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Interview Questions

Elsie M. Bez Torres

Questions About College
1. When did you choose your college major? Did you ever change your major? If
so, why?
Originally, I chose my college major the summer before starting college, which
was Education. After a few years I did change it, because I noticed that I was
good at it but I wasnt passionate about it. So, I changed schools and even my
major, from Education to Office Systems, and it was the best decision I ever
2. How has your college education prepared you for this position?
My college education has prepared me in every possible way for this position. It
has taught me how an Administrative Professional should handle tasks at the
office, how to prioritize, about ethics and even so how I should be prepared for
unforeseen situations. Lets just say they prepared me for the good and for the
Questions About Employers and Jobs
3. What jobs have you held? Why did you leave?
I have been a student assistant, while I was in college in the UPR in Ro Piedras
and I left because the semester ended, and there was so much demand that I
had to give other students the chance. I was a research assistant as well, and I
had to leave because the investigation had ended and I was ready to change
schools at the moment and wanted to have a clean start.
4. Why did you choose your particular field of work?
I have always thought that the administrative and clerical type work was really
interesting. I always pictured myself working at an office and when I changed my
major and started taking classes I was fascinated by it, and I would definitely
never go back.
5. What do you think about how this industry operates today?
I think it is not obsolete anymore, but there is still room for growth. The
Administrative Professional is a key component of a company. It is the image and
voice of its leaders. Certainly, technology has facilitated the tasks that are vital at
an office on a daily basis.

6. Why do you think you would like this particular type of job?
Because it is a job that I am good at, that I have the skills to do it accurately and
also I enjoy it. I like feeling productive and being able to help by giving
administrative and clerical support.

Questions About Work Experiences and Expectations

7. Do you prefer to work in any specific geographic location? If so, why?
I have no preference regarding this matter, if it is far from my home it would be
important to balance the pros and cons.
8. What motivates you? Why?
Doing an excellent job that is what really motivates me. In my book there is
always room for improvements and doing my best at every task, project or
anything that I do.
9. What do you think determines a persons progress in a good organization?
I think that the persons commitment and the ability to pull through every situation
(good or bad) is what determine a persons progress in a good organization.
10. Why do you want this job?
Because I know I could do it efficiently because my college courses gave me
knowledge and tools that I will never forget and that will help me do this particular
11. What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work?
If there was a situation, I would try to fix it before I am told to try to fix it, whether
it is my responsibility or not. Either way, I think it is important to take initiative in
your job even if your input or your efforts arent recognized.
12. Why should I hire you?
You should hire me because if you dont you will regret it later. Not only I have
charisma, I am also very responsible, committed, dedicated, honest and
trustworthy. And I assure you that if there is something that I dont know how to
do I will learn it quickly so that the business productivity isnt affected by this.
Doing a good job is a priority for me and I think that is one of the most important
things a person needs to have in this industry.

Questions About Work Habits

13. Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?
In this era, being able to work with others as a team is a must. Im able to to work
with others, but I will have to demand that my team members are as committed
and responsible as I am.
14. What would you do if you were given an unrealistic deadline for a task or
I would definitely do my best to finish it in time. If it is not possible, I would ask my
supervisor for an extension due to the particular circumstances that make it
impossible to finish the project in time. Or I would make a team so that the tasks
are divided and we could work faster and efficiently.
15. How do you feel about overtime work?
I have no problem working overtime, as long as Im asked beforehand so I can
make arrangements.
16. How do you handle stress or pressure on the job?
The answer is simple, by prioritizing. Doing the tasks that are most important first
and leaving the least important tasks for the end. Breathing exercises also help.
You cannot get out of control; this is why you have to have a system that can
help you handle your tasks in a timely fashion.