia shall
Lumpur, Johor Bahru, or Penang to purchase and pick up the products
deliver the products immediately through courier service, which is
from the sales counters either with cash, credit card (Visa/Master), or debit
expected to reach you on the following day.
Kuala Lumpur Distribution Centre
2) Telegraphic Transfer Ordering:
No. 54, Jalan Tago 2, Taman Perindustrian Tago,
Every Monday to Friday : 9.00am - 4.00pm
Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Distributors can call the Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Free Phone at
Tel : (603) 6275 8818 Fax : (603) 6275 4932
1-800-88-3002 to place their orders. They may transfer their payment to any
of the following Shuang Hor accounts (all banking charges will be borne Penang Distribution Centre
by Shuang Hor Malaysia). Please state Account Payee as : No. 148, Tingkat 3, Jalan Hutton,
Shuang Hor Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. 10050 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
l Public Bank Berhad Account Number: 3-9990647-36 Tel : (604) 226 4848 Fax : (604) 228 9633
l Maybank Account Number: 5 -14011-53677-6 Johor Bahru Distribution Centre
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further information, please contact us at 1-800-88-3203. 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : (607) 554 7668 Fax : (607) 559 1689

Shuang Hor (Singapore) Pte Ltd

the following Shuang Hor account (all banking charges will be borne by
12, Tannery Road, # 06-05 HB Centre, Singapore 347722.
Shuang Hor Singapore). Please state Account Payee as:
Tel : (65) 6846 9288 Fax : (65) 6842 1678
Shuang Hor (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Customer Service Freephone : 1-800-846 8107
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Ordering methods:
1) On-the-spot Purchase : 3) Modes of Payment:
Every Monday to Friday, and the last Saturday of the month: l For destinations in Singapore, distributors shall pay a delivery charge of
10.00am-7.00pm S$10 for orders below S$800.00.
Distributors can go to Shuang Hor Singapore to purchase and pick up the l For orders below the “Specified Amount for Free Delivery” as mentioned
products from the sales counters either with cash, Nets Card, or credit above, distributors may pool their orders together and appoint one of them
cards (Visa/Master). as the official recipient.
l Having made your payment through Telegraphic Transfer, please call the
2) Telegraphic Transfer Ordering : Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Free Phone at 1-800-846 8067 before 4.30pm
a) Every Monday to Friday :10.00am - 4.30pm on the same day to notify our staff about the particulars of your orders. Upon
b) The last Saturday of the month: 10.00am - 1.00pm receipt of the payment, Shuang Hor Singapore shall make immediate
Distributors can call the Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Free Phone at delivery through courier service, which is expected to reach you on the
1-800-846 8067 to place their orders. They may transfer their payment to following day.

Shuang Hor (B) Sdn. Bhd. Distributors can call 673-242 3118 to place their orders. They may transfer their
No. D2, Block D, Lot 51180, payment to the following Shuang Hor account (all banking charges will be borne
Bangunan Haji Lajim Dan Anak-Anak, Kampong Kiarong, by Shuang Hor Brunei). Please state Account Payee as:
Bandar Seri Begawan BE1318, Shuang Hor (B) Sdn Bhd
Negara Brunei Darussalam. ● Baiduri Bank Account No: 02-01-110-313162
Tel: (673) 242 3118 Fax: (673) 242 2449

A) Ordering methods: 3) Modes of Payment:

1) On-the-spot Purchase: ● For destinations in Brunei, distributors shall pay a delivery charge of B$10 for
Every Monday to Friday, and the last Saturday of the month: orders below B$800.00.
10.00am - 6.00pm ● For orders below the “Specified Amount for Free Delivery” as mentioned above,
Distributors can visit Shuang Hor Brunei to purchase and pick up the distributors may pool their orders together and appoint one of them as the
products from the sales counters either with cash, debit card or credit card recipient.
(Visa/Master). ● Having made your payment through Telegraphic Transfer, please call 673-242
3118 before 3.00pm on the same day to notify our staff about the particulars of
2) Telegraphic Transfer Ordering: your orders. Upon receipt of the payment, Shuang Hor Brunei shall deliver the
a) Every Monday to Friday: 10.00am - 3.00pm products immediately through courier service, which are expected to reach you
b) The last Saturday of the month: 10.00am - 11.00am on the following day.

NOVEMBER 2009 32
PT. Shuang Hor Indonesia
Komp. Ruko Mega Grosir, Cempaka Mas,
Blok F9-F10, Jl. Let. Jend Soeprapto, Jakarta 10640, Indonesia. l If the ordering amount is less than Rp1,000,000, a delivery charge
Tel : (62-21) 4288 7149 Fax: (62-21) 4288 6721 shall be incurred as shown in the table below.
Ordering methods: Delivery Charges Delivery Charges
From Jakarta to From Jakarta to
1) On-the-spot Purchase: (Rp) (Rp)
a) Monday to Friday, and the last Saturday of the month:
10.00am -6.00pm Sumatera 10,000 Sulawesi 15,000
b) To purchase and pick-up the products at the sales counters either with Kalimantan 15,000 Other
cash, debit card, or credit card. 30,000
2) Telegraphic Transfer Ordering: Jawa 10,000
a) Every Monday to Friday: 10.00am-3.00pm
Distributors can dial the Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Phone at 62-21- l For orders below the “Specified Amounts for Free Delivery” as
4288 7149 to place their orders. They may remit payment into to the mentioned above, distributors can pool their orders together and
following Shuang Hor bank accounts (all banking charges will be borne appoint one of them as the official recipient.
by Shuang Hor Company). Please state Account Payee as: l Having made your payment through Telegraphic Transfer, please call
PT. Shuang Hor Indonesia the Telegraphic Transfer Ordering Phone at 62-21-4288 7149 before
Bank Central Asia Account Number: 8770178798 3.00pm. on the same day to notify Shuang Hor on ordering contents.
3) Modes of Payment: Upon receipt of payment, Shuang Hor shall immediately make
arrangement to deliver the products through courier service.(Next-
l If the ordering amount is more than Rp1,000,000 , which are also for the
day delivery for destination in Jakarta, or 3-7 days for destinations
same destination, the delivery charge will be waived.
out of Jakarta.)

Indonesia Distribution Centres Business Hours: Indonesia Service Centre Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, and the last Saturday of the month: 9:30am~5:00pm Monday to Saturday:10:00am~3:00pm

Medan Distribution Centre Batam Island Distribution Centre Tanjung Balai Service Centre
Jl. Dr. Wahidin, No. 100-100A, Kompleks Regency Park, Jl. Trikora No. 48, Tanjung Balai Karimun,
Medan 20211, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia. Blok IV No. 47-48, Kep. Riau, Indonesia.
Tel: (62-61) 455 0288 Batam 29436, Kep. Riau, Indonesia. Tel & Fax: (62-777) 325259
Fax: (62-61) 455 0299 Tel & Fax: (62-778) 452 126

Pekanbaru Distribution Centre Surabaya Distribution Centre Tanjung Pinang Service Centre
Jl. Teuku Umar Gg Jaya, No. 27A-27B, Jl. Raya Kupang Baru No. 22, Jl. Temiang No. 36, Tanjung Pinang,
Depan Gereja Kalam Kudus, Pekanbaru, Surabaya 60225, Kep. Riau, Indonesia.
Propinsi Riau 28112, Indonesia. Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Tel & Fax: (62-771) 311141
Tel & Fax: (62-761) 35499 Tel & Fax: (62-31) 732 9501

Company off days:

l The Company and all DCs shall be closed for 1 day on 27th (Friday) November as public holiday (Hari Raya Qurban).
l The Company and DCs in Kuala Lumpur shall be closed for 1 day on 11th (Friday) December as public holiday (Birthday of Sultan Selangor).
Business shall be as usual for the Penang & Johor Bahru DC.
l The Company and all DCs shall be closed for 1 day on 18th (Friday) December as public holiday (Awal Muharam 1430H).
l The Company and all DCs shall be closed for 1 day on 25th (Friday) December as public holiday (Christmas).
l The Company and DCs in Kuala Lumpur & Penang shall be closed for 1 day on 1st (Friday) January 2010 as public holiday (New Year 2010).
Business shall be as usual for the Johor Bahru DC.

l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 27th (Friday) November as public holiday (Hari Raya Haji).
l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 25th (Friday) December as public holiday (Christmas).
l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 1st (Friday) January 2010 as public holiday (New Year).

l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 27th (Friday) November as public holiday (Hari Raya Aidiladha).
l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 18th (Friday) December as public holiday (1st Day of Hijriah 1431).
l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 25th (Friday) December as public holiday (Christmas).
l The Company shall be closed for 1 day on 1st (Friday) January 2010 as public holiday (New Year’s Day).

l Jakarta office, Indonesia DCs & Service Centres shall be closed for 1 day on 27th (Friday) November as public holiday (Idul Adha1430
l Jakarta office, Indonesia DCs & Service Centres shall be closed for 1 day on 18th (Friday) December as public holiday (Tahun Baru Hijriyah).
l Jakarta office, Indonesia DCs & Service Centres shall be closed for 1 day on 25th (Friday) December as public holiday (Hari Raya Natal).
l Jakarta office, Indonesia DCs & Service Centres shall be closed for 1 day on 1st (Friday) January 2010 as public holiday (Tahun Baru

The extended business days on Saturdays in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia are: l 28th November 2009 l 26th December 2009

Change of Meeting Venues

With effect from November 2009, the venue for the System-organized Hotel Palm Inn Butterworth,
Mandarin meetings will change from Butterworth Travel Lodge to (Ground Floor) Pinang 1
Hotel Palm Inn Butterworth. The scheduled dates and times remain No. 4802, Jalan Bagan Luar,12000 Butterworth,
unchanged. Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Tel: (604) 332 7532
Turn Your Big Dreams into
Reality in Shuang Hor
Whatever the framework of an ideal lifestyle you have
outlined for yourself, health should always be your top
priority. When your body is no longer healthy, it would be
meaningless even if you owned the whole world.

Shuang Hor Business assures you wellness and

makes available the golden opportunity that allows you to
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Remember to renew your distributorship, so that

you will continue to make your loftiest dream come true
through Shuang Hor Business as your chosen career!

2010 Shuang Hor Renewal Activity

Renewal Period: Mode of Renewal:
By Post : 1/10/2009~15/12/2009 For distributorship renewal, you pay RM25/S$15/B$15 for 6 issues of Shuang
Hor Bimonthly Magazine. The need for renewal is waived for those who have
On-the-spot : 1/10/2009~31/12/2009 joined or join Shuang Hor in 2009, and their distributorship shall remain
valid until 31/12/2010. They are also automatically entitled to 6 issues of the
Shuang Hor Bimonthly Magazine in 2010.
* A copy of the Renewal Form is enclosed.

Effective from 1st October 2009, all new distributors, and those who have renewed
their distributorship but have yet to apply for Shuang Hor Website Personal Identification
Number (PIN), will receive the individual PIN together with their Distributor Authority
Cards. As a distributor of Shuang Hor, you are encouraged to log in (www.shuanghor. to Distributor Zone of Shuang Hor Website with the PIN for the purpose of
checking the latest updates pertaining to your progress in Shuang Hor business.