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BLIZZ is an innovative profit console, which offers consumers a

choice of traditional soft ice cream favourites, blended with

exciting, fun new treats and toppings to enjoy every day of the
year. Loved by customers young and old, Blizz menu appeals to
all ages and keeps them coming back for more.


Quick and simple to make, Blizz helps to increase footfall and

provides real competitive advantage to any retail outlet.
Generating fantastic profit margins of up to 75%, Blizz is ideal
for year round sales and is a superb impulse purchase product
to increase turnover.


Soft ice cream desserts, tasty tubs, mouth-watering milkshakes

and ice cream cones have never been more popular, as todays
more cash conscious consumer spending on high value items is
replaced with smaller personal little treats. Blizz has proven to
be an effective means of enhancing growth for many
progressive retailers.

Soft ice cream is among the top profit generators.

With margins of up to 80%, soft icecream is a must have for any
progressive business who want real competitive advantage.
* Blizz

Profit Facts & Figures


16 oz
Milk Shakes
Less cost of icecream, flavoured
milk, cup, lid & straw

= r.r.p. 1.59

89p profit or

56 % Gross margin
12 oz

Desserts (Beanie Blizz) = r.r.p.1.79

Less average cost of icecream,

syrup, treats, cup & spoon

97p net profit or

54% Gross margin

Large Ice Cream Cone


Less average cost of icecream =

& cone
80% Gross margin

* Above calculations are based on using Angelito soft ice cream mix and Blizz
consumables and accessories

Dimensions: H: 2200mm x W: 1200mm x D: 750mm

Services needed: 13 amp x 3, hot & cold water + waste


Owners Say

The Total

Blizz has helped me double my ice cream sales in

10 months. Its definitely been a great investment.

It's been a great success for our store, we are very

pleased with the profits its brought.


Eye catching, branded, work console complete with

sink, aggitator, portion controlled dispensers,
condiment, holders, under counter storage, digital
screen with menu.
A perfect match with all soft icecream machines
Effective, simple to make menu

Branded packaging, consumables and point of sale

Onsite training & customer support

Kids & adults alike love it, we're very happy with the

Blizz has substantially increased our sales and

helped us to successfully compete with
a neighbouring International quick service

935 Yeovil Road, Slough Trading Estate, Slough,

Berkshire, SL1 4NH, UK.


NI - FreeFone: 0800 783 98 59 UK - Tel: 0845 309 6203

Names and addresses available on request