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Perdio, Lejan Daniel I.

ZSC III / 1:30-3:00 / IT 4F / EN 422

December 9, 2013
Prof. Maria Filipinas Loquellano

Silent Movie :
A very interesting film showing has caught my imagination on how the theory of
evolution started. Through this, many things have changed and different faces of life
have transformed from a simple cell to a sloth, to lemur, macaque, orangutan,
chimpanzee, apeman, Neanderthal man up to a Cromagnon man. Charles Darwin in
1859 had persuaded many scientists in his study. But then many scholars contradicted
his belief because they believe that man was created according to Gods image and
Mankind : The Story of All of Us
During the Stone Age or Paleolithic Era, Ancient people were using bow and
arrow or axe to hunt animals for their food. They were also using fire as their light and to
drive wild animals away. They learned how to cook food, engrave on stones, paint
pictures on walls of caves, sharpen pointed head of arrows, make knives and other
things made of stones. Neolithic era was next on the picture wherein people started
learning how to plant on order to meet their everyday needs.
Long before the Spaniards arrived and introduced Christianity in our country, our
ancestors already observed religious practices and beliefs. They believed in the one
Almighty Being whom they call Bathalang Maykapal and believed that Bathala created
this world and everything on it. They also believed in fairies which they called diwatas
and in other gods whom they called anitos.
There were three social classes in the barangay. The datu class was tha datu
and his immediate family belonged. Below the datu class was the timawa class, which
composed of the common people. The last level was the alipin class. This class had the
least significance in the community. They were either namamahay or saguiguilid. A
namamahay could own and live in his house. A Saguiguilid was not entitled to own any
property and did all kinds of work his master told him.
My Insights on this Reaction Paper
The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his
nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living thing. Genesis 2:7
Some people believe that we are nothing more than animals highly developed
animals. This view is not common among most people, but it has arisen with the coming
of modern science, commonly called evolution, denies that there is a God who created
all things. Small forms of life developed first, they matured to more complex forms of
life, and finally man developed as the most advanced animal on earth. In contrast to
this, the Bible teaches that man is totally unique among all of Gods creatures. We are
the only beings created in the image and likeness of God. God finished with his greatest
creature art, the creation of man and woman.