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Self-review and Personal Goals

IB Learner Profile



Risk Taker







Planned and

with others

in your

New Skills

alongside my
peers in order
to motivate
and encourage
a large group

Setting up a
diet in order to
achieve my
goals in the

CAS Learning Outcomes

awareness of
your own
strengths and
areas for

Engaged with
issues of

new challenges

Considered the
implications of
your actions

Choose 3 of the IB Learner Profile words and write what you think they mean.

Inquirer: I think that this means that the individual has a drive to learn new
things, a drive, which will make them, go out of their way to learn. They
have natural curiosity.
Principled: This means that the individual has moral and ethic code, a code
to which their daily actions are subjected. This moral and ethics goes along
side the norms of society and respects them.
Risk Takers: This is a person that is willing to undergo new experienced
and learn from them. An individual who will go into the unknown with
confidence and certainty.

Thinking about yourself in general, list some of your strengths and areas for
growth. What are you good at? What are you not so good at?

I would say that one of the things at which I am good at is getting something
done, if I set my mind on something I will get it done and to the best of my
ability. Sometimes I will get so involved in my goal that I would go out of my
way in order to accomplish it.
One of the things in which I am not so good at and I think that I do need to
improve it procrastinating, by doing this I waste my time on irrelevant
things, however it is not something that I do regularly but I do need to

How might you show perseverance and commitment during your CAS programme?

Well one of the ways in which I have thought that I might show perseverance
in my CAS program is by keeping a journal and a daily entry of the things
that I do, like go to the gym do cross-fit and my community service.

What issues of global importance do you think you might encounter during your
CAS programme?
- One of the major issues, which I am certain that I will encounter during the
community service project, is poverty. Here in Ecuador poverty is a major issue
and it is evident in all places of the country, as a matter of fact it is not only an
issue that resides upon Ecuador but an issue of global significance and impact. It is
something, which in my opinion should be one of the major concerns. Because of
poverty there come many other issues like famine, crime, health and educational.
It is because of this that I am certain that I will encounter this problem in my
community service project, and it is in deed one of the major issues that we, like
citizens of this world, should contribute towards ending.

What is an ethical implication of an action?

- The ethical implication of an action is in my opinion and outcome because of an
action. For example if you have made a decision of adopting a dog what would be
the ethical implication of it would be helping the community out and doing and
animal a favor. To place it in more simple terms the ethical implication is outcome

(y) because of action (x). You have to consider the ethics of every action you take.

Discussing with students/ teachers who are aware of the CAS programme at BSQ;
what activities do you think you might be interested in being involved in during
your course?
- I think that I would be interested in working with the environment; global
warming and the deforestation of the planet are two things, which to me are of
grave importance. If by may part I could contribute towards the bettering of the
environment it would be really helpful. I would also like to work with orphan
children. The reason being is the fact that they, unlike many of us, do not have the
same access to education as we do and I would like to contribute in whatever way I
can in order to help them in any way, I think that this is really important.

Are there any new activities or projects you would like to start as part of your CAS
programme? If so, what are they?
- A new activity that I am looking forward to as part of my CAS project is starting
cooking classes, I have always wanted to learn to cook and this is really exiting.

What new challenges do you think you might encounter during your CAS
- I think that one of the main challenges that I will be facing when doing my CAS is
time management, the fact that we are in the IB diploma means that we are filled
with work and assignments which we need to complete as we go along. However
time management is one of the things that I think will be the main challenges.

What new skills might you gain during your CAS programme?
- One of the skills that I will be learning is working cooperatively with a group and
also the fact that I will be one of the leaders of the community service program
means that I will learn leadership skills.

What does collaboratively mean?

- Something or an activity that you do along side two or more people.

What are some skills that allow a person to work collaboratively with others?

The ability of being open-minded, because the fact that they will be working
with other people means that they need to be open to ideas.
Of course they will need to be comprehensive, because sometimes people
will not be at their 100% potential and the people in the group will need to
Leadership skills, this does not mean that the individual must take control
of the group. On the other hand each individual working collaboratively will
have to leadership skills in order to encourage each other to work and if the
group is feeling demotivated they will have to push them in order to get the
best out of the time that they are working together.

Write two more learning outcomes in the table. Two goals that you would like to
achieve during the course of your diploma.

What life skills do you want to take with you after you complete your diploma
- I would like to understand the community, which I live in, and the ways in which I
could help it. Another skill, which I will like to take with me, is to be more humble
and also to work better in a group I think that in life there is many times in which

you I work together with other people, and if you do not work well with them it will
bring trouble. The fact that that during CAS I would be exploring my creative side,
my action side and working with the community. I would hope to take with me the
skill of being prone on learning and being more proactive during my life thanks to
these experiences.