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FOUNDATIONS OF MECHANICAL ACCURACY me This is the third book by Moore Special Tool Co. ‘Moore Special ‘Too! Company, Ine., of Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A., has built a world-wide reputation sinee 1924, both as 2 manufacturer of speci tooling to extremely close accuracies and of machine tools whieh make possible a very high degree of precision. In the latter category, its jig borers, jig grinders, measuring machines, and the secessorics related to this, ‘equipment are considered to be among the best of its kind produced in the industrial world. ‘A simultaneous characteristic of the company is its desire—and rare ability—to communicate the inti knowledge it has aequired of these specialties to a wide audience. “The ‘Moore Literature Libra well-known within the industries it serves. Besides a wide array of brochures and case-history material, ‘Moore in 1946 published a 448-page book, Precision Hole Location, by 4. Robert Moore, and, in 1954, Holes, Contours and Surfaces, by F.C. Victory and Richard F. Moore. These two books, devoted to Jig boring and Jig grinding, have sold over 40,000 copies. The latter book is still in print. In this third book, Wayne R. Moore has assembled in the 350 pages of Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy the company’s intimate knowledge of ‘and experience with mechanical auceuraey, and how to achieve it. He has illustrated his text with over 500 original photographs and drawings. ‘This book tells how to attain precision in manufacturing to millionths of an inch and how to control such precision by appropriate measuring techniques ‘The book is divided into four main sections: geometry, standards of length, dividing the circle, and roundness. A fifth section covers “Universal Measuring Machine ‘Techniques and Applications.” Introductory by M.LT.’s Dean-Emeritus of Science ‘The introduetion is by Dr. George R, Harrison, Dean-Emeritus, School of Science, Massachusetts Institute of ‘Technology. a world-renowned spectroseopist whose accurate Aiffraction gratings are used for ‘measuring the lengths of light waves in the laboratory and in astronomy. Here are excerpts: “Basie to man’s behavior is his ability to determine, modify, and adapt to his environment. This he hhas been able to do in proportion to his skill at making measurements, ‘and fundamental to all other measuring operations is his abi to determine locations in the mate ‘world. Thus the sefence of mechanical measurements is a fundamental one. It is this science, and the art whieh ‘accompanies and informs it, with whieh this book is concerned.” ‘After recounting his experience in working with the Moore Special Tool Company singe 1959 to develop more accurate ruling engines for produeinge diffraction gratings, Dr. Harrison write “It is easy to see why the scientist who is primarily oceupied with obtaining 100,000 straight grooves in a single operation, each a narrow mirror properly inelined to the beam of light which is to be reflected from them, welcomes most gratefully the development of fine mechanical machines whieh ean, in aan almost literal sense, be ‘bought off the shelves’, The amount of painstaking labor, skill in design, and the heritage of fine workmanship, required before machines can be brought to such # stage of perfection, will be appreciated most of all by readers of this excellent book.” WAYNE R. MOORE literally grew up with a passion for precision, which he inherited from his father, Richard F, Moore. In 1924, Diek Moore, « toolmaker, had opened a two-man shop in Bridgeport to make special tooling for typewriter plants. It has grown to worldwide eminenee. Wayne joined the company in 1953 after earning a degree in economies at Yale, and then completed his apprenticeship as a tool and diemaker. ‘While at Yale, he exptained, in 1952-58, what has heen called the greatest swimming team of Bob gold medals in both intercollegiate championship races and in the 1952 The research and writing of this book, as well as the time he devoted to supervising the extensive illustrations, were sandwiched in over 4 period of 7 years while he has been active in helping the Moore Company develop its advanced metrology and machine tool products. He resides with his wife, Janice, and five chikden in Nichols, Connecticut, where he is @ dedicated organic gardener.