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YULIUS EKA AGUNG SEPUTRA (stulung@yahoo.com)
There are 10 Symbol are used in Tummo Reiki :
a. Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei can be used to :


Empowerment other symbol and energy for healing

Clean,Activated Chakra (Quantity Cleaning)
Clean Negative Energy from something
Clean Aura, Energy in Our Body.

b. Sei Hei Ki

Sei Hei Ki can be used to :


Clean Negative energy from our body

Clean & Balance Chakra (Quality of Chakra)
Clean Negative emotion from our body

Hon Sa Se Sho Nen

Hon Sa Se Sho Nen can be Used to :

- Transfer Distant Energy for Distant Healing
- Do Mass Healing (can heal 10,100 or more people)
- Send Shecduling Energy (we can schedule our time to send Energy)
- Clean Centre of Chakra
- Heal Trauma (Spiritual Problem)

Lotus ( in Indonesia mean Daun Semanggi)

Lotus can be used to :

- Clean rubbish, especially rubbish in our body for many years. (Use this symbol
+ Tornado Symbol)

Tornado (In Indonesia Mean Angin Puyuh)

Tornado Symbol can be used to :

- Clean rubbish, especially rubbish in our body for many years. (Use this symbol
+ Lotus Symbol)
- Use up our head .. long spiral can make more Devine Energy


Tree can be used to :


Balance Healing Energy.


Raku can be Used to :


Clean & Fix Sushuma, Major Chakra (from perineum to muladhara charka (our
Send Negative energy in Sushuma to Ground (Earth)


Kundalini can be Used to :


Connect each Major Chakra via sushuma

Increase Energy which we receive in medit ation
Send Kundalini Energy clean sushuma to our head (muladhara Chakra)
Please dont use this symbol if you dont have Kundalini awakening.


Tummo can be used to :


Clean your energy Path (use + Dragon Fire Breath)

Dragon Fire Breath

a. Take in Oxygen and visualize ray enter your body via (look this picture)

b. Take out C02 via your mouth and visualize ray change to blue- light blueViolet light violet in spiral move.

Lan Say Hay

Lan Say Hay can be used to :


Clean infection in our body (use + Cho Ku Rei for Empowerment)