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Glenn R.

Kronenwetter, Wisconsin 54455 USA

715-298-2063 (office) preferred

561-504-2603 (cell)

Highly innovative Ph. D. with over twenty years experience in plastic/polymer materials
R&D and new product development.
Extensive natural problem-solving abilities.
Strong communication skills -- very comfortable and effective working with people of all
backgrounds and education.
Significant Accomplishments:
Individually created, developed, and brought to market two new, profitable, and
unrelated product lines.
Developed several new plastic alloys/blends to overcome physical-property issues.
Modified existing adhesives to bond dissimilar materials when no commercially
available adhesive met all the requirements.

Work Experience:
Resilient Technologies, LLC (Owned by Polaris Industries, Inc.) (Wausau, WI -Developer of non-pneumatic tires for military and commercial applications)
Materials Development Manager 2007 August 2013
Performed and directed laboratory testing and field evaluation of polymer materials
including engineering thermoplastics, elastomers, rubbers, adhesives, and cast
Developed polymer alloys/blends to overcome stiffness vs. flexibility issues. Also,
developed adhesive systems for difficult-to-bond-to components by modifying existing
commercial adhesives and modifying/optimizing curing conditions.
Supervised technicians and engineers.
Howland Technologies (Shelton, CT and Melbourne, FL Maker and licenser of specialty
compounded products)
Senior Materials Engineer, Development and Commercialization 1991 -- 2009
Developed/invented (using continuous and batch mixers) compounded blends of
thermoplastics and additives incorporating thermally sensitive and chemically active
compounds into extruded polymer blends to achieve specific foaming, rheological, and
reactive properties.
Managed the development of new products and patent creation.
Identified and developed functional relationships with customers, vendors, and
contracted service providers.
RapidPurge Corporation (Trumbull, CT Maker and seller of purging compounds for the
thermoplastic processing and adhesives industries)

Technical Manager 1983 -- 1991

Developed new products for new markets, corrected technical problems with existing
products, and made continuous improvements to all product lines.
Supervised seven technical service representatives.
Trained new employees and worked trade shows.
Provided in-the-field troubleshooting, technical sales service, and training to customers,
representatives, and distributors; both domestic and international. The customers were
worldwide users of injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding equipment running
any/all commercially available thermoplastics.
Albany International Research Company (Dedham, MA Provider of in-house and contract
research on fibers and fabrics)
Senior Research Associate 1981 -- 1983
Synthetic fiber research Hands-on developmental-scale fiber extrusion of:
o Fluoropolymer fiber yarns and monofilaments.
o Silicon carbide precursor fibers.
o Hollow microporous fibers (polyolefin and fluoropolymers) filled with particulates
capable of inactivating and/or adsorbing chemical nerve agents (for chemical
warfare protective garments).
o Ultra-fine elastomeric polyether ester monofilament for weaving into artificial
heart valves.
o Crosslinkable PE and high-temperature thermoplastics (PEEK, ULTEM)
monofilament for making screens used in paper production.
Supervised 2 to 3 engineers and technicians as needed.
Fiber Industries, Inc. (Charlotte, NC -- A branch of Celanese Corporation providing
manufacturing and research in polyester fibers)
Senior Research Engineer 1978 -- 1981
Provided hands-on laboratory and pilot plant scale fiber extrusion, heat treatment, solidstate polymerization, and testing as part of a research group to develop a meltprocessable (LCP), KEVLAR-like, high modulus fiber for applications such as tire
belts and bullet proof vests.
Supervised two technicians.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ph. D. Chemistry
B. S. Biochemistry

Additional Capabilities:
Experienced in statistical experimental design and analysis (DOE)
Willing to travel
Fully computer literate