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ENG307 Society and the Engineer Course Reflection by Ali Jahan Zaib 12063189D 10th November, 2014

By taking this course under the guidance of Dr. Jackson and Dr. Wong, I have been able to grow
both professionally and intellectually. This course has taught me various skills and given me a great deal
of information on being an engineer in this 21st century.
Presentation and Personal Skills:
I have learnt a lot through peer evaluation during the weekly presentations we had to do on the
different dimensions we learnt. This allowed me to listen to constructive criticism and improve my
presentation skills by working on my weak points. Moreover, working on different dimensions with the
team weekly improved our communication between members as well as our time management skills as it
is our final year and we have to balance our time between courses and final year projects.
Lessons Learnt:
Each dimension has provided us with a unique view on how an engineer should be and what types
of skillsets he/she should possess. This has made me re-evaluate the way I approach an engineering problem
and how I act when I work in an engineering environment. I have learnt the importance for an engineer to
know of laws that exist and the responsibilities that an engineer shoulders. This is crucial life-long lessons
as when I enter the working stage of my life, I will use the knowledge gained in this course as my base and
build upon it. Without these essential bits of information e.g. the Engineering Institutions that exist, I would
not be able to gain exclusive access to engineering opportunities. Another small yet vital part is the need to
be precise and concise. As an engineer, I have learnt how being to the point is essential and cutting out
unnecessary parts can often save time and improve efficiency as an engineer. It helps to get the point across
much faster and accurately, however, as a professional engineer, we have a duty to ensure our
communication skills are honed as well thus grammar and clarity are also pivotal.
Application of Subject knowledge in ENG307:
Through the end of semester Final project presentation, it has often been required that I make use
of my engineering knowledge. A great example would be of the use of thermal analysis for the re-entry of
space shuttles into the Earths atmosphere. It is a 2-way benefit. We get to apply the knowledge learnt into
ENG307 for a better understanding of the project while we also practice what we learnt in other courses.
In retrospect, this course has synergized well with our advanced courses taken this semester as well
as we approach our graduation. It has provided us from important team skills to how to be an exceptional
engineer in the future. We have also applied our knowledge from other courses further practicing what we
learnt. In the end, I would also like to thank the professors for their proactive attitude in asking us questions
and urging us to think more critically and use technology as a means of enhanced education.