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= hrc=FTC Cs’ ee # 2 2 5, f, a a + Where are they going? Make sentences as shown in the example below. 1 3) | iC Alzt | SIMI 1 (Task 1) 41 & (Before Writing) Below is Z¥l+"s dairy schedule and it contains a list of things he has to do today along with the time, Think about how you ‘would put them into sentences. 447| (Writing) Look at the schedule above and write a paragraph on what 2] ‘I= has to do today. LB A AL Bol 8S Buck ©The proper way of writing lime in Korean is 2 Al AY 42 but 741 30H is also 081 AGL LEAL (After Writing) Swap your writing with your classmate and see'if you can find any mistakes, Correct them if there is any. 2 Hill 2 (Task 2) 447| 4 (Before Writing) The following is 8}%’s daily schedule. Discuss with your classmate how he spends the day. q Wi POLONIA MAND DMAMMAMAMAMOMM. AN ANNN AMO TO MORALE REED ODOM MEE Bh