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* DIY Book Scanner «Induction Charging Bag HB s-Soda Bottle Rocket Fireworks FRUM THE EXPERTS: HOW TO GET YOUR TOY MADE MEDIA makezine.com WEEKEND PROJECTS) oo" QQ somee SMART. ALARM CLOCK Setup for Meetings, Appointments, Reminders and Tasks (SMART), tis clock uses an Arduino Yiin and your Google Calendar to automatically set alarms, And it looks cool too! ‘Wouldn't be nice to have an Internet connected alarm clock that automatically sets itself, based on your calendar? You ‘would never miss an early appointment, never forget to set your alarm and enjoy more restful sleep knowing you've solved ‘he nightmare of regulating your alarms. ‘Aninternet-savvy alarm lack could even ‘watch your inbox and wake you up friends or family send you an important email This SMART. Alarm Clock uses the ‘Arduino Vin, which isa special Arduino with two processors. One processor runs an embedded version of Linux andlis connected tothe internet over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, The other processor uses the same chip as the Arduino Leonardo microcontroller, allowing the Yi to work with most Arduino shields and accessories By using the Arduino ‘Yn this projct can tlk to complex web services withthe Linux processor and interface with hardware—an LCD touchscreen—on the second processor. ‘The software fr the S MART. Alarm Clock uses the Temboo service to Advertorial TONY DICOLA ENGINEER communicate with calendar and mal ilies. Temboo isa platform for simplifying access to many web services, andithas great support for the Arduino Yin. To bil ths projec, youl need to sign Uupfora re account on Temboos website, Temboo uses what it calls “choreos,” which are code shortcuts for various Application Programming Interfaces, or API. In other words, it will help you work with online services that would otherwise be very time-consuming to code yourselt. For example, you could parse Yahoo! Weather data, receive PayPal payment notifications or even submit free-form Wolfram Alpha ‘queries. Hundreds of APIs from Amazon, NPR, Twitter, YouTube and others are avaiable, The SMART. Alarm Glock can easily be ‘modified or extended to integrate with other APs, but curently is designed to sot alarms using Google Calendar and Gina services. I'you dont have a Google account, make sue to sign up before starting the projet. Comte eu plesans pgs reer jars Nan pletion ane saya Seth abe heute ot ening Cllr neal eal Cot Panera age ‘eomintn ele Deeper Cone Chetan howe topes Sree! Usp Teas astacions Fant chrevcad nih. Oca vi he you shoul ark age Fun theFna2Auth chro he rt nf Cle Sort aes ‘ron ong Derr Cnsl nt altck Drs te alae chen the Gerke whe Ch, Chet Sere a Fehon vans. Swot pales i sheen acct he cen credei tug ‘ard qrote wiharanole Grose Cote econ stmane angen eran theshrea hock titan sey, Soe topes Yayo Galan, jst yout Caleta ‘sen Gi i pele a "Srl Build the S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Clock. won radioshack.com/DIT PARTS TOOLS ) Arduino Yin microcontroller/computer board RadioShack® © Computer with USB port, © 28° TFT Touch Shield, for Arduino RadioShack? zrr2702 running Arduino IDE © USB speaker such as RadioShack® Nera rete (Make sure your speaker receives both power and audio over USB.) MicroSD Card such as RadioShack” (Any size card will work; atleast [SMB of space is required.) O USB cable, Micro-B to Standard-A RadioShack® 2x O AC adapter with USB, Enercell” 5V/3.6A RadioShack” cr enh Adio Eee 156, hi ray bk inh arene nv SS Pern poco ese ie plete Pug O yor ovn MPa tobe mislead se ATS. Ra cul team esol pessarynie on thetochenastpio