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July 2014

Dear Fellow Wahyanites and Friends of Wah Yan,

Our two Wah Yan colleges are going to celebrate their 90th and 95th anniversaries from
September 2014 onwards. Since 2007, the Wah Yan One Family Foundation has launched the Fr
Deignans Dream Campaign and raised over HK$100 million through our beloved alumni and friends.
Small class teaching, teacher formation and whole person development programmes for students in
the two Wah Yans have been implemented since 2008.

Over the years, our efforts have started to bear fruit, as evidenced in the recent DSE results and
the evaluation report conducted by The University of Hong Kong. The report also pointed to the needs
of our devoted teachers for administrative support and enhancement in Ignatian pedagogy and
professional development. Thus our duty is to sustain and further enhance the three worthwhile
initiatives, namely small class teaching and whole person development for students, teacher and staff
member formation, and campus maintenance for the next 5 years and beyond to carry our Schools
forward. To fulfil this task, we need not less than HK$12 million each year to sustain our work. As such,
we have set a fundraising target of HK$60 million for the Anniversaries Fundraising Campaign.

The Anniversaries Celebration Programmes
With the theme Heritage Plus (), the 90th/95th Anniversaries Fundraising Campaign
aims to gather Wahyanites and friends of different times to celebrate the 90th (Wah Yan Kowloon) and
95th (Wah Yan Hong Kong) birthdays of the Schools and amass contributions from these philanthropic
people towards sustaining the heritage and traditions of Wah Yan. Four meaningful events will be
launched from September 2014 onwards:



Walkathon, Sunday, 26 October 2014 at 8:00 am from Wah Yan College, Hong Kong to Wah Yan
College, Kowloon
Gratitude Dinner, Saturday, 6 December 2014 at 7:00 pm, School Hall, Wah Yan College,
Jesuit Education Forum, Saturday, 11 April 2015, School Hall, Wah Yan College, HK
Fundraising Concert, Saturday, 1 August 2015 at the Hong Kong Coliseum at 8:00 pm

Renowned scholars, distinguished guests and alumni will be invited to join these events to share
our joy and gratitude together. On behalf of the Gratitude Dinner Organising Committee, we
therefore call upon you to render your unfailing support for the good of our future Wahyanites. Your
participation and generosity (donations and in particular donations in kinds for lucky draw, auction &
table prizes) will enable the two Schools to become a bigger Reality in the centenary, a new chapter in
five years.

Please access http://youtu.be/Kgya7XT7sqE or www.wahyanonefamily.org/2014-and-beyond.html for
more information on our plan. Thank you for supporting Wah Yan!

With very best wishes and gratitude,

Sam Yu
Gratitude Dinner Organising Committee

Everett Chiu
Director of Sponsorship
Gratitude Dinner Organising Committee

Wah Yan College 90th/95th Anniversaries Celebration and Fundraising Campaign

Gratitude Dinner, 6th December 2014 - Enrolment and Donation Form

Donation (Please tick)

I donate HK$_______________ ($1 million or above) to support the Dinner as Major Patron

I donate HK$ _______________ ($500,000 - below $1 million) to support the Dinner as Patron

I donate HK$_______________ ($100,000 - below $500,000) to support the Dinner as Major Sponsor

I donate HK$_______________ ($50,000 - below $100,000) to support the Dinner as Sponsor

I donate HK$________________ to support the Dinner
I donate ______________________________________________ as table prizes/lucky draw prizes/auction items
to support the Dinner (please specify the quantity)

Reservation - I would like to take part in the Dinner. My detail as below:

Name (English) _____________________________

Name (Chinese) ________________________________

School and Year/Class (e.g. WYHK 88 for alumni; WYHK1C for current students) _________________________
Mobile Number ____________________________

Email ________________________________________

Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________

Signature _________________________________

Date _________________________________________

Dinner Fee

$12,000 x _____________________

= $ _________________________


$1,000 x ______________________

= $ _________________________

Total Dinner Fee

$ __________________________


Dinner Pamphlet Advertisement - I sponsor the Dinner Pamphlet* (Please tick)

$100,000 (Inside Front/Back Cover Full page in Gratitude Dinner Pamphlet )

$50,000 (Full page in Gratitude Dinner Pamphlet )
$30,000 (Half page in Gratitude Dinner Pamphlet)
$10,000 (Acknowledgement in Gratitude Dinner Pamphlet)
Total payment (A+B+C) HK$ ___________________________________________________________________





Patron and Sponsor will be acknowledged in Schools communications including but not limited to print ad,
programme pamphlet, website and others. Tax deductible receipt will only be issued for donation of HK$100 or
Reservation is accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, until seats last. All seats reserved are non-refundable
Please reply and make your cheque payable to Wah Yan One Family Foundation Limited Celebration
Dinner and return it together with this form to Wah Yan College Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon on or
before 31 October 2014
Head of Gratitude Dinner Organising Committee: Sam Yu (WYK83), T: 9015 5726, E: samcyu83@gmail.com;
Everett Chiu (WYK81), T: 9026 7079, E: everettchui@cen-1.com.

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