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I am applying for a summer internship

Courses I am currently studying

Behavioral Neuroscience
Social Psychology
Elements of Music
Evolution Ecology and Behavior (122)
Human Societies

Relevant Experience
Global Young Leaders Conference July 2004
George Washington University—Manhattan College Washington, DC 20005

I nk

Debated international issues with scholars from around the world
I v y
Wrote and delivered speeches promoting particular international issues
• Chief Moderator of debates
rp le

Researched information using the internet and library resources
• Talked with United Nations workers
o f
November 2004

p e r Bronx, NY 10466

Tour Guide/High School Representative
• Showed parents of prospective students the high school campus
• Gave a presentation of the courses and extracurricular activities at my high school

October-December 2005
America Counts tutor New Haven, Connecticut 06520
• Tutored 10-11 year olds twice a week in Math
• Created individual syllabi to help students reach city-wide standards for Math

May – August 2006

[Company Name] New York, New York
• Intern for Department of Economic and Financial Opportunity
• Created spreadsheets and graphs
• Encouraged NYC small business owners to do business with the City.

Leadership Academy High School
[University Name] (Behavioral Neuroscience major) Class of 2009

Most Recent GPA: 3.0

Awards and Honors
Patrick and Ann Kissane Scholarship
Who’s Who Among American High School Students
National Honor Roll
Hundred-year Association Award
Science Award 2005 (Leadership Academy High School)

Extracurricular Activities
The Dramat Association September 2005-present
[University] Television Network September 2005-present
[University] Scientific Magazine September 2005-present
[University] Musical Theater Company September 2005-present
[University] Aids Walk January 2005-present
Debate Team January 2005- May 2006
Rough Cut (Film Journal) September 2006-present

I nk
I v y
rp le
P u
o f
e rty

Student Activist, [University] AIDS Walk, January 2005-present
Organize campus events that increase AIDS dialogue among student population. Give
speeches to student body on the national and global AIDS epidemic. Volunteer at annual
AIDS Walk and related events that educate community members on AIDS awareness and

Cameraman, [University] Television Network, September 2005-present

Work with director and production crew to deliver the network's overall vision and goals.
Incorporated cinematic techniques learned in coursework, such as focus, field of view,
lighting, and angles. Learned proper usage of professional camera equipment. Maintain
all film and camera equipment .

Stage Manager, The Dramat Association, September 2005-present

I nk
Assisted in 3 student productions. Collaborate with other stage managers to create and
coordinate show cues and overall timing of the production. Participate in show rehearsals

I v y
and production meetings. Work with cast and crew to put together all parts of the


Independent Musician
u rp
f P
Write and compose songs for self and others. Book solo and group performances at
campus events and venues. Self-taught in music composition; self-trained on acoustic

e r
guitar and flute.

Intern, [Company Name]
May 2006-August 2006
Assisted in the implementation of NYC's Minority and Women-Owned Business
program. Created detailed spreadsheets based on individual research; Used these data to
develop presentations for department staff. Communicated with NYC small business
owners on ways to enhance business opportunities in the City. Participated in agency-
wide events and programs.

Ambassador, Global Young Leaders Conference, July 2004

Chosen to participate in extensive two week-long conference focused on building
international awareness and global leadership skills. Interacted and debated international
issues with UN workers and scholars from around the world. Acted as chief moderator of
student-led debates.

[University Name], 2005-present
Coursework: Behaviorial Neuroscience; Social Psychology; Human Societies; Evolution
Ecology and Behavior; Film & the Arts; Close Analysis; Elements of Music

Hundred Year Association of New York Student Award
Who's Who Among American High School Students
Patrick and Ann Kissane Scholarship
National Honor Roll