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Ultrasonic Sewing Machine


Operation Instructions

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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I. Application...............................................................................................3

II. Technical parameters ..............................................................................3

III. Installation conditions ...........................................................................4

IV. Structural diagram .................................................................................4

V. Description of pressure operation...........................................................5

VI. Operation of ultrasonic generator .........................................................5

VII. Operation of control center .................................................................9

VIII. Common faults and fault elimination methods................................13

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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I. Application
S400 ultrasonic sewing machine (welding machine) is applicable to flat
sewing machines sewing of nylon cloth, PVC, PU, TPU, TC cloth,
non-woven fabric and other thermoplastic cloth. Ultrasonic working head
generates high frequency vibration to make cloth interface fused, so
needles and threads are not needed; the interface has no needle holes and
it can realize completely seamless effect. According to product demand,
especially punctiform plastic welding, e.g. welding of both ends of
clothing zippers, it is smokeless, tasteless and odorless, so the machine is
a set of environment-friendly production equipment in demand at present.
If auxiliary processing devices are installed, the processing quality can be
controlled and the production rate can be enhanced.

II. Technical parameters

Power supply voltage

AC220V 50Hz-60Hz

Rated power


Rated current


Ultrasonic frequency


Jointing width


Jointing speed


Working air pressure




Net Weight


Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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III. Installation conditions

1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz-60Hz

2. Cross section of electric wire: above2mm

3. Compressed air supply: 8kg/cm2
4. Air leakage switch: 15A

5. Power line must have good earth connection.

IV. Structural diagram

1. Air filter assembly 2. Main power switch 3. Main air leakage switch
4. Ultrasonic run 5.Ultrasonic current display 6.Ultrasonic power switch
7.Ultrasonic alarm display 8. Power indicator light

9. Pressure

controller of press wheel 10 Control center 11. Pressure indicator of press

wheel 12. Upper press wheel 13. Ultrasonic converter 14. Left and right
pedals 15. Upper cylinder column
Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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V. Description of pressure operation

1. Adjustment of air pressure: turn the pressure adjusting handle and
make pressure gauge indicate to 0.4-0.6Mpa.
2. Pressure adjustment of upper press wheel: operate the left pedal and
adjust the pressure of press wheel 9; observe the pressure indicator 11 of
press wheel and the pressure indication shall be 0.5-2kg/cm2; if the fabric
is thinner, the pressure shall be 0.5kg/cm2; if the fabric is thick, the
pressure shall be 2kg/cm2.

VI. Operation of ultrasonic generator

1. Working environment
Indoor use, humidity: 85%RH; ambient temperature: 040
Machine size: 252*195*424 (including the parts outside chassis)
A sufficient space (not less than 150mm) shall be available around the
machine to dissipate heat and insert and pull out the aviation plug.
The bold-face part is very important, so it must be complied with, or else
it may easily damage the machine or cause an accident. When there is any
abnormal noise or electric meter indication rises abnormally, please shut
off power supply immediately and then find the fault reason.
Aviation Plug



Power Supply

Ultrasonic Run

Front Panel Diagram

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Tuning Screw


Back Panel Diagram

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2. Unpacking
After receiving the goods, unpack and check control panel and machine
surfaces whether there is damage, and check the fittings of the machine
whether there is looseness that may be caused in transportation process. If
there is any damage, the transportation company shall be notified
immediately. The packing material shall be kept well to maintain its
original state in order to facilitate investigation.
3. Power supply
Warning: before power supply is connected, make sure the switch is OFF
(0). A power supply connected to the ground shall be used as vibration
source to prevent electric shock.
4. Line connection before use of power supply
Before using the power supply, the aviation plug at the back of chassis
shall be connected. The electrode plate connected with the shell of
vibrator is grounding electrode and the others are high voltage electrodes.
The connection principle of 4-core aviation plug on the chassis is shown
as follows: 4 is connected with high voltage electrode of vibrator and 1 is
connected with grounding electrode of vibrator. 1 and 2 of 2-core aviation
plug are connected with external run switch. The transducer and power
supply have been debugged to normal state in a professional way for
matching with each other, so the transducer can not be changed at will.
+ Transducer

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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External Run Switch


The driving power supply has certain frequency tracking function, with
high reliability and low electric power consumption, but the ultrasonic
processor must be in resonance condition. So it must be tuned before
starting the machine for the first time.
5. Tuning
When the machine works, the fan must be checked to make sure it runs.
Before starting the machine, make sure external run switch and ultrasonic
run switch are in pop-up state (the two switches are connected in
Before working for the first time or after installing new transducer,
amplitude transformer and tool head, the machine shall be tuned, i.e.
make the whole ultrasonic system in optimum state, of which specific
representation is that current indication is minimum when the vibration is
strongest (it varies when adjusting tuning screw). There is a frequency
modulation screw at the back of chassis and the screw is composed of
two parts, namely long and thin tuning screw and butterfly fixing screw
cap. After completion of tuning, the butterfly cap shall be tightened.
The tool head shall be in no-load state (the vibrator is in the air and
not in the solution).
Make sure external run switch and ultrasonic run switch are in pop-up
state before starting the machine. Turn on power switch and ultrasonic
run switch, here the end surface of the vibrator feels vibrating.
After the ultrasonic run switch is turned on, if the alarm indicator
Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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lamp is on, please adjust the frequency modulation knob back and forth
and turn on the ultrasonic run switch repeatedly; find approximate
position of tuning screw by coarse adjustment till no alarm is given.
If the requirement of coarse adjustment in step 2 is met, please adjust
the frequency modulation knob back and forth till the indication of
current indicator is minimum, and the end surface of vibrator has the
strongest vibration when lightly touching it by hand.
If tuning screw is adjusted to the innermost position from outermost
position and alarm indicator lamp is on all the time, there are three cases
as follows: tuning exceeds setting value, current indication exceeds
setting value or the temperature of high power tube in the chassis is
excessively high, or shut the machine down and check each copper sheet
tin soldering point of the vibrator whether there is cold solder joint, and
check mechanical part whether there is looseness or damage. Each
section of the vibrator can be dismantled successively to test and judge
the faulty section by exclusive method. Or else please contact with
technical service department of our company for help.
6. Power control
Shown as follows, changing the position of the plug pin on
ZJS-500-PCB-TL circuit board in the chassis can change the output
power of transducer, but the output power of transducer can not be
excessively high, or else the vibrating system may be damaged.


Low Middle High

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine



Power control

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7. Cooling
The temperature of transducer can not exceed 80, or else the transducer
must be equipped with a force fan for cooling; moreover, close attention
shall be paid to the heat quantity transferred through tool head and
amplitude transformer.
8. Main parts
Ultrasonic vibration source (driving power supply): convert 50-60Hz
power supply into high-power and high-frequency (15kHz-100kHz)
power supply and supply to transducer.
Transducer (controller, transducer): convert high frequency electric
energy into mechanical vibration energy.
Amplitude transformer: connect and fix the transducer and tool head and
magnify the amplitude of transducer and transmit it to tool head.
Tool head (lead-in rod): transfer mechanical energy and pressure to
working substance, and magnify the amplitude.
Connecting bolt: connect the above parts tightly.

VII. Operation of control center

1. After starting, the system will display the information about the
manufacturer, and 4 seconds later, will display the language selection
page, shown as follows:

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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2. In the language selection page, press English button to enter Chinese


Pls enter 2222 adjust the speed(the best speed for you:1.5m/min)

3. Press Set button to enter password entry page.

Please enter the password




Press password display frame, and input keyboard will pop up; after
entering different passwords, press OK button to enter different pages.
The password list is shown as follows:


set in factory
4. User parameter

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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Press or buttons to turn pages up or down.

1Forward speed: Press the key to set the forward speed of the roller;
2Backward speed: Press the key to set the backward running speed of
the roller;
3Micro-backward speedand7Micro-backward delay: Press these
keys to set the length of micr-backword.
4Fan in delay: The key is used to set the time that the hot air gun
transversly arrives to the roller position;(Note: The word Fun
should be Gun)
5Fan out delay: The key is used to set the time that the hot air gun
transversly leaves from the roller position; (Note: The word Fun
should be Gun)
7 User password: The user can set the user Paramete password
according his need.

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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VIII. Common faults and fault elimination methods



Fault elimination methods

Ultrasonic power switch is Replace the switch;

No ultrasonic wave

Close the ultrasonic


Ultrasonic power switch is power switch;

not closed;





is transducer wire or tighten



Ultrasonic generator is Repair the ultrasonic





not Connect air supply;

Replace the solenoid




is valve;
Check mechanical part;

Upper press wheel has no damaged;




is Regulate the pressure


or replace the pressure

Pressure regulating valve regulating valve;

fails to regulate the pressure Replace the cylinder.
or is damaged.
Cylinder is damaged.
Chain jackscrew is loose;

Wheels do not rotate






is jackscrew;

broken or loose;

Replace or tighten the

Main board has no output;

synchronous belt;

Driver is damaged.

Replace main board;

Replace the driver.

Operation Instructions of S400 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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