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International Cybercrime & Forensics Examiners

Forensics is the application of science and technology to civil and criminal legal investigations. While most forensics
programs focus on the traditional approaches — fingerprints, DNA, photography — the CSI World Headquarters
inauguration program targets cyberforensics — forensic analysis and procedures of the new millennium. The CSI-
CyberForensics program focuses on the basics of computer forensics with an emphasis on the legal aspects and
techniques for such investigation.

There is a whole new science to collecting evidence and ensuring it will be admissible in a court of law. In the
computer age, systemic risk investigators must learn to catch someone who has committed a crime when the
evidence is most likely to be found on that suspect's computer, PDA, cell phone, MP3 player, or other digital device.
It's often highly sensitive data that, if mishandled, can be corrupted and lost forever. Because computer-aided
systemic risk and identity theft are on the rise with no end in sight, computer forensics training is essential for the
modern systemic risk investigator. In America, the FBI sponsors the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratories
(RCFLs) staffed by local, state and federal law enforcement personnel to meet this very pressing need. In this first
CSI World Headquarters Malaysian Chapter inauguration meeting, CSI instructors will share their knowledge with
the registered participants on this very interesting and exciting tool in cybercrime investigation. You can expect
more computer forensics labs to start appearing around the world, as digital experts continue to emerge and branch
out. The career prospect in this specialized field is just beginning to be realized. This is an opportunity to be a
Certified System Investigator and a chance to be ahead of the market place in the world of digital forensics and
cybercrime investigation.

Did you know

The reality of this millennium is that computer related knowledge. Translated into practical term, this means,
crime is a perennial feature in all fraud examination. you need not even be interested in IT or computer to
Whether it is using the computer to perpetrate a crime get excited about Computer Digital Forensics. You will
or defrauding an organisation, Certified System want to attend this program for many reasons in addition
Investigator (CSI) are needed by today's companies to to having a career alternative. If you are in Human
determine the root cause of the fraudulent activity, Resource, you will want to attend because disciplinary
collect evidence legally admissible in court, and protect issues very often need Computer Digital evidence. We
corporate assets and reputation. The best way to will teach you how to go about getting it. If you are part
become a forensics expert is to attend a training session of a senior management team, you will want to attend
with a computer forensics training expert. this training; if for no other reason than to how to go
about getting computer digital evidence to commence
The rate of fraud, abuse and downright criminal activity legal action against an errant employee. If you are in
on IT systems by hackers, contractors and even Audit, Compliance or Risk Management, you will
employees are reaching alarming rates. HR Managers, absolutely want to avail yourself to this opportunity
Corporate IT, Law Enforcement and Information Security because, no one else will do it for you at this price,
Professionals are often required to perform computer especially when the trainer is Tommy Seah. And finally,
forensics duties on their jobs. In terms of strategic if you are an investigator, it is a foregone conclusion that
career alternatives, nothing beats computer forensics, it is a critical skill set you must acquire to discharge your
and the place to learn Computer Forensics at a fraction duties to your employer.
of the usual price is at ICFE Consulting Group. The most
amazing thing about ICFE Computer Digital training is
that it assume participants have zero computer
◘ Forensic Laboratory Rental:
Digital Forensics Services
► Want to do the work yourself?
Our services include:
We offer rental of our laboratory at very
◘ Duplication of hard disk
attractive prices.
◘ Data recovery
► CSI/ACSI enjoy priority booking
◘ Data analysis (non-system) and lower rate.
◘ Presentation of the analysis ** subjected to on-site review by our specialist
Conditions**: The hard disk must be in to determine whether to accept the job.
working condition, that is it can be detected.
Digital Forensics Training
◘ Expert Witness:
We also conduct hands-on Public Seminar & customise
Our specialist will also be able to assist in
providing court evidences, if client requires. In-House Training on Digital Forensics.
◘ Corporate Data Security. Protect your *Please contact us for our training calendar.*
company's information by: Here are 5 reasons why you should consider
1- Cloning the hard disks of all resigned In-House training:
staff's PC/Laptop ◘ You can tailor the content and program to suit
► for risk management your particular needs.
► for future reference/ investigation in
◘ Complete confidentiality in discussing your
case of suspected fraud/ malpractice/
organisation’s sensitive issues.
unethical conducts
◘ Competitive Training fees
► storage of hard disk at low cost
2 - Forensically wiping the hard disk before ◘ You decide when and where the course takes
auction/shopping your personal place.
computer (pc) / laptop ◘ No need to travel: in house

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