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(Party at King Hrothgars mead hall)

(Grendel destroys the land)
Aeschere: Silence everyone
For the King has something to say.
Hrothgar: Thank you, Aeschere.
Last year, I swore to you all
that our victories shall be enjoyed in a hall
one of beauty and might, such a dazzling
Now you see that my tales were not tall!

(The King and Queen watch in horror)

Wealthow: Oh who will save us from this
terror that has befallen our land?
Hrothgar: Do not fear, my dear Wealthow, I
But I believe salvation will come to us
They say he is mighty, brave, and strong
They call him BEOWULF.

Wealthow: You heard your King! Enjoy this

And celebrate till dawn
For victory is a hard-earned prize
Through battle won with brawn

Unferth: If I may be so bold, King Hrothgar

Do not so easily believe in hearsay
Sure, the one to save us all will come
In the proper time, maybe, but not today.

Soldier 1: Cheers to the beast weve slain

Soldier 2: Cheers to our triumph again
Soldier 3: And to the selfless sacrifice of
our valiant men!

(Beowulf appears.)

(Everyone cheers and eats)

Prepare, for your death comes NOW!


(Beowulf and Grendel battle via hand-tohand combat)

Peasants and soldiers:


(Grendel crawls away and dies)

Beowulf: I have come to end you, foul


(Grendel wreaks havoc upon their


(Everyone appears and cheers)

Soldiers: Slay the beast disturbing the

End the potential threat
Thrust your swords so endless hordes
May be saved from certain death

Hrothgar: What is your name, he who has

rid our land of the beast?

(Grendel kills the sldiers)

(Hrothgar and Wealthow escapes with the

Grendels mother: (in the distance)


Beowulf: My name is Beowulf!

(everyone cheers)


Hrothgar: For being so brave to fight the beast
And so courageous to make a leap
I, King Hrothgar, present these jewels
And chests of treasures for you to keep
Beowulf: Thank you, King Hrothgar, for this treasure
But what you did for my father has no measure
So I thought if I must repay you in kind
Killing Grendel was what came to mind
Unferth: Bravo Beowulf, for your showmanship
Has rid our land of the foul monster
But your display of strength was not needed
To prove yourself a combat master
If I may boldly say so, Id say you were showing off
To boast of your impressive skill
When you could have so easily went
With sword in hand and shield for the kill
Hrothgar: Silence Unferth! Show some gratitude
There is no calling for that kind of attitude
Wealthow: My apologies, Beowulf, if Unferth seems rude
A little envious perhaps, and a bit of a prude
(Unferth walks away)
Hrothgar: Tonight, the whole kingdom cheers
For Beowulf has rid us of our fears
Endless food and endless beer
To celebrate a deathless year!
(Everyone applauds)
Aeschere: Three cheers for Beowulf and his success!
(Everyone cheers and applauds)
(celebratory music plays)
Grendels Mother: (in the distance)
Laugh all you want, you fools
But the worst is yet to come

For I am merciless, vengeful

My wrath will spare no one!
(Grendels mom barges in and kills Aeschere)
Hrothgar: Aeschere, NO!
(Hrothgar attempts to fight Grendels mother, but she escapes)
(lights on Beowulf)
Beowulf: King Hrothgar, I swear he will be avenged
I will kill Grendels mother for this
Gather your best men so we can go to the swamplands
and end this bloodshed once and for all!
Beowulf: Tread this land with care
For here resides a beast fouler than the one Ive slain.
And if you shall stir her wrath
You may never be seen again.
(Grendels mother appears)
Grendels mother: You dare come here, mortals
After you have killed my son?
Beowulf: We have come to end the bloodshed once and for all.
Get her!
(Proceed to beat the shit out of Grendels mother)
Grendels mother: You havent seen the last of me.
Beowulf: I believe right now I have.
(Grendels mother dies)
(Soldiers rejoice, and so does Beowulf)
Hrothgar: It breaks my heart to say goodbye
I have treated you as my own son
And you done a great service unto our land
So why must you leave now?

Beowulf: Sad as it is, King Hrothgar, but I have to go

I must return to my homeland
Should any danger arise in Geatland
I might be of help there
Hrothgar: Very well, but know this
You will always have a special place
In the peoples hearts
They shall never forget your face
(bro-fist x2)
And so for 50 years
Geatland lived without fear
For Beowulf stood watchful guard
As King of their Danish land
But mayhem finds a way, it seems
As the forces intent on ruining the peace
Fueled with innocence and greed
Hatch a scheme and proceed
To steal what is not theirs
And stir an ancient wrath
One that will forever ruin lives
And lay destruction in its path
Soldier: King Beowulf our land
Beowulf: Not again.
(dragon continues wreaking havoc)
Beowulf: Dragon! You will pay for this destruction
I shall fight you till my dying breath
And bring about your certain death!

(Dragon and Beowulf fight)

(Dragon bites Beowulf in neck, poisoning him)
(Beowulf stabs dragon, killing it)
(Beowulf starts to die, lies on the ground, people cry around him)
Beowulf: My fellow Geats, I bid you farewell
Twas an honor to have served you all
Till my last breath.
Now my final wish is for me
To be buried out at sea
So I would have had a noble death.
(Beowulf dies)
Townspeople: The King is dead!
(Townspeople cry, bury him out at sea as he requested)