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CAPE>> Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a one-unit course and contains three modules:

Gathering and Processing Information
Language and Community

Speaking and Writing

The syllabus requires 150 hours (50 hours per Module) and "provides students
with the opportunity to respond creatively to the implied challenges, through the
development of their communicative awareness and abilities."
It is imperative that each candidate gets a syllabus upon commencement of the
study of this course. A thorough understanding of its objectives is necessary for
you to successfully acquire the appropriate communication skills:
comprehension, language awareness and use and expression.
Candidates are assessed both externally and internally. The 2003 Syllabus has
been revised. There are several amendments to the course and chief among them
is the assessment component. The external assessment of the course has two
written papers (Paper 01A, Paper 01B and Paper 02 - Note that Paper 01 has two
parts) while the internal assessment requires the candidates to complete a
Portfolio on a selected theme. Paper 01A and 01B are basically comprised of
short-response questions. The portfolio should be internally coherent and
organised under three major headings:

- Expository
- Reflective
- Analytical

The Expository section will be orally presented and examined, the Reflective will
require the candidate to produce two samples of original work and the Analytical
will be an analysis of one of the reflective pieces. There are other details
concerning the assessment which will be dealt with thoroughly in future lessons.


The integrated approach has been recognised to be a very useful way to both
teach and learn the concepts and skills in this syllabus.
While the syllabus is divided into modules, there are many connections between
the various language areas in each Module, hence the integrated approach.
Candidates ought to be given ample opportunity to not only speak and write, but
also listen and read. (The revised syllabus contains numerous suggested
activities which can be used to acquire these skills).
In the coming weeks, I will be facilitating the learning of the course through a
combination of practice exercises and clarifying of crucial concepts. In order that
the content of the course be covered, the lessons will be designed according to
the structure of the assessment, that is, both internal and external. In other
words, my aim will be to prepare you for assessment.
So, prepare yourself for next week's lesson by purchasing the Communication
Studies Syllabus and reading all the general and specific objectives. Until then,
walk good!