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The ideal solution for mobile maintenance and customer service


The somewhat different Approach ...
The Movilizer is not just simply another mobile application for maintenance and service scenarios, but instead a
completely newly designed and totally revised concept for mobile scenarios.
This innovative approach provides you with the following advantages:
In general if you have similar processes and consequently functional requirements comparable to others in your
industry, you still need an individual process flow for your special application areas. Using the Movilizer, you can
structure the sequence of your processes and process steps individually within the mobile application.
However, mobile maintenance and service management are not isolated applications for this. The Movilizer provides you the option of integrating additional functionalities from areas such as materials management and
resource planning in the mobile process.
You can also allocate the various role-based processes of the SAP System to your technicians and service staff
and do this independent of specific mobile terminals.
Discover on the following pages everything that the Movilizer can provide you in detail.


Mobile Maintenance with the Movilizer what processes are covered?

Support for processing SAP PM / CS orders with all associated information such as operations,
long text, status management, business partner management, time and material confirmations,
reference objects such as equipment and technical objects, etc.
Support for SAP PM/CS notification processing with all associated information such as items,
long text, measurement points, activities, status management, business partner management,
reference objects such as equipment and functional locations, etc.
Support for processing SAP equipment with device replacement, installations, dismantling, classification, measurement points and measurement documents, status management, etc.
Support for processing technical objects with modification of the technical structure, classification, measurement points and documents, status management, etc.

Support of checklists (e.g. inspection rounds)

Integrates RFID, Barcode und GPS

Support of inventory management processes

The following business eventualities can be handled:

Customer service
Preventive maintenance
Unscheduled maintenance
Outage management
Site inspections, etc.


Why the Movilizer is the ideal solution for mobile maintenance:

1. No new hardware, no new infrastructure, no licenses required in advance

Its this easy: Install the Movilizer add-on on your SAP system, set up an HTTPs connection to the secure
Movilizer Cloud and you are already able to use SAP on every mobile device. The Movilizer follows the software as a service model (SaaS) and does not require any licenses in advance (monthly fee per effective user
including on-going support).

2. More than only a technology. Already 10 out-of-the-box mobile

applications today
You can completely structure new applications easily using the Movilizer. To accelerate introduction, we also
provide 10 out-of-box mobile applications with the Movilizer SAP Add-On, which you can use as an example,
adapt to your requirements and expand.

3. 100% adapted to the latest SAP strategy

The Movilizer is SAP certified. It runs in its own name range (/MOVI) and is supplied like every SAP add-on,
so that you can import it easily. Although the Movilizer does not require an SAP named user from a technical
standpoint, it is adapted to the current and future strategy with respect to transaction-based license models
(e.g., Gateway). The Movilizer is designed to support SAP in its goal of having one billion users by 2015.

4. For pioneers: Update your company with the latest technology

The Movilizer enables more than just mobilizing existing processes. Although this is the first step, it is not
the last one. The smartphone revolution is creating a great number of new business branches and potential
business models. The Movilizer has state-of-the-art technology, which enables decisive innovations and
helps you to integrate your ideas in mobile applications.

5. Ideally suited to mobilize in-house staff, but also...

... the perfect tool to connect external partners and even end customers with your SAP environment in a
secure way.


Why the Movilizer is the ideal solution for mobile maintenance!

6. Mobilize independently!
And you become independent. You develop your complete mobile application in ABAP/4; it runs on Windows OS tablets or PCs, Android, Symbian telephones, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), BlackBerry OS, etc. The Movilizer does not require any client or middleware development. The logic of the mobile application is 100%
in your SAP system. Even a junior ABAP developer will be able to build mobile applications after only five
days of training.

7. Adaptations during running operation

The Movilizer provides you with the flexibility to adapt the application easily. You can add, delete or modify
fields and masks without any interruption of the process. The user does not notice this at all. The Movilizer
combines the advantages of a pure online application (centralized software logic, spontaneous deployment)
with the charm of offline applications.

8. Mashups in you mobile device

Build your own application in the same way as children use building blocks. Our highly granular components
are called Movelets. Using them, you can reach every interface of every SAP module (PM/CS, IS-U, CRM,
SCM, etc.) and every non-SAP application on your mobile device. It is one single application for every mobile user. For your IT, it is a question of a simple, standardized building block, which can be supported and
developed further very easily.

9. Movilizer: Made in Germany by former SAP employees

It was a difficult, long drawn-out and expensive process to develop the Movilizer from scratch in Germany, but it has been well worth the effort. The right basic technologies will be in use for decades. Made in
Germany stands for quality and focus on durability. We are all convinced of the importance of these basic
values. And with respect to company standards: We are former SAP developers and consultants and are very
aware of what security, scalability and optimum availability mean on a company level.

10. The Movilizer runs on almost every mobile terminal

Use existing hardware again to use the Movilizer. The Movilizer works on practically every mobile device
(mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, netbooks, tablets, notebooks, etc.). If your existing mobile platform
does not support very different mobile devices (e.g., only Windows Mobile), then the Movilizer is the ideal
enhancement solution.


How is the solution displayed?

Within Movilizer Applications the business logic of the mobile application is located in the SAP backend
system. There is no business logic at all to be defined in middleware. As a result, you have the application
logic where your data are and your IT knows its way around best: the SAP system.

Movilitas provides a complete workbench, which enables you to adapt the processes individually to your
requirements without the necessity of development work.
The core idea is the modular structure of the application. We do not provide a monolithic application, but
instead a set of business processes that can be combined into a process flow via customizing. For example,
integration with CRM processes is possible.
An enhancement concept makes it possible to add additional fields or develop customer-specific processes. All in ABAP, of course.


How is the solution displayed?

The Movilizer runs platform-independent on possibly all mobile devices.
Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Smartphones and Mobile Phones are supported.


Windows Mobile

other standard mobile phones...

As a result: You define the process once and can run it without further effort on all supported terminals.