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Thank you for the course

Thank you for participating in this course. We have just

posted a wrap-up video (also available on the Week 6
course page) that summarizes the major topics,
discusses applications of the material, and points you
towards additional fluid power learning resources. To
help us gauge the effectiveness of this course and
identify areas for improvement, please complete this
short course evaluation. Your feedback is greatly

Problems with the

submission of quiz answer.

Last post by juber espinal (9 hours ago)

Also, please note that we have extended the due date for all
quizzes to be Mon 10 Nov 2014 11:55 PM CST.
We hope that you have enjoyed this course as much as we
did teaching it and that you now have a better understanding
of fluid power.
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Fri 31 Oct 2014 12:00 PM PET

Week 6 Announcement (Units

5.1 - 5.4 and Course Wrap-up)
Welcome to the final week of Fundamentals of Fluid Power.
This week you will learn about one new component, the
accumulator, which stores hydraulic energy. We will then be
pulling together topics from throughout the course to look at
servo hydraulic systems and hydraulic hybrid vehicles. You
will get a chance to use simulation to explore how these
advanced systems function and how the behavior of individual
components influences the system operation.
We hope that you have enjoyed the course and found it useful.
A course wrap-up video and a course evaluation will be posted
at the end of the week. Thank you for your participation in this

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Today is a last date to submit

Quizzes answers and as well
the end of the course (
Last post by Marc Levinson (3 days ago)

Quiz 6
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quizz 1
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Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Mon 27 Oct 2014 12:00 PM PET

Week 5 Announcement (Units

4.1 - 4.3)
Welcome to week five. This week we will take a dive into
hydraulic fluids (no pun intended) and how their properties and
behavior influence the circuit operation. In the lectures you
will see the water hammer effect and explore the assumption
of fluid incompressibility. We encourage you to use your new
knowledge of fluid behavior and simulation to create virtual
experiments that explore how fluid properties influence the
behavior of a circuit. Share your observations on the
discussion forum.
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Mon 20 Oct 2014 12:00 PM PET

Week 4 Announcement (Units

3.1 - 3.2)
Welcome to week four. This week is entirely devoted to you
learning how to use SimHydraulics, the fluid power simulation
application that we use in the course. The lecture provides an
introduction to computer-based, object-oriented simulation,
and goes through a demo of using SimHydraulics. The
homework assignment contains the real work because this is
where you will learn to use SimHydraulics. The homework
ends with an open-ended problem that encourages you to
branch out on your own and create and run simulations based
on examples listed in the course SimHydraulics resource
page or on any other fluid power system that interests you.
We will be monitoring the discussion boards to help you with
any technical problems with SimHydraulics.
*There is no quiz this week as we recognize that a few of
you may not be able to get SimHydraulics running on your

Happy simulating!
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Mon 13 Oct 2014 12:00 PM PET

Week 3 Announcement (Units

2.4 - 2.5)
Welcome to week three. This will be a busy week diving into
valves and pumps. We will discuss how basic valves function,
how to use them in hydraulic circuits, and how to calculate
pressure drop for a given flow rate, or vice versa. The videos
will directly address the discussion on the forum about seeing
hydraulic components working in real world circuits. In our
discussion of pumps we will look at many different positive
displacement pumps, exploring flow ripple and pump
efficiency, look at the supporting components that form a
hydraulic power supply, and see how we can make a
transmission with a hydraulic pump and a motor. We are now
into the heart of this course; we hope you enjoy seeing the
components come together into useful circuits.
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee

Mon 6 Oct 2014 12:00 PM PET

Quiz 1 Error Resolution

The Week 1 Quiz issues have been resolved in the following
Students who receive any incorrectly-written question in
their quiz attempt will be given points for any answer.
Students taking the quiz from this point forward will see
the correct answer in the question feedback after their
quiz attempt.
For students who took the quiz prior, here are the
correctly written questions and answers for your review.
Again, apologies for any confusion that this error may have
Tue 30 Sep 2014 4:00 PM PET

Week 2 Announcement (Units

2.2 - 2.3)
Welcome to week two of this six week class. It is great to
see the activity on the discussion forum. We are especially
excited to see the great diversity of backgrounds through the
introduction thread. Please continue to use the discussion
forum to pose questions as they arise. Also, remember to
vote up questions or discussions that you find most valuable.
This week we will be discussing circuit diagrams, the written
language of fluid power, and how fluid flows through conduits.
We hope that you find the hydraulic circuits on the mowing
machine as interesting as we did.
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Mon 29 Sep 2014 12:10 PM PET

About Quiz # 1
Fluid Power course staff has been alerted to error in the Week
1 quiz. Depending on the quiz variation that you receive
(questions and answers are randomized), you may or may not
encounter the error.
It seems that in transcribing the quiz problems from a Word
document into Coursera, numbers were changed. We are
looking into the best resolution for this issue, and will be
adjusting grades to nullify the effect of any error in quiz
questions or answers. We will let everyone know when it is
Thank you to the students who brought this to our attention.
Apologies for any confusion this has caused.

Sun 28 Sep 2014 9:19 AM PET

Week 1: Friday Announcement


As noted in the Fluid Power course site, the following will

occur each Friday throughout the course:
1. Solutions to the homework problems for that week will be
2. The weekly quiz will open. Note that all quizzes are due
at the end of the course (Mon 3 Nov 2014 11:55 PM CST).
These items have been activated for Week 1, and you will now
see them on the Week ly Course Page.
Thanks very much!
Fri 26 Sep 2014 12:15 PM PET

Week 1 Announcement (Units

1.1 - 2.1)
Welcome to the course!
We are delighted that you are joining us for Fundamentals of
Fluid Power. In the next six weeks we will introduce a variety
of fluid power components, put those components into
systems, and discuss how to model those components and
systems. While this course will not make you an expert in
fluid power, it will give you a solid foundation for designing and
analyzing fluid power systems.
In preparation for the course, please explore the course
website and read the Start Here! and Syllabus pages.
Please also complete the pre-course survey form as a way to
introduce yourself to us and your classmates.
The course material will be introduced through examples of
common fluid power systems. In this first week, we will give
you an overview of the course, introduce hydraulics and
pneumatics, and introduce fundamental concepts of fluid
power through the cylinder. In addition to watching the videos,
working the homework problems, and taking the quizzes,
please begin to use to forums to share ideas and interact with
your classmates. Remember that in an online environment, it
is challenging to infer the tone of a message; please keep
your comments constructive.
We hope that you enjoy this course!
Jim Van de Ven & Will Durfee
Tue 2 Sep 2014 12:00 AM PET