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Recognizing links and making connections, this is an ability I acquired at an

early age. Poor communication where ideas are not completely understood or
expressed, have annoyed me for as long as I can remember. As such I have enjoyed
assisting people in understanding complex concepts by drawing attention to
similarities that make it easier for them to understand matters in a new way. This
perspective on simplifying ideas and explaining them to others eventually inspired
an enthusiasm for learning how to communicate effectively with others. Marketing
appeals to me as I am particularly interested in the more creative advertising side
of marketing and the psychology behind it.
Having studied Economics helped me build upon my analytical skills, which
I find myself incorporating into my other subjects; English Language will no doubt
assist me during my higher education course. I enjoy taking part in group
discussions, having debates and running with ideas.
Having worked at my aunts furniture shop, I'm especially familiar with the
retail industry, although I've also been the secretary of an NGO. I believe these
jobs have helped increase my confidence and improve my communication skills,
and also my ability to be organized and develop my multitasking ability.
In my spare time I play basketball at my local sports hall every weekend. A
swell as maintaining my health, I believe playing sports is important because it
teaches how to work and communicate in a team. I have successfully organized
and planned many activities, including staff recruitment for the New York Crew
NGO, which has largely improved my leadership and communication skills.
Dealing with my intensive studies and busy association responsibilities, I managed
to obtain the driver's license and prepare myself for the CAE test, which only
strengthened my ability to manage time effectively.
In the future, ideally, I would like to be a successful business man and
establish a brand with high reputation. Such an ambitious goal requires not only
strong determination but also comprehensive understanding. The International
Marketing field in Utrecht University enjoys a worldwide reputation for the high
quality of its scientific research as well as proficient teachers. Located in the city of
Utrecht, your university is a highly desirable place for me to study, since the
capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam presents a wide range of opportunities to apply
gained knowledge in practice. As a fast growing business school in Netherlands,
Utrecht Hogeschool provides students with theoretical and practical course and
well-equipped facilities which will fulfill my dream with excellent preparation for
careers in marketing arena.