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Corporate Brand Guidelines

Honor The Worker

The Importance of the Brand

Established in 1889, Carhartt owns the most recognizable
and powerful brand in the workwear marketplace today.
The product of a comprehensive, corporate-wide brand identity
initiative in 2007, these guidelines have been created to help you
capitalize on the brands strengths, and protect it from misuse.
They encompass the brand identity system, including the
signature, its colors and the corporate typefaces. The guidelines
also address the brand voice, or style in which Carhartt
communications should address consumers.
Developed for all who have an interest in the success of the
Carhartt brand, these guidelines apply to the creation of print
ads, web sites, posters, labels, hang tags, premiums,
business cards, stationery and other materials.

Brand Voice


Signature Elements

Signature Clear Space

Carhartt Woman Signature Clear Space

Signature Configurations


Signature Color Variations


Signatures: Incorrect Usage


Signatures: Correct Usage


Minimum Signature Size


Supplementary Colors


Work Strong Graphic


Corporate Typefaces


Color Samples


Brand Voice
What is this, and why
should I read it?
Good questions.
The simple answers are brand voice
guidelines and so all our stuff sounds
the same. The less simple answers will
take two more paragraphs.

Every brand has

a personality
and a voice...when
we all write with
a common voice,
everything that our
customers see
will be on brand.

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 02

Lets start with brand voice: the

tone, manner and style our brand uses
to communicate. Every brand has a
personality and a voice. A luxury car
brand might sound a little snooty; a
high-performance energy bar might try
to sound extreme. This document will
outline the sound of the Carhartt voice
and provide guidelines for how to
express it.
So why should you read it? Because
when we all write with a common voice,
everything that our customers see will be
on-brand. Everything we write from
ads to brochures to web pages will
sound like it comes from Carhartt.

Were a red-blooded brand. Our products
are straight-forward. Our communication
should be equally no-nonsense.

What does our voice

sound like?
Our voice reflects the personality of
the Carhartt brand. We provide premium,
real workwear for hardworking men
and women who value doing the job
right. Were an honest brand with
a masculine style. Were authentic.
We have a history of innovation.
And our products are proven on
the job, in real life. Our voice simply
brings those attributes to life.

Be clear and direct.

- Get to the point. Dont waste a lot of
time. Say exactly what you mean.

Were an open and honest company.
Durable and functional, our products
deliver the value that workers have come
to expect from the brand. Our writing
reflects that.
Focus on a single idea.
- You may have a lot to say.
Pick the key message and
stick with that.
Tell the truth.
- Dont say Just fill out this simple
form if the form is a pain to fill out.
Say Youll need five minutes to fill
out this form completely.

Avoid flowery language.

- Dont try to romance the product.
Excessive use of adjectives and
exclamation points makes it hard
to take our brand seriously.

Our products have been around since
1889. Theyre high-quality and job-proven.
When we talk to customers, we can be
straightforward and self-assured.

Our products are job-tested by real
workers. Our brand is authentic and
real. Our writing should express this.
Be conversational.
 ont write long, impersonal
marketing-speak. Write like real people
writing to other real people. Use
contractions. Sentence fragments.
Whatever sounds real.
Be active and engaging.
 tay away from the passive voice.
Use strong nouns and surprising verbs.
Avoid jargon.
 arketing-speak and jargon just gets
in the way. Use simple words and
powerful ideas. Dont say Carhartt
is the preferred choice of the active
worker market segment. Say Were
job-tested by real workers.

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 04

Talk benefits.
- Our products dont need a lot of fluffy
language and high-pressure sales talk.
Just spell out the benefits and give the
audience what they need.
Direct them to the facts.
- Organize your information so its easy
to find. Use headings, subheads and
bulletpoints to direct readers to the
facts theyre looking for.
Address readers directly.
- The passive voice is impersonal and
overly formal. Talk directly to the
audience, using you as much as

We have a history of continuous
innovation and uncompromised
performance. Our voice is similarly
original and distinctive.
Find a hook.
- Look for strong openings and closings,
especially in ads. Give the reader a
way into your copy, then reward them
at the end for sticking with you.
Vary the pace.
- Double check your sentences to make
sure theyre not all the same length.
Change the rhythm and break the
Avoid clichs.
- Stay away from over-used words
and phrases. Try to find a new
and improved way to say new
and improved.

Example 1

So what does that

mean in real life?
That all sounds good in theory.
But when it really makes sense is
when its proven in the real world.
So here are some examples.
These examples show how our voice
could sound in a number of different
places. It could be advertising. It could
be a catalog, a brochure, a website. Or it
could be a corporate piece talking about
one of our sponsorships.
Our voice is flexible enough that we can
speak to a number of audiences, about
a whole host of products, and still
sound like Carhartt. Take a look.

Instead of:
A variety of features such as premium
fabrics, comfortable fit and rugged
construction are just some of the
hallmarks of Carhartt workwear that
fit our customers needs in the
toughest conditions.
Rugged construction. Premium fabrics.
Just a few of the reasons our workwear
meets your needs in the toughest
The revision addresses
the audience directly.
It uses sentences fragments
to read more conversationally.
It varies the sentence lengths
to keep the copy interesting.

Example 2
Instead of:
Carhartt has set a new standard for
flame resistant workwear with the same
legendary durability, comfort and fit
that customers have come to expect
from Carhartt.
Youll find the same legendary
durability, comfort and fit in our
flame resistant workwear.

It puts the most important phrases

at the opening and closing:
rugged construction and
toughest conditions.

The revision is conversational:
our and youll instead of
Carhartt and customers.

It avoids vague language:

a variety of features.

It starts by addressing

the reader directly.
It focuses on the benefits.

Example 3
Instead of:
The body lining is 100% polyester mesh
while the sleeves and hood are lined in
100% nylon taffeta. Other features include
a zipper storm flap, an interior waist
drawcord, a left chest flap pocket with
hook-and-loop closure, and a snap-on/off
removable hood.
100% polyester mesh body lining
 00% nylon taffeta sleeve
and hood lining
Zipper storm flap
Interior waist drawcord
 hest flap pocket with
hook-and-loop closure
Snap-on/off removable hood
The revision uses bulletpoints
to organize the information.
It shortens phrases to
make it more readable.
It focuses on the benefits
in a way thats easy to scan.

The Carhartt voice is clear and
conversational, expressing these

Example 4
Instead of:
Since 2005, Carhartt has offered a limited
selection of childrens clothing, and
customer response has been so positive
that a complete line of tops, bottoms,
outerwear and accessories for children
including bib overalls, dungarees, jeans
and jackets has been developed.
Weve expanded our successful childrens
clothing line. Now youll find jeans,
jackets, overalls everything youve been
looking for.
The revision focuses on the reader:
youll find and youve been looking
for vs. Carhartt has offered.
It uses active rather than passive
language: weve expanded
vs. has been developed.
It closes with a benefit: everything
youve been looking for.
It simplifies the language to focus
on the key products: jeans, jackets,
overalls vs. a complete line.

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 06

- Focus on a single idea.
- Tell the truth.
- Be clear and direct.
- Avoid flowery language.
- Be conversational.
- Be active and engaging.
- Avoid jargon.
- Find a hook.
- Vary the pace.
- Avoid clichs.
- Talk benefits.
- Direct them to the facts.
- Address readers directly.

Signature Elements
The signature or logo is the single most
important expression of the Carhartt brand.
This newly updated version and its Carhartt Woman
variant are now exclusive to all communications;
no old logos should be used in their place.
The new Carhartt signature features the C symbol,
and Carhartt word mark, while the new Carhartt
Woman signature includes a Woman word mark.

Signature Clear Space

The new Carhartt and Carhartt Woman signatures
must stand out to communicate effectively.
When positioned too close, elements such as borders,
graphics and text will distract the viewer and diminish
the signatures impact.
For this reason, clear space surrounds the Carhartt
signature. And, for flexibility, both preferred and
minimum clear spaces are specified.








Preferred clear space = 4x

Minimum clear space = 2x
x = height of the lowercase a

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 08

As with the new Carhartt signature, clear space measurements

for the new Carhartt Woman signature are proportional to the
height of the a in the Carhartt word mark.







Signature Configurations
The new Carhartt and Carhartt Woman signatures
appear in either of two configurations: A preferred
configuration, and a secondary configuration for
applications where the horizontal layout of signature
elements is optimum.

Carhartt & Carhartt Woman

Primary Signatures
Preferred configuration

Carhartt & Carhartt Woman

Secondary or Horizontal Signature
Secondary configuration where
primary will not fit, or for
horizontal applications

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 10

Signature Color Variations

The preferred presentation of the new Carhartt and Carhartt
Woman signatures is Carhartt Brown (Pantone #7511) and
Black over a light background.
An alternate two-color presentation is Carhartt Brown and
White, for use over a dark background.
For applications in which only one color may be used, these
single-color signatures have been developed: Black, for use
over light backgrounds, and; White, for use on dark backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast for good signature

x Do not rotate the signature

it must always be horizontal.

x Do not distort the signature.

Incorrect Usage
These examples show signatures that do not
adhere to guidelines for configuration, color
and clear space.

x Do not use any colors

other than those specified.

x Do not employ graphic effects

such as a bevel, emboss, outer
glow, or drop shadow.


x Do not place the signature in

x Do not place the signature on

a confined border, as when

attempting to recreate
a patch or label.

a busy background that

diminishes visibility.

x Do not ignore the signature

clear space guidelines.

x Do not reconfigure the

signature elements,
or using either one
without the other.

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 12

Signatures: Correct Use

These layouts show signatures that adhere to
guidelines for configuration, color and clear space.

a Example 1

a Example 3

The preferred two-color signature is:

The black signature is:

 elected for use on
a light background

 elected for use on
a light background


over a clear area
for optimum legibility

 ligned on the right side
of the layout

 ligned on the right side
of the layout

 urrounded by the proper
amount of clear space

 urrounded by the proper
amount of clear space

a Example 2

a Example 4

The alternate two-color signature is:

The white signature is:


for use on
a dark background

 elected for use on
a dark background

Aligned on the right side of the layout


by the proper
samount of clear space

 ligned on the right side
of the layout
 urrounded by the proper
amount of clear space

* The layouts portrayed on this page are

to be used as examples for logo selection
and positioning only.

Minimum Signature Size

Minimum-size guidelines ensure optimum legibility
for the signature, and also work to maintain
consistency in its presentation.

Minimum Size of
Primary Signature
is 0.85 x 0.85
+ Clear Space

When would I use the minimum size?

Layouts for business cards, postcards and
small-space newspaper ads often require
minimum-size signatures.

What is the minimum-size

signature for online use?
For web sites and other online applications,
minimum signature sizes are expressed in the
following pixel dimensions:

Minimum Size of
Secondary Signature
is 1.45 x 0.56
+ Clear Space

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 14

Primary Signature Size: 92 x 92px

(+33px Clear Space)
Secondary Signature Size: 156 x 30px
(+42px Clear Space)

Supplementary Colors
Pantone 7511

These palettes have been specially created to

complement the Carhartt Brown and other colors used
in the new Carhartt and Carhartt Woman signatures.

100% Black

They provide the flexibility needed when using

(and coloring) design elements such as type,
graphics, artwork or photography.
In addition, they help ensure consistency;
use of these complementary colors in place
of others will help establish a distinct and
readily recognized look for Carhartt.
Pantone 444 C

Pantone 5405

Pantone 403

Pantone 5395


Pantone 7407

Pantone 1655

Pantone 484

Pantone 1605

Pantone 4535


Pantone 377

Pantone 4485

Pantone 451

Pantone 381





*The above swatches are CMYK representations of the recommended Pantone Spot colors.

Work Strong Graphic

The Carhartt brand essence and brand positioning
is communicated to consumers in a new tag line:
Work Strong. This is communicated in a new
stamp-like graphic, available in both white (preferred)
and black. The graphic is always to be portrayed on
a 5 angle slanting upward, as shown below. As with
Carhartts signature, the same rules apply:

Do not distort in any way

Do not use colors other than black or white
Do not intrude upon clear space surrounding logo
Do not employ graphic effects
Do not position at an angle other than 5
Do not place within a confined border

White Work Strong Graphic

The preferred variation.

Black Work Strong Graphic

Alternate variation.

Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 16

Primary: Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue Light
Helvetica Neue Light Italic
Helvetica Neue Roman
Helvetica Neue Italic
Helvetica Neue Bold
Helvetica Neue Bold Italic
Helvetica Neue Medium Condensed
Helvetica Neue Medium Condensed Oblique

Corporate Typefaces
Two corporate typefaces or fonts have been selected to
provide a uniform and recognizable look for Carhartt
communications: Helvetica Neue, and Melior.
The primary font - Helvetica Neue - should be used
in headlines. The secondary typeface - Melior - is best
suited in body copy and other applications. Thin, bold,
italic and other variations are all acceptable for use.
Both typefaces may be ordered from Adobe
at www.adobe.com/type/index.html.

Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed

Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed Oblique
Helvetica Neue Black Condensed
Helvetica Neue Black Condensed Oblique

Secondary: Melior
Melior Regular
Melior Italic
Melior Bold
Melior Bold Italic

What are Pantone inks?

Used throughout the world, the
Pantone Matching System gives
graphic designers, printers and others
the ability to replicate colors on press*
with great accuracy.

Pantone Colors: Coated Paper

A number/letter combination is assigned to

shades (e.g. Pantone 7511 C for Carhartt
Brown), specifying a custom* ink color.
*For jobs where a custom Pantone ink is
not an option, the CMYK (cyan, magenta,
yellow and black) code provided will give
you the closest match.
**For online or broadcast use,
Pantone formulas are expressed as
RGB (red, green, blue).

Why do we need different Pantone

colors for different papers?

7511 C

100% Black

M = 48
Y = 93
K = 23



K = 100

R = 00
G = 00
B = 00
Carhartt Corporate Brand Guidelines Page 18

R = 194
G = 123
B = 19

R = C2
G = 7B
B = 13

Some papers are coated to achieve a

matte, glossy, or satin finish while other
papers are uncoated.
Pantone color selections can be optimized
for each paper type. This page shows our
Pantone recommendations for coated
paper, while the facing page displays our
recommendations for uncoated paper.

Pantone Colors: Uncoated Paper

153 U

100% Black

K = 100

M = 46
Y = 100
K = 18

The Carhartt Signature and the Carhartt

Work Strong graphic are trademarks of
Carhartt, Inc., and are protected by laws
governing their use.

Carhartt exists

to provide
best-in-class apparel

for the
active worker.