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Hello Sofitel Team Members, We are here today to listen to each other and
know the strength and weakness points in our team and policy, we are
working with a global brand and we belongs to it so we must interact and
work actively because we are competing globally we can be the best and
keep our position and stills the First , We have the best place in Egypt in the
heart of the nile and away from cairo pollution and noise, Terrific weather ,
amazing landscapes , Best service , Global Brand, what else we need

First of All we would like to make a slogan that makes sofitel appears as a
great brand , a slogan that Suites everyone in the family , Internationally we
have a great market share as everyone in the world can be our guest but on
the other side we have great competitors , And The existence of the competitors is
an advantage as there is a chance to know more hospitality advantages and to avoid
disadvantages that has been made by them and has been faults to them, I Think These Slogans
Can Be Good For any one can understands and seeks for a good place to stay in for all ages and
genders and nationalities

Sofitel…It's not a hotel; it's a way of life.

Sofitel..Home Sweet Home

Sofitel… Being comfortable Is Our Goal…And U Are Our World

Sofitel…Come And Live Sofitel

Sofitel….Douple the comfort, Triple the value, quintuple the Hotel.

Sofitel..U Would Like to Live Sofitel For Ever

Sofitel…Your Own World

Sofitel..Totally Different

Sofitel… You won't say goodbye

Sofitel …We Are Waiting You 

Sofitel …The Geniality of Egyptian hospitality

Sofitel .. Explore All Egypt From Here, It’s A Step Far Away

Sofitel...A Brand That is Completely Yours ®

Living Softly With Sofitel®

We Cares For our Guest From A-Z , We Make Every Thing For Him ,Even Personal Things , we
would like to let him feel that we are all acting friendly and can do everything for him , There
is a secretary team for him that can finish for him everything could be finished Our Guest Is
in a vacation He is in Sofitel To Relax So we want it to be the best and most relax able
vacation he has spent,We Can Do Every Thing For Him & we Don’t Know The Meaning Of
Three Words. .No , Don’t Know , Later

Our Guest Is Your Manager …respect Him

Our Guest came to you From A Long Distance..Appreciate Him

Our Guest Acts Friendly With You..Be His Friend

Our Guest Is Alone In Sofitel….We Are All His Family

Sofitel is the House Of Mirrors …always act as if you are in front of a mirrors …keep Smiling
even if you Are Alone , And remember That It’s A Way Of Life You Gain For your Self , Our
Guest Is here In a Vacation to Relax and we Wants Him To Stay more and more and your
smile is the gate for this , When You Smile A Simple Smile ..It Passes Through his Heart ,
What A Great Feeling 

Every One Has a role that must be made …we all must maintain long relationships with our
guests , We Are all Responsible for their second time to come , Sofitel is Our Home And We
Hosts Our Guests and welcomes them , but our guests are not silly guests as those who come
to our homes because they will pay for their stay , also they are not silly as they won’t come
suddenly as we are waiting and working for them , so our Guests are the best guests in the
world and must be served from this point of view

Starting From The G.M And giving The feeling to Guests That he really Cares About them and
he is always available and he always wants to know their feedback and he welcomes the
guests (specially the groups) as more as he can , as The G.M in any place is the one who gives
the first and most important Impression For Our guest That He Has A Great Value
Then the different departments Starting From The F&B , House Keeping , Guest Relation , Kids
Club , Front Office , Kitchen, Security , animation ,Recreation & Spa

I Think We need To Start Big so as to continue Bigger And Bigger

For This every department must work in a familiar and friendly way with a Sofitel Touch (as all
hotels deals with this way but we must have our special touch in everything to be different
and this touch come from every person in each department and we consider that it is really a
valuable touch because it’s something better to gain then to learn it so you r the best one to
show us what u have for our guest)

F&B ..Spend all Your Effort for every guest , You Share With Him His Time While He Is Eating
And Drinking , Our Guest Is looking For Every Thing Around Him , This restraunt And Bar has
been Made For Him , So Deal In A gentle , Friendly , Egyptian , Polite Way , Learn how To Let
The Guest Feels That He Is eating and you cares and waiting for him if he needs anything
(Don’t Be In front of Him As long as he is eating , be in a place where you can see him without
making any disturbance and when he calls you , you be in a second in front of him)

House Keeping …Let Our Guest feels That he is in the paradise..everything is clean and
arranged..Dust Is Our Enemy And No Meaning For It In Our Hotel , We Can Control Every
Thing And We Are All Interior Designers , We Have Standards for our guest rooms and all
places our guests can be in , but we can do anything for our guest who requests something
special from us , we can control The Degree , Angle , Intensity Of The Light , we can Change
the Blankets and mattresses colors for our guest eyes relaxation, and even we can control the
air and its intensity inside the guest room , Our Slogan is cleanness can be seen , touched ,
felt , smelled and we want to joy our guests by these four senses

Guest Relation: you have the greatest role for serving our guests …because
you are from the same nationality as our guest , and you know his habits and
tradions , what he likes and what he doesn’t like, You Must Be In the
Welcome Group For Our Guest To As to remove any Sense of alienation and
to let him feel that he stills in his real home , Know if He has a special request
or any inquiry about any thing , and give him the impression that we are all
working and that every thing is available for him ( Every Guest has a family
and relatives and friends . If He has a good impression about Sofitel
Hospitality and Luxury All This Members we Come To Us and all Their
Members Also will visit us and so on till we serve the whole world  And You
Would Be The Reason)

Kids Club. Every Kid and His Friends Are Future Guests For Us And They Are
The Easiest Group To Gain , Let them have good Memories in This Place , And
Know That their Parents Will Know everything you are Making With Him , Be
Innovative Let Him Learn new thing , Know his hobbies and let it grow more
and more because of you ,Let Him Draw , Sing , Dance , Swim , Act ..Inside
every child there is a key to gain and be his friend and each child has a great
influence on his parents so you are not spending an ordinary time with
him ..No you are investing time and gaining him so as to convince him and
his family to come more & more ..Don’t Waste a minute with a child ..Be with
him all the time ..He is the one whom our guests care about and he is our
future guest)

Front Office: The First Thing Our Guests Eyes fall On Has the Most Influence
On Our Guest Stay , By Small Things We can Lose Everything and by Little
things we could gain everything , Always Give our Guest all your attention
and Meet all his needs , U Represents every one working In Sofitel in front of
the guest , Always watch your way and language , keep your smile and
organize all things our guest needs, Provide our Guest all information they
needs and make a good orientation , u r Sofitel representative what a great
honor ,You provide the first and last impression of the hotel to our guests if
anything good happened in-between you will strength the good feeling our
guest have about the hotel , and if anything wrong happened in-between you
may correct this feeling in an indirect way ,In the first way you are a sales
man so you can suggest deluxe and suites We have 433 room . It’s not a hard
job not an easy one .also you can sell hotel food and beverage outlets in a
good and polite way , always let our guest feel that you cares about him in
the first place ,Always remember names and guest histories

Kitchen: what a great department with a great role, You are the one that all
our guests must try and benefit from his work , You are the one who is
responsible for our guest inside good feeling , Many people may forgive in
anything but not in food , It must be always Fresh , Health , New . Take Your
space of innovation , Our Guests are from all nationalities , We have Arabs ,
Americans , Japanese , Russians , Italians , Germans They all can taste and
eat the Egyptian Oriental Food as it will be new to most of them , but as per
Sofitel role and our rule in cultural exchange you can make as example
American food , which would be great to all Americans to eat their food by an
Egyptian touch and for all other cultural to know the American food , and vice
versa . don’t miss vegetarians and people who makes diet . We must please
all our guests

Security : We wants to give Sofitel guest that he is so special than any other
guest in any hotel. We need your touch in this , always be good looking ,
strong , and gives a good impression to our guest that he is safe , Sofitel is a
country inside another safe country , so no problems or stealing problems
could occure between Guests and each other or with the staff . Security you
are the power. Your role doesn’t end just after our guest passes the hotel
gate. You have to be always available and keep all the organization in your

Animation : You are here to be a friend for all our guests , Swim with him in
the pool , play tennis , billiard , ping pong , and do everything could please
Sofitel Guest .But after this you must take him to the hotel outlets and
restraints , Most of guests are generous and all our outlets are opened and
waiting for them and you are his friend so for sure you know what to do after
all of this .Take a coming appointment from every guest after his Departure.
And always show our guest the warm welcome You are Sofitel Star you are
here for all Lonely Guests and for Group Guests who needs someone to
organize their day and put a good program for them

Recreation&Spa: Welcome to the most relax able time our guest spend in our
hotel with Sofitel Touch . We made all things could be made from good place
to nice conditions for Spa and the moment of guest relaxation could be felt
emotionally , Then your roles comes you need to be a magician to remove
signs of fatigue and let our guest wishes that the moment of massage and
spa could be for ever . U must have your special touch and various your
choices use Turkish , Indian , English spa and massage . Always be
professional and know that relaxation can be felt and with you our guest is
spending the most enjoyable moments so let him don’t miss a moment

Marketing: Your are the backbone of Sofitel , the Arabic guests comes in
specific seasons and they have habits and ways that disturbs us as Sofitel
administration , We need to open new markets in every country , we need to
have sales members all over the world , we handle everything for Sofitel
Guest Starting from the Pickup of the airport to the Departure from there also
, all his transportations and living even tours that will be made any where in
Egypt is our responsibility (we want to gain from A to Z if our guest will spend
10,000 Euros we want to gain 9,999 and we would blame ourselves for the 1
Euro that we didn’t benfit from it) so all our limousine and transportations
would be us also to avoid the bad reputatuion for cairo taxi. Every step our
steps make is under our eyes A Toledar can go everywhere with our guest
and shows that he cares for him and his money and we direct him to every
Cent he pays in most of things he buys if we don’t have an alternative to it in
Sofitel so no problem to buying it .
Think Globally ….Compete Globally

We Need To Work With Groups ….Large Groups …Business Groups…

Sofitel Is The Center Of Egypt

Marketing department we must Grow up our market share . I see that most of
our Guests are coming in businesses trips or short vacation trip . We lose
Guests who needs recreational trips and enjoy sea and beach weather also
archeological tourism and the great number of tourists who are mad by Egypt
history and luxor and aswan also healing tourism and guests that come to
Egypt to be healed from some diseases in natural places as oyoun moussa ,
so we can gain these three groups by many ways first of all we can make the
one day trip . before the tourist come to Egypt we will convince him that no
meaning to come to egypt without coming to cairo first and enjoying the nile
view and the joy of shopping in khan el khalili and cairo bazzars and cafes
and from cairo we will go with you every where. And make a good program
for those who needs recreational trips or archeological trips so that from
Sofitel Egypt we can go everywhere around Egypt. The one day trip is a good
solution but not for all groups, So we can make long term contracts with
other resorts or hotels (we are still Sofitel not a travel agency Because we are
serving our guest Not any guest) we have specific rooms in each place
reserved To sofitel and every rooms is equal to the room that our guest
booked in Sofitel in every thing and our guest stays there in the resort hotel
till the program ends and we pays for this resort upon the contract we made
with them and the guest pays for Sofitel (we can make a good profit share in
this without costing so much)

And of course every city has Sofitel as taba it could be much easier to do this
without difficulties So we can host visitors that comes Egypt to visit
sharmelsheikh , hurghada, luxor , Aswan and make an idea that Sofitel can
handle and make the best program for you suites every group , Going to
these cities with sofitel will be good priced and well organized and more
secured and enjoyable because of the Sofitel Touch (like this we will be The
guest home as after the one day trip or the long trip in any city before his
arrival he will go Sofitel and enjoy the spa and the nile view then he travels
so he started his trip in Egypt from sofitel and it ended in sofitel (home sweet

Also from the long term contract benefits that will serve sofitel Guests , The
hotels that we are going to make this contract with will also exchange guests
with us who wants to benefit from Sofitel and wants to enjoy Shopping and
nile view in cairo , So we will be serving our guests who are far away from
Sofitel Buliding but with Sofitel Team every where and also we will be serving
another Guests who uses our outlets and we benefits from them.

Like this any body searches for Business Trip Will find us available

Any body searches for a Vacation Trip will find us available

Any body searches for a Recreational Trip will find us available

Any body searches for a Archeological Trip will find us available

Any body searches for Healing Trip will find us available

Sofitel Is Always Available

So Sofitel Will Always be available and will be the guest gate for all Egypt , If
this idea has been put in a good way like this we have infinite branches in all
Egypt with terrific land scapes and we will not lose our identity because our
guest came from his country to Sofitel and is an a trip organized by Sofitel
And Sofitel team is always with him any where and also he will come back
after this long trip to rest again in his room and travel from sofitel it’s a type
of cooperation with another hotels or resorts just for it’s place but our guest
will use and enjoy our service with Sofitel Touch in every thing

Sofitel Is The Center Of The World

We want to benefit from the brand we are working with we needs to work
Globally , Sofitel hotels branches all over the world .our sister hotels are
always available for our guests then we can make something new will please
our guests we have branches in New York , London , Chicago , Washington
,Los Angeles , Dubai ,Paris ,Roma, Miami and much more

We can make two things to benefit from this advantage and that we are
related to this big chain

First of all a world tour program and this world tour is unique in all Sofitel
branches all over the world and every branch will make advertisements in his
country and will serve the other hotels chain. Our guest will go all cities we
have branches in and will stay in Sofitel hotel in the country he is in and
enjoy the program that is put by the marketing department in this hotel..So
they will take a tour all over the world and Sofitel hotels will organize this for
them and it will be his stations world wide. An advertisement to explore the
world with Sofitel will gain big popularity around the world and many people
from all nationalities will join the program and all the chain will benefit from
this , And the guest Loyalty for Sofitel Brand Will Be more and more

The second thing is the transit visitors, Some visitors who always travel from
one country to another there program is not arranged well as today they are
in a country and tomorrow they are in another country, we can benefit from
Sofitel chain that is distributed all over the world by this, we can pick up the
guest from the airport and let him spend a good night and we arrange and
organize everything for him by making communications with the other Sofitel
hotel in the other country by the appointment of arrival and the time of
departure , When we arrange everything to our guest from A to Z starting
from the airport pickup till the he reaches the other country and travels from
it , it would be great for all transit visitors that Sofitel Do everything for them
and every where the find Sofitel and they will always be Sofitel

Sofitel team members we are Making the future hospitality . Our guests are
will make Future propaganda for us . always deal as if you are the whole
organization . be responsible be effective manage every thing . no time to
lose and no effort to spare ..we must work , manage , Think Powerfully and
differently Because we are all …..Sofitel 
Let’s Market Our Outlets:
An International trademark in the world of restraunts and bars now in cairo
with sofitel touch , Cairo´s own Buddha bar and restaurant with Asian fusion
dishes, signature cocktails, conceptual music & terrace over looking the Nile

Live The Egyptian Oriental atmosphere, Cairo's best address for
traditional barbecue and oriental atmosphere, right on the banks of the Nile
with live entertainment.

Authentic Moroccan cuisine in Arab-Andalusia ambiance and live
entertainment with shisha and traditional mint tea on the promenade by the


Chill-out lounge and restaurant floating on the Nile, a unique entertaining

spot in Cairo.


French chic brasserie dining in an exceptional ambiance proposing an

international extensive wine list and cigar selections


Parisian tea lounge with wide range art books library offering selected
pastries and luxurious afternoon tea.


All-day a la carte dining within a contemporary environment. Breakfast, lunch

and dinner Mediterranean buffet with unique view on the Nile. Open 24

Day use guests can come to visit our outlets and Feel sofitel …so it
would be great to introduce every part in our hotel