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Snooper(TM), the System Checker

Copyright 1992, 1993 John Vias


This file provides information for shareware distributors, rack vendors,

BBS sysops, CD-ROM and book publishers, and user groups who wish to
distribute Snooper.

Individual and company users, please refer to SNOOPER.DOC for information.

Snooper is defined as all the files listed in the unmodified SNREAD.ME

file. Distribution is forbidden if any file listed is missing, including
the SNREAD.ME file itself, or if any file has been modified in any way (all
files should have the same date, and the time should correspond to the
version). The latest, complete package suitable for distribution is always
available on the on-line distribution points listed on the first page of
Snooper's manual, SNOOPER.DOC.


The Snooper archive should be named and posted as:

where ``m'' is the major version number, ``nn'' is the minor number, and
``xxx'' is the appropriate extension. For example, a hypothetical zipped
version 2.57 should be distributed as SNOOP257.ZIP. The extension can
reflect the type of compression used: ZIP, ARJ, ARC, EXE if self-
extracting, or whatever. On Compuserve, Snooper is posted as SNOOPR.ZIP,
owing to the six-character filename limit.


You may use the following descriptions in your catalogs and ads.

Short description:

Fast, flexible, comprehensive system information utility with logging.

Long description:

SNOOPER v3.10 <ASP> - System information utility. Network and benchmark

screens, CMOS editor, detects 1,100+ MicroChannel cards. Shows CPU/NDP,
CPU speed, DOS, BIOS, memory, disks, disk cache, video, CD-ROM, env,
kbd, sound cards, ports, IDE model, CMOS drive type, Stacker, FILES= and
BUFFERS= satements, IRQs, DMA, modems, mice, port IRQs. Lets you edit
CONFIG & AUTOEXEC. Logs to file or printer. Ideal for tech support,
gathering hardware inventory, and you!


Snooper will run on almost any machine. It needs:

PC or 100% compatible
DOS 3.1 or newer
256K RAM
380K disk space for all files, 210K for SNOOPER.EXE, uncompressed
a video card


As the exclusive copyright holder for Snooper, John Vias authorizes

distribution of Snooper in accordance with the following restrictions:

* Distribute the program and its related files together, intact and
unmodified. Vendors may add an installation program and a small text
file with further instructions.
* Don't reproduce the printed documentation in any way.
* Don't distribute Snooper as part of any product or service without our
prior written permission.
* If we ask you to stop distributing Snooper, do so.

Shareware vendors, rack vendors, CD-ROM and book publishers, and other
businesses are also subject to the following restrictions:

* Your advertisements, catalogs, and other literature must clearly

explain that the user must pay the author for shareware he or she
uses, and that the money paid the vendor for the disk does not satisfy
the user's obligation to the author.
* If the version you have is over six months old, please ensure that you
have the most current version by finding Snooper on the on-line
distribution points listed on the first page of Snooper's manual.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to John Vias. This
license is governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

Applying for ASP Associate Membership

If you would like to apply for ASP Associate Membership (to become an ASP
Approved Vendor or to have your BBS qualify), simply write to the following
address and request a Vendor or BBS Membership Application Package:

ASP Executive Director

545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe MAIL to ASP Executive Director

72050,1433. You may also FAX a request to the ASP Executive Director at

Please Help Us Serve You Better

Please send a copy of any reviews, articles, catalog descriptions, or other

information you print or distribute regarding Snooper. Thank you for your
time and assistance and for supporting the shareware marketing concept.

Please refer to the first page of SNOOPER.DOC

for our mailing address and phone number.
Thank you for your support!#