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Refugees, a cause that needs more attention

In the present time, thousands of people live under harsh conditions of life, facing
risks of death by starvation, thirst, and civil wars. Due to political issues, especially in
developing countries, those people do not have the support they need to have a good
education and health. Just to illustrate, we could pointed out the Congolese people who
suffer with a weak government that are incapable of deterring rebels who kill hundreds of
innocent people in diamond exploration fields. What about the Afghan children who are
executed every single day after terrorist attacks?
Some of the few people who manage to survive in areas like these have no options
but moving away to other countries. They are called refugees.
The moving process generally takes a lot of time and, even though the new country
may seem a better place where families can be restored, it is very common that refugees
find problems in the settlement process such as cultural shock, the language barrier,
inefficient support from authorities, and many others.
In most of the countries, those people also suffers from prejudice of the population,
and this prejudice can worsen their psychological problems. There was an event in which a
boy left Burma with his parents due to the civil war and flew to the US. Unfortunately, one
day, he was surrounded by some intolerant children who said he and his people were not
supposedly to be in their country", because they were taking all the jobs and public
resources. After they had hit him cowardly, an ambulance arrived and the paramedics did
not treat the injured boy as they would probably do with an American citizen.
In Brazil, the number of refugees have increased significantly in the past three
years, summing more 2,500 people coming mostly from Angola, Colombia, Congo, Iraq
and Liberia, respectively. Almost all of them are concentrated in the Southeast, especially
in the cities of So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but other regions such as the Centre-West
attracts many people due the strong farming activity. When it comes to the settlement of
refugees in Brazil, things get complicated. Despite the language obstacle which is linked
with the lack or inefficiency of governmental programs and the prejudice, those people also
have problems to find good jobs as many of them were not be able to go to college or even
to a regular school in their countries. Besides, the ones who really managed to study and

who were even already working on their fields cannot work in Brazil until they have proved
their abilities by taking a test.
To conclude, if people changed their actions, and those people include not only the
ones who kill for reasons they themselves actually do not know but those who see all the
atrocities happening and do not take any action against it, the world would probably be a
safer and fairer place to live.

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