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A unique cutting edge system that is:

Simplistic and Logical

Methods of treatment are extensive and

tailored to the individual, e.g.

Easy to apply



Electro Acu Device (the NO NEEDLE


Pain Management System

Examples of diseases and disorders that

have responded well to Su Jok Acu
Therapy are:

Would you like to try acupuncture

therapy but are either afraid of
needles or simply do not like invasive

Totally safe
How is Su Jok Acu Therapy different to
other therapies:
Relief from first session
No set protocol - all clients treated
as individuals
Treatment can be adapted
immediately if benefit not felt

Frozen shoulder

Joint pain

Back pain


No adverse effects

Sport Injuries





Heavy periods

Carpel Tunnel S.


Kidney stones

Eye disorders









Please contact:



Marilyn Benson





Weight Loss

Appointments available:
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Times to be arranged.

(With NO needle alternative)

Then SuJok is the answer:

Micro fine short needles, or

NO NEEDLE option

E mail: marilyn.hoh@gmail.com

Natural health - No drugs or side effects.

Just your bodys innate ability to heal itself
through stimulation of energy points.

Fast, lasting relief from all conditions.

Su Jok - Korean words that translate to

hand and foot. The only areas of the body
treated are the hands and/or feet which host
an array of correspondence systems that
directly connect with organs, tissues, body
systems, limbs etc.

Energy systems on the hands and feet are

stimulated in the same way that
acupuncturists work with the traditional
Chinese meridian system, however,
for people who are afraid of needles or
simply do not like the thought of invasive
therapy, stimulation can be implemented
just as effectively with a specialised electro

How is the treatment carried out?

How many treatments will I need?

An example: the middle finger, middle joint

corresponds with the knee.

Acute conditions, meaning the condition has

manifested less than 6 months, respond
very quickly and can be eliminated in up to
four treatments. Chronic complaints can
take longer but relief is usually felt from the
first treatment in both instances.

What is Su Jok Acu Therapy?

I am Marilyn Benson, I have been
working in complementary health for over
20yrs as a professional therapist and for the
past 12yrs as a fully qualified teacher of
complementary therapies.
A profile and my full qualifications can be
found @ www.painmanagement.me.uk
My initial Su Jok training began in India in
2006 with Su Jok master, Ashok Kumar
Kothari. I have since attended four 18 day
seminars with the late Professor Park, Jae
Woo and further courses with a Russian
doctor. I continue my on-going professional
development in this field.
Where did Su Jok Ki originate?
The late Professor Park, Jae Woo was a
Korean scientist and philosopher. He is the
originator of Su Jok Ki. Through his scientific
works he developed a number of simple and
effective systems of treatment, which have
gained wide acceptance all over the world
among doctors, practitioners and lay people
alike. The medical profession in several
countries have adopted Su Jok Ki to run
alongside orthodox medicine, and in
particular the Russians have carried out
extensive testing in their hospitals to prove
the effectiveness of this therapy. Clinical
research studies compiled by doctors and
consultants can be viewed at www.sujok.ru

To treat knee problems at correspondence

level, a diagnostic probe is applied to the
area around the joint of the middle finger to
find points that cause acute pain to the
finger when pressed. The pain points on the
finger are marked then stimulated. However,
sometimes the stimulation is not enough to
totally eradicate the problem, in which case
work on energy levels is implemented.

In order to speed up healing, a system of
Homecare is always explained. This usually
involves stimulating the correspondence
area on the hands/feet on a daily basis in
the comfort of your home.
Is Su Jok Ki suitable for children?
YES. We have methods of treatment tailored
to childhood needs which are safe and
effective from infancy to adolescence.
Do you require further information?
Please contact - Marilyn Benson
Tel: 07961 157609
e mail:sujokacu@gmail.com

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