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3 Hour Mortgage Loan Originator PA SAFE Course

Course Syllabus
Welcome to our Pennsylvania SAFE Course. We are excited to assist you in furthering or
beginning your mortgage career and are pleased you chose Praedo Institute to satisfy your
education requirements.
Course Purpose
This course is meant to satisfy the three hour PA specific education requirement for PA loan
originator license applicants. If you are taking this course, you should have completed at least
17 hours of NMLS approved education at another time.
Course Description
During this course, we will cover the Pennsylvania mortgage regulatory agencies, loan
originator license law and regulation as well as compliance and disciplinary action.
Course Dates and Times
This course is offered on Mondays and Thursdays. It begins at 8:00am Mountain Time on the
start date and must be completed by midnight on the session end date.
Instructor Contact Information
Once you register for the course, you will receive an email from the instructor assigned to your
course. The email will introduce your instructor as well as explain contact methods and
expected response times. All of our instructors are required to respond to student questions
within one business day of the receipt of your question. Your instructors personal email will be
included in the introduction email.
Course Objectives
Upon completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
Explain the role of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking in the mortgage industry
Outline the requirements to obtain a license in Pennsylvania
Explain the duties and obligations imposed upon a licensee
Know the penalties for not following the laws imposed

Grading Policy
The course consists of slides mixed with comprehension questions. Each chapter includes a
chapter quiz. You will also need to pass a course final at the conclusion of the course. You may
view the slides at your own pace, but you must answer all of the comprehension questions
correctly and score 80 percent on all quizzes to receive credit for the course. You must also
pass the final exam with a score of 80 percent in order to receive credit for the course. You
may retake course quiz questions until you pass, but you are allowed only 10 retakes of the
course final.
Your course consists of two parts. At the end of the first part, you will be required to submit an
assignment to your instructor. Your instructor will grade your assignment within one business
day of assignment submission. Once your instructor grades the assignment, your instructor will
allow you access to the second part of your course. The instructor reserves the right to delay
your advancement to the next part in the event you are progressing substantially faster than
the other students in your section.
Please remember, your course does include a completion deadline.
Course Policies
Each student is required to submit an Identity Affidavit. By confirming the attestation, the
student certifies that the course work was or will be completed by the person for whom the
certificate will be issued. The student further certifies that they did not or will not receive any
assistance in completing the course. The submission of a completion certificate for a course
they did not complete themselves may constitute fraud on the students part and is subject to
prosecution and/or discipline.
Technical Support
As our course is entirely online, we do offer live technical support via telephone, email, and
chat from 8:30am to 5:00pm Mountain Time on regular business days. After hours, holiday,
and weekend support is available 365 days a year via email from 9:00am to 10:00pm Mountain
Time. Our mailing address is 42 North, 200 East, Ste. 3, American Fork, UT 84003. Our
telephone number is 801-492-9933 and our support email is support@praedo.com.
Using our System
Once you purchase the course and are logged into our system, you should see a link to the
course on your home page. This link will launch the course. Please carefully review the
introduction module for instructions on using our online system.

Course Outline
This course consists of two parts, each covering different aspects of PA law.
PA SAFE Mortgage Law Part 1
Introduction: This module will introduce you to our system. Adherence to the advice and
instructions offered in this module will greatly improve your online education experience.
PA Mortgage Law Chapter 1: Chapter One covers PA mortgage regulatory agencies. It consists
of the following sections:
Acts and Code
Chapter Quiz: 5 question quiz covering all of the material discussed in Chapter One.

PA Mortgage Law Chapter 2: Chapter Two covers loan originator license law and regulation. It
consists of the following sections:
License requirements and Exemptions
Mortgage Lender License Application
Mortgage Loan Correspondent License Application
Mortgage Broker License Application
Mortgage Originator Application
Pre-licensing Education and Testing
Grounds for Denying a License
Continuing Education
Surrender of License
Chapter Quiz: 10 question quiz covering all of the material discussed in Chapter Two.
Licensing Law Case Study: The student will be directed to the Department's website where
they will read material concerning PA licensing law.
The student will answer the questions related to the reading material and submit their
completed assignment through the system to their instructor for grading. Once the assignment
is graded by their instructor, the student will be allowed to access part two of the course.

PA SAFE Mortgage Law Part 2

PA Mortgage Law Chapter 3: Chapter Three covers compliance and disciplinary action. It
consists of the following sections:
Prohibited Conduct and Practices
Prohibited Conduct
Covered Loans Prohibited Conduct
Prohibited Clauses
Loan Transaction Prohibitions
Improper Activities Regarding Mortgage Loan Modifications
Loan Modification and Advertising
Required Conduct
Disclosures to an Applicant for a Loan
Mortgage Lender / Open-ended Loans
Suspension, Revocation, and Rescission of Licenses
Penalties and Fines
Chapter Quiz: 10 question quiz covering all of the material discussed in Chapter Three.
Course Final: 25 question final covering all of the information in the course.
Course Evaluation: Students will be allowed to give feedback regarding the course.
Course Schedule
This course consists of the two parts outlined below. The requirements for each part are listed
with the approximate time needed to complete each learning module. This course, is approved
as a three hour course and must be completed in its entirety in order for you to receive credit.
Good Luck
Once again, thank you for choosing Praedo Institute. Your success is extremely important to us.
Please let us know if we can be of assistance at any time. Enjoy the course!

Course Outline and Schedule


Topics and

Reading Due

Assignments Due

Instruction Time

Monday or

PA SAFE Mortgage
Law Part 1

PA Mortgage Law
Chapters 1 & 2

Complete course
questions and
chapter quizzes

80 Minutes

Licensing Law Case


Answer questions
related to the
reading material
and submit to

20 Minutes

PA SAFE Mortgage
Law Part 2

Licensing Act
Guidance and the
Education Provider
Letter on
PA Mortgage Law
Chapter 3

75 Minutes



Complete chapter
quizzes and course

Tuesday or

5 Minutes