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Sarwat Zakir

Email: sarwat_asim@yahoo.com,

Personal information


Marital Status:


Date of Birth:


To work in a capacity that would provide me opportunities to utilize my qualification,
Skills & expertise with a chance to provide best result in the practical environment.

Work History:
August 2014

Senior Lecturer


The Academy, Project of Iqra University


Karachi, Pakistan

Feb 2013

Academic coordinator


Training Depot Pre-School

March 2014 Luton, United Kingdom

I was hired as an Academic Coordinator my responsibilities were to coordinate with
academic and nonacademic staff to increase educational level of school, preparing
different admin reports. To attend differing meetings with educational institutes to
enhance better relationship and promotions
Nov 2011

Assistant manager


Great Innovation Technical LLC.

Aug 2012 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I was appointed as an assistant manager in this company my duties were including
purchasing, pay Roll and client relations. Directing day to day operations, training new
office employees and promoting optimal quality and customer service.


Pay roll

Day to day operations

Training to new employees

Promoting customer service

May 2009

Assistant manager
Karachi Public School


Karachi Pakistan.

I was appointed as an assistant manager my responsibilities were to coordinate with

academic and nonacademic staff to increase educational level of school, preparing
different admin reports. To attend differing meetings with managers of other educational
institutes to enhance better relationship and promotions

Coordinating with academic and nonacademic staff

Preparing different admin reports

Attending meetings

Trying to enhance better relationship with other educational


Aug 2008

Senior Teacher and Head Teacher for A levels and O levels.


Bahria Foundation College

March 2009 Karachi, Pakistan

I was appointed as a Cambridge teacher. Here I got opportunity to groom my teaching
skills more. I taught Islamic Education here and also participated in different school
events as an organizer and again I got 100 percent result. I also worked as a subject
head of Islamic Education here.
Participation in different school events

Jul 2006

Teaching senior students

Performing the duty of head teacher

Preparing weekly lesson plans

Senior Teacher for O levels


Karachi Cadet School

May 2008

Karachi Pakistan

I was appointed as a secondary school teacher for Islamic Education but due to my
English language skills and my very strong knowledge regarding my subject I was
shifted to O levels section and here I started my Cambridge experience I taught 2
batches and got 99 and then 100 percent results and in my 2 years career I got 2 times
award for Best teaching methods side by side I worked as a subject head of Islamic
Education here as well. I also participated for different school events as preparation of
annual function etc.

Got 99 and 100 percent result

Preparing weekly lesson plans

Attending different meetings

Got best teacher awards 2 times

Volunteer Experience & Causes:

Managing and marketing
November 2013 January 2014 (3 months)
i and my team of five members organized a charity event for Autistica, . Basically I and
my group wanted to raise funds with unique idea so we decided to create cupcake
smileys social enterprise business with mood ring for attracting people.


Jan 2013

University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, United Kingdom)

MSC Management 1st class 1st division

july 2014

People and organization management

Competing through marketing

Managing information

Accounting and finance in the organization

Interpersonal management skills

Managing strategy

Entrepreneur and enterprise

Management research project (dissertation)

Research Skills

I have recently completed my MSc management from a renounced university of

England. I have personal interest in education industry therefore I preferred doing my
research on education industry. Topic of my dissertation project is Does investment in
Education effect positively on the development of a country, Case study of Bangladesh,
Malaysia and Pakistan. My research was highly appreciated by all the faculty members
of University of Hertfordshire therefore I got excellent result in my project.

University of Karachi.
Masters with 1ST class 1ST division in Islamic Education. (2010)

Tafseer (explanation)


comparitive studies


islam and science

islamic history

Graduation with 1st class 1st division in Islamic Studies,

islamic history




Intermediate board Karachi, Pakistan

Intermediate in humanities group with 2nd division.

Matric board Karachi, Pakistan

Matriculation in science group with first class first division

Extra Qualification:
completed 4 years of Aalima course from federal board equal ant to masters in Islamic
education my main area of research was

Translation of Holy Quran

Explanation of Holy Quran

Ahadith Six authentic books of ahadith (Siha-e-Sitta)


Arabic grammer

Islamic history

Achievements :

Awarded twice for best teaching methods while working in karachi cadet school
for cambridge classes

Got 100% result for Cambridge students in karachi cadet school and Bahria
foundation college

Individually completed my project of "Does investment in education effect the

development of a country : case study Bangladesh, Malaysia and Pakistan".

recently my article is published on LinkedIn "I am a Busy Mom" which is highly


Additional Qualification:
Having command on the following.

MS Office

Fluent in written and spoken English

Fluent in written and spoken Urdu

Internet utilities

proposal writing