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Millie Price

Short film Analysis Hello?

In the short film extract Hello? it uses a
wide range of camera angles to show
emotion and to deliver the sad storyline in an
effective way. Firstly, close up shots are used
of the boyfriend Fin to show his emotion. By
using a close up it allows the audience to
connect and feel intimate with the character
and see the emotion in his eyes. A close-up shot is effective to make the
audience concentrate on the face and relate to the character. By
concentrating on his face, we see the pain in his eyes. By using a close up
shot is also allows the audience to just focus on him, as he is the
importance in the frame, while the background behind him is blurred and
Furthermore, In the short film they also use
long shots leading up to the girl Eva being
murdered. This use of long shots is effective
shows the entire human figure of Eva on her
journey before being killed. The use of a long
shot in this scene is to introduce the
beginning of the action. It sets in motion the
audience's perception of time, place and
logical action of the scene that is about to
transpire. (Eva being killed). By giving little
detail visible in the shot, it means you can
give a general impression rather than
specific information, giving an open reading
to the audience. While the focus is on Eva,
plenty of background detail still emerges
(e.g. we can tell she is in a subway).
In addition they also use the idea of a point
of view shot. This is used when Eva has
been stabbed and is on her own in the
subway bleeding to death. This sort of shot
is effective as the camera corresponds to
the height of Eva (on the ground). It gives
the audience the feel that youre seeing it
from the eyes of the Eva. It is taken from
near the eye-level of the actor and shows
what Eva would be seeing this is therefore
effective as it engages the audience into the storyline as they feel like they are
there with her and form an attachment to her character.

Likewise, Sound is also used in this short

film for effectiveness and drama. At the
start of the film it is seen to be a happy
setting of laughing and friends being
together having fun. There is rock music, which
portrays and mirrors Eva and Fins happiness. The
group of friends are seen drinking and having a
good time. So therefore the sound if parallel to the
mood of the scene.

However as the film goes on and the drama kicks in we here a more
mysterious humming sound. It is a spooky
enigmatic noise which gives to us the feeling of
something not being quite right or that
something bad is going to happen. In addition,
when it is the day of Evas funeral sad music
plays as Fin sits in her room crying repeatedly
listening to Evas last message over and over. It
is a piano sound of soft sounds connotating
death and grief.

Lastly the film uses mise-en-scene to portray the theme of the film to the
audience. The two main characters Fin and Eva are both wearing dull
clothing of dark greens, blacks and greys to
almost portray death and sadness. The
costume mirrors the mood and theme of
the film.