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A Model Revisited


I will not go over the material offered in the video presentation but I do want to
address some of the ideas that relate to when power is expressed and when it is
not expressed and we need to revisit the diagrams in the presentation.

From the video the first model (see Figure 1) shows all the components.

Figure 1 Ego dominated persona

This model shows the typical individuated facet we know as an individual man or
woman with an Ego-Persona dominating and filtering their input from the
Universe. Figure 2 Shows a Self Dominated Man or woman absent the Ego-Clutter
that inhibits connection to the self.

Figure 2 Self-dominated Man or Woman

Hold that image in your mind as I am going to improve upon it and simplify the
model. Now understand these are models that are used to help people see things
in multi-dimensions and do not attempt to show exactly what it would look like
because we do not have a brain that will allow us a connection to the mind that
can comfortably handle more then 3 dimensions.

Figure 4 shows the starting point: Oblivion. It was the easiest part of the series to
represent. It is the absence of everything.
Figure 3 Oblivion

For whatever reason an event occurred that created a something in oblivion. It is

the Universal Consciousness, the Universal Mind, The Universal Self that for
consistency I will call the Supreme Authority or SA. All that is, is encompassed by
the SA. We cannot know if there is something outside of the SA and it is academic
at this point to think about. See Figure 4.
Figure 4 Supreme Authority

Within the SA is a singular point of awareness that is the focus of the Universal
Consciousness that I will call the observer (Figure 5).
Figure 5 Universal Consciousness (The Observer)

Now look back at Figure 2 and note the similarities between the diagrams. This
observer is awake and aware of it. One thing to note the Supreme Authority is
what I refer to as being the top entity in the All. I hesitate to use the word “god”
because that word has been mangled and abused. Most of what we call “god” has
more to do with man and exhibits far to many human characteristics for my
particular comfort and I am sure I am not alone in that. The initial challenge for
this SA being was that oblivion did not come equipped with a mirror and the SA
had no was of seeing itself and knowing what it was and the properties of the
place it found itself. This is a dangerous time because the SA does not know what
it was capable of and did not know to what extent its power could be exerted. A
danger is that the possibility exists that the SA could end it itself if it engaged in
expressing power in a way that would end itself. It requires a test bed or a place
to explore aberration without succumbing to it and creating a containment zone
for mistakes to be made such that they can run their course within experience
without having a negative impact. What we know as the Universe is one such
containment zone. There may be more and that also we cannot know (See Figure

Figure 6 Our Universe

The SA or Universal Self has complete awareness, as the Universe is a creation

within it own mind. It has rules and entities I call “Stuff”. Enter a man with his
Ego-Persona (Figure 7)
Figure 7 Man In Our Universe with Ego Persona

In this diagram there is a single man and what he see in the universe is mangled
by the Ego. Again there is but one self and the man has limited connection to the
singular mind. As the man learns throughout it life normally they gain more
access to more of the mind. That can also be reduced if the perceptual tool, the
brain is damaged as a function of that man’s experience and experimental test.
Let us just work with a man that has conquered the Ego so he is not subject to the

Ego filtering See Figure 8

Figure 8 One Man In Our Universe with no Ego Filtering

Adding another man or woman to the Universe is shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9 Two People In Our Universe

And so on: (see Figure 10)

Figure 10 Many People In Our Universe

Each body appears in the Universe as separate and distinct. It is not given
physical senses to detect otherwise. It appears to each man and woman as if they
are separate. They each have an individual channel the singular observer and the
singular self. Here is the cool thing: We are just one being that has fooled itself
into thinking we are many. That which I call me is the same thing you call me. It
just feels different as this me is simply looking down individual channels. This is
how one self can experience many selves. Also a multitude of experience and
tests can be conducted through the interplay between these selves.

Since the Universe exists only within the mind of the SA for the benefit of the SA
then how much potent free will does an individual man or woman actually have?
Zero. The Ego creates the illusion of potent free will but we serve the SA and it
only appears to the Ego as random chance and accident. This is why people who
are able to manage their Egos see the purpose and direction their lives take.
There are no accidents. Know also it is not concretely scripted either. Each man’s
life is scripted and modified to harvest the maximum benefit.

One of the questions I get regularly is why must the site be read allowed. Do not
the words themselves have power? Yes they have power, in our minds. Until they
are acted upon then that is the only place they have power. Do they change
behavior, yes they may but a word in a closed book or that remains in one’s mind
is easily forgotten and is rendered powerless. This is why many say: “Wow, Roage
you have reminded me of so many things I have forgotten!” The reason they
were forgotten and will be again is that they were not used to impact the
Universe or the experience of another.

Unfortunately, most will only read silently and not read out loud. What happens
when one does that especially those who are still shackled with the Ego? The Ego
is quite effective filtering out non-status quo information coming into a brain
through one of our senses. We read with our eyes and into the Ego and what ever
fits the Status Quo becomes retained in the mind. Reading aloud is a multifaceted
stream of information that overwhelms the Ego such that new information can be

Here is why it works: When reading aloud the information hits the brain via the
visual cortex. Then the brain must interpret and marshal the speech centers to
speak the words. Then the words come back into the brain via the auditory
centers. This is three parallel processes acting simultaneously and a little out of
time synch. This is too much for the Ego to deal with. One can introduce and
retain new information without having the Ego continually on the “Dump Button”

Since sound is no longer just a thought it actually create ripples and constitutes a
physical action. This is an actual physical expression of power in the Universe.
The other reason spoken words are important forms the basis that all real
contracts are verbal. Just as the SA uses thought to create the universe and is
protected, we ourselves can entertain all manner of mental atrocities that do not
subject us to any real physical negative experience. It is not a real contract until it
leaves the realm of our thoughts and enters the physical. This is true for any
physical act that results from our thoughts. This affords us the same kind of
protection as the SA enjoy within the Universe. It is vital to have a buffer that
does not commit us to an action or a place we can think without acting and being

The recognition of we being one goes to the heart of undermining the primary
weapon the Ego uses to subvert self control. The Ego is intimately aware of what
frightens and exploits that fear to maintain control over our experience. Those in
esoteric circles who study consciousness know that the ego is a recent actor in
consciousness and I currently hold the belief that the Ego is almost like a foreign
invader that has been used to gather the most aberrant of experience. The
atrocities that man commits and the inhumanity he exhibits can be dated to
about 30,000 thousand years. For man to grow then man must enter a new stage
of consciousness. Self Consciousness. We have spent the time required to harvest
the dark aspects of experience and learned much about the thoughts and actions
that cause an ending. One by one each of us will either succumb completely to an
Ego Dominated life or a Self Dominated life. One way is as valuable as the other.
The Ego itself was harnessed to give us an arms length separation from the self
and we could not have gathered the experience we have gathered without that
separation. The depravities were necessary to experience and learn from. Now
things are changing and we are to all return and judge what was collected. The
implications of the changes that are occurring are mind-boggling and it is a
wonderful time to be. That is, if one is fooled into believing in time.

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