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Module 1

1.What device measures the angle

between two radio frequency and also
the direction of propagation of a wave
2. What is the frequency range of an
aircrafts Very High Frequency (VHF)
-118.00MHz to 136.975MHz
3. What is the frequency range of an
aircrafts radio altimeter
-4250MHz to 4350MHz
4. Tropospheric scatter is method of
sky wave propagation for which of the
following frequency bands
-300MHz to 3GHz
5.Which of the following terrain types
permits a ground wave to travel the
-salt water
6. Best describe a dip-meter
-a variable LC oscillator with
metered feedback current
7.Which of the following systems is not
used in radio detection and ranging
-amplitude modulation

10. What consists the front-end circuit

of a VHF TV superheterodyne receiver
-local oscillator, mixer and RF
11. What phenomenon causes the
radio-path horizon distance to exceed
and the geometric horizon
-radio waves may be bent
12. What is meant by the term
modulated index
-the ratio between the deviation
of a frequency modulated signal and
the modulating frequency
13. The bending of radio waves
passing over the top of a mountain
range that disperses a weak portion of
the signal behind the mountain
-knife-edge diffraction
14. Which of the following is not one of
the natural ways a radio wave may
travel from transmitter to receiver
-micro wave
15. If the modulation index of an AM
wave is doubled, the antenna current
is also
16. What is the advantage of a
-assures that the telephone is

8. Considered as the main source of an

internal noise
-thermal agitation

17. Which transmit only one sideband


9. What is the cause of atmospheric or

static noise

18. Transmission of printed material

over telephone lines

19. When testing transmitter to

prevent interfering with other stations,
which type of antenna must be used
-dummy antenna
20. If the modulation index of an AM
wave is doubled, the antenna current
is also doubled, the AM system being
used is
21. What is the reason why
compounding is employed in PCM
-to protect small signals in PCM
from quantizing distortion
22. What is the local oscillator
frequency range in commercial AM
broadcast if it is equal to
-995 to 2055 kHz
23. Modulation in which no signal is
present between pulses
-pulse modulation
24. An increase in the effective power
radiated by an antenna in a certain
desired direction at the expense of
power radiated in other directions
-antenna gain
25. How can the antenna efficiency of
an HF grounded vertical antenna be
made comparable to that of a half
wave antenna
-by installing a good ground
radial sytem
26. One type of pulse communications
system uses pulse that appear as a
group, an which vary in number
according to the voice. This type of
pulse modulation is called
-pulse duration modulation

27. A device to be connected across

the headset in telephone receivers to
reduce the effects of acoustic shock
-two rectifiers in parallel with
opposite polarities
28. What is meant by antenna gain
-the numeric ratio relating the
radiated signal strength of an antenna
to that of another antenna
29. Which determines the number of
sideband components in FM
-modulation index
30. What is the baseband frequency of
standard FDM basic supergroup
-312 to 552 kHz
31. An electromagnetic wave consist
-both electric field and magnetic
32. When electromagnetic waves are
propagated through a waveguide, they
-are reflected from the walls but
do not travel along them
33. Transmission sent in both direction
34. Reference noise temperature
-290 K
35. A pi-network is
-a network consisting of one
inductor and two capacitors
36. What type of emission is produced
when a frequency modulated

transmitter is modulated by a
facsimile signal
37. Which of the following antennas is
used for testing and adjusting a
transmitter for proper modulation,
amplifier operation and frequency
-dummy antenna
38. Which improves antenna
-parasitic element
39. Where are the current nodes in a
half-wave antenna
-at the ends
40. Which of the following is the ferrite
device that buffers a microwave
source from the effects of a varying
load, and thereby prevents the
formation of standing waves
41. Point on the satellite orbit closest
to the earth
42. What is the purpose of beat
frequency oscillator (BFO)
-generates a 1kHz note for
Morse code reception
43. The capture area of an antenna is
directly proportional to the ____
-gain of the antenna
44. What is a trap
-a parallel LC network inserted
in an antenna
45. Pulse width modulation

47. Advantage of ASCII to Baudot Code
-can transmit letters in lower
and upper case

48. Operating frequency of Automatic

Direction Finder (ADF)
-190 to 1750kHz
49. Why is nitrogen gas sometimes
used in waveguide
-to keep the wave guide dry
50. Radius of sun
10^8 m
51. The characteristic impedance of a
transmission line does not depend
upon its
52. The term used to refer to the
condition where the signals from a
very strong station are superimposed
on other signals being received
-cross-modulation interference
53. To transmit SSBSC it must ______
carrier and _______ the upper sideband
-cancel, filter
54. Ability of the receiver to receive
the desired signal and reject all others
-folded half wave dipole

56. Reference antenna for which the

gain of practical antenna
-isotropic antenna
57. Size of reflector with respect to the
driven element
-about 5%

58. one supplied with power from the

transmitter usually through
transmission line
-driven element
59. An antenna which is not resonant
at a particular frequencies and so can
be used over a wide band of
frequencies is called
60. EIRP
-product of radiated RF power of
a transmitter and the gain of the
antenna system
61. A word in telegraphy consist of
_____ characters plus a word space
-7 and
62.What is the effect of adding
-attenuates capacitive
-45 V RMS
64. SSB transmitter uses a/n _____
wattmeter, AM and FM transmitter
uses ______ wattmeter
65. Maximum voice band of a master

66. Use in SSB receiver

67. What happen when a marine
sends SSB signal to an aircraft which is
switch on auto piloting
-there will be a sharp turn to left
of right
68. Frequency range of VOR ( VHF
Omnidirectional Range)
-108.05 to 117.95 MHz
-used to find fixed location
70. ILS transmitter is located at the
end of the runway with what operating
-108.10 to 111.95 MHz
71. Glide slope transmitter operating
-329.30 to 335.00 MHz
72. Type of information to be
transmitted of A3C
73.Emission of F3C
74. Frequency modulation of single
analog information to be transmitted
by facsimile
-frequency shift keying
76. What is the relation indegrees of
electric field to magnetic field
- 90 degrees

77. Frequency range of UHF

-300 to 3000 MHz
78. Best frequency used to operate a
sky wave
-Optimum Usable Frequency
79. This phenomenon happens
because of ray paths in ionosphere are
different frequencies
-selective fading

-guard band
88. In general typical frequency that
troposcatter wave propagation is
found to be effective
-350MHz to 10 GHz
89.Operating frequency of
-350Mhz to 10GHz
-from early evening to 12:00

-line current and surge
impedance of transmission line
81. Ratio of load impedance to
transmission line impedance
82. Most desirable SWR
83. Ratio of maximum peak frequency
deviation of the carrier signal to the
maximum modulating frequency
-deviation ratio
84. What is the case of two co-channel
being received at the same time
-capture effect
85. What is the IBMs asynchronous
data link protocol designation
86. The sensitivity of a receiver is
determined by its ability to
-receive weak signal
87. What do you call the void band of
frequencies between any two adjacent

91. International Broadcasting ( short

waves) frequency range from _____ in
accordance in the international
- 5950 to 26100 kHz
92. When a space wave signal passes
over mountain ridge a small part of
the signal is diffracted down the far
side of the mountain, this
phenomenon is called
- Knife edge diffraction
93. What is the term used to describe
a spread spectrum communications
system where the center frequency of
a conventional carrier is altered many
times per second in accordance with a
pseudo-random list of channels?
-Frequency hopping
94.____ is an electronic instrument
used to show both the carrier and the
sidebands of a modulated signal in
frequency domain
-spectrum analyzer
95. Transequatorial propagation is best
-afternoon or early evening

96.What is the usual electrical length

of a driven element in an HF beam
-1/2 wavelength
97. The number of voice band
channels in a master group per CCITT
standard is ______