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Field of Specialization 150 Items

1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set.
2. Write the Subject title TECHNOLOGY & LIVEHOOD EDUCATION on the box provided.
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1. To search for relate literature by accessing several databases by the use of a telephone
line to connect a computer library with computers that have database is termed:
a. Computer search
c. on - line search
b. Manual search
d. compact disc search
2. The part of a feasibility study which describes the location of the business and its building
a. Production
c. Market feasibility
b. Introduction
d. Proponet, management & personnel
3. Salt is a necessary ingredient in yeast raised breads because salt:
a. Removes the water in dough
c. Controls the rising of the bread
b. Retains the moisture in dough
d. Makes the bread taste better
4. Nutrients perform specific function in our body. What nutrient together with carbohydrates
provides the body with heat and energy?
a. Proteins
b. Fats
c. Vitamins
d. Minerals
5. Onions when peeled or cut irritate the eyes and give biting sensation on the tongue, this
is due to presence of:
a. Sulfoxide
b. Mustard oil
c. Sulfur compounds
d. Sodium nitrate
6. What is the process by which pelts, skin and hides are made pliable for use?
a. Curing
b. Tanning
c. Dressing
d. Cleaning
7. Which process will help you accomplish the tasks of smoothening pelts, skins and hiding
as well as making them pliable?
a. Curing
b. Tanning
c. Cleaning
d. Dressing
8. What series of activities by which discarded are collected, sorted, processed and
converted into raw materials are used in the production of new products?
a. Reusing
b. Reducing
c. Indigenization d. Redevelopment
9. What is the scheme of product movement from the producer to the consumer?
a. Marketing
b. Selling
c. Merchandizing
d. Retailing
10.Which one insures the most convenient households?
a. A house with household help
b. A house with architectural design
c. A house equipped with appliances & labor saving devices
d. A house near the church, market, school and recreation places


11.It is the care on personal appearance which includes the condition of the body and how
one looks and smells.
a. Grooming
c. Personality development
b. Proper hygiene
d. Good health
12.An employee exposes the wrong doings of his employer to outsiders, such as the media or
government regulatory agencies. What behavior is it?
a. Shame campaign
c. Rumor mongering
b. Murmuring
d. Whistle blowing
13.Which of the following is a household chore that has to be done every day?
a. Cleaning the ceiling
c. Sweeping the floor
b. Dusting the furniture
d. Laundering bed sheets
14.Which is/are the purpose/s of performance appraisal?
i. Feedback on quality of performance
ii. Feedback on the effectiveness of recruitment & selection process
iii. Input on profitability and income of the company
iv. Data base for H.R decision making.
a. III only
b. I, II and III
c. I, II and IV
d. I, III and IV
15.Which principle of design suggests sequence movement?
a. Harmony
b. Balance
c. Proportion

d. Rhythm

16.Which stage is characterized by added responsibility of educating and looking after health
needs of children?
a. Contacting
b. Launching
c. Expending
d. Beginning
17.If pictures needed from an electronic encyclopedia, what must be done?
a. Cite the source for the picture
b. Use the encyclopedia picture freely
c. Credit the group members for scanning the picture
d. List the names of the group members at the end of the project
18.Loyalty is measure when people stay together in time of crises. What does it strengthen?
a. Partnership
b. Friendship
c. Healthy competition
d. Cooperation
19.Which of the following sciences is the statistical study of human population and its
a. Ecology
b. Geography
c. Anthropology
d. Demography
20.There are numerous kinds of saws. The one used by sawing along the grain of wood is
a. Rip saw
b. Coping saw
c. Cross cut saw
d. Back saw
21.Drills and bits are friendly tools that facilitate project making. Which of the following is
used for boring holes on wood?
a. Drill bit
b. Nail set
c. Saw set
d. Auger bit
22.Finishing touches will show the quality of workmanship. How is the thread at the end of
the dart made?
a. Cut short
b. Removed
c. Cut long
d. Knotted


23.The following are factors in deciding on a suitable plant site for the business. Which one is
a. Distance of the sources of raw materials and markets
b. Organizational structure of the enterprise
c. Availability of water disposal facility
d. Availability of transportation
24.Which one is not good technique in performing household tasks?
a. using trays and baskets in carrying things from one room to another
b. using white sheets and lines in young childrens bed
c. cooking rice while cleaning the house
d. cooking one dish meals
25.What is a plan of spending during a specific period based on an estimate of the funds
a. Estimate
b. Budget
c. Expenditure
d. Income
26.Blood relation refers to linear family relationship. This speaks of one of the following:
a. Consanguinity
b. Affinity
c. Camaraderie
d. Sorority
27.What appears whenever executing a command which indicates that you must wait until it
disappears to continue to the next action?
a. Hour glass
b. Print preview
c. Magnifying glass
d. Formal painter
28.Mothers tend to work for extra income for the family while the children secure for summer
jobs. Where do these help?
a. Economic crisis
c. Socio-economic status
b. Social standing
d. Economic upliftment
29.What is the name of the bar that displays the name of the program and current file in
Microsoft Word Processor?
a. Title bar
b. Status bar
c. Menu bar
d. Formatting toolbar
30.Which of the following involves judging the extent to which employees fulfill their
a. Accountability
b. Regulation
c. Responsibility
d. Control function
31.Which of the following would effective managers most likely NOT use in employing
a. Accomplishing forms
c. Interviewing selected applicants
b. Requiring medical examination
d. Setting interview of reference

32.Which of the following is NOT an important factor in selecting a location for a store?
a. Weather situation
b. Income of the families in the community
c. Standard of living of families in the community
d. Employment conditions that prevails in the community
33.Which of the following laws protect the consumers from unscrupulous businessmen?


i. Commerce Administrative Order 5-C
ii. Batas Pambansa Blg. 8
iii. Article 1458 of the Civil Code
iv. R.A 9155
b. III and IV
b. I and IV
c. I, II and III

d. II, III and IV

34.These lines are used to indicate the measurement of objects and are presented by fine
dark solid lines.
a. Leader lines
b. Center lines
c. Dimension lines
d. Dimension lines
35.Drafting is considered as the universal language of:
a. Pottery
b. Artistry
c. Industry

d. Humanity

36.A point is the projection of a line if it is perpendicular to the:

a. Plane of proportion
c. Plane of projection
b. Plane of direction
d. Plane of intersection
37.Which of the following is used to produce blind holes?
a. Drill bit
b. Brad awl
c. Auger bit

d. Diestock

38.When the diameter of cylindrical object is to be measures, the tool to be used is called:
a. Ruler
b. Caliper
c. Push pull rule
d. Meter stick
39.Accounting refers to the whole process of recording and interpreting results of:
a. Stock market
c. Capital outflow
b. Business transaction
d. Means of production
40.In showing the connection of components, which of the following diagrams is the
a. Wiring diagram
c. Schematic diagram
b. Block diagram
d. Pictorial diagram
41.This component is internally connected to the IF transformer.
a. Diode
b. Inductor
c. Transistor

d. Capacitor

42.The process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency is:

a. Assigning
b. Calling
c. choosing
d. training
43.The key ingredients to Entrepreneurial activity is the result of:
a. Good luck
b. Big Capital
c. Careful planning

d. Patience

44.Painting on cloth or other materials with the use of needle and thread is called:
a. Recycling
b. Stenciling
c. Smocking
d. Embroidery
45.If you use light red and dark red, the color harmony is:
a. Monochromatic
c. Complementary
b. Analogous
d. Split Complementary
46.The following are methods of training leather except:
a. Fur
b. Chrome
c. Grease

d. Vegetable


47. A process which helps restore nutrients when food are refined or milled is:
a. Enrichment
b. Enhancing
c. Filling in
d. Preserving
48.Which of the following shell species can be classified as a univalve?
a. Oyster
b. Capiz
c. Venus comb

d. Clams

49.Clovelet is to garlic while root stems are to:

a. Carrots
b. Ginger
c. Cassava

d. Bulb Onions

50.Which of the following is true about giant gourami?

a. It attains maturity in 3-4 years and could weigh up to three kilograms each
b. The female has a prominent hump on the head
c. It feed mostly on zooplanktons
d. It originated from Thailand
51.Milkfish fries are caught along southwestern shores of many island. Some of the fishes
caught with milkfish are ten pounder and tarpon. The former is long with:
a. Stripes near the tail
c. Whitish structure behind the anus
b. Yellowish color
d. Short and black head
52.Fleas attack chicken. They are dark brown in color with three pairs of legs and in flattered
conditions. Generally, they are located near:
a. Shank and toes
c. Wings and wattles
b. Vent and thighs
d. Eyes and comb
53.Metaldehyde is a highly selective molluscicide which will minimize problem in bangus
a. Snails
b. Frogs
c. Snakes
d. Catfish
54.Some farmers have this practice of lifting sweet potato vines which are touching the
ground in order to:
a. Harvest the tops
c. Change growing direction
b. Prune the roots
d. Produce bigger tubers
55.Which of the following in some aspects of the family life affect the father image?
a. In-law relationships
c. Duties and responsibilities
b. Sexual compatibility
d. Patterns of authority
56.The period of development when an individual faces several developmental tasks is:
a. Puberty
b. Elderly
c. Adulthood
d. Adolescence
57.A plan of spending family income without incurring debt or deficits is known as:
a. Budget plan
c .Household operation
b. Family budget
d. Operational budget
58.Ideals on what is right against what is wrong direct ones thinking and behavior. These
ideals are known as:
a. Values
b. Goals
c. Purposes
d. Attitudes
59.An amount of money set aside for expenditures that would bring additional income or
profit for the family is referred to:
a. Savings
b. Deposit
c. Advancement
d. Investment


60.Form of fatigue caused by a emotional problem like boredom, frustration, conflicts and
depression called:
a. Physical fatigue
c. Physiological fatigue
b. Psychological fatigue
d. Pathological fatigue
61.Eggs are important protein foods comparable to meat, fish and poultry. In cooking hard
boiled egg the water must be:
a. Warm
b. High temperature
c. Rapidly boiling
d. Simmering
62.Success in promoting or advertising a product depends on what factors?
a. Discount sale
c. marketing media
b. Personal selling
d. Quality of the product
63.In the arrangement of furniture and fixtures in the house the principle of design must
always be taken into consideration. A principle which is created through the prepetition of
lines, colors or shapes is:
a. Balance
b. Rhythm
c. Harmony
d. Emphasis
64.As onion crop matures, the amount of irrigation should be decreased gradually. Prolonged
water supply within 2-3 weeks before harvest will produce immature bulbs with;
a. Rotting leaves
c. More root hairs
b. Thick neck
d. Thicker bulb
65. Rhizobia convert nitrogen to nitrates contributing to soil fertility. It is present in the roots
a. Vine crops
b. Crucifiers
c. Root vegetables
d. Legumes
66.Bothriocephalus gowkongensis is a tapeworms which often attacks:
a. Tilapia
b. Hito
c. Grass carp

d. Bangus

67. In commercial eel farms, the ponds are made of concrete materials. Eels are provided
a. Water plants
b. Filters
c. Mechanical aeration
d. Holes for hiding
68.Fertilizers are applied to fish ponds in order to:
a. Change the color of water
c. Enhance the production of natural foods
b. Neutralize acidity
d. Promote fast growth of stocked fish
69.In the patrilineal family, the family traces its family from the paternal side. Which type of
family traces forms both the maternal and paternal side?
a. Matulineal
b. Bilineal
c. Equalitarian
d. Neological

70.Some loosely knitted garments stretch if hung on hangers. This can be prevented if the
following EXCEPT one:
a. Use padded hanger
b. Hand the knitted while dripping wet
c. Pad wire hanger into foam or old towel
d. When the shoulders are placed properly on the pad


71.A needlework ofinterlocking loops of stitches formed through a single thread using hooked
needle is:
a. Tatting
b. smocking
c. crocheting
d. embroidering
72.The quality which enables one to face problems calmly and intelligently and makes wise
decisions is:
a. physical interest
c. philosophical changes
b. psychological changes
d. intellectual changes
73.The practice of adding soda when cooking vegetables for the purpose of retaining the
green color and the crispness should be avoided primarily because:
a. They become less palatable
b. They become hard to digest
c. Vitamin C is destroyed in the presence of alkali
d. The flavor of vegetables is modified
74. A large family needs a large income. This is referred to as:
a. Expanding stage
c. Empty nest stage
b. Countracting stage
d. Beginning stage
75.To reduce time and energy expenditures, which of the following is the LEAST to be
a. Equipment and supplies should be grouped according to use.
b. All things stored should be placed only in one row.
c. Frequently used materials should be placed at the lowest shelves.
d. Stove, utensils, dines and food supplies should be within easy reach.
76.Mikes turbenized shirt is considered as well made based on this criterion.
a. Executive collar has equal side ends.
c. Sleeve cap is well-shaped.
b. Machine stitches are even.
d. Sleeve placket is well and neatly sewed.
77. Households pests do not thrive in a clean place. Which of the following practices is LEAST
effective in eradicating households pests?
a. Elimination of accumulations of organic refuse.
b. Daily use of insect repellants.
c. Elimination of stagnant water or proper treatment of these
d. Adequately designed and supervised local sewage disposal plants.
78. Expenses that are unexpected are _______.
a. Flexible
b. Miscellaneous
c. allowance

d. fixed

79.The process of breaking down complex food substance into unstable form is ______.
a. Respiration
b. Digestion
c. reproduction
d. circulation
80.Vegetarians are usually deficient in one of the following vitamins:
a. Cobalamin
b. Iron
c. C

d. centrum

81.This refers to the monthly income required to satisfy the nutritional requirement of a
family with six members.
a. Food budget
b. Food threshold
c. Food intake
d. Food consumption


82.Accessories enhance or add beauty to give a given space. Listed below are the decorative
objects EXCEPT one.
a. Table lamps
b. Graphic arts
c. wood crafts
d. metal works
83.A finished opening in garment designed to give ease in wearing dresses is called
a. Dout
b. Pleat
c. placket
d. gusse
84.What is the best training ground to develop skills in decision-making?
a. Home
b. School
c. Church
d. Society
85.Which technique is best used when measuring shortening?
a. Scoop cup in shortening, then level with spatula
b. Tap cup with spoon, while filling, then level with spatula
c. Fill cup loosely with shortening, then level with spatula
d. Press shortening with cup, then level with spatula
86.Which emphasizes prevention rather than correction of delays?
a. Controlling
b. Directing
c. Evaluating

d. Planning

87.What is the scheme of undertaking two activities at the same time?

a. Dovetailing
b. Detailing
c. Sensitizing

d. Simulating

88.Which of the following contains minimum acceptable human qualities necessary to

perform a task?
a. Job description
b. Job analysis
c. Job classification
d. Job specification
89.Which of the following according to Robert W. White is the mainspring of action on human
a. Fringe benevfirts
c. Money motive
b. Job status
d. Desire for competence
90.Which ratio is used to access the companys ability to meet short-term obligation?
a. Profitability
b. Liquidity
c. Level
d. Coverage
91.Which interview is highly structured?
a. Planned
b. Stress

c. Ambush

d. Patterned

92.Employees are separated involuntarily due to _______.

a. Low pay
c. poor working condition
b. Declining sales
d. lure of high paying jobs
93.To be a good listener one must ________.
a. Take note of accompanying nonverbal cues
b. Engage in other activities

c. Argue
d. Interrupt when necessary

94.Good public relation presupposes good internal _________.

a. Reaction
b. Communication
c. attitude

d. response

95.Which of the filing steps is placing the papers in appropriate containers?

a. Coding
b. Indexing
c. Cross-referencing
d. Storing
96. What is meant by P.O?


a. Purchase Option
b. Product Order

c. Production Office
d. Purchase Order

97.Which is the 30-ton room-sized computer with over 18,000 vacuum tubes build by John
Mauchly and Eckert?
a. MITS altair 800
b. Unlvac
c. Eniac
d. Colossus
98.Who introduced the concept of providing ALU in the computer system?
a. Joseph Marie Jacquard
c. John Von Newman
b. Charles Babbage
d. Herman Hollerith
99.Which as the raw material to be processed by the computer?
a. Information
b. Data
c. Graphics

d. Objects

What is meant to put information into the computer?

a. Launch
b. File
c. Install

d. Input


Which allows it use to upload and download files from other computers for the net?
a. Usenet
b. Search engine c. Telnet
d. File transfer protocol


Which of the following makes a window as small as it can get?

a. Maximize
b. Save
c. Restore


For Crash Dumps to be obtained, a pagefile must exist on the ________.

a. Boot partition
c. data partition
b. NTFS partition
d. system partition

d. Minimize

Which is to get the information saved before and to use it with a program at a later
a. File
b. Install
c. Shutdown
d. Load

What kind of surge protector should one buy?

One with lots of plugs on it and a power button
One that a friend recommended
One from the hardware store
One with at least a U.L rating and telephone line protection

If one should see a message with list on it asking one hoe to boot the computer,
what should one do?
a. Call for help
c. Turn the computer off
b. Dont mind the message, continue
d. Choose number one, Normal Boot.

Which is the main button the task bar?

a. Right
b. Right mouse
c. Left

d. Start


Which one is an internet address?


d. ISP

c. URL

This is a feature wherein a user may be able to send and receive electronic
message to and from a chat room on topics they share interest with:
a. Internet Relay Chat (iRC)
c. Usenet
b. Gopher
d. Telnet



Which program lets TYPE letters and other documents?

a. WordArt
b. Calendar
c. Word Processor

d. Ms Excel

An organizational tool used to structure the way you save files on your computer is
a. Folder
b. CPU
c. floppy disk
d. gadget
The following are operation applications that computer technology brings to
Business EXCEPT:
a. Mailing
b. Accounting
c. record keeping
d. decision-making
While scanning is considered the most advance method of preservation, why does it
employ heat?
a. Protect the product from the vegetative organism
b. Prevent contamination of the heated food
c. Facilitate penetration of other mixture
d. Preserve moisture contents

Which of the following is an example of money, materials and machine?

a. Capital
b. Input
c. Material
d. Resource

Which principle of management requires the use of one plant to direct operation
within the organization?
a. Esprit de corps
c. Authority
b. Unity of direction
d. Unity of command
Which of the following qualities should entrepreneur processes to achieve
a. Patience
b. Persistence
c. honesty
d. industry

Morality applied to business seeks the _________.

Entrepreneurial prestige attached to success
Influence of power in the world market
Welfare of the people
Leadership position in the business industry

Which question should an entrepreneur consider as regard location?

a. Is the location economically accessible to its market?
b. Does the future look good, or bad for this firm in this market?
c. Are present assets consistent with the floor plan, available additional space and
customer comfort?
d. Was a proper market survey made for this purpose?

Who among the following concerns himself with helping workers reach their full
a. Charles Babbage b. Frederich Taylor
c. Henry Gantt
d. Robert Owen

Who exposed on the Theory of Bureaucratic Management?

a. Max Webber
b. Mary Parket Follet
c. Chester Bainard


d. Lillian Gilreth


While trait theory states that leadership traits are bron, the environmental concept
position that leader skill are:
a. Dictated
b. Acquired
c. dissipated
d. Innate

Which of the following business activities is easily organized and dissolved?

a. Call center
b. Rice mill
c. Manufacturing company
d. Sari-sari store


Which is attached to VOUCHER?

a. Price list
b. Invoice


c. recipients

If the Term is 2/10, n/30, the length of the credit period is?
a. 30 days
b. 2 days
c. 70 days

d. item description
d. 10 days

Who puts money in a business venture in the hope of receiving a return on
a. Stakeholder
b. Owner
c. Debtor
d. Creditor


A fish parasite which burrows into the blood vessels of fish through the skin is
b. Multifillis
c. Columnaris
d. Saprolegnia

What is the RESULT when the client or costumer pays more than the actual cost of
goods or services?
a. Profit
b. Sales
c. Income
d. Revenue
Which is a Table of Content containing are the title and number of the items found
into general ledger?
a. T-account
b. Chart of account
c. Account
d. Folio
Analyze the transaction RESULT IN and RECORD ON for the payment of P5,500 for
the salary of a bookkeeper
a. Debt increase in asset
c. Debt decrease in liability
b. Credit decrease in asset
d. Credit increase in liability

What joint is commonly used in making screens, chairs and stretchers?

a. Meter joint
b. Lap joint
c. Cross joint
d. Rabbet joint


Which of the following statements is TRUE about record-keeping?

The employment of bookkeeper can be dispensed with anyway the accountant signs
the financial statement
An accountant is always employed for financial keeping
It is just a file of facts but it is a source of information
Maintaining a record-keeping system is necessary in the preparation of income Tax
Return (ITR).

A kind of chicken parasite which causes irritation that result in pulling off or
breaking its feathers is the ________ mite.
a. Harvest
b. Depluming
c. Scaly leg
d. Red
When the space is limited and there are NOT enough work forces, the MOST
practical way of serving meals is:
a. Blue plate service
c. Russian service


b. Buffet service

d. Compromise service

Cocoa will lump up if placed directly in hot liquid due to its high:
a. Sugar content
c. Chocolate content
b. Fat content
d. Starch content

Blessing said before family meals, kissing the hands of elder and praying the
Angelus are activities which constitute:
a. Sacred rituals
c. Superstitious beliefs
b. Religious beliefs
d. Customs and traditions
What is the process of preparing to accept ones responsibility of contributing to the
familys welfare?
a. Family culture
b. Family council c. Family kinship d. Family formation
What should an electrician first do before installing the electrical wiring system of a
a. Buy the materials
c. Get a meter base from Meralco
b. Prepare a contract
d. Secure a wiring permit

What pencil point is best recommended in sketching?

a. Wedge
b. Conical
c. Dull

d. Flat

Which of these finishing materials would give a transparent sheen to a wood
a. Oil
b. Abrasives
c. Varnish
d. Shellac

What must an auto mechanic first do before undertaking any repair?

a. Prepare his tools
c. Listen to the customers compliant
b. Identify the problem
d. Disassemble the parts


What does an internal combustion gasoline piston engine do? It coverts:

a. Gasoline to torque
c. Heat energy to mechanical energy
b. Horse power to watts
d. air-fuel mixture to force

Which of the following tools is used in checking the squareness of corners and the
flatness of surfaces?
a. Steel rule
b. T- squares
c. Pull push rule
d. Band protractor

Which of the following activities is example of a financial transaction?

a. Buying a lot
c. Working with the bank
b. Hiring a secretary
d. Firing your accountant


It is study and application of beauty treatment.

a. Skin care
b. Hairstyling
c. Cosmetology
d. Electrology
Which Time and Energy Management tool indicates specific tasks to be done and
the sequence of the tasks so that all work will be finished at the desired time?
a. Work plan
c. Work simplification
b. Schedule
d. Work arrangement

Cleaning or removing excess cloth from the seam allowance is known as:
a. Lay outing
c. Layering


b. Metering

d. Notching

If a chocolate cake needs 2 cups sour milk, then how many teaspoon of acid is
a. Two teaspoon
c. Three teaspoon
b. One teaspoon
d. Two & half teaspoon

A two- piece outfit of different colors should be worn if one is:

a. Tall and slender
c. Short and stout
b. Stout and tall
d. Short and slender

Which violation is committed when deceptive information is printed on a product
package, container and label?
a. Disinformation
c. Misdeclaration
b. Mialabeling
d. Misrepresentation

Which of the following is an independent store?

a. College cooperative
c. Sari-sari store
b. Department store
d. Barangay Rolling store