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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Distance Learning Programmes Division First Semester 2008-2009

Comprehensive Examination (EC-2 Regular)

Course No. Course Title Nature of Exam Weightage Duration Date of Exam

: ET ZC341

: INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL : Open Book : 60% : 3 Hours


No. of Pages

No. of Questions = 8

= 2

: 27/09/2008



1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates given on the cover page of the answer book.

2. All parts of a question should be answered consecutively. Each answer should start from a fresh page.

3. Leave about one inch margin space on all four sides of the answersheet.

4. Mobile phones and computers of any kind should not be used inside the examination hall.


Determine C(s)/R(s) for the block diagram given in fig Q.1.


Fig. Q.1



A proportional pneumatic controller has input and feedback bellow areas of 5 cm 2 , input level arm of 8 cm and feedback lever arm of 5 cm length. The input and output pressure ranges are 3 to 15 psi. Find the input pressures that will drive the output from 3 to 15 psi. The setpoint pressure is 8 psi, and setpoint output of the controller is 10 psi. Find the proportional band. [10]


A temperature measurement system consists of linear elements and has an overall steady-state sensitivity of unity. The dynamics of the system are determined by the first order transfer function of the sensing element. At time t = 0, the sensing element is suddenly transferred from air at 20°C to boiling water. One minute later the element is suddenly transferred back to air. Using the data given below, calculate the system dynamic error at the following times: [10]

t = 10, 20, 50, 120 and 300 s.

Sensor data Mass = 5 x 10 2 kg, Surface area = 10 3 m 2 Specific Heat = 0.2 J kg 1 °C 1 Heat transfer coefficient for air = 0.2 W m 2 °C 1 Heat transfer coefficient for water = 1.0 W m 2 °C 1





Explain with a neat sketch, the method by which a flapper-nozzle system is used to generate proportional action in a pneumatic controller. [5]


Describe a pneumatic controller with proportional-plus-integral action. Explain clearly how these control actions are generated in this controller. [5]


What is a pneumatic relay? Describe with a neat sketch, the working of a reverse

acting relay.



A control value has a linear variation of opening as the input voltage varies from 0 to 12V. A microcomputer output an 8-bit word to control the valve opening using an 8-bit DAC to

generate the valve voltage.

[5 + 3 = 8]

a) Find the reference voltage required to obtain a full open valve (12V).

b) Find the percentage of valve opening for a 1-bit change in the input word.


A type-J thermocouple with a 0°C reference is used to control temperature between 100°C and 200°C. Design a PI controller with a 40% proportional band and a 0.08-minute reset time. The final control element requires a 0 – 10 V range. Type-J thermocouple outputs

5.27 mV at 100°C and 10.78 mV at 200°C.