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By Dr. Steven J. Katz

Copyright 2009, 2011

The World of Reich An Introductory Essay

The world of Wilhelm Reich was a world struggling to emerge from the chaos and mass
murder of the last 100 years. It is a world that ultimately claimed his life in a prison cell
in 1957. This book chronicles an attempt to comprehend that world without the
constraints of any orthodoxies or dogmas. It is an uncensored look in the face of crucified
The probability that the human race will not survive the coming centuries, or perhaps
even the 21st century, is high. The demons of nuclear and biological war are spreading
and waiting their chance to be unleashed by the power mad emotional plague humans
who rule the earths destiny. Perhaps the Russian mystic P.D. Ouspensky was right, and
there are too many spiritual laws against humanity liberating itself from this plague.
However, if there is a way out, Dr. Wilhelm Reichs life and work remains a beacon of
hope. [Cf. "The Book of Revelation," 13:11 - 13:18, the New Testament.]
This work is a journey, and a spiritual vision quest. It consists of this introduction to the
world of Reich, and a series of letters written over three years (1996-1999) between
myself and the late Dr. Victor Silver (a fictitious name to preserve the privacy of my
correspondent, a philosopher with a PhD from Columbia University). In order to bring
out the underlying themes of the correspondence, the letters have been edited and
annotated. Dr. Silver, philosopher and mystic, had written a series of articles published in
the Journal of Orgonomy. He also taught Reich in his capacity as a philosophy teacher
whenever he could. I was his student as a philosophy major at Adelphi University in the
1960s, and later his friend, correspondent, and fellow philosopher during the late 1990s.
The topics covered are Orgonomy, politics, and mysticism.
In the face of the chronic murder of Christ all over the planet by the anti-life humans in
charge of the various power pathological societies, masked by rationalizing ideologies,
this work defiantly represent the continuing search for knowledge, spirit and life. It also
brings forth an exploration of the work of Wilhelm Reichs last years in a way not
attempted before by any of his orthodox followers, certainly not among some (but not all)
of the medical doctors who have made his revolutionary discoveries into a narrow and
authoritarian medical specialty.
There is no more time. This creates an opening to blast the continuum of repression and
exploitation into the eternal Messianic sparks of liberation. To remain in the continuum
that we are now in will mean the extinction of life. The Capitalist states are murdering,
physically and spiritually, with impunity all over our planet. Pathogenic religious warfare
is spreading like wildfire. Like a cancer, this plague of inhumanity and life killing deadly
energy has spread globally. With the defeat of the deformed workers states in the Soviet
Union and elsewhere, the only existing chemotherapy holding these cancer tumors in
check has disappeared. The surgery that Trotsky recommended, world-wide revolution,

no longer has revolutionary upsurges to carry it out, and, even if it did, it has no weapons
against the deadly spiritual energy.
The spiritual paradigm for dealing with this plague has new weapons in future science,
both cosmic and terrestrial. It needs an enrichment of subjective spiritual liberation to
succeed in an ever-evolving spiral. The bio-energetic approach provides the
subjective/objective fusion necessary to create revolutionary spiritual action throughout
the globe.
The rational core of the enlightenment given in-depth existential dimension by functional
mysticism can provide us with a much needed modern revolutionary Gnosticism. This
functional mysticism is dependent on the deepest revolutionary spiritual functions geared
toward the liberation of the sparks of the Godheads oceanic energy [functional
mysticism was well represented in the primitive communalism of early Christianity
before it was co-opted by the Roman State]. This energy, which Reich called Orgone,
was trapped in dense matter by an evil spiritual power worshipped as the God of
repression and vengeance. Wilhelm Reich, in truth a healthy Jewish mystic, by gathering
and uniting these sparks of the true God in the human organism and the atmosphere,
demonstrated revolutionary functional mysticism. He is simply the most recent
philosopher to travel this path. Jesus Christ and Sabbatai Sevi traveled it before him.
Others will come in metaphysical UFOs to continue to spark the permanent revolution.
[See: Hoffman, Edward, "The Way of Splendor - Jewish Mysticism and Modern
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The Omega Point of Christogenesis, as Teilhard de Chardin put it, can be reached as one
of the highest forms of civilization following the dissolution of power pathological
societies. As in Kabbalistic philosophy, we are aiming at a return to the source of light
and life that created us.
The natural process that created the origin of our Universe in the Big Bang contained a
fundamental flaw. As the infinite orgone energy ocean of the prior Universe contracted
into a quantum point, a new domain was created for the orgasmic explosion of the cosmic
energies into creation [there were infinite prior Universes and will be infinite future

Universes if one can use the concept of "time" to describe an infinite and eternal process
of becoming]. The dialectic of Being and Nothingness was structured into this Big Bang.
This living energy eventually became armored and congealed into what the Cabbalists
called shells [dense matter] and cast down into the material dimensions. [For the
Kabbalistic explanation of this see: Ashlag, Rabbi Yehuda L., "The Kabbalah - A Study
of the Ten Luminous Emanations from Rabbi Isaac Luria (The Old City, Jerusalem,
Israel, 1984). See also, for the analogous process of contraction and creation from mass
free orgone energy, Reich, Wilhelm, "Experimental Demonstration of the Physical
Orgone Energy," pgs. 133-146, in International Journal of Sex-Economy and OrgoneResearch, Vol. 4, Numbers 2 and 3 (November 1946).]
An alien natural-spiritual power, out of hatred of life, functioned to interfere with the
cosmic creation of life energy. The source of our Universe is one of an infinite number of
other spiritual sources in eternity, and the God of Life Energy was challenged by one of
these other sources in the form of an evil natural power. The Eternal Godhead beyond
this series of lower spiritual powers, both life-furthering and deadly, dances in
wave/particle vibrations with absolute serenity.
Reich called this evil alien power the enemy of humanity. Dr. Reich knew it well from
the deadly orgone energy in the atmosphere of the earth, and in human armoring. He
scientifically discovered its objective existence during the Oranur Experiment [to be
described below]. Ultimately, Reich thought this deadly spiritual energy had a cosmic
source, as did other heretical Gnostics [See: Jonas, Hans, "The Gnostic Religion"
(Boston, Beacon Press, 1963)]. Reich wanted the creation of Harbors for Life,
Churches for Life, and Sanctuaries for Life. He recognized that humanity had to be
protected from this deadly force. Reich, Ilse Ollendorff, Wilhelm Reich, pg. 156 (N.Y.,
St. Martins Press, 1969).].
Exiled from the true God of life and light, we still have shards of divinity within us. The
ancient Cabbalists thought that by a gathering of these sparks, both in the microcosmic
and the macrocosmic, we could ascend back to the Godhead from our entrapment in
material matter. As Jacques Lacarriere stated in his The Gnostics, Let us sum up: we
are exploited on a cosmic scale, we are the proletariat of the demiurge-executioner, slaves
exiled into a world that is viscerally subjected to violence; we are the dregs and sediment
of a lost heaven, strangers on our own planet. [Lacarriere, Jacques, "The Gnostics," pg.
29 (San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1977)].
Wilhelm Reich made his initial breakthrough out of this cosmic entrapment when he
discovered the function of the orgasm. He learned that full and free loving sexual
intercourse lead to a complete body orgasm, resulting in the merging of the spiritual self
with the partner, and that it resulted in a high degree of continuing bio-psychological
health. It also produces critical truth seeking people able to challenge repressive and
exploitative forces such as Capitalism or a new caste of communist party functionaries.
Given that the function of the orgasm is the primary creative function in the cosmos,
healthy humanity is also able to make contact with the energetic domain through cosmic
contact. Cosmic superimpositions in the creation of the galaxies mirror the microcosmic

intercourse. [Reich, Wilhelm, translated by Therese Pol, Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic
Superimposition (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1973).].
Repression of the orgasm reflex (the significance of which Reich first discovered in the
1920s), and full fluid bodily movement, by the exploitative state apparatuses through the
family, schools, and the police forces, produce passive uncritical masses. [Reich,
Wilhelm, "The Function of the Orgasm" (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961)]. This is the
explanation for the failure of masses to permanently secure their freedoms won on the
bloody battle fields of the Paris commune, the Russian revolution, and the Chinese
revolution. Many people are unable to comprehend and challenge their exploitation and
suppression by new castes of communist party functionaries or resurgent Capitalists.
They remain trapped in the material domain with only narcotics or repressive organized
distorted pathogenic religion or various political ideologies to dull the pain.
Much more destructive than this mass passivity, and the dialectical complement to it, is
the orgasmic impotence of highly active emotional plague individuals such as Hitler.
Hitler was only able to come to orgasm by sadistic or masochistic means as prostitutes, or
would be lovers, subjected him to dominating and degrading treatment. The excess
undischarged bio-spiritual energy in his body resulted in demonic or deadly orgone
energies that fueled his rise to power and his subsequent use by criminal capitalists to
launch World War II. In pictures of Hitler giving his hypnotizing speeches to the German
masses, one can see this energy displaced from his stagnating pelvic basin into the head
and eyes. Pictures of Hitler interacting with children also show the wooden movement of
his body. [See: Reich, Wilhelm, "The Mass Psychology of Fascism," trans. by Theodore
P. Wolf (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1946); Reich, Wilhelm, "The Function of the
Orgasm" (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961); Ravenscroft, Trevor, "The Spear of Destiny,"
pgs. 154-176 (York Beach, Maine, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1997); Shirer, William L., "The
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" (N.Y., Simon & Schuster, 1990)].
The healthy individual is spontaneously an existential revolutionary. He or she is not the
supporter of Capitalism as implied by the socio-political theorizing of Elsworth Baker
and Paul Matthews. [Wilhelm Reich had much more in common with great libertarian
anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Peter Kropotkin than he did with Ronald
Reagan.] A spiritually-bioenergetically healthy person would also not support totalitarian
state communism or a philosophy such as Maoism that is authoritarian and completely
anti-sexual. Reich also thought Stalin embodied the emotional plague. State totalitarian
corporate capitalism [Benito Mussolini: "Corporatism and the State equal fascism."], and
state totalitarian communism, both represent current variants of Babylon the Great
Mother of All Prostitutes and Obscenities foretold in the Book of Revelation [Revelation
Reich specifically likened himself to Martin Luther when he opposed the Capitalist
judicial frame-up that he had endured for shipping Orgone Energy Accumulators (to
biologically recharge the organism with revolutionary energy) across state lines. He
stated to Martin Bell in a bar in Washington D.C., before his imprisonment, that like
Martin Luther, he could not do otherwise (as reported to the writer in a personal

conversation with former Orgone Institute Press worker Mr. Bell in the 1990s). He had
to nail his thesis of scientific independence to the door of the courthouse in denying the
Capitalist judicial authorities the competence to judge his work. Leon Trotsky faced the
same struggle with the elite caste in the Soviet Union.
Meister Eckhart, the great mystic, and Giordano Bruno, the philosopher and cosmologist,
were crucified by heresy trials. Dr. Reich specifically mentioned Bruno favorably in his
The Murder of Christ. It was clear that he thought that Bruno was a precursor of his
scientific and philosophic discoveries. Reich suffered the same fate at the hands of the
U.S. government as did Eckhart and Bruno by the anti-life religious inquisitions of their
day. [See: Yates, Frances, "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition" (Chicago, The
University of Chicago Press, 1991); and Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical &
Paranormal Experience,"Eckhart, Johannes (c. 1260-1327)" (Edison, N.J., Castle Books,
1991); Greenfield, Jerome, "Wilhelm Reich vs. the U.S.A." (N.Y., W.W. Norton &
Company, 1974).].
In Norway, in the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich discovered the energy behind the orgasm which
he called Orgone. Experiments lead him to find that it filled all of the cosmos and
penetrated everything. It is the mass free energy behind all matter, both organic and
inorganic. It is the regulation of this energy in the living organism that is responsible for
health. The building up of this energy, because of bio-psychological defenses that Reich
called armor, is held in chronic tension and can result in irrational behavior and various
biopathies such as cancer, heart disease, and social pathologies such as predatory
capitalism or stifling state socialism.
In his discovery of an intelligent cosmic spiritual energy at the root of all that exists in the
Universe, Dr. Reich discovered the substance of the Universe, hereto called God by the
various religions. If his science of this cosmic energy, which he called orgone, delineates
the laws and functioning of the universe, then it is a science of God. Since theology is
the science of God, Reich can be rightly called a scientific materialist theologian.
Reich, in his later work, attained a dialectical fusion of functional metaphysics and
physics. He became a metaphysical materialist. On the verge of escaping from the trap,
he was removed from the scene by the public and private powers he threatened by his
very being.
With the Oranur experiment, initiated in 1950-51, designed to find a way to use the life
energy against atomic weapons, Reich broke through the boundary between physics and
metaphysics. As stated by Dr. Victor Silver, Orgonomic Theologian: In 1950, Dr.
Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with Atomic energy which confirmed the
objective existence of Good and Evil, God and the Devil, and their organic identification
with all human health and sickness. [Letter of Dr. Silver to Dr. Katz of May 6, 1998].
By putting nuclear energy inside a device designed to also concentrate cosmic creative
mass free energy, Reich blew a hole through the barrier between physics and
metaphysics. The creative spiritual energy, suppressed by the disintegrating anti-life
radiation, was no longer able to flow from the metaphysical interdimensional domain to

the physical domain, and thus went wild into a destructive form of energy Reich called
Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR). This also created in humans a form of DOR sickness,
which, if overcome by Orgone energy in the organism, created vibrant emotional and
physical health. It could also lead to a spiritual conversion process as described by
William James in his Varieties of Religious Experience.
With this process, Reich recovered old spiritual truths buried by scientific mechanical
materialism and dogmatic religion alike. Oranur First Report (1947-1951) led directly
to his writing The Murder of Christ, and then into the domain of UFOs as chronicled in
his work Contact with Space, Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956. The emerging cosmic
Oranur paradigm for this breakthrough can already be seen in his Ether, God and Devil;
Cosmic Superimposition, published in 1949 and 1951 respectively.
In The Oranur Experiment, Dr. Reich observed that all who worked on the project
thought that they had entered: some awful, deadly dangerous experience which we could
not quite fully grasp, which had thrown us into some great depth, a heretofore wellhidden domain of cosmic functioning. [See "The Oranur Experiment," p. 326-328
(Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).] Reich felt that the experiment had
broken down the barriers between the physical and the metaphysical. It had scientifically
validated the Hindu concept of prana and other spiritual energies. It also unleashed the
realm of deadly spiritual energy or DOR heretofore understood by the old western
theologians as the Devil. [See Osesterreich, Traugott, "Possession and Exorcism"
(N.Y., Causeway Books, 1974).].
In the Oranur process, Reich put radium inside an Orgone accumulator in order to see if it
would neutralize the radiation. He was worried at that time about an attack on the United
States triggered by Red Fascist North Korea. Reich wanted to see if Orgone could
neutralize the effects of an atomic attack. The result of this experiment produced a form
of Orgone energy that was deadly, that Reich called DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy). This
clash between the Orgone energy of creation and the atomic energy of destruction may
have punched holes in the space/time continuum, creating a portal between the material
and metaphysical domains.
In the 1956 movie, Forbidden Plant, a picture Reich as a science fiction movie
enthusiast must certainly have viewed, the alien race of Krells evolved to a transition
point between embodied intelligent energy and the mass free thought creation of matter.
They forgot that in making this leap in cognition and cosmic existence, they would
unleash any deadly orgone energy that they still harbored in the depths of their being. As
a result, the Krell civilization was destroyed in one day. This underscores the vital
necessity of the spiritual cleansing of humanity. [Forbidden Planet, MGM, 1956.
Available in DVD. Directed by Fred Wilcox with Walter Pigeon as Dr. Morbius. Dr.
Morbius, originally a philologist, took a "mind/body boost" from a Krell learning
machine and deciphered some of their secrets. In the process, he released his own
internalized DOR layer.]

In the introduction to the Murder of Christ, Reich stated that with the occurrence of the
Oranur Experiment, the study of Christ was being published as biographical material. He
talked about the emotional implications of the experiment. Reich went on to assert that
Oranur provided basic spiritual solutions to the social problems of humanity. [See Reich,
Wilhelm, "The Murder of Christ," "Introduction" (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1980)].
This statement, made before the OROP desert expedition (where Reich went to Arizona
to increase rain and came into contact with UFOs) and the ensuing UFO discoveries, is
emotional dynamite. Thus, it is astounding that the implications of this idea have gone
unnoticed for more than 50 years by Reichs students.
Reichs paradigm for the liberated human was Jesus as the embodiment of Christ-Cosmic
energy. Although Reich indicated that his book The Murder of Christ was an
emotionally immature study, he had in it already touched the cosmic spiritual dimension
with a Gnostic Jesus who brought the concentrated light of the Godhead into the
entrapped realm of the lower spiritual powers that is the earth plane. This Christ clearly
functioned outside of the armored concepts of leadership and organization until his
followers brought him down to destruction. However, the answers Reichs The Murder
of Christ provided to entrapped humanities perennial problems were isolated and
individual rather than social and dynamic.
Moving beyond the individual Christ solution, Oranur uncovered the technology for a
massive spiritual transformation on a global level more recently described by Antonio
Negri and Michael Hardt in their work Multitudes. Marx originally described this
humanist spiritual transformation in the mid-nineteenth century in his Economic and
Philosophic manuscripts. Negri and Hardt, however, lacked the functional tools to make
this a reality. Reich created these tools.
Reichs UFO discoveries in Maine and Arizona provided the probable materialist
metaphysical (metaphysics defined as First Principles and the Supernatural domain that
co-exists / sustains the material cosmos, and is behind the Big Bang of creation.)
vehicle to apply the Oranur technology on a global scale as the basis for mass spiritual
transformation and to produce eventual Christogenesis as delineated in another context
by philosopher Teilhard de Chardin in his work. [Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, "The Heart
of Matter" (N.Y., Harper & Row, 1978), and Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, "The
Phenomenon of Man" (N.Y., Harper & Row, 1965)]. It also provided the technology for
disabling hostile DOR spreading (demonic in mystical terms) UFOs. It is for this reason
that Reich published Contact With Space as Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956.
[Reich, Wilhelm, "Contact With Space - Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956" (N.Y., Core
Pilot Press, 1957)].
Juan Posadas, the brilliant Argentinean Trotskyite, and leader in the Fourth International,
speculated in an article published in 1968 in "Red Flag" newspaper that UFOs from
advanced civilizations could intervene on earth and help in the world-wide permanent
revolutionary spiritual process that could lead to infinitely more advanced societies
beyond those presently existing. [See Posadas, Juan, "Flying Saucers," The Process of

Matter and Energy, Science, the Class and Revolutionary Struggle, and the Socialist
Future of Humanity, in Red Flag Newspaper (June 25th, 1969). This article is
exceedingly hard to find. This fact is no accident. The doctrinaire left has been trying to
bury the cosmic knowledge and its use for liberation on earth. The same fate of
suppression was earlier visited on Wilhelm Reich. Juans article was sent to me by a
dedicated librarian from labor archives in the U.S.].
These post-political higher civilizations could represent the global social concentration of
intellectual/emotional natural spiritual energy that Christ radiated. It is the dialectical
synthesis of secondary material and primary metaphysical energy that flows into our
universe from inter-dimensional portals. [Wolf, Fred Alan, "Parallel Universes" (N.Y.,
Touchstone, 1990)].
The functional identity between the work of Reich, Teilhard de Chardin and Posadas is
striking. Posadas, Reich and Chardin recognized a form of mass free psychic energy
(Reich designated it orgone, Teilhard called it radial energy, and Posadas Rays).
They all believed that a mass free form of cosmic energy could liberate humanity. They
both entertained the reality of inter-dimensional travel. [Posadas believed that UFOs may
have been coming from future times. This is only possible inter-dimensionally. Reich, at
the end, expected to be picked up by an inter-dimensional craft.] Most importantly, with
world-wide energetic cleansing by the Oranur reaction through UFO-Orgone drenched
presences, as well as the use of other psychotronic spiritual energy devices, they knew
that the masses would emerge in days, if not hours, to transcend both Capitalism and
Stalinism wherever they existed. At one blow, the hash of Capitalism and Stalinism
would be settled. Masses would emerge cleansed of spiritual armor and capable of work
democracy in the workplaces and through mutual aid organizations in a coalition of
action-oriented revolutionaries. [Dr. Katz: I now believe collective liberation impossible
on any feasible time-line, but Dr. Reich did think it a potential development. However,
he thought it would take 3000 to 5000 years. This is time we obviously do not now have.
Humanity will destroy itself by biological or nuclear weapons long before then.]
Posadas called upon beings from other planets to intervene and collaborate with life on
earth to overcome misery and suffering. He wanted extraterrestrials to use their resources
to help achieve the objective of a planet where the harmonization of human relations
would be a reality. This was no deus ex machina, but required the active participation of
the masses on earth. The ultimate objectives are the harmonization of human relations
together with nature and the cosmos. This was Trotsky's permanent revolution in the
cosmic dimension. [See Salusbury, Matt, "Trots in Space," pg. 40, in ForteanTimes
(December 2003)].
Advanced inter-dimensional or star system craft could also apply Oranur technology to
cleanse the earth and produce deep emotional transformation in the masses. By drawing
off DOR (deadly orgone energy) and massively flooding the earth with orgone energy,
the deadly energy of earths entrapment could be broken and vibrant health brought out.
Since orgone interferes with electronic energy, devices could be used to immobilize the

criminal military and police forces of the Capitalists or the religious Islamic fascists.
Weather manipulation would also help in this regard.
No longer will the masses passively tolerate exploitation. The barrier between physics
and metaphysics would be broken and in its ultimate development humanity could travel
to the land of the dead as well as other dimensions. As the old Cabbalists predicted, the
light within us could ultimately ascend back to the Godhead and dissolve into the infinite
ocean of spiritual energy. Reich stated: Whoever knows this ocean, knows God. The
snake will ascend up the pole of entrapment and back to unarmored Adam Kadmon. [See:
Scholem, Gershom, "Sabbatai Sevi - The Mystical Messiah" (N.J., Princeton University
Press, 1989); and Scholem, Gershom, "On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead - Basic
Concepts in the Kabbalah" (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995)].
Just the appearance of the UFOs glowing softly and beautifully blue in the sky
throughout the globe will produce a mass spiritual impact that would most likely be
interpreted by local religious affiliations. In a few individuals, a spiritual conversion
experience as described by William James in his Varieties of Religious Experience will
occur. [James, William, "The Varieties of Religious Experience" (N.Y., Collier Books,
1961)]. They may become part of the spiritual vanguard if this peak experience is
naturalized by Orgonomy, Core Energetics, or some other spiritual discipline such as
Some of the UFOs described by Reich in Contact With Space come not from this
universe, but from another parallel universe in the metaphysical dimension. Why else
when Reich pointed his cloud buster (a device originally designed to dissolve clouds and
cause rain) at them would they fade out? It is well known from occult research that
metaphysical entities use the energy of our dimension to manifest and when they leave
they fade out. Most likely they are traveling across something like the Einstein-Rosen
bridge or inter-dimensional portal that exists in the quantum foam that is the grid
underlying our reality. Thus, it is possible that the cosmic orgone energy ocean contains
infinite dimensions in its depth. [See Tzadok, Rabbi Ariel Bar, "UFO's & Aliens - The
Secret Teachings of the Rabbis and Cabbalists," in Panu Derekh - Prepare The Way
(Issue No. 10, Oct./Nov. - Dec. '95/Jan. '96) (The Rabbi cites both Jung and Reich).].
Cosmologists and physicists state that the Universe is composed of only 4.6% atoms.
Dark matter constitutes 72%, and dark energy 23%. The presence of these invisible yet
tangible domains is inferred by strong gravitational light lensing, and by the observation
of a galactic array know as the Bullet Cluster. This phenomenon shows the separation of
baryonic matter [atomic] and dark matter. It is also thought that the dark domain may be
composed of superstrings that embody as many as 26 dimensions. Superstrings are
extremely small bands of energy vibrating at tremendous rates. [See: "Oxford Dictionary
of Physics," edited by Alan Isaacs, "missing mass," pg. 303; superstring theory, pg. 481
(N.Y., Oxford University Press, 2003); and "The Road to Reality," Roger Penrose, pg.
773 (N.Y., Knopf, 2006).]

I would venture to speculate that the invisible metaphysical dimensions, including the
after-death dimensions, are within the dark energy and dark matter. Most humans,
suffering eye-block as a result of genital suppression, cannot sense these dimensions. The
great mystics and mediums could and did perceive this spiritual reality.
The spiritual energy, frozen and bound in matter, vibrates at a much lower frequency than
the spiritual energies that interpenetrate it. The higher vibration of the free orgone
particles exist in higher spiritual dimensions. In discovering the dance of the orgone
particles, Reich rediscovered the old occult truth, mentioned long ago by the Cabbalists,
that the infinite does indeed have higher realms of existence. [See: Scholem, Gershom,
"Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism," pgs. 40-79 on Merkabah Mysticism and Jewish
Gnosticism (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995)].
Whether from this material universe, or from another dimension, it is clear from Reichs
book Contact With Space, that he viewed UFO intervention as a possible way forward
to a more highly evolved spiritual-natural planetary society for the earth. His reference in
the work to the film When The Earth Stood Still points to extraterrestrial intervention
to immobilize the human destructiveness and allow the masses to emerge as selfregulators of life in a classless society. Leon Trotsky also had been secretly briefed by an
OGPU agent during his exile on the existence of extraterrestrial craft. [See, for a
description of this meeting between Trotsky and Soviet UFO researchers, Stonehill, Paul
and Phillip Mantle, The KGB, Tibet, and UFOs, Book of Thoth Web Site (From Fate
Magazine September 2002).]. Juan Posadas would later make this explicit in his theory of
an advanced scientific dialectical communist civilization visiting the earth to help in the
permanent revolutionary process. Lenin, described by Reich in The Mass Psychology of
Fascism as the greatest mass psychologist in history, stated in a meeting with the
novelist H.G. Wells that contact with extraterrestrials would bring us limitless technical
potential and the end of violence as a weapon of progress. [Ostrander, Sheila and
Schroeder, Lynn, Psychic Discoveries, pg. 397 (N.Y., Marlowe & Company, 1997)].
This extraterrestrial intervention could produce a mass natural bio-energetic liberation
which would lead rapidly to a revolutionary/evolutionary change in the social, political
and economic organs of human self government. Permanent subjective and objective
spiritual revolution would become a reality. The subjective factor of human armor would
be solved, and the tragedy of deadly counter-revolution eventually would be overcome.
UFOs have been known to produce profound life-positive spiritual changes in those who
come into contact with them. [Dennett, Preston, "UFO Healings - True Accounts of
People Healed by Extraterrestrials" (Mill Spring, N.C., Wild Flower Press, 1996) (This
indicates a high orgone radiation flowing from the craft).]. This could be produced on a
mass basis through the advanced spiritual technology of Oranur by an extraterrestrial or
inter-dimensional race or races.
Reich sought contact with this kind of extraterrestrial intelligence. He attained this
contact while in prison in 1957, and told a prison comrade, Harvey Matusow, the day
before he died that the UFOs are coming to take me away. Matusow stated: He talked
about UFOs in a liberation sense. The question that he could leave his body was real

simple. [See Matusow, Harvey, The Death Of Wilhelm Reich, Flatlands # 12 (P.O.
Box 2420, Fort Bragg, Ca 95437, 1995)]. This contact in prison most likely happened by
telepathic means in a mind to mind connection as intimated in Trevor James Constables
book Cosmic Pulse of Life. [Constable, Trevor James, "The Cosmic Pulse Of Life"
(Santa Ana, CA, Merlin Press, 1976)]. So it was in fact that he entered the metaphysical
dimension. Peter Reich, in his book on his father, later describes that he apparently made
contact with Dr. Reich while Reich was traveling in this dimension, although Peter
thought it was a day dream. [Reich, Peter, "A Book of Dreams" pgs 83-86 (N.Y.,
Harper & Row, 1973). At the American College of Orgonomys 100 Anniversary of
Reich's birth, held in Princeton New Jersey in 1997, Peter Reich likened his experience
with his father to the relationship between young Luke Skywalker and the old Jedi Knight
Obi-Wan Kenobi. Significantly, Obi-Wan told Luke to "let the energy flow through
you....be guided by it...let go. Obi-Wan clearly went into the metaphysical dimension
after being struck down by Darth (DOR) Vader in a way that energized Luke to fight the
dark DOR side].
It is interesting that the hyper-intellectualized left thought Dr. Reichs study of UFOs,
Contact With Space, was evidence of mental illness on his part. The religious right,
however, has a deep contact with the UFO spiritual dimension. [See the work of Seventh
Day Adventists theologian Victor Houteff in his "Shepard's Rod" treatise; and Brother
Don Adair in his "Crossing the Red Sea by Flying Saucers." - MT Carmel Website].
We now know that Dr. Reich had a meeting with President Eisenhower in the summer of
1955. Jerome Greenfield, author of Wilhelm Reich vs. The U.S.A., [see page 182]
interviewed a woman who was a guide to Eisenhower on a fishing and hunting trip to
Maine. She stated to Greenfield that she witnessed a meeting between Reich and
Eisenhower during the Presidents trip to the Rangeley area between June 22nd and 27th
of 1955. Eisenhower had a fondness for inventors and self-made men [as related to this
writer by the tour guide in Eisenhower's farm house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the
late 1980s], and we know that Reich had been writing to the U.S. government about his
UFO discoveries and the Oranur Experiment. Most importantly, prior to meeting with
Reich, Eisenhower in 1954 and 1955 was briefed on UFOs and met with the
representatives of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations [See Salla, Michael,
"Eisenhower briefed about extraterrestrials claims former New Hampshire State
Representative," Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner (May 12th).] This provides the support
for Reichs statements that he at that time was due to meet with a high official of the
U.S. government. In preparation for this visit, Dr. Reich bought expensive furniture for
his home. It was during this meeting that Eisenhower may have briefed Reich about
UFOs and held him to top secrecy. All during Reichs trial he mentioned that he had a
protector in high places and that he was entrusted with secret information about national
security. All of the threads of evidence support Reichs involvement with the UFO
reality. He was definitely not insane. Finally, Orgonomist Dr. Elsworth Baker, in a
taped interview in the early 1980s, stated that he was inclined to believe that Reich did
indeed meet with Eisenhower.

Reichs metaphysical cosmic contact, as fringe as it may seem to some of his current day
scientific supporters, steeped in medical materialism as they are, is supported by a
statement made by Reich in Contact With Space. In that work, on the very first page,
he speculated (on March 20, 1956 at 10:00 p.m.) that he could be an extraterrestrial
being, and an offspring of an alien race. He thought his children could be part of a new
inter-planetary race. He asserted his right to make such speculations without fear of being
jailed by any administrative agency of the Capitalist State or Stalinist State apparatus.
This intuitive speculation by Reich has been validated by the present day research work
of the late Dr. John E. Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and
founding director of the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) before
his probable murder by the CIA (the agency has known about the extraterrestrial craft for
60 years and uses advanced brain washing technology on the American masses). Mack
found through his research subjects that there is indeed an inter-breeding experiment
going on between abducted humans and alien partners. These aliens also have a
spiritually transforming effect on humans, and some of them are inter-dimensional.
[Mack, John E., "Passport to the Cosmos" (N.Y., Crown Publishers, 1999)].
It should also be recalled here that the birth of Jesus took place after sightings of UFOs,
described by witnesses as stars, much as Reich at first misinterpreted some UFOs in his
Arizona expedition as stars. The virgin status of his mother, never impregnated by an
earth man, also points to an extraterrestrial father. Jesus makes many references to his
father in heaven. The link here with Reichs Murder of Christ is clear. [Reich,
Wilhelm, "The Murder of Christ" (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1980); and see also, Bishop,
Jim, "The Day Christ Was Born;" "The Day Christ Died" (N.Y., Barnes and Noble
Books, 1978)].
The glowing blue energy radiated by Christ is in all of us. Once liberated, it would shake
off repression and exploitation immediately. In its unarmored spiritual social expression,
this energy is a fusion of the rational core of both Anarchism and Marxism in a modern
day revolutionary Gnosticism. All of humanity could evolve into work democratic,
mutual compassionate aid to solve the plagues of war and poverty. This primal social
energy, in its social dimension, was called by Alfred Adler Gemeinschaftsgefuhl.
[Alfred Adler was a brilliant and independent therapist, researcher, and philosopher. In
his early days, he was also a Marxist, and maintained a close friendship with Leon
Trotsky when the latter was an exile in Vienna. He gave a paper before Freuds group
showing that Marxism can release the aggression drive in the service of higher
civilization. Adlers wife, Raissa, remained a Trotskyite until her death. Alice and Otto
Ruhle carried on the Marxist-Adlerian banner. Otto helped found the German Communist
party. Otto was on the independent Dewey commission that vindicated Trotsky from
Stalins trumped up show trial charges. Alice wrote "The Road to We," and with Otto
"The Proletarian Child." The contemporary Adlerian movement has completely
suppressed this history, which was the finest hour of the movement. A notable exception
was the late Dr. Leo Rattner of New York. He was trained in Vienna by Adlers earliest
students. See: Hoffman, Edward, The Drive for Self - Alfred Adler and the Founding of

Individual Psychology" (N.Y., Addison-Wesley, 1994), and Rattner, Josef, "Alfred

Adler" (N.Y., Frederick Unger Publishing Co. 1983)].
Antonio Negri and Walter Benjamin would also make the connection between the
stopping of profane time in the timeless revolutionary moment of the multitudes against
imperialist Empire. [See: Negri, Antonio, "Multitude" (NY, Penguin Press, 2004); Negri,
Antonio, "Time for Revolution" (NY, Continuum, 2003); Benjamin, Walter, "On
Hashish" (Cambridge, Mass., 2006); Benjamin, Walter, "Illuminations" (N.Y., Schocken
Books, 2007); and Benjamin, Walter, "Reflections" (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1978).].
Trotsky and Reich met in Norway in the late 1930s to see if a fusion of this work could
be achieved. [This meeting was verified by a researcher from Cambridge University who
has visited both the Trotsky and Reich archives at Harvard University. He made a
presentation at the April 2008 Conference of the Institute for the Study of the Work of
Wilhelm Reich. His name can be obtained from them.] Eventually, despite the
assassination of both by Russian-American double intelligence agents, this was
accomplished later on by Juan Posadas, Raya Dunyevskaya, Teilhard de Chardin,
Antonio Negri and others. [See: Salazar, Leandro A., "Murder In Mexico The
Assassination of Trotsky" (London, Secher & Warburg, 1950). See the implicit
references therein to the FBI involvement with the assassination plot. Sheldon Harte, a
guard who opened the door to the first assassination team sent in to kill Trotsky, was the
son of a wealthy businessman. He was an FBI mole/ double agent recruited by the NKVD
in New York. The actual successful assassin, Ramon Mercader a/k/a Jacques Mornard,
was recruited by General Loenid Eitingon of the Soviet secret police (NKVD). Dr. Max
Eitingon, a Stalinst, psychoanalyst, and relative of the General, was behind the scenes in
the judicial murder and frame-up of Wilhelm Reich. Both Trotsky and Reich were
threats, not only to Stalin, but to American Capitalism. Trotsky was a threat as an
organizer of American workers for insurrection during the depression, and Reich was a
mortal danger to the American drug companies and psychiatric establishment,
particularly the Freudian psychoanalysts. A glimpse into the favorite tactics of both Red
and Black fascists reveals that the first Trotsky assassination team dressed as policemen
during the attempt on Trotskys life. An anti-Castro Cuban / CIA hit team, during their
successful assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, also place assassins in
phony police uniforms behind the wall of the grassy knoll where they fired the fatal
head shot into the President. See Groden, Robert J., and Livingston, Harrison, "High
Treason" (N.Y., Berkley Books, 1990). It is interesting that both Reich and Trotsky had
grown up on farms and had very similar temperaments. They both were highly creative
and needed to be left in solitude for long periods of time. Significantly orgonomically,
they both had explosive tempers. This is a sign of very mobile bio-spiritual energy. See
also, on Reich, Vankin, Jonathan, & Whalen, John, The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All
Time, The Cloud Buster, p. 128-139. Dr. Eva Reich speculated that Reich was
poisoned in prison. Even if this cannot be proved at this late date, just putting a man like
Reich into prison with a heart condition at age 60 was a known likely death sentence. See
also, Martin, Jim, "Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War" (Fort Bragg, California, 2000)].
Raya Dunayevskaya, in her work, found the functional identity between the immanent
and transcendent revolutionary energy. [Dunayevskaya, Raya, "Philosophy and

Revolution" (Lanham, Maryland, Lexington Books, 2003), and Dunayevskaya, Raya,

"The Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism" (Chicago, News and Letters, 1989)].
The masses must liberate themselves with a growth in natural revolutionary spiritual
consciousness and without elite vanguard parties. In a new and higher synthesis of Marx
and Hegel, she found that work democracy is possible only with the self-spiritual activity
of the workers. She hated totalitarian communism and Stalin as much as Reich did.
It has been a pattern in the history of ideas that religious conceptions come to be replaced
by scientific understanding. Thus, David Bakan, author of Sigmund Freud and the
Jewish Mystical Tradition, stated: By separating the supernatural elements in
mysticism from its other content, Freud succeeded in making a major contribution to
science. We believe this pattern, from mysticism to science, is one of the more important
historical characteristics in the development of general science. [Bakan, David,
"Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition" (Boston, Beacon Press, 1975). The
same assertion could certainly be made of Freud's student, Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich, in
his summary of "The Oranur Experiment - First Report (1947-1951) (Rangeley, Maine,
Orgone Institute Press, 1951)," stated: "...if millions of people have developed and lived
in metaphysical beliefs for millennia, had believed in a 'Prana' and such, there must be
something in it. And this truth seemed urgently to want to reveal itself to us..." [pg. 326].
KINDS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE. [Pg. 328 - Capitals in original].
So it is with the after-death interdimension, and the implications of an eternal/infinite
spiritual energy such as Orgone. Dr. Raudive, a parapsychologist, has captured the energy
and consciousness of people in the after-death spiritual domain on recording tape known
as the electronic voice phenomenon. [Raudive, Konstantin, "Breakthrough - An Amazing
Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead," (N.Y., Taplinger Publishing
Company, 1971). See also: Fuller, John G., "The Ghost of 29 Megacycles" (N.Y., New
American Library, 1981], and Holzer, Hans, Life Beyond (Chicago, Contemporary
Books, 1994).] These metaphysical intelligences have confirmed the anti-matter nature of
the Einstein-Rosen bridge as the connection between the material and spiritual
dimensions. This also validates the nature of DOR as an anti-life creation of the clash
between the creative mass free spiritual orgone and the disintegrating matter of atomic
energy. This is why Oranur opened a portal to the spiritual dimension. This experiment
opened a new paradigm, the Oranur Paradigm, to guide the human spiritual monad to
eternal life and infinite exploration. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge is thought to be a portal
of anti-matter leading to another Universe (metaphysical). This parallel Universe was
described by the scientist William Tiller as the negative space-time dimension. [See
White, John, and Krippner, Stanley, "Future Science," pgs. 257-279 (N.Y., Doubleday,

C.J. Jung, the great Swiss mystical psychiatrist, had a near-death experience that
convinced him of the reality of the metaphysical dimension. In fact, he thought that UFOs
might be vehicles traveling from the metaphysical to the physical via thought projection
of those in the after-death existence. [Jung, C.G., "Memories, Dreams, Reflections,"
Chapters X-XI, pgs. 289-326 (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1965)].
Dr. Michael Newton, spiritual hypnotherapist, has confirmed the existence of a between
lives metaphysical dimension and reincarnation through deep hypnotic regression of
patients. In fact, at one time a mechanical scientific skeptic, he first discovered the
phenomenon during the spontaneous breakthrough of an ordinary patient during
hypnosis. Newton has discovered basic energy functions in the metaphysical that very
closely resemble Reichs natural spiritual energy of the primordial orgone. In this
dimension, there are more highly developed energy bodies to assist the human orgone
energy sac in ascending back to the Godhead. The releasing of spiritual body armor is an
integral part of the development of a more advanced energy soul. Newton cites the
description by one of his clients of the scrubbing of the body armor just prior to a leap
in spiritual development within the metaphysical domain. The writer has confirmed this
discovery through his own first-hand experience of spiritual hypnotherapy. [See Newton,
Michael, "Destiny of Souls," pgs. 317-320 (Woodbury, Minnesota, Llewellyn
Publications, 2008). In analyzing Newton's work it is useful to do what Marx did with
Hegel: extract the radical core from the pathogenic reactionary mystical shell. The energy
functions Newton has culled from the between life memories of his clients give rise to
revolutionary Gnostic implications to escape from the earth trap and ascend to the
Godhead. However, Newton describes the old armored Eastern conceptions of "karma" in
a way that rationalizes destructive social conditions. See also: Goldberg, Bruce, "Past
Lives, Future Lives" (N.Y., Ballantine Books, 1988); Goldberg, Bruce, "Spirit Guide
Contact Through Hypnosis" (Franklin Lakes, N.J., New Page Books, 2005); Weiss, Brian
L., "Many Lives, Many Masters" (N.Y., Fireside, 1988).]
It should be remembered that Reich described the spiritual energy of orgone as coming to
know itself through the consciousness of nature via humanity. Thus, we are helping the
Godhead comprehend itself and fight to maintain itself among the infinite spiritual
Godheads of infinite Universes.
The motion picture Contact demonstrated travel through this portal to the after-death
spiritual domain. Jodie Forster, portraying the scientist, made contact with her dead father
when she reached the other dimension. This was the first contact. More would follow.
During her interdimensional experience she had a functional deeply mystical experience
that the politicians and mechanistic scientists would try to discredit.
Like the great theologian Thomas Aquinas, author of Summa Theologiae, the
cosmologist in Contact had an experience that made all of her prior scientific and
philosophic training seem like so much straw. Aquinas stop writing after having deeply
mystical experiences shortly before he died.

As a result of the Oranur experiment, if the person could get over the DOR sickness, he
attained a high degree of health (if the capacity was there in the organism). This could
have important immunizing effects in the face of an Atomic attack, and could also
produce a spiritual cleansing among the DOR clouded masses exposed to high dosage
Orgone energy by UFOs.
Some of the UFOs that Reich observed in Arizona were not creating DOR as he thought,
but were attempting to cleanse it. Those extraterrestrial craft attempting to spread DOR
may have been sent by American Intelligence as part of their efforts to stupefy the masses
of people. These were metaphysical vehicles, both positive and negative, projected from
another dimension, as theorized by C.J. Jung in his major work on flying saucers. [See
Jung, CG, "Flying Saucers A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies" (Princeton,
N.J., Princeton University Press, 1978). See also, Warren, Larry and Robbins, Peter,
"Left at East Gate" (N.Y., Marlowe and Company, 1997) (it is obvious from the
descriptions of the UFOs that they were interdimensional).]
During Oranur it was also discovered that when a person become infested with this
deadly spiritual energy they functioned in a life inimical way. Any evasiveness,
dishonesty and general destructiveness in a persons character became magnified and
radiated into the environment in a life negative way. Any disease entity in the depths of
the organism surfaces. In its most extreme manifestation, this is very similar to demonic
possession. Once the person is able to overcome this disease with orgone-spiritual
energy, vibrant health is brought out. This phenomenon proves the immanent spiritual
principle as a living reality deriving from the transcendent cosmic orgone. God [orgone
energy], and the Devil [deadly orgone energy], have scientific proof for the first time.
Dr. Reich himself fell ill during and after the Oranur Experiment. He fought DOR
sickness by painting. The dialectical relationship between creation and destruction was
functionally demonstrated within the human organism.
This Oranur process in Reich continued until the end. It was thought that in prison he was
working on a manuscript called Creation. It was not discovered among his effects at his
death, and most probably was destroyed by prison authorities. [See: Sharaf, Myron "Fury
On Earth - A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich," pg. 473 (N.Y., St. Martins Press/Marak
1983); Boadella, David, "Wilhelm Reich - The Evolution of His Work," the chapter on
the prison period (Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1973).].
Oranur broke down the armored barrier between physics and metaphysics. The deepest
implication of this discovery by Reich was that, in addition to finding an antidote to
radiation sickness, Oranur opened the door to other dimensions, both demonic, and lifepositive spiritual. He also blew open the time continuum, making possible access to
Messianic time. Messianic times, and the messianic messenger such as Reich, bring hope
to humanity.

These discoveries created important parallels to the work of Rudolf Steiner, Walter
Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Juan Posadas, Teilhard de Chardin, and Gershom Scholem. They
also explored the interface between material and metaphysical liberation.
As Professor Robert S. Carrington stated to this writer: The principle of hope is a
difficult one and Bloch and Chardin come at it from different directions, although
Messianic Judaism is behind the curtain in both cases. There is indeed hope in orgone
energy as the primary life-positive spiritual energy flowing from the metaphysical to the
physical dimension.
In his last years, from 1947 to 1957, Reich became the functional equivalent of a
liberation theologian. The late Dr. Victor Silver, philosopher of orgonomy, and functional
mystic, was the first to point out the theological implications of Oranur. The material
aspect of this dialectical fusion is apparent from Reichs continuing use of social analysis
in his work and life up to the end in the concept of work democracy; and in his realization
that there was a conspiracy to put him in jail and destroy his work.
In prison at the end of his life, Reich attended Protestant services and declared that he had
a religious conversion experience resulting in a new faith in the great monotheistic
religions. Dr. Reich declared the need for Harbors for Life and Churches for Life. He
composed prayers: Resurrection = Life is Eternal, Indestructible, Prayer for
Strength, and Prayer for Self-Realization. Dr. Elsworth Baker told Dr. Silver that he
thought Reich prayed to the cosmic spiritual energy in prison. He had, at the end, become
a functional mystic of natural theology. Reich also developed a close relationship with
the prison Chaplain [See Elsa Ollendorff's biography of Reich. See also, "Fury On Earth"
by Myron Sharaf].
Reichs wife, Ilse Ollendorff, speculates that perhaps he was preparing a life-positive
renewal of Christs message while facing his own crucifixion by the American Capitalist
State (i.e., their police agents in conjunction with the FDA and the courts). Again, this
hooks into the connections between the murder of Christ, UFOs, inter-dimensional after
death travel, resurrection, and cosmic liberation.
In 1957, several weeks before entering prison, Reich told a close associate, Dr. Victor
Sobey, that I am still a Marxist! Of course, Reichs Marxism was completely rejected
by the communists and socialists of the day (as most today reject it). He was referring to
work democracy as describing existing natural work responsibility and mutual aid
completely antithetical to any form of state dominated control of social processes.
Reichs conception was much closer to that of the classical anarchist Peter Kropotkin.
While being interviewed in prison, Reich stated that the Rockefellers are against me,
and that the Rockefeller Foundation made him a tool of its socio-economic interpersonal
relations. These statements showed that Reich clearly understood the nature of the State
Capitalist conspiracy that put him into prison and ultimately killed him. These final
developments put Reich in the company of the great theologians Ernst Bloch and Walter
Benjamin. [The recollection by Dr. Sobey was recorded on tape by the "Institute for The
Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich," and can be obtained from them. They can are

located in New York City and will be found on the Web. On Reich's statements about the
Rockefellers, see Greenfield, Jerome, "Wilhelm Reich vs. The United States" pgs. 262264 (N.Y., W. W. Norton and Company, 1974).]
Blochs concept of truth as religion fits well with Reichs use of the truth as a spiritual
weapon. His book on Thomas Muntzer, theologian and leader of the peasant wars in
Germany, parallels Reichs revolutionary interpretation of the gospel in the Murder of
Christ. Blochs book Natural Law and Human Dignity presents the upright and look
you in the eye unarmored demeanor of the truthful organism.
Leon Trotsky, in his work The Stalin School of Falsification, also puts truth in the
central position of revolutionary transformation. Telling the truth to the workers was an
essential part in their self-liberation. As Reich pointed out, however, the weapon of truth
could not save Trotsky from the heavily armored Joseph Stalin.
Reichs later political philosophy evolved more and more into anarchism fused with
functional mystical spirituality. This creative synthesis can be called a form of scientific
liberation theology. Functional mysticism, a term coined by the late Dr. Silver, is healthy
spiritual contact between the self and cosmos. It is useable in daily life to maintain and
enhance consciousness and love. Functional mysticism is cosmic consciousness. It can be
contrasted with pathogenic mysticism which has been used to narcotize the masses, and
keep them passively vulnerable to exploitation by power pathological elites. Functional
mysticism is both materialistic and spiritual, equipping a person to spontaneously and
vigorously fight this exploitation no matter under what ideological mask it presents itself.
Liberation Theology is a political and social philosophy that places the focus on the
working persons capacity for self-regulation, mutual aid, and coordination. As such, it is
rooted in the actually existing work functions distorted by both Capitalism and elite
bureaucratic totalitarian State Communism. It is against vanguard parties and control
from above.
The work of Raya Dunayevskaya (Leon Trotskys secretary in Mexico), particularly her
books Marxism and Freedom, and Philosophy and Revolution, and Peter Kropotkin,
the great natural scientist and anarchist, illustrate this revolutionary dialectical
Unarmored functional spirituality also gives a person access to other dimensions,
including the after death or before birth domain which is reachable through quantum
physics by the electronic voice phenomena or naturally sensitive humans functioning as
mediums. Some UFO vehicles are the metaphysical manifestations of travelers form this
higher dimension. William Burroughs, the great Beat writer, in his book Western
Lands, poetically presents this possibility of inter-dimensional travel and the emotional
plague forces that seek to prevent access. In other work, he shows that the Nova Police
(material vested interests) are interested in control of mass consciousness in all State
systems to the end of making people passive and vulnerable to exploitation. This plague

is internalized by the masses and is present in both the material and spiritual domains
which interpenetrate the earth plane.
Oranur demonstrated the inimical interaction of the Orgone energy of life and the atomic
energy of death and destruction. With nuclear war, humanity unleashed for the first time
a force capable of destroying the spiritual life body or subtle soul energy, or energetic
fluid, and preventing it from gaining ultimate liberation from reincarnation.
Reincarnation is dependent on this subtle energy or soul fluid that inserts vital
intelligent energy into the fertilized egg and can be detected in all later differentiated cell
nuclei as radiation in the developed organism [See "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron
Curtain Lifted" pgs. 388-390]. Reich himself, in Ether, God and Devil, had pointed out
the creation, dissolution and re-concentration of the life energy. As William Burroughs
stated, the nuclear blast and radiation destroyed the electromagnetic spiritual body as well
as the physical body. It is the ultimate in life negation. Electromagnetic energy flows in
from the metaphysical dimension.
As Walter Benjamin said, the Utopian breeze blows upon the back of the Angel of
history. Before the Angel, in front of him, lies the shattered debris of atomic destruction,
war, pestilence, and the material and spiritual prison constructed by the ideologies of sick
humanity. The barrier between past and future is in fact the armor between the physical
and the metaphysical.
Reich penetrated this armor with the Oranur Experiment. Henceforth, the messianic
Now will exist as the portal that will allow free travel between the domain of life and
death. The classless society of the after death dimension will exist on the earth as a
blow-back from beyond. [See Goldberg, Bruce, "Past Lives, Future Lives" (N.Y.,
Ballantine Books, 1982).].
In short, in the Oranur Experiment, Dr. Wilhelm Reich provided the natural scientific and
philosophic proof for Gods existence. This proof is against the supporting backdrop of
150 years of paranormal scientific research, and over 2000 years of occult philosophy.
Drs. Israel Regardie (at one time a member of the occult organization The Golden
Dawn), John Pierrakos (creator of Core Energetics), and Richard Blasband (of the
Center for Functional Research and student of Russian healer Nicolai Levashov), have all
carried along this general line of research [See generally, Blasband, Richard, "Talk Given
In Honor of Wilhelm Reichs Birth At the Annual Conference of the Center For
Functional Research" (San Rafael, Ca, Dominican College, November 15, 1997)( CFR ,
2175 Mar East, Tiburon CA 94920). See also, Yougrau, Palle, "A World Without Time The Forgotten Legacy of Godel and Einstein" (N.Y., Basic Books, 2005).].
John Keel, in his book The Mothman Prophesies, describes an area where this interdimensional portal made its appearance. [Keel, John A., "The Mothman Prophecies"
(N.Y., TOR, 2001)]. It was an abandoned chemical plant which also had bunkers on the
property built during World War II. The bunkers, with organic material on the outside
and inorganic on the inside, functioned as Orgone Accumulators. The Orgone turned
deadly as it was simultaneously exposed to the chemical pollution and debris from old

weapons manufacture. This tore a hole in space time, allowing the Mothman creature
to enter the material domain.
It should be kept in mind that Dr. Elsworth Baker, who was present during the Oranur
Experiment, described the building housing the orgone and the radiation as glowing.
This highlights the unusual nature of the metaphysical portal.
In full contact with the Now, liberation is eternal. It is real. The endless bad finitude of
the trap dissolves in the light of the eternal darkness made whole. The trap, with its
deserts, becomes the blue rocket with its shattering and pulsating convulsions. The
infinite and eternal ocean of spiritual Orgone Energy, with its limitless dimensions, opens
to humanity both in life and after death. The armored physical husk of a body drops away
and the spiritual energy body is released as a butterfly is liberated from its cocoon. [See
Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth, "On Life After Death" (Berkeley, California, 1991).].
As the great theologian Ernst Bloch stated:
the life of the soul vibrates beyond the body; there is something like a germ plasma of
the soul, and the loss of the body does not affect trans-physiological immortality. To
vibrate beyond the destruction of the world, however, the souls life must be finished in
the deepest sense; a lucky cast must have latched its ropes to the poles of the landing
beyond if its germ plasma is not to be swept down the chasm of eternal death, missing the
goals that matter most in the organization of life on earth: our pinnacle, eternal life; the
unlocked, established inwardness; the immortality that is trans-cosmological as well; the
sole reality of the kingdom of souls; the pleroma of the Holy Spirit; the foundation in
integrum out of the labyrinth of the world. [Bloch, Ernst, "Man On His Own," pg. 69
(N.Y., Herder and Herder, 1971). Leon Trotsky reached this trans-cosmological energy
process after death as reported by his wife Natalia. He came to her after death. Trotsky
was dressed in a clean white tunic and appeared vibrant. He said: It is finished. These
same words were used by Christ on the cross at the end. See Pateneaude, Bertrand M.,
Trotsky "Downfall of A Revolutionary," p. 292 (N.Y., Harper/Collins, 2009).]
We are here talking about the functional identity of the cosmic energy within and without
the human being. This is materialism in its most powerful form. It stands to reason that
the fallen or distorted form of this energy, called demonic by exorcists, would seek
out the pure embodiments of the glowing spiritual body and seek to destroy them. This
demonic energy, called Deadly Orgone Energy or DOR by Dr. Reich, is a desert-like
armor in the human monad (to use a term from the philosopher Leibnitz).
Thus, Reich was murdered in prison as a result of Mildred Bradys yellow journalism
drawing on him the FDA, the FBI, the pharmaceutical industry, the psychoanalytic
establishment, and the Justice Department. Trotsky was killed by an American-Russian
intelligence effort using a double agent named Jacson [See: Salazar, Leandro A., "Murder
in Mexico The Assassination of Trotsky" (where Colonel Salazar reveals FBI
involvement with one of Trotsky's assassins) (London, Secher & Warburg, 1950).]. Look
into the faces of both assassins. You will see identical desert lined complexions with

cacti-like layers of congealed deadly stagnated biological energy (called DOR by Reich).
Deadly Orgone does indeed have a functional identity.
Reich, in the Murder of Christ, presented the crucified God as a personification of life.
However, unconsciously, he actually presented a functional Cabbalist of liberation.
Reichs Christ is a liberation theologian, the functional Gnostic fighting for truth and
The Murder of Christ is a study of this Gnostic Jewish revolutionary, Jesus, who fought
for the escape of humanity from the material trap. In this regard it is strikingly similar to
Ernst Blochs essay Aut Caesar Aut Chirstus. Bloch also showed Jesus as striving to
break down the barrier between the material and the metaphysical in an eschatological
transformation. [Bloch, Ernst, "Atheism in Christianity," Aut Caesar Aut Christus, pgs.
123-195 (N.Y., Herder and Herder, 1972).].
Thus, it is in the functional fusion of the transcendent and immanent spiritual principle,
cosmic superimposition and male/female superimposition, that the Absolute of spiritual
liberation is actively present. This unchains the dialectic of liberation against all life
negative and power pathological systems entrapping humanity.
The letters that follow this introduction present a new interpretation of Reichs work in
his last years. Most importantly, they describe, via thought experiment, the spiritual
implications of the Oranur Experiment that opened the metaphysical portal to Reich and
his co-workers. Annotations to the letters are provided by me to clarify the discussion. In
addition, I have provided a comprehensive research bibliography of the works that I
consulted in writing this book. Dr. Silver, who died in late December 1999 of
metastasizing brain cancer, had no part in this book other than the letters he sent to me. I
am solely responsible for the interpretation of Reichs work presented by this
introduction, and in my annotations and responses to Victors letters. However, Victor
did encourage me to use the letters as I wanted.
Having put forth this disclaimer, I should also say that this book represents my attempt to
present the Oranur Paradigm that Dr. Silver was working on with my assistance until
the time of his death. This paradigm symbolizes the fusion of science and religion that
Reich had started to make at the end of his life by developing the concept of what
Aleister Crowley called Scientific Illuminism.
Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch were philosophers of this profane illumination.
Aleister Crowley and Dr. Israel Regardie also tried to bring this illumination into the
material world by the means of Occult practice and experiment. They all endeavored to
bring the transcendent spiritual principle down into the material domain in a dialectical
functional fusion leading to absolute consciousness and existential liberation.
As Walter Benjamin recognized, the true creative overcoming of religious
illumination certainly does not lie in narcotics. It resides in a profane illumination, a
materialistic, anthropological inspiration, to which hashish, opium, or whatever else can

give an introductory lesson. (But a dangerous one; and the religious lesson is stricter.).
[Bemjamin, Walter, "On Hashish," pgs. 132-133 (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard
University Press, 2006)].
The heavily armored doors of full bodily perception, blocking the flow of spiritual energy
from the metaphysical dimension to the physical dimension, can be opened by the
experimental use of psychedelic and good psychotropic drugs (which can dissolve
spiritual armor). Sigmund Freud used cocaine to good effect. Theologians Walter
Benjamin and Ernst Bloch used hashish to temporarily free themselves from the spiritual
armor. Philosopher Aldous Huxley experimented with Mescaline. Dr. Stanislav Grof,
Orgonomist Simeon Tropp and Timothy Leary pioneered in the use of LSD in
psychotherapy. Tropp was a close associate of Reich, and used LSD in orgone therapy in
the 1960s [This phase of the work of Dr. Tropp was reported by Myron Sharaf in his
"Fury on Earth." See also, Grof, Stanislav, & Halifax, Joan, "The Human Encounter With
Death" (N.Y., E.P. Dutton, 1977).].
In the words of Raya Dunayevskaya, from The Philosophic Moment of MarxistHumanism (p. 52), former secretary to Leon Trotsky in Mexico, citing Hegel: The
eternal Idea, in full fruition of its essence, eternally sets itself to work, engenders and
enjoys itself as absolute mind.. We have entered the new society. Functional
mysticism is eternal motion and increasing feeling comprehension through infinity and
eternity. This living ocean of spiritual energy comprehends itself through us. We are
energetic droplets of this larger dynamic and evolving reality. As we explore this cosmic
energy in life, and in the metaphysical dimension, we are helping it comprehend itself.
We are essential expressions of the Godhead. Unity expresses itself in diversity (a
dialectical law). Life is the solution of the dualism between the transcendent and
immanent God.
There is no completely transcendent anthropomorphic God who is concerned with the
welfare of individual human beings or even humanity as a whole. There is an eternal and
infinite ocean of cosmic spiritual energy, which Reich called Orgone, which is embodied
in human beings, individually and collectively, and can provide internal/external
guidance and wisdom. As the first liberation theologian in history, Moses, stated: God is
not a person. God is the light of eternal mind. [See: Einstein, Albert, Out of My Later
Years, "Science and Religion," pgs. 19-28 (N.Y., Wings Books, 1993); Avakian, Bob,
"Away With All Gods!" (Chicago, Insight Press, 2008).].
Energy and consciousness have become the spiritual frontier of religious, medical and
philosophical research. Dr. Ola Raknes was the first orgonomist to explore this frontier in
his work on religion. [Dr. John Pierrakos, a student of Reich, did further pioneering work
in this field and created Core Energetics.] Raknes explained that the mystical
conversion experience occurred as a person experienced the breakthrough of vegetative
energies as a new life. It is unification with God. This new life, in its healthiest
manifestation, was full contact with plasmatic pulsation within the spiritual bodies, and
contact with cosmic energetic spiritual life in other dimensions through the atmospheric

orgone in a burst of light and love. William James in his Varieties of Religious
Experience describes many of these experiences.
The Oranur Paradigm is the organizing template of this 21st century fusion of science and
religion. It is the religion of the future that Leon Trotsky predicted (in his defense before
the Dewy Commission) would arise in the face of the collapse of the Stalinist Communist
Experiments have shown that energy and consciousness does survive death. Just like the
light from a no longer existing star continues to travel through eternity, our bio-photons
survive death and continue to exist in the orgone cosmic ocean with energy and
consciousness. [See Schwartz, Gary E., "The Afterlife Experiments - Breakthrough
Scientific Evidence of Life After Death" (N.Y., Atria Books, 2002).].
Reich, in Ether, God and Devil, recognized that the cosmic energy of the creator within
the living had a common root and expression with the cosmic energy outside the living in
the Universe. This natural energy is intelligent, spiritual and eternal. It inserts itself into
the organic fetus at birth, guides it to term, and survives to reincarnate again. Going
further than theologian Ernst Bloch, Reich demonstrated that this Orphic wheel of death
and rebirth occurs in an actually existing ocean of orgone energy.
As Reich asserts in Ether, God, and Devil, the cosmic energy does indeed reincarnate.
This is according to quantum physical laws and not by the distorted notion of karma that
reinforced the mass class armoring of Eastern societies. [See "Ether, God, and Devil," p.
116 (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1949)].
We emerge from this ocean, and eventually return. At some point, the reincarnating
spiritual energy soul evolves sufficiently to ascend to higher cosmic dimensions and does
not come back to the earth material domain. All individuals are drops of this oceanic
energy that comes to know itself and evolve through us. We are particles of the Godhead.
Eternally, we will exist as living sub-atomic particles and photons in this ocean.
This Theology of Orgonomy, with its roots in functional mysticism and libertarian
Gnosticism, postulates that the necessity to reincarnate depends upon an individuals
degree of consciousness and energy. Those individuals with dense spiritual armor will of
necessity reincarnate according to quantum physical laws. Those free of this armor have a
choice. A great deal depends on how much the person struggled for liberation from the
demonic power pathological systems on earth, and whether he or she can still help free
humanity by a process of Christogenesis or will make the choice to finally leave the earth
domain for higher levels of being in the Orgone ocean. It takes great courage to
consciously decide to reincarnate when liberation from the earth entrapment is available,
since, as the great occult philosopher Aleister Crowley stated: Every incarnation is a
crucifixion. Christ, Moses and the Buddha, were human beings who were able to attain a
high degree spiritual liberation and decide to reincarnate. The freedom from incarnation
is entirely a matter of the spiritual monads own effort and development to be free of

spiritual armor and material entrapment, although energy-metaphysical guides are

The letters (as edited and revised by Dr. Katz) that follow describe the efforts of Dr.
Victor Silver to rethink the Oranur inter-dimensional experiment and to develop an
adequate comprehension of it. It also provides a delineation of the ideas of Dr. Silver that
he had hoped to use in his unfinished book on Reich and mysticism. In the process of
these two profound projects, great progress was made in the further delineation of the
liberation theology made possible by Wilhelm Reichs discovery of the Orgone.
Dr. Silver warned many years ago that this interpretation of Reich, bringing forth a
theology of orgonomy as functional mysticism, would be rejected by the greater
orgonomic community. He was right. However, this work and thought will continue. I
will not let it be killed. I have no doubt that Dr. Reich, if he returned today, would be
exploring the field of spiritual energy and consciousness.


[Editorial comments by Dr. Steven Katz are presented in brackets inserted into the
text of the letters]
November 1, 1996
Dear Jacob Meyerowitz:
I want to thank you for sending me the address of my old friend and teacher, Victor
Silver. The address was indeed accurate, and we have now revived a friendship that was
dormant for the past 25 years. Dr. Silver has some writings on Orgonomy and Reich that
he needs to complete, and I have offered to help him with editing, writing, and ultimately
with publication. He is a fine philosopher in the old, good, original sense of that term,
i.e.: a human being who is concerned with the ultimate questions of cosmic existence in a
real existential, functional way.
In addition, I want to thank you for your suggestions on the use of orgonometry as a tool
in the investigation of the human legal system. As an attorney, and as a scientific /
philosophical investigator, I am interested in the development of orgonomic social
science. I have a broad multidisciplinary background, and I find orgonomy is the only
science that unifies all the separate areas of my training.
Presently, I am researching an article that I hope to submit for publication to the Journal
of Orgonomy on Wilhelm Reich as Counsel for the Life Energy. I also hope to
eventually write a book on Orgonomy and Philosophy.
Yours, truly,
Steven Katz

November 13, 1996

Victor Silver, Ph.D.
Box 140
Rangeley Maine

Dear Dr. Silver:

Since it has been very many years since we last communicated, a few preliminary words
are appropriate.

I studied philosophy and orgonomy with you at Adelphi University in the late 1960s. I
was a student of philosophy and also studied with Dr. Robert Knight and others.
Presently, I am a philosopher-lawyer living in New York, and I edit books for Life
University Press.
I am writing because in the past two years I have once again become involved with
orgonomy. I have attended the last two annual meetings of the American College of
Orgonomy, and I have updated my library of orgonomic publications.
It seems that there have been many changes in orgonomy as a scientific movement. I did
not meet anyone at the College conferences that I knew from the group that was involved
during the 1960s and early 1970s.
I thought that, in addition to the pleasure of hearing from you, you might tell me what has
happened since that earlier time, and particularly since the death of Dr. Elsworth Baker. I
was able to find from my own research that Dr. Bakers son now has his own group, and
that Dr. DeMeo has established a group in Oregon (Where Dr. Blasband is also
I have been impressed with the therapists and researchers now active with the American
College of Orgonomy. It seems that they have preserved, and are developing, in a fairly
clean way, Dr. Reichs therapy and natural science. It would, however, help me gain
some perspective to understand the recent dynamics of the social development of
orgonomy as a scientific movement.
I plan on writing an article on Dr. Reich as Counsel for the Life Energy, and I would be
pleases if you could review the manuscript when it is ready in preliminary draft.
By the way, I obtained your address from Jacob Meyerowitz and he sends his hello to
I hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you.
Steve Katz

21 November 96
Dear Steven:
It is pleasant surprise to hear from you. Theres no sense in trying to summarize my life
over the intervening decades, so let me cut to the chase.
Although I was able to lecture on Reichs work at some local schools some years back,
there are no orgonomists in Vermont, sad to relate. I have maintained contact

sporadically with John Bell, and I had begun to develop a nice relationship with Paul
Matthews before his death. I know for certain that John is displeased with the direction
orgonomy has taken since Dr. Bakers death (when comes such another), so much so
that he resigned from the College of Orgonomy some years back. Apparently the new
wave of younger students did not have much use for Dr. Koopman, and treated her with
disrespect bordering on contempt. I never saw eye-to eye with her, but the treatment
accorded her was worse than shabby.
I personally find no difficulty with Dr. Christs leadership (to which I am not subject), or
Dr. Konias large looming presence (I sense a real autocrat here). I also dont find very
much new in the literature and the ever present worshipful attitude toward Reich,
something nicely counterbalanced by Dr. Bakers common sense, is oppressive. Reich
made some vital discoveries. He made some big mistakes as well. And I feel that he has
never been properly integrated within the western intellectual and spiritual tradition. He
was a lot more of a mystic than many of his followers like to hear. I am working on my
magnum opus, which deals with Reichs place among the Big Mystics of the
psychoanalytic-Jewish tradition. I am also preparing to repeat the Oranur Experiment
in order to gain access to the metaphysical dimension. I hope to live long enough to
complete both the book and the experiment. I cant imagine any of the orgonomists
looking favorably on anyone who views W.R. as a mystic. But he was and thats that.
I would be delighted to read and review your paper. It is hard not having contact with
thinkers who speak the language of orgonomy. We are further away than ever from its
healing powers.
Warmest regards,
Victor Silver

November 24, 1996

Dear Victor:
I was greatly encouraged by your warm and prompt response to my recent letter. It is
very difficult to find mature thinkers who understand Reich and orgonomy with any
degree of depth and perspective. Even beyond that, it is hard to find people with any
steady focus on the big questions: bio-spiritual health and its implications for the social
structure, and even deeper, the cosmic expression that is humanity (no matter how
fallen it may now be). Many of the people I have met at the conferences in Princeton
are young, worshipful, and without a knowledge of the history of orgonomy, or much
older, guarded, and part of the organizational structure. I remember an old joke about the
Devil. An emissary on earth of the Devil returned to warn his master that truth had
been discovered on earth. The Devil replied: Dont worry. I will send someone there to
organize it.

I hope this follow-up letter will be the start of a fruitful contact between us.
It is true that there does not seem to be much that is really new in many of the orgonomic
sciences presented by the College. Martin Goldberg, however, does seem to have made a
breakthrough in applying orgonomic tools to the restructuring of work organizations. I
had lunch with him at the last annual conference, and he seemed far from having an
uncritical attitude toward the results and possibilities of orgonomic science. Many of the
other presentations seemed like old reruns, particularly in the replaying of the bion
experiments, etc. Dr. Harmon seems to be carrying on where Paul Matthews left off, and
I think his recent article in the Journal of Orgonomy on Edmund Burke was a real
contribution. In addition, Dr. Chavis told me that some progress is also being made in
cancer research, but I got the impression that they are not ready to publish any results.
Some really innovative cutting-edge research is now being done by Dr. Richard Blasband
out in California (San Francisco). While on vacation out there this past August, I
happened to see an ad in one of the New Age magazines on psychic healing and listing
Dr. Blasband and Ruth Scott. Dr. Blasband has become a student of a Russian
biophysicist by the name of Nicolai Levashov. This healing is orgonomic in that it works
with the subtle energy bodies that are underlying the human material organs and entire
biophysical structure. I do not have all the details on this, but I recently spoke with Dr.
Blasband by phone and he promised to send me some information and put me on the
mailing list of his foundation.
Apparently, there have been some changes in the clinical approach since some of the
early orgonomists did their work. According to what Dr. Christ said at the last meeting,
the orgonomists are now concentrating more on the character analytic part of the work.
He seemed to imply that some orgonomists may have too exclusively concentrated on
body-work or the biophysical dimension of treatment. The best, including Baker, always
did use psychological work as well as physical, but perhaps all the orgnomists did not
follow this procedure as fully.
My return to orgonomy came about when I decided two years ago to seek some
additional medical orgone therapy. I had several years of treatments with Dr. Blasband
some years ago. Dr. Blasband discontinued his New York practice and I could not find a
replacement orgonomist at that time. I did eventually find an old-fashioned
psychoanalytic therapist, Dr. Hans Sachs, who had trained in Vienna and Zurich, and
knew of Reich from his European period. Although not an orgonomist, he was an
excellent therapist and very sympathetic to Reich and his work including the social
implications. Dr. Sachs became my mentor as well as therapist and I successfully
completed some 15 years of work with him. Eventually, he got me an appointment as an
instructor in law and psychology at the Alfred Adler Institute in New York, where I still
occasionally teach. At the same time, I maintained sporadic contact with orgonomy by
reading journals.
Unfortunately, Dr. Sachs died several years ago, and when I decided that as a result of a
mid-life re-evaluation (crisis would be dramatizing it too much) I wanted to do some

more work on myself, I contacted the American College of Orgonomy for the name of a
therapist. Feeling I could still benefit from medical orgone therapy, I wanted to find a
very well-qualified therapist. I knew Dr. Baker always maintained the highest standards,
and since the therapy is so powerful, I did not want to risk going to a Reichian trained
anywhere else (there are many today trained by Lowen, Kelly, etc., who knows how safe
their practice is?). I did get a referral to Dr. Emanuel Levine, an orgonomist trained by
Reich, and I have found his treatment to be very beneficial.
I find nothing shocking or irrational in your characterization of Reich as mystic if by
that you mean an individual who sought to make contact in a subjective personal way
with the fundamental forces of the cosmos, and who sought to bring this force into human
consciousness for the betterment of the human race. It is in this sense that Giordano
Bruno, who as you know was a favorite with Reich, was also a mystic, as were many of
the Eastern philosophers who experimented with Chi and spoke of prana and
bioenergy and acupuncture meridians.
I was very interested to hear that you are working on a book dealing with Reich and The
Big Mystics of the psychoanalytic-Jewish tradition. I assume that you are familiar with
Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition by David Bakan and that you are doing
something of that nature for Reich. It sounds, however, that you may be working on
something bigger than Bakan undertook in his work. The only other person who I know
of who tried to make this connection was Dr. Israel Regardie. He related the physical
body as described by the Cabala to Reichs concepts of the energy zones of the body. His
work, however, in far outside in the scientific mainstream and is considered occult.
Many orgonomists might not at first react well to our view of Reich as a mystic. This is
because Reich hated the unhealthy mysticism which obscured the real sources of human
misery and acted as a narcotic on repressed and suppressed people as he described it so
clearly in the Mass Psychology of Fascism. However, the healthy cosmic contact
expressed by creative philosophers, spiritual teachers and researchers, and acknowledged
by Reich in The Murder of Christ, is something any open-minded orgonomist would
understand (if an orgonomist is not open-minded, how can he or she do the work?).
Be that as it may, I would like to see what you have done in manuscript if you have it
available. I would be pleased to offer feedback and comments. I have spent most of my
professional life editing books dealing with law, medicine and business, and would also
be pleased to offer any editorial suggestions if you feel it would be helpful.
I am most intrigued about your plans to do another Oranur Experiment. I look forward to
hearing more about it.
Your comments that we are further away than ever from the healing powers of
orgonomy are only too true. There is an old Chassidic story to the effect that God will not
destroy the world as long as there are still a few Just People left on earth. It is getting
harder and harder to be or become one of the few.

Warmest regards,
December 3, 1996
Dear Steve:
What a bittersweet pleasure to be in contact after so very long with someone who
obviously has a grasp the deep things in orgonomy. I say bittersweet because of my
personal abandonment of the orgonomic option for health with EFB in 1979. My health
took a disastrous turn for the worse, two heart attacks, severe alcoholism (which I had
been fooling around with since the Adelphi days), and a decade of insurmountable
personal problems. It has been through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous that I have
regained some sanity and I have not had a drink in almost nine years. Strange, although
Elsworth Baker warded off a couple of heart attacks for me, therapy never enabled me to
stop drinking undoubtedly because I did not want to stop drinking, period, punto final.
But I view my 15 years off and on with Dr. Baker (alas, mostly off) as a high point in my
life. Whatever Love, Work and Knowledge I possess trace directly back to him. About
God, I once asked him if he believed in God. In his wry puckish manner he responded: I
work for him. Reichs mature interest in matters spiritual was not just tangential, but
central to the whole thrust, the telos of orgonomy. While I now name myself a Christian,
it is a species of Christian best characterized in The Murder of Christ and it is not
necessary for me to proselytize Reichs views any longer. The Atonement, Resurrection
and eternal life give me great anguish still, but they are matters requiring the leap of
faith, one I have yet been able to make successfully. I hope to be able to make this leap
through the door opened by a new Oranur Experiment. Bye the bye, Elsworth Baker once
told me he thought Reich prayed to orgone energy in prison. Why not?
As you may know, Alcoholics Anonymous is based in a 12 Step program deeply steeped
in spirituality. It directly replaces the mystic experience induced by alcoholism. As
William James stated, alcohol, and I would add drugs, sometimes give a glimpse into the
mystic reality. It is for this reason that people run after it; so that they can feel some brief
fleeting contact with the ocean of spiritual energy that the great religions call God. Dr.
Baker also told me that in the later years he sometimes would call Reichs residence in
Rangeley, Maine, only to find him completely drunk.
I have always considered Dr. Blasband as Bakers natural heir and the best doctor of the
second generation orgonomists. If you could let me have his address, I should be much
obliged. The Russian discovery of bioplasma (you must know the Sheila Ostrander
book of the 1970s?) fits perfectly the orgonomic framework and borders my happy
preserve of mysticism. I did a small volume on the alcoholics search for God, and I am
currently embarked on a sequel which mirabilis dictum brings in character analysis,
bioenergy, biopathy (alcoholism is an outstanding example of the genre) and the
Emotional Plague (EP). I should (must) complete it sometime next year and then in the
destructive element immerse, as Conrad says.

I have accumulated an enormous amount of material, including an independent volume

called Essays on Orgonomy, which Twayne accepted for publication years ago, but my
collaborator, dear old John Bell, never finished his part. Elsworth Baker loved it, so did
Aurora Reich (Reichs last lover) who contacted me. However, I was so intoxicated by
this contact (in more ways than one) that I scared her off, most likely deliberately.
Alongside the Cabbala, Gershom Scholems magnificent book, Major Trends in Jewish
Mysticism, has been my guide. The Gnostic Religion, by Hans Jonas provides
startling parallels to Reichs characterology and cosmology, and Ravenscrofts Sword of
Destiny has sold me, on one level, of the occult demonic roots of Hitler and his gang.
But all this stuff is so far outside the mainstream of western psycho-spirituality (which
Baker as you know was not), that I chuckle regarding any possible impact my crazy
contribution can hope to make, if I live long enough to make it. I am assured by Howard
Cosell (in a vivid dream) that I will, 2011 being my estimated time of departure [editor's
note: unfortunately Dr. Silver passed away in December of 1999]. I am afraid of death for
the first time in my life, mainly (I hope) because I have so much left to contribute, if only
to other crazies, Stuff I am INTENTED TO DO.
Please keep the old Chassidic stories coming. As I age, I feel a closer affinity to the
whole Hebrew-Jewish-Yiddish tradition. How come you guys kept it quiet for so long?
A face-to-face meeting is in the offing for us sometime in the future. If you feel like
talking to me before then, feel free to call me at 802-974-1743, afternoons and early
evenings are best.
Very Warmest regards, Steve,

10 December 1996
Dear Steve:
Enclosed is a selection of my work on W.R. [Wilhelm Reich]. It supplies the reader with
neither a cohesive nor comprehensive overview of what the WHOLE work is all about. I
include a couple of general summaries, some chapters from various periods in my writing
career about Reich, and an experimental protocol for the replication of the Oranur
Much of my work on mysticism thus far is fragmentary and irritating to the reader who is
unaccustomed to my style, comprising six and seven page bursts of inspiration which
cover the waterfront from the New Physics to Barbara K. on mysticism. This material is

supplemented by an enormous carton of notes so inscrutable as to be difficult even for

me, their author, to read, some dozen years worth. But ITS ALL THERE.
The papers on my planned new Oranur Experiment may be the hardest to decipher of all.
The diagram and notes attempt to convey the construction of a metaphysical vehicle,
cable of inter-dimensional travel. The ideas for this mass free energetic transit came to
me while meditating in the Orgone Accumulator. As Oranur opens a portal between the
physical and the metaphysical, travel to higher spiritual dimensions should be possible
while using the transit container in the midst of the Oranur reaction. This interdimensional travel is described quite well by the Jewish Merkabah mystics, but they
lacked a quantum physical vehicle. We will have to see what happens.
I thought this current selection might give you an overall feeling for what I am about. It
probably includes too much sociopolitical material, and I am not yet quite sure what part
this stuff will play in my final version. My interests are no longer focused on the political
arena; as Reich said, Never try to do it politically, never.
I can send another substantial batch of my notes if you think it advisable. Hopefully, this
compendium will clarify my path for you.

I deeply appreciate your interest and patience.

P.S.: Please to guard with your life!

11 December 1996
Dear Victor:

I have received your collection of manuscript and the experimental protocol for the new
Oranur Experiment. After a first look, I would call the protocol Oranur 2, The
Metaphysical Portal. The manuscripts are like a deep diamond mine, filled with slag, but
containing many precious gems.
I will have more observations when I get the time to delve more deeply.
How you might ask did a Jewish left-wing intellectual like me, a former member of
Students for a Democratic Society, a secularist to the bone, become a convinced
metaphysician and man of the spirit? It is very simple; I stood face to face with Deadly
Psychic Energy. The force that Wilhelm Reich called Deadly Orgone Energy, and the
great mystics called The Beast or Devil, destroyed my brother.

In January 1978, my brother Ira, an aspiring film maker and philosopher, lived in Kew
Gardens, Queens. He had an apartment over the rooms of a defrocked Lutheran Minister,
who was an alcoholic and anti-Semite. One night, my brother, who loved rock music, and
had a beautiful girl friend, had a small party going on. This Minister, son of the Devil
and Father of Sin, came up to my brothers apartment and shot all the inhabitants. My
brother did not survive. [See, "The Sound of Music, The Sound of Death," p. 3, Newsday,
February 4, 1978. Fallen priests are special prey to demonic psychic forces.]
In the hospital, and right before he died, my brother told me he was seeing thick mist.
Then, as he lapsed into coma, his eyes opened wide as he looked upon the living God. As
it is told in the Book of Exodus, nobody can look upon the living God and remain alive in
the material dimension. He had entered the metaphysical dimension.
After the shooting, the defrocked Minister went back down to his own apartment, and
using the same gun, blew his brains out. The responding police found Nazi literature and
pornography in his apartment, along with many empty wine bottles.
Reich, as you well know, calls this the essence of the emotional plague (EP). Those who
hate life destroy the life loving with outright murder, or failing that, by slow attrition
through exploitation and the mass lie. Many lie dead in the killings fields of war so that
the defense contractors, oil companies, and Wall Street can feast on the illicit profits.
The vampire suckers of the power elites, under rationalizing ideologies, victimize the
masses of the hard working and decent. Millions of workers are thrown out of work while
the Wall Street interests and Bankers feast on tax-payer bail outs.
In Listen Little Man, and The Murder of Christ, Reich says it all. Humanity is indeed
in a trap, and only painful spiritual work, one individual at a time, has been proven
effective. Time is against that as a way out for the planet Earth. We need metaphysical
intervention by UFOs or higher spiritual powers to provide the necessary mass spiritual
enlightenment and transformation. Here Reich was also in the vanguard with Contact
With Space.

May the Godhead of Living, Eternal, Infinite, Energy Bless Your Life and Work,

18 December 1996
Dear Steve:
I was moved profoundly by your letter, both because of your revelation to me as
privileged listener of your encounter with The Beast, and your unexpected, but hoped for,

offer regarding our future collaboration. It is my honor to have you as my fellow

Theologian of Life Energy. Our teacher Dr. Reich is proud to have us follow in his
footsteps. Surely we are intended to help one another to conclude successfully our
different, but oh so similar vision quests.
While I am blessed with several close 12-step friends, I have been unable to hook up with
a fellow pilgrim who understands and has lived the deep truths of Orgonomy. I too am of
the opinion that our coming together is neither coincidence nor synchronicity. Consider
yourself free to take whatever action you may deem appropriate regarding my work.
Details will arrange themselves as neatly as a pattern of yarrow sticks.
My tentative end-game plan has always been to finish my trilogy on alcoholism, and then
move on to my magnum opus. I now feel that when Vol. II of the alcoholism trilogy is
finished, I could be ready to undertake the Reich work, postponing both the third volume
of the projected trilogy, Love, Sex, Relationships and the 12-Steps, and a book of daily
readings dedicated exclusively to the religious, and spiritual material from the Big Book
of AA, Jung, Wm. James, and the early contributors, a book of meditations and
commentary beginning with Bill Wilsons Kierkegaardian observation, Either God is or
He/She isnt.
I am not at all sure just how much of the material I sent you (inundated you with?) fits the
schema of the proposed work on Reich and mysticism, what can be dispensed with as
irrelevant or out of date, what constitutes what I characterize as my huffing and
puffing. In all honesty, I could sit down this afternoon and begin it all without looking
back except for notes and quotes; I have been hungrier than I realize to return to the
gardens of orgonomy. One opening salvo, which will come as no surprise to you, is that it
all began with Reichs speculations regarding the large scale implications of Oranur. The
whole of the mystical dimension opened to him in those reflections, and I think,
momentarily at least, they floored him.
As my spiritual taste-buds reawaken in anticipation of the forthcoming feast of Reichian
ideas and mystical connections, I can find no good reason why I could not propose to
complete the work, including the Oranur Experiment II, around the end of 1997,
beginning of 1998. This is the first time-frame commitment I have made on this matter,
even to myself. Your well-informed kindness leads me to abandon one familiar and
comforting negativity a lovely rationalization for my constitutional procrastination:
Who the hell is ever going to read this stuff anyway?
We might consider a possible tte--tte after the holidays, always on your schedule as
mine is quite flexible. Aside from a part-time job at Johnson State College, my time is
Again, Steve, thank you for the deeps of your personal sharing, and your positive and
encouraging observations regarding my work and our future collaboration.
Warmest regards, Victor

December 27, 1996

Dear Victor:
I have started reading some of the works cited in your letters. In particular, I am now
reading The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas.
These ancient spiritual revolutionaries, contemporaries with the early Christians, worked
hard to free themselves from the material trap of the earth dimension. There is indeed a
close parallel to the good and evil energies described by W.R. in The Oranur
Experiment. The Gnostics apparently sensed that space is alive with intelligent,
expressive energy, and that this fundamental cosmic energy was the functional equivalent
to the Godhead. They also knew that this energy is found in human emotion, and that it
can be perverted, contracted, and give rise to deadly forms and destructive ways of
human interaction. This reality is presented in anthropomorphic poetry. Another exciting
parallel is in the correspondence between the internal gnosis (knowing) of the initiate,
and the realization of the unity of Gods immanence and transcendence in the human
monad (as the German philosopher Leibniz would put it). Dr. Reich would say functional
identity and antithesis. The Gnostics also recognized that religions reflected the states of
spiritual development present in their creators (very sophisticated for that ancient time).
I have continued to review your manuscripts. I can see that you have traveled a long
distance from the early essay Reichs Theory of Religion Introduction to the
Emotional Plague, to your later work on 12-Step Theology. Also, your unpublished
manuscript on functional mysticism represents quite a development.
In the early work, you echo the orthodox orgonomic position that the crippled orgasm
reflex is the basis of religious yearning. Later, after having been through the hell of
alcohol addiction, and having studied the great theologians, you realized the profound
implications of the Oranur Experiment. Functional mysticism, as I understand it, is
spiritually healthy and gives rise to an understanding of the spiritual body. Spiritual
energy flows constantly from the metaphysical domain into the physical dimension.
Armor (muscular/emotional hypertensive blocks) stops this flow, and gives rise to
physical and spiritual biopathies. After death, this energy returns to the orgone energy
ocean, to evolve to higher more spiritual energetic states, or to return to earth incarnation
for more work on liberating the cosmic-spiritual body from the material entrapment. It is
our own state of development that determines this on an energetic level. Heaven and
hell are energetic states, both here and hereafter.
Your references to the Jewish mystics and Cabbalists are well cited. Gershom Sholem is,
as you point out, the foremost historian and philosopher in this field. His seminal work,
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, rescued Jewish Gnostic philosophy from being
buried by mechanical scientific rationalism. The correspondence between energy zones in
the body, and the cosmic influx of energy, is a striking preview of Reichs work on
character analysis and medical orgone therapy. I intend next to move on to the Jewish
mystics, and to re-read everything Reich wrote on spiritual themes. You may remember

that Reich favorably cited Giordano Bruno, Western Hermetic Cabbalist, as one of his
I stand ready to edit your work, and also to make my own contribution where I think it
appropriate. As to Oranur II, I will leave that to you. You will need a scientist with access
to radioactive material, and the relevant clearances from the Atomic Energy Commission
and other government agencies to provide the necessary oversight.
Warmest regards,

28 December 1996
Dear Steve:
I would like to make a few general observations on your proposal.
I very much like the idea of our collaboration. I have no ego problems with co-authorship
whatever and wherever you feel your contributions might serve the project. I am
preparing myself for the mental re-tooling necessary.
I feel I have pretty well exhausted the socio-political contributions of orgonomy, and I
have two good chapters (one published in the Journal of Theology and Literature, [JTL]
as The E.P. in Literature) on literature. I did not forward you a chapter on knowledge
and perception which I left unfinished, the most strictly philosophical of my speculations,
wherein Nietzsche plays a major role as predecessor to Reich, along with D.H. Lawrence.
The concluding section on the spiritual might well be a distilled version of the major
principles of good mysticism in relation to orgonomy. If my sections on Psychoanalysis
(also published in the JTL years ago), and Character seem satisfactory, all to the good. I
am chary about doing any directly scientific (i.e. mathematical) analyses or, indeed
except in the most general way the material from the New Physics. I feel orgonomic
physics is by far the weakest element in the Reichian corpus he just ignored quantum
mechanics and general relativity. Reich did make a major breakthrough into metaphysics
with Oranur, but never lived to revise orgonomic physics in light of the implications of
the discovery.
Any material you feel to be valuable, make room for it. We are still, despite the quantity
of material I submitted to you in the gestation period.
Your preliminary remarks on possible avenues must elicit a couple of caveats from me. I
am in no financial condition remotely to undertake expenses attendant upon desktop
publication. So it must be shoot-the-moon or nothing for the moment. You are right;
however, such considerations are premature.

Much of the material I sent you represents the ONLY extant copies. Please guard like a
dragon in a Wagnerian opera.
I am looking forward to your further observations and commitment, if that is the proper

1 January 1997
Dear Victor:
I agree with your observation that we need to go for the moon and find a commercial
publisher for our book. However, since we will include the Oranur II Experiment, it will
probably have to be a small experimental press. It is premature, not only because the
book remains to be written, but also because we do not know where the experiment will
take us.
In Oranur, Reich opened the door to the metaphysical dimensions. Such openings are
filled with peril. Many exorcists, parapsychologists, and occult philosophers have lost
their lives or were driven into insanity (Nietzsche) by attempting such explorations. Only
the cleanest and most highly qualified researchers, with training in natural science,
philosophy, psychology, and theology, should even contemplate it.
All great explorations, material and spiritual, carry such risks, and we should not let
ourselves be deterred by them.

8 January 1997
Dear Steve:
Your latest communication brought my work-function into sharp focus. Its time I
stopped admiring my copious note-taking and fragment-writing and get to it. I confess a
real but not overwhelming trepidation at the outset. This whole thing is so damned
big, and yes, important, the project (the experiment and book), not you or I. The long
dormant fascination with the work has reawakened much like the Gnostic pneumatic in
the midst of this armored world. It is merely my rational doubt regarding my energy

reserves that causes me to procrastinate. It will be my statement for whatever it may be

worth, and I realize that my end-game plan is very much bound up with orgonomy and
my debt. In fact, stating my reserves right out begins to energize me. I always fear Ill die
before Ive sung my fat ladys song. I should know God better than that by now.
The Reich/Mysticism section for our book will require less detail than in the final
contemplated magnum opus, but it must make big points. You have read the Oranur
Report in Selected Writings. With it Reich concludes functionally and cosmically the
profoundest insights of the Gnostics and Jewish Mysticism. It should come as no surprise
that the orgonomic weltanschauung is Gnostic to its roots, and yet there is always that
blessed Reichian optimism. Knowing what Reich did of the metastasizing of the
Emotional Plague in human affairs, and still being able to hold to the Orgone foundations
of the cosmos, must give pause to ones bitterness and sense of futility.
I think including a scientific contributor is a good idea, only I should like to reserve to
myself if time and space make it feasible a functional discussion of the New Physics
(Davies, Gary Zhukov, Capra, et al), or that might be better reserved for my contemplated
larger work. A lengthy get together in the spring looks like a very good idea. Details will
be forthcoming on their own.
All manner of thing will be well, Steve

18 January 1997
Dear Victor:
To turn to the personal, dont worry about your energy or ability to finish our project.
Particularly in later life, if you have a meaningful project to be involved in, it does
wonders to keep the life energy flowing and strong. Many who have lived into their 80s
and 90s did so because they continued to work instead of vegetating in one of the
seniors enclaves in Florida. I understand Dr. Baker continued to carry a full case load
into his final years. Israel Regardie, chiropractor and occult philosopher, also lived into
his early 80s. On a more spiritual note, I dont think we would have been brought
together at this late date unless the Higher Spiritual Powers that guide our destinies
intended us to do our work. As Stephan A. Hoeller stated in his book The Gnostic Jung
.The night is still long and the watchman are few. Will the magnum opus be carried
forward to a new stage toward its completion? Who will be the alchemists, the Gnostics
of the future? We have to do our part to bear witness to the darkness of this sorry crust
of earth, and to the few particles of light that draw us upward.
I have of course read the Oranur Report in the Collected Writings. You hit the nail on the
head about the Manichean nature of Reichs work in his last years. It is there even in the
final paper on the death instinct and DOR [deadly psychic energy ed.], written by Reich
in honor of Freuds 100th birthday. I assume, living in Vermont as you do, that you have

visited the Reich Museum in Rangeley. Last time I visited it, I was struck by a painting
that Reich did in the final years which is now displayed in the room leading to the rooftop level of the Observatory. It shows a vital, ruddy man in full health standing before a
wolf that has blood dripping from its mouth. The wolf obviously embodied all Reich felt
was destructive, including the FDA, prosecuting attorney Mills, totalitarian communism,
and the dreaded DOR/Devil. Here too, I can sense the mystical body of Christ and the
Cabalas divine ADAM facing the eternal adversary, The DOR/death instinct in its naked
reality unmasked behind the ideological justifications and false smiles of the killers.
Reich was fully aware of all this once he digested the experience of the Oranur
Experiment. I have a tape recording of Reich speaking about the Oranur Experiment just
after a meeting of the Wilhelm Reich Foundation, near in time to the frightening result of
that project. In it, Reich states with great conviction: that .I am fully aware of the
implications [of Oranur] for medicine, biology, natural science, and philosophy.I am
fully aware of it, and in this awareness I AM COMPLETELY ALONE WITH NO SOUL
FAR AND WIDE TO SHARE IT WITH. In his voice I can feel frustration, anger,
anxiety, and longing. The statement is even more surprising considering that when it was
made, in April 1952, Reich had already a group of medical doctors and scientists around
him that included Baker, Sobey, Raphael, Eva Reich, and others who were enthusiastic
and committed to the work. Dr. Chavis said to me at one of the conferences: He was 100
years ahead of his time.
Reichs awareness included the fact that Oranur had unleashed demonic forces that would
entrap him if they could, and kill him. They did working through the FDA, drug
companies, the U.S. Justice Department, and the psychoanalytic establishment. It is well
known that exorcists have lost there lives and sanity battling demonic possession. This
should provide ample warning to us as we prepare to embark on Oranur II.
By the way, thanks for the words of encouragement at the close of your last letter. I
sometimes feel like WR must have on the day he made his tape on Oranur. ALONE.
My father, an unlettered Jewish mystic in his own way, used to say that the spiritual
energy bodies of the departed stay in touch with the earth plane to help the living. My
response was always the same: We sure need them.
I will write again soon with more manuscript observations.
As my mentor Leo Rattner used to say: We will not only survive, we will prevail!!

28 January 1997
Dear Steve:
To my utter dismay, I have been rooting around in my ton-and-a half Reich notes. ITS
ALL THERE. The problem will be extracting the U-235 from this metric slag heap. But I
begin to feel the old attraction, the ancient and long thought dead commitment to doing
the Oranur Experiment II, and producing my final statement on the orgonomic
interpretation of human experience. This represents my (hopefully) rational efforts to
separate the idolatrous accretions of The Reichians from the shimmering corpus of
WRs work, and my no means incidental dedication to grabbing WR by the shoulders and
giving him a good shake when he needs it.
As I remarked in my previous letter, the business of intellectual re-tooling and emotional
psyching-up is no simple matter for me at this juncture in my journey, but I dont think
any other point of my time-line was nearly so propitious for me to get to it, let it all hang
out, make my statement, and let the devil take the hindmost. Ego be damned (which
sounds pretty egotistical).
I will forward the last chapters of my Twayne Publications essays, The EP in
Literature, and the Bioenergetic Sketches of Health In Literature. I am also sending
Capitalism as Work Democracy, a thesis I can no longer wholeheartedly endorse. I
retain in my possession a great pile of WR/MYSTICISM stuff, to which I will have to
devote the whole of my remaining bioenergetic intellectualism. In short, it requires much
work. But to repeat, IT IS ALL THERE.
I find Professor Jonas book one of the most metaphysically frightening I have ever read.
How about the Gnostic notion of literally an armored cosmos. Projection? I dont
think so. You know, Reich never quite got it right in ETHER regarding the objective
functional reality of DOR as the ADVERSARY of OR/GOD, and humanitys Core. He
so feared being charged with metaphysics, yet all his mighty later post-Oranur rightings
(wow, how about that for pure Freudiana!).I meant to say writings, his post-Oranur
writings constitute a truly Manichean cosmology. Im tingling a bit and my typing is
beginning to suffer.
God, this is big stuff he was on to. Todays religions as I read them seem wholly focused
on the phenomenon of being palsey with God, as one of C.S. Lewiss correspondents
identified the almost vulgar familiarity exhibited, especially among the Christian
evangelicals (and they do cure) with Christ Christ the owner of your local corner
I try contacting the Father as ABBA but he is too damned BIG. It is precisely that
dimension of bigness, joined gently to the lovely humanity of Jesus in Reichs Murder of
Christ, that so fascinates me. I have never had any problem with the genitality of Jesus, or
the Ysod of the Father. One might say that this is the genital foundation of the worlds.
The Cabala knew, and I would not be surprised that WR was a student of Cabala,

although biographically there is no evidence of this (yet to come to light perhaps the
opening of the Reich Archives in 2007 will change this).
I will continue to hammer away at The Theology of the 12 Steps for 12 Step Diseases,
still some months from completion. Bill Wilson was a bona fide mystic, as bona fide as
Wilhelm Reich.
The work will go on.

February 10, 1997

Good job.
I find the editing sound and the additions helpful. You tightened things up, and I have
proceeded to tighten-up your tightening up. I have become almost fanatical about the
least wasted particle, after decades of expansive (sloppy) self-indulgence in my writing.
Bravo to your creative efforts. To paraphrase John Bell, the work IS going on! I once
again sense the importance of the work, and my small contribution to it, with your
invaluable assistance. With the resurgence in my writing has come a totally unforeseen
resurgence in my sexual interest; although much damage remains below the water line, I
am no longer sinking!
The Jewish mystics (including W.R., of course) are just a delight to read. Imagine, God
as the creator, sustainer, and true Father of cosmic and organismic genital union. Whoda
thunk it?
Blessings to you and yours. Do you have any children, Steve?

As ever,

February 20, 1997

Yes, I have a son, Ian. He and my wife Roz are the lights of my life.
I am happy you felt that my editing efforts were of help. Please find a local physicist with
the nuclear clearances to help you set up Oranur II. I know there are many colleges in

New England, and although it will be hard to explain the experiment to a classically
trained scientist, there may be one that you can convince. I cannot help you with that.
Quantum physicists are now trying to build a device that will use high speed protons to
collide and produce Bisons (the God particle.) This is supposed to free the fundamental
particles that are behind the creation of the Universe. Dr. Reich discovered this in mass
free cosmic orgone energy more than 50 years ago. He was a hundred years ahead of his
With Oranur II, I think you will be able to penetrate this dimension, and travel into the
metaphysical domain. UFOs have used metaphysical vehicles to penetrate our physical
dimension, as discovered by Reich and described in Contact With Space, as well as many
other UFO studies.
I have verified this myself through the use of spiritual hypnotherapy. Those in the afterdeath dimension, as well as other dimensions, use these saucer shaped energy envelopes,
consisting of subatomic particles, to explore the universe as well as manifest in our
material dimension. Only those with the most mass free spiritual energy bodies can use
these vehicles. This is philosophically consistent with the teachings of the great
Cabbalists. The journey of the human monad is a struggle back to the source of life and
The Bible describes several such spiritual travelers. This is set out in the Old Testament
in Ezekiels description of the luminous wheel with its alien intelligences, and in the
Cloud/Pillars of Fire that guided Moses (our first liberation theologian) and his tribe to
Mount Sinai and gave him the 10 Commandments by extraterrestrial communication. The
New Testament reveals that Jesus encountered a UFO with Ezekiel and Moses on a
mountain in a metaphysical carrier (cloud).
Interestingly, Reich, the day before he died, told fellow inmate Harvey Matusow in the
prison yard that UFOs were coming to get him. As Matusow stated: He meant this in a
liberation sense. The idea that he could leave his body was well accepted by him. In
Biblical times they would have called him a prophet.
I am waiting with great fear and expectation at what Oranur II will bring.
Bless you,

March 1, 1997
Dear Steve:
I have laid aside my almost completed second volume on alcoholism and begun laboring
(lovingly) at the mysticism section of our book. It feels so very good and right to be

immersed in the truths of the cosmic orgone energy ocean again. It simply makes sense of
everything to me, especially when and as I begin to see more distinctly the sharp
metaphysical connections between Oranur and Mysticism.
All will begin and end with the Oranur connections to Gnosticism, married somehow to
the joyous gospel of hope that never seemed to abandon Reich despite of great and dark
trepidations toward the end, expressed most poignantly to A.S. Neil. Neil was the only
one it seemed Reich felt (incorrectly) could follow where he led. How alone he was. How
alone we are, except for God and those who remain open to the truly frightening gnosis
revealed in orgonomys cosmic dimensions.

[Editor: The letters (as fictionalized and revised by the author of this book) that follow
describe the efforts of Dr. Victor Silver to replicate the Oranur inter-dimensional thought
experiment and to develop an adequate comprehension of it. In the process, great
progress was made in the further delineation of the liberation theology made possible by
Wilhelm Reichs discovery of the Orgone.]

March 10, 1997

Dear Victor:
I was greatly moved by your last letter. Alfred Adler once said: I see no reason to be
afraid of metaphysics.
Dont pay any attention to the true believers of the old Journal of Orgonomy days who
sought to make a dogma of W.R. work remember he himself stated I am not a
Reichian. He always urged his students to go their own way and do their own work.
I look forward to reading your chapter on Oranur and Gnosticism. I am now working on
therapy and criteria for health. As I get into our project, I am getting more and more
excited about expressing myself on the deepest issues, the ones all of us seem to want to
run away from.
I have had some psychic experiences over the years including precognition, astral travel,
and ESP. I hope we can discuss these things when we get together.

March 17, 1997

Dear Steve:
I have laid aside my almost completed second volume on alcoholism and started laboring
(lovingly) at the mysticism section of our book. It feels so very good and right to be
immersed in the truths of the cosmic orgone energy ocean again. It simply makes sense of
everything to me, especially when and as I begin to see more distinctly the sharp
metaphysical connections to Gnosticism, married somehow to the joyous gospel of hope
that never seemed to abandon Reich despite his great and dark trepidations toward the
end, expressed most poignantly to A.S. Neil, the only one it seemed Reich felt
(incorrectly) could follow where he explored. How alone he was!! How alone we are,
except for God and those who remain open to the truly frightening gnosis revealed in
orgonomys cosmic dimensions.
In re-reading some of the Journal of Orgonomy articles regarding mysticism, I am once
again struck by the elitist snootiness of the critics who guard the sanctuary and check our
weekend passes. God it must be frightening to be so sure of what one knows. Alas, I was
that way for the greater part of my life pure defense. My last fondest dream will be to
return to orgone therapy something like full-time with someone like Baker, to help clean
up whatever of the characterological mess I can given the late hour and the bioenergetic
wreckage of the last decades. Meanwhile, writing and thinking functionally, and
communicating with you, are substantial gifts. I know of none in my life, including a
deeply functionally spiritual wife and some good AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] friends
with whom I can talk this talk. Plus all those dead folk your father spoke of. I do converse
with EFB [Elsworth Baker], Paul Matthews, and sometimes WR [Wilhelm Reich]. I try
to visualize them [Editor's note: actual contact via astral travel can be made with spiritual
hypnosis], one of my weakest mental powers, and they are all wearing monkish robes and
even carrying candles. They constitute the front row of a choir of those I have loved who
have passed on, including relatives, friends, and spiritual kin like Bill Wilson. They
seemed to be carrying some message for me, but I cant yet get it clear.
I have had pneumonia most of this winter. I hate sickness and physical incapacity. Aging
isnt half bad were it not for the long overdue health bills I charged up for so long to
alcoholism and its glorious lifestyle. Lord, just give me the time.
Steve, I hear your own loneliness and sadness. I always recall what WR said to Mickey
Sharaf: Your sadness is the best thing in you. I think it has proven thus for me and I
dont ever expect to be without it. It keeps all things in their proper perspective.
The painting I remember most vividly from the Wilhelm Reich Museum at Orgonon is
that of a witch-like woman (strongly resembling Ilsa Ollendorf!) seated in a chair with
THE HEAD OF A MAN IN HER LAP, a head which mightily resembles Reichs selfportrait. The title: 20th Century. I recall my visits there 25 years ago with my second
wife, a dark psychic type, who got sick from standing in front of the pioneer Cloud
Buster on the front lawn, apparently still operational at the time. I also recall waking that

night on Rangeley Lake bathed in an August full moon with the powerful sense of a
presence in the room, not at all frightening. My fourth wife and I were married in
Rangeley in 1975. My current wife is number 5 and a real Godsend at this hour of my
life. She is very spiritually aware, very female, and oblivious in many ways to the darker
forces. That is the way it should be (no bravado intended, just a little knowledge).
You are right. It is a time of utter and increasing confusion. Thank God we have a lifeline
to cling to. I would not have exited this vale of tears very gracefully had I not been taught
what I know and have tried so hard to forget for 30 years.

March 24, 1997

Dear Victor:
Our teacher Dr. Reich once said that being alone is not the worst fate. Far worse is being
with deadening people to avoid being alone. The chattering of such gatherings is a futile
effort to drown out the fundamental tragedy of human existence.
I am sending you a copy of an article by Edward Hoffman, The Kabbalah and the
Afterlife. You may remember that Dr. Hoffman wrote an excellent book on Reich, The
Man Who Dreamed of Tomorrow.
The ancient Cabbalists, as a result of what we today would call astral travel, and what
they cognized as chariot riding in the spiritual body to the throne kingdoms, were able to
penetrate to deeper dimensions of the cosmic orgone energy ocean. They reported back
that indeed the quantum subatomic spiritual body continues to evolve, including the
necessity to reincarnate back into the organic fetus for a new life. The process of spiritual
growth is infinite and at some point the spiritual monad does not return put ascends
higher to the source of Godhead energy based upon the shedding of character armor
while embodied on the earth plane. Celestial academies are available to assist in this
process (of course our cognitive depiction of this process is limited by the structure of our
consciousness, leaving the thing in itself to exist as it will Kant had it right about
Let me know your reflections on this.

April 3, 1997

Dear Steve:
Thanks for the article. My own subtle love/hate relationship with Judaism moves in what
ought to have been a self-evident direction to me, given my affinity for and fascination
with Freud, Reich, Spinoza, et. al, as well as a lifelong attraction to many Jews as friends
and lovers. And Jesus was so Jewish! I feel the attraction of Jewish mysticism more
strongly than ever. I had no idea of the importance of reincarnation in Kabbalah, and
have always viewed it as some foreign incursion from eastern religions into the west. It is
anathema to classic Christianity as you know, but it makes sense of so much that remains
otherwise unintelligible in even my renegade brand of Christianity (with a small c, not
churchianity as one AA friend observed about the fellowship). Christs genitality, and
now Abbas as well, has never really troubled me much more than the fact that my
mother and father had genitals which was (is?) troubling enough as it is. Jewish
mysticism may end of supplying the missing parts to my spiritual life. I think that I shun
is the discipline required as well as trust myself as a worthy vessel of power (Im not
one). But there is a mysterious and yet patently obvious strength in The Tradition
lacking in all other mystical ways.
I appreciate your sharing your own mystical experiences with me. Ive narrowly
averted dangerously close auto accidents when the driver of a car in which I occupied
the passenger seat lost control of the vehicle and I remained absolutely calm, placing my
hand on thier arms and repeating something like easy does it as we spun out of control.
What the real significance of these events may have been Im not yet prepared to bet the
farm on. I also drove my car through the rain on my wedding evening with the radial of
the tire exposed but never found out til the next morning. Ive three times asked God
out of the blue to bring about the appearance of a most unlikely person in a most
unlikely place and time, and it happened. More than coincidence, I know, but whats the
point I wonder.
Thank you for your geniune concern with my health. You are probably right about the
whole thing, and Im leaving it alone until and unless I get a sign of some sort. My health
has been my greatest concern for several years now I got away with a lot during my
active days and the bill is finally coming due. I HATE SICKNESS IN ALL ITS FORMS,
ALAS, ESPECIALLY MY OWN. I am utterly incapable of functioning at my best and
fulfilling the commissions I have clearly been given by God (especially lending
indispensable backup support to my wife for the next five years as she returns to divinity
school at Harvard to become a minister; she is gifted spiritually), perhaps my writing and
something else the big something else that will define the whole bloomin bloody
mess of my life.
I am about half finished with a rough draft of my Reich and mysticism chapter.
Regarding our meeting in the summer, July would be best.

Keep the faith. We are on the right path.

Blessings on you and yours.

April 10, 1997

Dear Victor:
I look forward with great anticipation to reading your draft on the spiritual dimension of
Oranur and Reichs final acceptance of harbors for life in this dark world. It was
reported by Ilse Ollendorff Reich that in prison Reich wrote that he had attended some
Protestant church services and: I was deeply moved; I felt a new, universal faith in Life
and Love, comprising all monotheistic beliefs, races, etc., is becoming a dire necessity to
counter-weight and -act the Enemy of Man. She also reported that he had spoken about
the need for Harbors for Life. Churches for Life, and Sanctuaries for Life. In light
of this final development, I agree that W.R. knew at the end that he had stumbled on a
great and terrifying truth about mans predicament on earth. His great optimism remained
to the end with his profession of faith in Life and Love in the face of the DOR ravages
within man and in the environment. In this regard, his final battles with CORE men from
UFOs during the Arizona expedition can be seen as his attempt to battle the Archons
who spread DOR from the cosmos onto the earth rendering the emotional desert within
and the geologic desert without. I have a videotape of Eva Reich speaking about this
expedition which I will bring with me when we meet.
I am teaching a seminar on Contemporary Issues in Psychotherapy at the Alfred Adler
Institute. Last week I talked about the criteria for emotional health, and the necessity for
psychotherapists to have a definite criteria and a real sense of what health is. I presented
some material on the orgonomic concept from Dr. Raknes book, but I did not preach the
superiority of the orgonomic approach. I did argue that universal criteria need someday to
be accepted throughout the world if therapy is ever to be treated as a science. This week I
hope to talk about the implications for society and politics. The students tell me that my
classes are some of the most interesting they have had during their training, mainly, I
suppose, because I speak about the tabooed subjects of the socio-political implications of
good psychotherapy and real health. Dont touch it! is still a living admonition in the
school and work place.
By the way, Orgone Therapy has given me a sense of vitality and feeling that I have
never before experienced. I am discovering, however, like many who have had this
experience before me, this does not make life easier. On the contrary, the half-measures,
compromises and superficial adjustments to our sick society and its institutions become
harder to maintain. I can see the sickness in society, but have no way of reaching it or
changing it. I must still earn my daily bread in distorted organizations and with some very

sick people. I am more determined than ever to become independent of these forces as
Those who have deeply felt spiritual beliefs have something invaluable. The sense of
connection to other humans and to God brings inner peace and consolation despite the
bittersweet pain. I walk the streets of Manhattan and see lonely people with their hands
out, perhaps cut off assistance by the new welfare laws, and the hard and cruel
indifference of the rushing crowds and teeming traffic. The honest and deserving poor are
truly forgotten if the churches do not see their need. The hardened men and commercial
armor of society will never provide the answer. The state is dying fine, this is all to the
good but where is God? The answer is in us. Can we let it stream out?
For once in my life I feel the courage to step into the unknown.Reich was indeed on
target: we need a universal faith in life and love. But where are the harbors to protect
I have discussed the idea of a trip to see you and your wife with Roz, and she may be able
to make the trip with me sometime during the summer (July-August). I greatly appreciate
the offer of housing, but if we come together I think that we would like to put up in a
local Inn both to save the stress on you and to make the trip a little vacation for us. There
would still be plenty of time with Roz showing her some of the local shops, etc. There is
still plenty of time to make arrangements.
I was happy to hear of your renewed health.the forces of regeneration should never be
underestimatedin the face of all ravages
Keep working against the Dark, nothing is ever lost in the struggle.

May 1, 1997
Dear Steve:
Good to hear from you after the hiatus. Interesting observation regarding the Archons
spreading DOR. I was astonished to read the Cabbalists of the Zohar viewed evil as
cosmic physical waste, the byproduct of Gods organic nature. DOR has never been more
vividly portrayed. The literalness absolutely not metaphoric of their representing of
Gods genitalia (not quite referred to as such) in the Ysod, His ongoing genital union
with the Shekinah which seems to maintain the universe, the sustaining cause of
Catholic Medieval theology, and their ultimate optimism regarding things metaphysical,
have revealed strong links with WRs post-oranur metaphysics, as well as his astounding
affirmation of affirmation of The unity of Life and God and sweetness in the genital
embrace. WOW! Im typing my final draft of the Oranur Paradigm. Your editing of my

material doesnt trouble me (unseen at least!), but I would like the original material back
when you come up.
I have a favor if you are able. I have misplaced (ye gods, what a slip!) Reichs essay on
Freuds Death Instinct and DOR. Its here somewhere as I write, but I have searched high
and low, without success. If possible, could you Xerox a copy for me? If not I can do
The Wilson house (Bill Wilson, founder of AA) has written to ask me to restock my book
on alcoholism for them. There are apparently numerous inquiries regarding Vol. II, which
I propose to polish up and complete over the summer and after our current collaboration
is completed. My magnum opus on the mysticism of late orgonomy much assisted by
the chapter I have just completed can stand some more time fermenting in the vats.
I had never heard of Reichs church attendance and obvious spiritual commitment toward
the end. I await the mutual viewing of Eva Reichs tape. Susan looks forward to showing
Roz around town.
Late July and anytime in August (Except August 4-5-6; we are off to Rangeley then).
Reading of Reichs Harbors, Churches and Sanctuaries for Life, I wondered how he
would have judged the 12-step philosophy. When you speak of walking Manhattans
streets, I think of Wm. Blakes lines on walking through London: I mark in every face I
meet, marks of weakness, and marks of woe. They are everywhere.
I am happy to hear of your success with the Adler seminar.
I dont know if Ive informed you that I am teaching part-time at Johnson State College.
Its been ten years, and I am surprised at my enthusiasm and feeling of positive worth
regarding the project. Im teaching Freud in Ethics, and I absolutely refuse to leave these
scared little kids with that dark philosophy as the last word. I intend to spend time on
Reichs development of Freuds gloomy intuitions, and finish with Wm. James Varieties
of Religious Experience. This is the key book in Bill Wilsons reflections on alcoholism
and its remission. I intend to Xerox the 12 steps and lecture on them, as well as having
two fine AA types to talk to the class. I will also hand out, gratis naturally, copies of my
Maybe some small seeds will be planted. Alcohol, drugs et al, are dreadful problems one
way or the other for that age group.
I am trying these days to light candles rather than merely cursing the dark.
Warmest regards to you and Roz,

May 10, 1997

Dear Steve:

I hope your trip to Florida was all you anticipated.

Ive completed a rough draft of the final section of our book. And it sings at least to me.
The radical change in Reichs thinking after Oranur proof reads out, his not even
reluctant acceptance of much cosmic information and implication that he had formerly
dismissed in that peremptory manner that is so typically Reichian. It is refreshing to lay
out and examine. Gnosticism, certainly the dark numinous side of the OR/DOR dialectic,
and Kabbalah as the joyous genital anticipation of Orgonomy, fit beautifully together
with WRs post-oranur metaphysics. DOR is real, Satan is real, the genitality of God and
the cosmos is real, the identity of love and life and sweetness in the genital embrace is
real. Its all real, let the Reichian Gnostics say what they will. Lois Wyvells article was
new to me and refreshingly free of all the keeper-of-flame smugness that still
contaminates the writings of the epigones. But she doesnt mention Oranur, DOR, and
didnt seem eager to press Reich on the implications of some of his observations. Or
Baker on the comment, We are all Christians.
I hope to be able to send you the completed article (35-40 pgs.) in early June at the latest.
I am teaching college again and it absorbs (happily) much time and effort. My health
seems to have taken a dramatic turn for the better. I look forward to our meeting in the
summer when we can replicate the Oranur Experiment.
The work IS going on.

May 20, 1997

Dear Victor:
Your energy and enthusiasm for the work shines through in your last letter. I think our
book will be the first genuine orgonommic philosophy that has been written since Reich
finished Ether, God, and the Devil, Cosmic Superimposition and The Murder of
Christ. Besides editing your contributions, I intend to creatively expand each chapter of
the book with insights from early new dawn philosophers, as Nietzsche would have
called them, who were intuitively on the same track as Reich. Although much clinical
material has been written since Reichs death by worthy orgonomists, the spiritual and

philosophic depths which his work revealed have lain unplowed. I hope we can make a
start to the development of an Orgonomic Philosophy.
I am happy to learn that you are teaching again. You have a great privilege to be teaching
young people. They tend to be more open and reachable than the graduate students that I
teach at the Institute. With you, your students have someone with something truly unique
to teach which I doubt that they will hear from any of their other Professors. You have a
great opportunity to introduce them to the authentic Reich, Freud, Lawrence, and others. I
hope you keep teaching for as long as you are able, even into your 90s.
By the way, I think you misunderstood the kind of tape that I intend to bring with me this
summer for our meeting. It is a tape of Eva Reich discussing the Arizona expedition (Not
Else Ollendorff).
As per your request, I am sending with this letter the paper by Reich on Freuds Death
Instinct and DOR, and I am also sending an additional paper on religion written by Dr.
Ola Raknes.
I was at the American College of Orgonomy this past weekend for a seminar on
orgonomic sociology lead by Dr. Robert Harman. He did a wonderful commentary on the
movie High Noon with Gary Cooper that demonstrated the functioning of healthy life
in the face of the plague and the cowardly, evasive and capitalist functioning of the
community in the face of the deadly plague infested killers of life. If you have not seen
this film in some it repays viewing from an orgonomic perspective.
I look forward to your replication of the Oranur Experiment this summer.

June 1, 1997

Dear Steven:
My residual 12-step, orgonomic Christianity resurfaces at this time of year. The whole
death/resurrection dialectic moves me more profoundly each Spring whatever its
ultimate meaning turns out to be. I find myself unable to watch TV re-enactments of
the Passion for too long; it simply stirs too much too deep.
I am so pleased with the material you continue to share with me, and I continually
wonder at Orgonomys inability to take that final leap of faith intowhat? I was
delighted at St. John of the Cross ejaculation and St. Theresas uterine fluttering, and
despite of all I know, I ask and hopefully will never cease asking why cant good
Christian mysticism (right out of the Zohar) and Orgonomy fit the via media that is

crying out to be heard between unarmored genital mysticism and that protectionist elitist
ghostlike mind-set which seems yet to haunt the halls of our divine science? I am more
convinced than ever that Reich was indeed drawn irresistibly in that direction toward the
end. Doesnt anyone take seriously his post-oranur speculations? We have so much to
face down together.
I taught a quick overview of Reich in my Ethics course. I simply cannot leave the final
word to Freud and psychoanalysis, although orgonomy is unthinkable without the Rabbi.
Kids are still so sweet and scared/scarred and open so utterly confused but hopeful.
I shared your letter with Susan and she went right out and rented High Noon, which we
viewed as a family with my 13 year old stepson Blake. It moved us all, although Blake
had some difficulty grasping my advertisement of the film as being all about friendship.
After viewing, throughout which he continually remarked, some friendship. I
convinced him that that was precisely the point, some friends when the going gets
tough. Thanks for the reminder. It is also a spectacular film, so stark and unrelenting.
My chapter on functional mysticism has developed even more positively than I hoped.
There is no incompatibility in my mind between projects, our Orgonomimc Philosophy
book and Volume 2 of my alcoholism trilogy. The summer draws nigh.
Warmest regards,

June 14, 1997

Dear Victor:

I was very happy to read in your last communication that the residual 12-Step theological
creative energies are flowing freely. There are times we feel dry, as if the cosmic spiritual
energy has deserted us, or the weight of the world has us crushed. The eternal springs of
orgone energy, prana, libido, or call it what you will, have a fortunate habit of coming
back if we let be for some time and wait. At times, an external infusion of energy, a
new lover or friend, can also supply the spark that gets things moving again. Indeed, I
myself have often felt a kind of world-weariness that almost seems like a depression. At
the age of almost 50, I too have seen more of this world and its problems, existentially
and as an observer, than I sometimes care to contemplate. But then I realize that truly so
little time remains to do what I can to repair the world within (which spontaneously also
tends to heal the world outside). The Cabala and other occult teachings have always
stressed as above so below. [See the functional identity between the cosmic
superimposition creating galaxies and human sexual superimposition - Ed.]

News from the front: I have purchased Ericksons study of Luther which I hope to soon
start to read. Also, the next chapter of our book that I want to tackle is the one on
orgonomy and politics. As to Dr. Silvert, Martin Bell, a former Orgone Institute Press
worker in the 1950s, told me that he does not hold Silvert responsible for Reichs death.
He knew Silvert personally and did not find him a particularly warm character. However,
Marty told me categorically that Reich handled the trial as he wanted to, and Reich could
not have been swayed by Silvert or anyone else on fundamental matters. Everyone who
knew Reich at almost any period in his life has always remarked on his ability to go his
own way no matter what the potential consequences. This is why he nailed his
proclamation to the wall as did Luther. In Reichs case his proclamation appeared in
the court documents he submitted to the federal courts. It is to this quality in Reich that
we owe the discovery of orgone energy [which had been explained away by almost all
scientists he showed his discovery to - Ed]. A discovery that has meant so much so many
of us over the years. Reich bears the sole responsibility for the outcome for the outcome
of the court case. He would have it no other way. Until I talked to Marty, and read his
play Blood of the Prophets, I never could understand why Reich did what he did in the
final period. I now understand. Dr. Baker must have been very frustrated over this turn of
events, since his common sense nature would have fought the case with legal weapons
from the first. But Reich would have none of it. He wanted to create an historical record
for the future by keeping the fundamental issues of scientific freedom and human
decency with fair play in the open and dramatized. He appears now to me very much like
Socrates appeared in his handling of the subversion case against him in the Athenian
courts. Socrates could have fled into exile and saved himself. Instead, he taught his
accusers and history a profound philosophical lesson. Like Socrates, it was never in
Reichs nature to run from the fundamental issues by compromising them or playing
the game.
Change of plans: It now appears that Roz will not be able to make the trip with me to see
you after all. Unfortunately, our son, Ian, is now at a very in-between age. He is 15,
which is too old to want to go with us, and too young to leave without supervision. He
now has a summer job which means that he will need Roz around to structure things.
Right now, the best time for me would be one of the open weekends in July. I would
come up mid-day on the Friday before the weekend by airplane. If the offer to stay with
you and Susan still holds good, I would take you up on that since I now will be coming
alone for the weekend. I could also stay at a local Inn in the nearest town if it would make
things easier for you both. Either way, the weekend would be very enjoyable. I could also
come in August for a weekend when you get back from Rangeley. Let me know your
thoughts on the situation.
Dont be too hard on the classical orgonomists now associated with the College of
Orgonomy. Reich left an enormous legacy, and with Dr. Baker dead, they have their
hands full with therapy and the natural science. Dr. Konia is now the real leader at the
College and he concentrates on the natural science. Even Dr. Christ admitted at the last
annual meeting that it took him many years just to learn how to do the therapy. The loss
of Dr. Blasband [who left to pursue his own investigations in spiritual healing with
Nicholai Levashov - Ed] and others has taken its toll. All the more reason why

outsiders such as ourselves need to work on the spiritual field. Reich was 500 years
ahead of his time. The best we can do is to carry on, each in his or her own way. I
applied some of what I learned in Orgonomy to the raising of my son, particularly in his
motor and emotional development. I believe it was beneficial to him. So far, by the grace
of the spiritual energy, he is also weathering adolescence. Reconnecting with you also
provided the gift of an opportunity to contribute something to the philosophical work. As
far as the work-a-day world goes, it is a real struggle to maintain any real degree of health
and rationality when everything around you is causing you to contract down and when
you must tolerate neurotic behavior in others for the necessity of economic survival.
Sometimes rational armor against the conditions is the only answer, as long as you can let
go of it when you are no longer in the situation. Sometimes, conflict is inevitable when
core health is at stake then you must be prepared to travel the hard road alone. Reich
had the courage to do it. I pray each day for some of the same courage. Brother, you
really said it: we are powerless against sin!! Only by the Grace of the Spiritual Energy.

June 24, 1997

Dear Steve:
I write you with a renewed sense of wonder and joy at what we are about, a renewed
thankfulness to the authors of the Zohar and our beloved Reich, as crusty and
wrongheaded as he could get he never lost the childs sense of wonder at what his
intuitions and perceptions were telling him about just how big his discoveries were, how
open, how limitlessly fertile. (My last run-on sentence, I promise for now.).
After a terrible dry spell in which I was convinced I could never write another word about
anything the old poor me, whos gonna read it anyway, if I hadnt spent all that time on
bar stools, whine, whine, its all come back with a rush of tears of gratitude to God, the
Cosmic Orgone Energy Ocean, Adonai, et al. Im misting up a little just writing this.
I feel we are engaged in an authentic and valuable process of both extending and
connecting-up Reichs last great speculations, which the Keepers of the Holy Writ in
Orgonomy dont seem to give a fig for (I hope Im not being either hyper or arrogant, but
so many seem to want to keep his spirit embalmed and for us Reich lives!!).
Silvert remains a very problematic character. I know Baker never wanted to talk to me
about him, indeed, the only time he ever got really angry with a powerful undertone of
despair is when I prodded him about Silvert, who you know committed suicide (Judas?)
in Van Cortland Park shortly after his release from prison. Martys description makes
Silvert sound to me as if he thought he knew Reichs will (what was really good for
Orgonomy) and that he killed Reich for his own good or is that going too far afield?

Reichs identification with Luther fascinates. Luther is one of two Christian reformers
(Augustine is the other) who have more to say to me than any others. He was a scholar,
but rough and ready and loaded with the courage of the working man with which WR
identified. He also knew about sin, our powerlessness over it, and the absolute human
need for grace not works, for faith and not the law. Much to be pondered here.
Your warm and informative letters continue to open doors for me.
God bless you and yours and your very important work.

July 4, 1997
Dear Steve:
Thanks for the prompt response. August 8, 9, 10 are set for our trip. If you fly, Ill pick
you up at Burlington Airport. If you drive, Ill send directions as the time approaches.
Now to business.
I recall Reich somewhere saying that he didnt write for people, he wrote the truth. This
is my feeling regarding the audience we are targeting. I think we can expect little
sympathy, and the same old tired cries of outrage regarding our EP attack on Reichs
work, our own mysticism taking precedence over orgonomic truth, ad nauseum.
I am familiar and comfortable with the term functional mysticism, but it is not set in
stone. Your term Orgonomic Spirituality has a nice ring about it and might be used
synonymously with functional mysticism. I think this latter term bears directly on
Reichs legitimate attack on the silly straw men of armored theopathic mysticism still
widespread, I realize but never really the best that mysticism has to offer. Also, he
himself uses the term mysticism several times in his last reflections, and I still feel that
he has muddled up animism and mysticism of the rational kind, which I find both
Gnosticism in its DOR-mode, and Kabbalah, in its ebullient affirmation of the primacy of
Gods genitalia, if I may put it thus, to be among the strongest historical and spiritual
confirmations of the post-oranur discoveries. Certainly, any doctrinaire stance in or out
of orgonomy is precisely what we are seeking to break through (not in any juvenile, inyour-face stance, as you well appreciate). Our August weekend should help us to firm-up
whatever differences we have on this and other matters.
Blessings on you and yours,
PS/ Have you read that the universe has an up and down? Seems terribly significant,
but I cant for the life of me say why. Maybe its time to modify Einsteins final model of

July 12, 1997

Dear Victor:
Thanks for reminding me that we are seeking truth, and let the chips fall where they may!
My old mentor, Leo Ratner, used to say: Go your way and let people talk! Nietzsche
never worried about alienating anybody, nor did Reich. My fear was also we would be
misunderstood by the Orgonomic Community by using a term as loaded with
theopathic associations as functional mysticism. When I was last at the College of
Orgonomy, I mentioned to Dr. Harman during a discussion of High Noon that Will
Kane, the lead character, needed great faith to face the killers alone after he had been
abandoned by the Town. Harman became defensive and added faith in life, as if he
wanted to make it clear that no religious or spiritual dimension was to be implied. But is
not faith in life on the deepest level faith in the Creator of all life, whether we call that
force Ocean of Life Energy as did Reich, or the transcendent Godhead of the
Gnostics, or Father as did Jesus and the Cabbalists? In order to fight the emotional
plague, one needs ultimate faith that however many generations it may take, truth and
decency will prevail. Also, it impossible to survive an encounter with real Evil, as I did
when my brother was killed, without drawing from the spiritual well for strength and
O.K. Lets face it head on. Functional Mysticism it will be and we will try to draw
distinctions as clearly as we can. Any one who is offended by this term need not read any
further. Those who have the fortitude can join us on the lonely mountain trail.
I have read your paper on Oranur for a second time, and, during a Passover respite, I
started to take notes on my contribution to it. I intend to expand and rewrite it, and I will
send it to you so that you might review it prior to our summer meeting. I think Reichs
experiment XX, where he found the creation of primitive living forms out of mass-free
orgone energy (distilled from earth water as bion water), is a very important
counterpoint to the Oranur Experiment. Where Oranur uncovered the God Reality which
is the religion of living energy as you have termed it, Experiment XX uncovered the God
Reality which is the religion of living energy as you have termed it (soil from the Garden
of Eden?). I also intend to cover Teilhard de Chardins concept of complexification of
matter giving rise to consciousness this is the same phenomenon that Reich pointed out
when he stated that the highest concentration of orgone energy in the human form at the
head end gave rise to the brain and primary sensors (Dr. Alexander Lowen, the most
creative of all of Reichs students, pointed out that this concentration of head energy
needed to be grounded in the legs and feet rooted in earth soil). Another line of
investigation has to do with the Hindu idea that the cosmic energy is playing with the
Universe for the sake of pleasurable play, which brings to mind one of Reichs favorite
ideas: those who can pleasurably submerge in life need no theory to account for its
Reincarnation researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson, Professor of Medicine at the University of
Virginia, thinks that the existence of reincarnation is part of the process by which the

cosmic energy comes to realize itself. This is congruent with Reichs idea of the orgone
energy coming to know itself in the deepest reaches of concentrated emotion and thought.
I am still working out the rest of this, but I feel great excitement at going on now to tackle
the most fundamental philosophical question of them all: creation and the reality of Evil.
By the way, I have found a very useful work entitled Understanding Mysticism edited
by Richard Woods it is a fine collection of papers on the subject from both theological
and psychological perspectives.

July 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
Apologies for delaying an answer to your last communication, but I have been quite busy
proof-reading and editing my manuscript of my second volume on alcoholism as the
metaphor for all spiritual (functional) disease, as well as finishing my stint at Johnson
college (this is the final week). Do you have a copy of Bakers Man in The Trap? If
not, Id like to send you one. It played an indispensable role in my spirit-vision quest, as
did its author [Elsworth Baker].
I must confess, I have reservations about Experiment XX, what actually happened as well
as Reichs (mis?)-interpretation of the phenomenon. I do not believe for a moment that
life originates from non-life; the universe is as alive as its God, and I think Reich was
drastically wrong in positing the CFP [common functioning principle] as something
shared between organic and inorganic matter; there is no inorganic matter. Consciousness
is inconceivable without life, and it becomes increasingly clear to me that the cosmos and
microcosmos share all the properties of life. Even DOR [deadly orgone energy] is alive
in some paradoxical way, deadly but not truly dead. However, the inclusion of your
exposition of Experiment XX is certainly called for. Doesnt all mysticism posit a living
universe? I always thought so. I must say that I dont find very much playful about the
behavior of the universe, from savagely cruel savannahs of Africa to Cancer wards to
North Dakota. I find part of my pleasurable immersion in life REQUIRES a theory. Right
thinking and clean expression of ideas are great pleasures. And PURPOSE IS
EVERYWHERE. My difficulty is in accounting for WHO the pleasure-giver is. You are
certainly right about Evil in Creation being the most fundamental question of them all,
and only the mystics (functional mysticism) can really address an answer satisfactorily.
The theory of EP [emotional plague] is marvelous, as is the cancer theory and DOR. I
love thinking, finding-out, speculating, revising my ideas and giving form to them, and
finding the treasures of mind I failed to uncover in earlier encounters with the great
minds of the past. Teaching has given me that opportunity.

I look forward to our meeting.

Fondest regards to you and yours,

July 27, 1997

Dear Victor:
I appreciate your offer of a copy of Dr. Bakers book Man In the Trap. I do already
have an old hard-bound edition from the old Adelphi days. I have read it many times and
find much sound common sense and good guidance in it. In addition, I have a taped
interview with Baker that was made in 1982, and is put out by the ACO [American
College of Orgonomy]. I have listened to this interview about 50 times (no exaggeration).
In them Baker talks in a relaxed way about the whole corpus of Orgonomy and his
relationship to Reich. Almost every time I listen to it I am rewarded with another insight.
I will bring it with me for our August meeting if you have not had a chance to hear it.
I would appreciate it if you could send me copies of any articles that Dr. Koopman wrote
on parapsychology, mysticism and spiritual matters. This will aid me in my work on the
chapter. I want you to see the direction that my thinking is taking and how I am working
with your insights. The chapter should be in preliminary form for our get-together. Please
let me know if you have further reflections to add.
I think my interpretation of Experiment XX differs from yours (at least on the surface). I
do not think the experiment demonstrates that life comes from nonlife. On the contrary, I
think that the experiment demonstrates that life and nonlife are created by a living
spiritual energy that is functionally identical to God. The orgone energy that is distilled in
the earth bion water created primitive plasmatic substance. It is also responsible for the
creation of atoms and elements that make up nonliving substance. I agree with Dr.
Raknes speculation that the living energy first created living matter and then as it
contracted down also created nonliving matter. It is for this reason that life exists on the
surface of the planet which is the boundary between the living spiritual energy of the
heavens and the dead matter in the interior of the earth. In other words, we are the
transition between the God Energy of the cosmos and the contracted dead [DOR] energy
of the earth. It is for this reason that the Bible describes the Devil as being hurled from
the heavens into the earth, and into exile from the Godhead. This is also the reason that
cancer produces amoebic cells that represent a disorganization of the life energy form a
higher state of motility and life into the death process. In other words it represents the
final grasp of DOR energy on the organism. THE ANSWER TO THE ORIGIN AND
I hope everything continues to go well for you. I have noticed a new sense of energy and
health in your communications. I am also feeling more and more vitality as the

cumulative effects of the medical orgone therapy take hold. How to increase and maintain
health in a very sick culture remains a constant struggle.
As always, my best to you and Susan.

August 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
I am sending the Koopman material under separate cover. I have grown to respect her
views more and more over the years, although I disliked her intensely in my earlier
encounters with her. She was the first Medical Orgonomist to speak to my Reich classes
at Adelphi. In those days, you were either orgonomically pure and without blemish (I
failed to consult my own bathroom mirror in this matter), or consigned to outer darkness
with the rest of flawed humanity. Babs always seemed excessively pedantic and knowit-all. I am now sorry I didnt get to know her a little better functionally.
I like very much what you have done in the Introduction to Chapter V on Orgonomic
Religion. My own spiritual consciousness (Orgonotic First Sense?) tells me that
mysticism remains the supreme noetic channel to the knowledge (of God) for which we
hunger. As long as the attitude of smugness and ipse dixit remains at the heart of
orgonomy, nothing more will be done except to repeat Reichs observations ad nauseum;
that is one reason why I find the vignettes you judiciously feed me so refreshing. They
dont fit the mold. Ive always felt this about orgonomy with rare exceptions like Baker
and John Bell, Blasband, and now, Koopman that worshipful attitude which has
blocked all further progress. AND REICH KNEW IT! How about that Oranur quote from
Reich: and in this awareness I am completely alone. Not any more, Rabbi.
Your paragraph on Experiment XX requires some deep conversation. I have gone back to
re-read Studies in Hysteria. So much of Reichs clinical theory on armor and energy is
clearly anticipated there. Like Kabbalah, Freud should only be studied by older men (haha). Did I ever tell you that Totem and Taboo and also Beyond the Pleasure Principle
damn near killed me at 30, no exaggeration? It was just before my near-fatal meeting
with a light pole on the Belt Parkway at 6AM of a drunken morning in 1965.
Please keep the vignettes and snippets coming. I eagerly look forward to viewing the Eva
Reich tape. She remains something of an enigma to me.
Blessings from the Most High on you and ours.
(Not me!)

September 1, 1997
Dear Steve:
In looking over some of the literature, I re-discovered Silverts picture in the Sharaf
biography. MY GOD! Hes Reichs Doppelganger!
I grow more and more grateful for Reich, Baker and orgonomy in my life.
I still would try a medical orgonomist if there were one in the neighborhood.
Blessings on our collaboration.

September 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
Rummaging about my cluttered ms. boxes, I found your letter of December 14, 1996 to
me. I WAS STUNNED at your praise of my Reich work, as well as your offer to be my
literary attorney in the future. I dont recall my initial response, but be sure that I am
pleased and honored at your offer to read and edit Vol. 2. I am doing something I have
never done with it before, (actually re-typing with re-writing and editing at the same
time) for the fourth time. Its no big whoop except for me who always wanted it said
when it was said and done when it was done. It bespeaks a greater seriousness about my
work. The ms. should be in your hands before the end of 97.
I remain deeply and quietly (for me) excited about our W.R. project. Skimmed my
underlining in Sharaf and A.S. Neil correspondence. It stirred so much in me. I could cry
for the all too human Reich (Nietzsches words, of course), and at the same time, revel
in our glorious alzumenschlich kinship.
Re-reading your autobiographical accounts also moved me so deeply. You have all the
credentials (That sadness is the best thing in you, Reich to Sharaf). Its a miracle you
have not gone under, or worse, gone bad.
Much love to you and yours,
your letters are a joy.

September 27, 1997

Dear Victor:
Thanks for your very kind letter of September 20. I attribute my emotional/spiritual
survival to having, by the grace of God, excellent mentor/therapists, and to the fact that
somehow my Core remained clean and untouched despite the emotional plague
holocausts that I had raging around me in childhood and adolescence. Somehow I always
maintained a feeling for what healthy functioning could be and I have always worked
tirelessly toward that end.
Working on the chapter on Orgonomic Religion provides new impetus for reviewing my
own spiritual beliefs, even beyond that provided by the daily struggle to remain decent in
this dark world. I have worked out, over the years, my own existential spiritual beliefs,
totally outside of organized religion.
I start from the felt belief that the gateway to the Godhead is internal and unique to each
human being. Simply put, we are orgone energy become conscious of itself, the world,
and the shared mortality and suffering of all human beings. Since the ocean of living
energy is vast and eternal, we need spiritual mediators to help us stand within it, tolerate
it, and open ourselves up to it. I prefer to anthropomorphize an individual higher
spiritual guide that resides in the Core of our being and that by, in Emersons words,
lowly listening, prayer and mediation, we can receive guidance in our daily life and
protection from destructive temptation. We are like children in the desert, struggling
toward a distant light on the horizon that promises water and rest. This guide can, if we
are lucky, keep us from wandering off into the abyss of eternal light. Sometimes, when
the pain becomes great, we can do no more than live one day or one moment at a time,
knowing that if we can only keep loving and striving we can be saved no matter what
circumstances may develop.
Incidentally, I have found that some of these beliefs and feelings seem to agree with a
spiritual philosophy developed by Dr. John Perrikos and his wife and presented in a
series of books (I will send one of the publications to you with my next letter). Dr.
Perrikos was once a student of Reichs but has moved way outside the orgonomic
mainstream, developing his own brand of therapy which he calls Core Energetics. His
wife developed the spiritual side of this work with a series of lectures which she
channeled from higher powers which she calls the Pathwork. I think their work fits
what you have described as functional mysticism. Using the criteria that both Jung and
James developed, I feel that their work as a real beneficial emotional/religious effect and
thus ontological validity in a spiritual sense.
I would be delighted to edit and read your Volume 2 of the work on alcoholism and
My love and respect to you and your family,

October 10, 1997

Dear Steve:
Much of what Mrs. Perrikos has to say is quite accurate and lovely. One caveat, however.
I am extremely suspicious of the whole phenomenon of the New Age channeling such as
that done by Shirley McLain. It is extremely dangerous stuff carried on by usually decent
people who literally do not know what they are getting into. The Devil is an Angel of
Light and can cite scripture for his own purposes. St. Thomas reminds us that even when
Satan is telling the truth he is lying! It is better to walk cautiously in that metaphysical
minefield. I have no problem with anthropomorphsing a higher spiritual guide. Mine is
a very tall muscular Indian with Dr. Bakers features and he is colored blue, ergo his
name, Blue Water (Baker was one-eighth Mohawk). I sense your longing for relief from
suffering and loneliness, which I often share. But I am lately learning something of the
ancient art of detachment, even (or especially) with my loved ones. I find that it makes
me both loving and more effective in my relations with them. Our spiritual guides, after
all, are really sophisticated versions of the Catholic angels why not?
I sense strongly the overtones of Emmett Fox, Ralph Waldo Trine, and what William
James calls the Mind Cure Movement in Mrs. Perrikos writing. But I must keep myself
sharply on the alert regarding some features of this powerful and persuasive philosophy.
First, we do not order the universe around no matter how enlightened we may become;
we may become like the gods, but we never become God! The distinction sometimes
becomes blurred in enthusiasm for the relief promised and often accorded by this
philosophy. Secondly, DOR!!!!!
For the nonce, the DOR-removal project I speak metaphorically rather than literally is
of large concern. I see our book as a step in that direction. The key is not to fight it
directly, or try to outmaneuver it or out-talk it. WR ought to have remembered his own
words about fighting the plague, mano-a-mano. We can never win. All we can do is to
state the truth as clearly, sharply, and keenly as we know how, and maybe plant some
seeds along the way. Enough of Foxy-Grandpa advice!
All manner of thing will be well. Juliana of Norwich

October 5, 1997
Dear Steve:
Your recent letter interested me more than many although I find them all something of
a lifeline to functional mysticism and healing. There is really no one left for me to talk
to on these deepest subjects. I would like very much to read Perrikos book, Core
Energetics. Perhaps you could lend me a copy?

Regarding Drs. Blasband and Rosen. Dale was a student of mine at N.Y.U. in the two
year B.A. program for late bloomers and he was encouraged by John Bell to pursue a
career in orgonomy. I think Ive indicated that Blasband was my favorite orgonomist
after Dr. Baker. He was very REAL! I would be certainly interested in the work he is
doing now.
Your decision to pursue a healing vocation absolutely delights me. I know how very real
spiritual healing is. My wife is gifted with hands that radiate life energy, although she
doesnt quite know it yet. I am a klutz in that area, intellectually understanding it but
functionally useless I fear. The Soviets were really on to something with their PSI
research. Ostranders book persuaded me back then, and it still does.
I tried Homeopathy for two years and had some success, but it failed me or I failed it
toward the end. I believe I tried too hard, and perhaps intimidated my physician.
Notwithstanding this, in re-reading Psyche and Substance by Dr. John Witmont, as
Jungian as its orientation seems, it is pure bioenergetic philosophy. But its so hard to
make the right connection, so much confusion, so much yet unknown, so much fear.
Several years ago (89 or 90), I contacted an Argentinean orgonomist in the Boston-NYC
area (John Bell and his wife see him periodically), but his name completely escapes me. I
simply was unable to afford therapy at the time and then the BIG BANG in the chest.
Also, chiropractors helped me over some rough spots, but it was classical medicine that
saved my life. I have a good cardiologist, but I have had to take some chances regarding
degrees and kinds of medication. Also, a terrific urologist scraped my prostate area, but
he too wants me to pursue more of the path than I am willing to, and I take deep breaths
as I write this at this moment. I dont think its a case of doing it my way so much as
listening to my bioenergetic structure.
Right now I feel stronger than I have in years. I exercise fairly vigorously and have
returned to Karate (judiciously) which I took for 15 months, pushing myself beyond
My sexual life is fairly broken after the decade of abuse with alcohol and unhealthy
relationships and attitudes only orgonomy kept me from going over the line into freefor-all fucking and gave me some moments of orgastic potency at least the closest I
have ever come to it. Its real as you know. My wife and I have a mutually gratifying
love relationship, and I am coming along so to speak (minus 67 calendar years, 2 heart
attacks, and 35 years of alcoholic drinking which helped handle a big portion of my
anxiety), and do not expect miracles except sometimes.
Again, a splendid letter from you arriving synchronously for me at the tail end of a mild
but deep EP [emotional plague] episode. BUT I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!
Warmest regards to Roz, your son and yourself.

October 10, 1997

Dear Victor:
It was good to talk to you directly on the phone yesterday. My discussion with you on
some of my experiences in law practice got me thinking again of one of my deepest long
unrealized hopes: to find an area of law practice where I could be a Functional Attorney.
A kind of practice where I could use the law to help repair broken lives and combine my
training in law, psychotherapy, philosophy, orgonomy, and the spiritual disciplines. I
continue to look for this from time to time, but at the age of 50, the task is not easy. My
best chance would be in providing legal representation and spiritual counsel to
adolescents or elderly people. My mainstay for the past decade has been my legal editing
work, and although there is satisfaction to be found in this, and in some part-time
teaching, the editing function as a full time vocation in a small family run corporation has
not allowed enough scope for the full discharge of my work energies.
It is good to hear that you are still engaging in vigorous physical exercise. This is
probably the most important thing you could do to enhance your health. As Dr. Baker
said: There are no healthy people.
Like you, my life and search for knowledge has left me feeling that there is so much we
still dont know. It also produces a feeling of awe in the face of the overwhelming forces
bearing down on our lives from every quarter, and the vast eternal cosmos where we
spend a brief moment of embodied consciousness. One thing I do know: Jesus, Reich,
Adler, Freud, and the other pioneering philosophers, spiritual teachers and scientists have
touched on great truths that can help guide us in the wilderness. The more deeply we can
feel, the closer we can get to God, because we are feeling Him in us as spiritual energy.
There is no intellectual answer to lifes problems, only feeling, thinking, living and
moving. When asked what church he belonged to, Dr. Baker replied: Gods church I
follow the teachings of Jesus to the best of my ability. What more can any of us do?

October 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
Many thanks for the good letter, the Pierrakos material, and our good conversation. I
begin to feel more and more in focus on the Reich work. My second volume about
alcoholism goes on apace, as I type the final version, come what may. Its good, better
than the first, for what that might be worth. After that, although I have two smaller works
in mind, I plan to plunge into W.R. the mystic, the sound of it excites me, and many
lovely synchronicities and bittersweet nostalgic memories are bathing me as I open to the
light of our God sent Grace, Orgonomy, and the people in it who have made such a

difference in my life and yours. I cant wait until you get a response from Blasband; I am
intensely interested in what he is doing. I should also like to write Dr. Barbara Koopman,
but I have no idea where she is (John Bell, perhaps?). Also, I am making a ton of typing
errors in this letter more than customary telling me of my own excitement, first, and
second, that something would I rather not write it.
Thanks for your encouragement regarding my long-delayed (not yet fatal) return to
medical orgone therapy. As I see it now, money will be the major obstacle now and in the
future. But events have had a way of arranging themselves to my benefit over the last
decade when I let them alone. Your quoting EFB for me, one I had never heard I
follow the teachings of Jesus to the best of my ability - brought shivers and regrets.
When comes such another?
I read the Pierrakos material at one, split setting. He has done some important
experimental work confirming Reich, Kilner, Barbara K., and the Russians, as well as a
whole host of others discussed in Manns book of some years back, REICH, ORGONE
AND EROS. Thus far, as I perceive it, his own therapeutic philosophy is a reformulation
of orgonomy in other terms, and I will wait upon the sequel.
Regarding prayer and solitude, I am off tomorrow to a local Benedictine Abbey for a
brief retreat, and frankly it scares me in a good way. I am just beginning to feel HOW
BIG GOD IS! I went last year a few weeks after surgery and spent two dreadful sleepless
nights. But there is a mighty Presence there, and I am going to lay a few sins and
character dysfunctions on the Presence. I love the solitude I love my own company
alas, at least for brief quantum spurts. The DOR envelope without continues to constrict
like a python, making it difficult to expand and stay expanded. Both the natural
environment and the strangulating EP [emotional plague] are making steady progress. I
always chuckle when I see the liberals in a quandary, asking, How did all this happen?
You bastards, you got just what you asked for, and now you wonder why and worst
you wont change in time. Nice people are more dangerous than the Hitlers, Stalins, and
Maos, theres nothing to grab hold of. AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED, except
perhaps more basically decent folks are trying to live life decently against increasingly
negative odds. This is NOT pessimism. With Mendelsohns Scottish Symphony in the
background and having just heard the final movement of Mozarts Jupiter, how can
anyone not believe in the reality of living loving Bioenergy God. I saw a TV interview
with Suzanne Farrell, NYC Ballerina and thrall to G. Balanchine until she broke away.
His plague reaction almost destroyed her and her husband BUT, Balanchine changed in
his 80s and made something of an amends to them both. As Paul says, The mystery is
Great, especially, the mysterium iniquitatus of the Catholic Church.
A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE by Rupert Sheldrake is a magnificent addition to our
mystical community.
Looking forward eagerly to our ongoing and deepening contact.

November 10, 1997

Dear Victor:
I am intrigued by your retreats to a Benedictine Abbey. Maybe in a future communication
or discussion you can tell me about it and how one can go on such a retreat? Is it open to
a spiritual free-lancer such as myself?
I am glad you enjoyed Dr. Pierrakos material, and I will send you another installment in
the near future. In the meantime, I have sent you some material from his wife, Eva, which
you should have received by the time you read this.
In one of your recent letters you discussed the experience of orgastic potency and that it
is real. By the grace of God, and Orgonomy, I have been able to experience it more and
more and I can say that it is the key to real spirituality as you have indicated the Kabbalah
and the primitive Christians must have experienced it. In its after-glow, you can feel God
in yourself and recognize Him in others. Cruelty and any type of secondary expression
become impossible. The thought of exploiting another human being for economic gain
becomes repugnant. Indiscriminate free-for-all fucking becomes unthinkable. With it, you
can understand and feel the joyful and also sad expressions of animals, babies, and even
weather (yes the atmosphere can feel, and howl with pain). Expression becomes simple,
to the point, and sometimes even profound. Without this capacity, and we all are without
this capacity at times, you truly feel a desert inside. The problem, however, is that it
sometimes seems as if everything in our environment conspires to destroy this capacity in
us. Were the great mystics able to maintain this feeling on a continuous basis?
I hear the despair in your last letter. Yesit sometimes seems as if nothing has changed
or worse. Here I would like to cite the words of a man who in his last years became a
profound mystic philosopher: Henry Miller (His work has as little to do with
pornography as WRs did). In an interview in 1969, when he was near 80, he stated: The
world never changesit is like Spengler saidthe only difference in lives is the
difference in viewpoint..whether you see the world down here [motioning to the floor
with his hands], up here like the Eagle, or still higher like the Godsotherwise there is
no difference because the world never changesYou fight the powers that be by making
changes in yourselfin your own characterif you try to fight them on their terms you
are putting yourself on their level. For Miller, real change is always spiritual change. As
he put it: You must rearrange the molecules. In this same interview he stated: Dont
you know? You can never get to IT. You can go back as far as you wantforward as far
as you wantbut you never get to IT. It is impenetrableand it was meant to be that
wayyou can analyze all you wantLife is a Great Mystery.

November 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
I am enjoying the Pierrakos material considerably. Its refreshing to hear someone with
real credentials speak so matter-of-factly about the aura, the visible energy fields, et al. I
do see auras from time to time, but never when Im looking for them. Also, some of my
healing prayers have been most effective; the Higher Power only asks surrender and trust.
Henry Miller was an innocent, satyr, and serious -which is about the greatest praise I am
capable of giving these days (Gene Sheperd used to say, We are not going out with a
bang or a whimper, but with a giggle.). But who reads him, or D.H. Lawrence or
Nietzsche or, for that matter, Freud or Reich? I was intrigued to note that Flanders
Dunbar had formulated a characterology regarding Coronary, Ulcer and Arthritic
personalities. But can you ever imagine them coming to grips with Reichs The Cancer
Biopathy? Its like it never existed an un-book, to steal from George Orwell.
Please to continue the information feeding. Its vital nutrition to me and I literally have
no other sources except my old books and writings. I feel God is granting me health and
time to finish my endgame plan For I have promises to keep and miles to go before I
Let me know as soon as you hear from Blasband, please. And I pray you keep doing what
youre doing. Despite my fustian, it makes a real difference.
My love and prayers to you and yours,
We will talk about the Religious Retreat shortly. It would be a splendid adventure for
your spirit.

December 5, 1997
Dear Steve:
I am quite excited about your communication of Dr. Blasbands work. And to see both
Dr. Koopman and John Bell on the list, adds a tremendous credibility in my mind to the
enterprise. After EFB [Elsworth F. Baker], those three were the most impressive and
credentialed in a functional sense people in the science of Medical Orgonomy. I plan
to write all three.
I am utterly convinced despite my unfortunate encounter with homeopathy that
spiritual medicine holds the key to everything. Bill Wilson was one of the first in this
century to recognize alcoholism as a spiritual disease primarily, with physical, emotional
and mental symptoms (which, of course, can kill). In the Big Book Bill wrote a

monumental sentence which none in 12-step programs (more than 300 of them now)
seems to take seriously. First we clear up spiritually, then we get better mentally and
This is how I and millions before have found it to be. If the spiritual dimension is
neglected, recovery is tentative at best. Bill characterized his own dramatic encounter
with God on his alcoholic death-bed, a mystical awakening. This is the fundamental
point I try to make in Volume II of my trilogy; the 12-steps are the contemporary
manifestation of the Perennial Philosophy of Mysticism, not a self-help group of nice
people trying to help other nice people. It is so damned big that few see it like
Orgonomy. I am prepping myself mentally and spiritually for the big plunge into
Wilhelm Reich, Orgonomy and Mysticism, or some such title. I plan to begin officially
at the end of this year or the top of 98. The Gnostic, Kabbalah, OR-DOR connection is
the fundamental metaphysical link, with valuable assists from the alternate therapy whose
promise we share.
I am off to write Blasband, Bell, and Koopman. Enjoy your precious father-son
connection. It is in many ways as spiritual as the mother-son relationship.

December 20, 1997

Dear Steve:
Just a line to let you know how very much I enjoyed your visit, our exchange of ideas,
and the outlines of a promising future of collaborating together. I was thoroughly
overcharged by the events of the whole week, beginning in Rangeley, but Im finally
coming down to doing some integrating and absorbing.
As you predicted, the day following your departure I received a warm and encouraging
letter from John Bell, a paragraph of which I include just to give you a fix on the college
from a solid old-timers perspective [the paragraph read: "Yes, I'm on Dick Blasband's
board along with Barbara Koopman. They are both interested in Nicolai Levashov's work
on psychic healing, and now Dick does it with some measure of success, he tells me. The
College is not at all interested, sad to say. They're stuck in things of more than 20 years
ago, and are not even interested in the European orgonomic scene. As a matter of fact, if
an experienced, capable orgonomist shows up to make meaningful contact, the attitude is
'You're not an orgonomist unless you go through the whole course of training with us.
Then we'll possibly speak with you.' It's all incredibly sad, and after they drummed Dick
and Barbara out, I knew I had no recourse but to resign, which I did with the profoundest
sorrow. Only one of them called me to discuss it and try to persuade me to change my

The LeSahn book [Lawrence LeSahn, The Medium, The Mystic, and The Physicist] you
so graciously gifted me with is terrific, a real, I cant-put-it-downer. Frankly, nothing of
the written content was exactly new to me, but something about the presentation and the
formulation has given me a fresh perspective as well as a fresh impetus to our work on
Reich and mysticism. (John informed me that W.R. took a passionate interest in dowsing
late in life). I hope that Blasband and Koopman feel it appropriate to respond. If not
into the breach. But it is people like Bell, Blasband, and Koopman who help to keep God
from dropping the sky on us.
About the book: are you planning to keep my final chapter on Functional Mysticism,
Gnosticism and Zohar? Also, in the socio-political section, I think it essential to keep the
chapter on HISTORYS INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MEN. Its just never been done
before, and is of much greater significance than anything I had to say about Mao.

January 1, 1998
Dear Steve:
Another New Year is upon us.
Thanks for the newsy update on the Colleges [American College of Orgonomy] doings. I
myself have been restudying my old J.O.s [Journal of Orgonomy], a bit of a trip down
memory lane, some very very fine material therein. I am also continually immersing
myself in Reichs work and Jewish mysticism and Gnosticism. Everything deepens and
moves me profoundly, and when I read Reich, I hear his high-pitched and vulnerable
voice from the tape you played ["Alone" - this can be obtained from the Wilhelm Reich
Museum in Rangeley, Maine.]. The LeShan book you gave me is superb; I have read it
twice since August. Pierrakos has some fine things, but I find him all too starry-eyed and,
indeed, gooey. His avoidance of the topic of Genitality is awesome. He also takes much
of W.R.s work and re-baptizes it as if it were his own, a not uncommon practice. But, all
in all, his discussion of the energy fields is enlightening.
As you predicted, Dr. Barbara Koopman telephoned me last week and we spoke for half
an hour, the longest conversation we have ever had. She is deeply immersed in
Levashovs work and in close collaboration with Blasband who I have not heard from.
Some of the things she reports are astounding, and I fully credit her reports. I hope
somehow to get involved with them, but I dont have the faintest idea how. I am going to
re-write my paper on ORGONOMY AND MYSTICISM, and send her, Blasband and
John Bell copies. Levashov has a book which she and Blasband put into more readable
form. It was quite wonderful hearing from her. She is doing therapy in N.Y.C.

I think I must be perfectly frank with you. I simply cannot find the time, energy, or,
indeed, interest to learn the computer in order to complete my ms. in acceptable form.
Susan is much too busy with her own school work, and I have taken a small vow NEVER
to learn the computer. I suppose that this attitude spells finis to our project. Someday I
will gather all my chapters and get then in shape for publication. Volume II of The
Alcoholics Search for God goes well, but slowly the impulse is infusing me to lay it
aside for awhile and begin Orgonomy and Mysticism. Time will tell.
We have both been blessed with the gifts of Orgonomy and we must both use them in our
own individual ways. Love to your family. I reviewed your gift of the Kabbalah film.
Quite wonderful. It all fits somehow, somewhere, and I feel honored and humbled and
grateful for the opportunities afforded me by orgonomic experience, and friendships.

January 10, 1998

Dear Victor:
It was good to hear from you. I was happy to hear that Dr. Koopman responded to your
letter, and I would be interested in the details of what she told you regarding the work of
Nicolai Levashov. In my view, Dr. Blasbands work with Levashovs healing method
represents an exciting development of natural scientific research into the borderlands of
paranormal psychology. I wait the day that the work of Blasband, Koopman, and
Levashov is published with the clear evidence of what their form of psychic healing can
If you intend to rewrite your treatment of Orgonomy and Religion, I would suggest that
you reread Reichs critique of mysticism in the Mass Psychology of Fascism. It would
greatly help the clarity of your essay if you spelled out exactly how healthy religious
expression differs from what described there. Also, in what way did Oranur change
Reichs views on religion (or did they change?). I think you can use The Murder of
Christ extensively to show how Jesus manifested healthy spiritual expression and how
other spiritual teachers also did this.
I completely agree with the observation in your last letter that we both need to use our
Orgonomic Knowledge in ways that fit our individual forms of search. Personally, I
believe in the complete freedom of philosophic and scientific search. Any form of
orthodoxy kills truth. Truth is fluid, and we must follow it where it goes. Orthodoxy sets
boundaries, and closes the mind to anything that has not been approved by authorities,
be it Freud, Reich or whomever.
For example, good psychotropic and psychedelic drugs help dissolve spiritual armor, and
when combined bioenergetics, can bring out vibrant health. It certainly produces states of
functional mysticism. Yet, the current crop of orgonomists reject this [Here I must

exclude Dr. Israel Regardie. However, Regardie was a chiropractor who learned
orgonomy from a student of Reich's in the 1940s (most probably Dr. Theodore Wolf).
See: Israel Regardie, "Roll Away the Stone" (North Hollywood, California, Newcastle
Publishing, 1994); William Braden, "The Private Sea, LSD & The Search for God"
(N.Y., Bantam Books, 1968); Aldous Huxley, "The Doors of Perception; Heaven and
Hell" (N.Y., Harper, 1990); and Alan Watts, "The Joyous Cosmology" (N.Y., Vintage
Books, 1970) ].
My commitment is to Knowledge and Truth useable and verifiable for the healing,
preservation and enhancement of life.
In my own search, I value sharp, clear perception and empirical evidence. I have had
good legal training, and such training is very close to the type of rigorous scientific
training that Reich had. Such training values rigorous logic, sharp thinking, solid
evidence, and close observation. I know that solid philosophic training such as you have
had also values the same.
I would encourage you to finish your series of essays on Agronomy. There is real gold
therein. Also, Volume II of your Alcoholism and God work is very important to people
in the program. (And the rest of usnobody is completely free of spiritual bypath).

February 2, 1998
Dear Victor:
With the New Year upon us, I thought it would be a good time to touch base with you. I
hope you have survived the New England ice storm in good form and that the work on
your books goes well.
My year started eventfully with several days in the cardiac care unit of St. Vincents
Hospital in Manhattan. Fortunately, tests show that I did not have a heart attack, but
instead what the cardiac people are calling a cardiac incident. Anyway, I am now on a
diet and blood pressure medication. I put the whole thing down to too much stress at
work and home combined with a fat rich diet.
Now more than ever, a more spiritual way of living daily life becomes for me a matter of
survival. In this connection, I await the second volume of your study on alcoholism and
mysticism. If you can recommend any other literature on living one day at a time, let
me know.

February 5, 1998
Dear Steve:
While I was naturally quite pleased to hear from you, the report of your cardiac condition
was distressing. However, viewed positively (which I imagine, is difficult for you at the
moment), its a warning, one which you have the time and the insight to heed. STRESS
IS THE KILLER, the mother of armor and the father of biopathies. ANYTHING you can
do to diminish its effects will prove valuable. I suspect that therapy with your orgonomist
enabled you to avoid the real big bang in the thoracic segment. I believe Dr. Baker
allowed me to postpone my two attacks through therapy. I also believe I would not have
suffered them had I remained with him. In fact, my whole life would have been changed
immeasurably. I am of course profoundly grateful to have one more chance, and I am
paying closer attention to my health than ever before.
I have about 75 pages to re-type (I re-write as I go; this is the fourth version, which for
me is a lot, in Volume Two on Alcoholism. I must then add some material and find a
reliable typist to transcribe it. Thenwe shall see.
I have become woo-nigh obsessed with the phenomenon of what Reich called the Big
Lie. O.J., Clinton, the Ramseys, Sadam Hussein (or as the local school kids call him,
Sodomy Hussein), TV, advertising, and the unbelievable insouciance of the American
people about what is going on around us. Scott Peck is right. The lie is the single most
destructive force in human spiritual life. I still lie, but I am almost always aware (and
uncomfortable) when doing so. And Jesus, of course, characterized Satan as The Master
of Lies. All sin and sickness stem from it. It was never better described than in Orwells
1984. [Dr. Katz: how even more true this is in 2010 America].
I have two volumes you might find valuable: Minirth and Meier, The Path to Serenity,
as well as their book, We Are Driven. (Nelson Pubs.). If you are interested, I have
some very good small volumes of daily readings I would be happy to let you have. If you
are interested in pursuing the medico-scientific, extra-orgonomic (that combination
sounds like the way I write!) perspective on stress, get Hans Seyles The Stress of
Life. Much functional wisdom and insight.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

February 12, 1998

Dear Victor:
Thanks for your concern and suggestions on how to deal with stress. I have lost 10
pounds since my stay in the hospital, and I am now in much better shape than before my
cardiac incident. My orgonomist feels that the event may have been triggered initially

by too vigorous gagging in the morning, and he has been helping me by directly working
on my tightly contracted chest muscles. Before the incident I had been in a very highly
charged state and I was on my way to a job interview when the pain struck.
I have now returned to a period of inner calm, and once again I am concentrating on my
writing and teaching projects. Basically, I am an academic, not a litigator or businessman.
Despite the fact that I have over many years developed skills and capacities beyond
teaching, editing, and writing, fundamental character structure, as you know, does not
change. I seem to get into trouble whenever I try to push into more stressful active realms
where I have no business. Reflection, not active combat, is my fundamental way-ofbeing in the world (if I might use a phrase from Heidegger). It all boils down to a lack of
self-acceptance and humility. Both of these qualities, as you point out in your Volume I
of Alcoholism and God, are necessary for spiritual health. This is easier said then done
when we must exist in a very sick culture, and mostly very sick organizations that
constantly draw out the most negative in us. Still, we are responsible for our own
In this connection, I have returned to my own spiritual literature, including Zen. I find a
very close affinity between Orgone Therapy and Zen training. Both are uncompromising
in trying to get the individual into fundamental contact with himself and the world and
both are unremitting foes of psychologizing and intellectualizing. Zen teachers have their
students engaged in physical work and physical exercise for much of the day. Dr. Baker
used to advise his intellectual patients to engage in some form of work with the hands. A
Zen student once asked his teacher to make a statement surpassing the Buddha. The
teacher held up his walking stick and replied: I call this a staff. What do you call it?
Thus, the teacher redirected his student away form the abstract and back into direct
truthful contact with reality. The whole exercise of Zen koans is directed to intellectual
conundrums that cannot be solved using the mind, thus causing the intellect to dismantle
itself. This allows feeling and insight to flow. I recall in a JO [Journal of Orgonomy] that
a patient once tried to engage Reich in a discussion of Edmund Husserls work, which as
you know involves the most abstract analysis of experience. Reich picked up a
matchbook that happened to be lying on a table in the treatment room, and said: This is a
matchbook. I can see it and feel it. Thats all I need to know.
Thanks for your cautionary tale of your work with Dr. Baker, and how much you feel it
would have been beneficial if you had been able to continue with him. Sometimes, given
the expense of Medical Orgone therapy, and the pain, which as you know can sometimes
be intense and almost unbearable, I have been tempted to stop and rest content with the
gains already made. Besides an increase in vitality and feeling, I am convinced that the
therapy saved my marriage. However, if I stop now, I know that I probably will not
return, and at age 50 there is still more I can gain from the work. So, I soldier on, at least
for the present. The orgonomist feels that there is still much that can be done, and it is
probably better to ride the momentum that has been built up than to attempt to restart at a
later time.

The New School course on the Life Energy and the Struggle for the New Humanity is
still on hold. This is the vehicle in which I intend to discuss psychic healing, Gnosticism,
Kabbalah, and the unification of science and religion. I have not heard from the school on
this, and I will call them soon if I dont have a decision on it. This month I am back at the
Adler Institute. My topic for the seminar this year is Psychological Health and its SocioPolitical Implications. Of course, I will discuss Orgonomy and the history of
psychotherapy as it bears on the idea of social reconstruction so that health (spiritually
and bio-psychologically) can exist and thrive. Both Adler and Reich were especially
interested in this, as opposed to Freud and Jung, who both felt it was better left alone.
Also, for many years I have been working on an idea for a psychic self-help group, and I
am still looking for a forum, such as local Adult Education, in which to give it.
I have two basic books that I am working on. One deals with the unification of religion
and science (including the socio-political), and the other is a science fiction novel. Time
to work on these projects is at a premium, but I continue to plug on. I also some day want
to attempt to write a short work on psychological self-help, boiling down the essential
teachings that I have culled from close to 100 works.
By the way, did you ever hear from our old friend Dr. Blasband? I wrote to him in
response to a fund-raising letter, offering to make a contribution in exchange for tapes of
his last conference, but I still have not heard from him on that. The one communication I
did receive from him said that he was very busy, and I assume he does not have the staff
that the American College of Orgonomy has to deal with routine correspondence.
Incidentally, I recently met Peter Robbins, an old patient of Dr. Baker, and a pioneer in
UFO research, at a Reich course in Manhattan (formerly a patient of Dr. Raphael). He is
in contact with Blasband and he gives credit to the new form of energy healing that both
Blasband and Koopman are developing.
I appreciated your comments in your last letter about the Big Lie. We are both very
much on the same wavelength on that. Just several weeks ago I described the annual State
of the Union event in Washington as the celebration of the Big Lie. Still, for my own
survival, I am trying to live one day at a time with a spiritual approach. The political
approach is coronary land for me.

February 18, 1998

Dear Steve:
Thank you for your fine and timely letter. It is so easy to get sucked into Clinton /
Lewinski land, Iraq, the ever-present O.J. syndrome, and a terrific sense of the downright
futility of it all. Within 100 pages of the goal line, my second volume on alcoholism has
come to a grinding halt, overheated, and under fueled, a temporary victim of so-

whatism. As much as I love doing it, mostly struggling to express the truth and do it
convincingly, I have no hope, realistically, of ever publishing, and after all is said and
done that is why we write. This is cold-steel realism, not pukish self-pity. In a sense, it
liberates. There is no urgency for the world to read my deathless prose. I sent copies of
the long last chapter on Reich and Mysticism to Koopman and Bellthe rest is silence.
Which too is o.k.
[The author such silence has also greeted "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of
Cosmic Energy" from the general orgonomic community. All works that touch on the
great questions of life, death and eternity, have received this initial reception, including
that of Wilhelm Reich. The mystical writings of the great Cabbalists were, for this
reason, generally meant for a small group of students and readers who could appreciate
I can realistically say to myself, Who the hell cares whether or not Reich discovered the
scientific cosmological underpinnings of Gnosticism? Hey the stock market is going
through the roof. I feel like Reichs Silent Observers, except he is the one who always
winds up on the cross silently observing those who kill life.
My wife and I have been captivated by a series of Old Testament epic movies: Abraham
with Richard Harris, Moses, and Joseph. I am not a particularly image oriented guy, but
something comes through that the mere words dont convey to me Mr. words-words, as
Byron said of Wordsworth. Those Old Testament folks knew something Big that
denizens of the New Millennium dont want to hear about. Religion is NOT social work.
Jesus is not like your local delicatessen owner. GOD IS BIG AND SMALL. And its all
pretty overwhelming.
Its good to hear you come-clean about being a philosopher; a lonely business, but I
still believe, after almost 50 years at this rubrix cube (Zen notwithstanding), it is the most
important thing I can do think and communicate. Funny, as the information revolution
extends its tentacles, nobody seems to be asking: How do we judge this information
inundation.How do we discover the criteria to distinguish truth from falsity.how do
we distinguish Big Brother from Groucho Marx? THATS PHILOSOPHY! I can
identify with the last brontosaurus who looked up one day from his spinach patch and
queried: Where the hell has everybody gone?
Love and prayers. Mit Glick.

February 24, 1998

Dear Victor:
I can hear the underlying despair in your last letter, and that is something I can fully
identify with. It does sometimes seem that below the surface St. Vitus dance of madness
nothing in the world has changes or is capable of being changed. The stock market aside,

there is more evil in the world than ever, with the Devil reigning as never before under
the guise of technological rationality. The Old Testament prophets knew that Gods laws
could not be violated forever with impunity, and their dire predictions were proven out
over history.
Still, the existential spiritual value of our writing and teaching remains valid even if the
entire earth were to self-destruct tomorrow. I would urge you to keep writing and finish
the book on alcoholism, and start the one on Reich and Mysticism. Dont worry about the
issue of publishing. It has become more and more possible to self-publish, particularly
with the software and computers of today, and, as a last resort, one could always put out
bound Xerox copies for interested people. Reich published his own work, so did the late
Reichian UFologist Jerome Eden. There is a great hunger for books on spiritual topics
now, and anything combining Reich and Mysticism is bound to get a respectful hearing
[This has not so far proven out.].
I have been reading Ms. Underhills book on Mysticism, and I can see much more clearly
the connection between what the great healthy mystics have been teaching throughout
history, and Reichs insights, perceptions and expression, particularly in his book The
Murder of Christ, which fits right in with the great mystical works. It would prove of
great value to students of Orgonomy and religion to have this connection fully explored
by someone such as yourself who has traveled in both domains. [Editor: This task has
now fallen to me.] I would be happy to read anything you have in manuscript for
feedback and suggestions if you fell it would be helpful, on either the Reich book or
Volume II of the alcoholism study.
I also find it hard to sustain my creative writing, and I seem always to run out of gas after
promising starts. I sometimes attribute it to the fact that my thoughts have not fully
matured yet. The 9 to 5 office existence, family responsibilities, along with the one and a
half hour commute to Manhattan, takes a toll on energy and will. Yet, discipline I am
sure is the medicine for the problem.
Incidentally, the New York Times, in their business section, recently published an article
on people who studied philosophy in college, and the effects of that on their subsequent
lives. The conclusion was very favorable, particularly in a publication so career and
money oriented as the Times Business Section. Most have found that philosophy proves
to be more than just an intellectual training. It also provides a life-long set of tools for the
exploration of reality, and an attitude of critical independence. I know it has proven to be
so for me. A co-worker of mine, who was discussing the need for traditional organized
religion to provide answers to the great riddles of life to people, and a feeling of security,
once said to me: You dont need that, you have philosophy! Boethius said this a long
time ago in his Consolation of Philosophy. I have never regretted my study of this
discipline, even if it never translated into any kind of economic advantage as does an
education in business. Philosophy has never abandoned me, particularly in my toughest

So, a handful of us still toil on in our own ways, and I think this has always been true. As
Henry Miller, one of the great unacknowledged nonacademic philosophers, once said
.the world never changes.only you change.how do you change?.by your
different attitude.the only difference in lives is a difference in point of viewwhether
you see life like the worm, or higher like the eagle.or still higher like the
Gods.otherwise everything is the same.
Love to you and the family,

February 27, 1998

Dear Steve:
Thanks so much for your letter of reminder and encouragement. Your friendship is much
valued. You are one of the very few survivors with whom I can communicate on the
deep things.
A lovely 12-step functional miracle has just taken place for my wife and me. Our
marriage had reached a point of terrible crisis. Thank God all is now well and we both are
newly re-covenanted. As you seem well to know, marriage is no game for amateurs, and
its not about happiness, although that can be a lovely byproduct. Its not even about two
distinct entities the marriage itself, I mean but about a truly cosmic commitment to
spiritual laws we barely comprehend. The answer is only to be found, I believe, in Cease
striving and know that I am God. Those Old Testament fellows were deeply in touch
with something (Someone) we scarcely know about today. That forms part of my
enormous respect for Judaism and mysticism tough and in-touch. I had never quite
viewed The Murder of Christ" as a mystical book. In fact it is, part of that grand final
trilogy with Oranur. WR was battling not space men, but the archons of Gnosticism.
They got him, as they get everyone if we go it alone. But the words from your Reich tape
strike sharply ["Alone," a tape produced by the Wilhelm Reich Museum from Reich's
recordings.]. None of his followers did, in fact, understand where he was and whence he
was going. It was too, too big.
Evelyn Underhill is about my favorite author on mysticism, along with Thomas Merton,
who occasionally gets too doctrinal for me.
Your burden, my friend, is too heavy and I dont believe more discipline is the answer.
That means more stress, and I dont think you need that. TIME for yourself and TRUST
in Elohim. What kept me going through this Valley of the Shadow was the rockbottom
conviction I share with Wm. James; We and God have business together. Your health,
on all fronts, must remain your number one priority, or everything else will come
crashing down on you. For me, philosophy and theology have always merged. The way

of philosophy leads to the same first things, as Aristotle characterized the science of
metaphysics, The First Philosophy.
Stay Well. Prayers and blessing on you and yours.
Credo ut intelligam, I believe in order to know.

March 7, 1998
Dear Victor:
It is always a good day when I receive a letter from you. I share the feeling with you that
there are few if any people still on earth that I can communicate with on the deep
fundamental questions of existence [This is even more true today in 2010]. Recently, my
oldest friend, Jack Persoff, passed away from a heart attack at age 83. Leo Rattner, my
old Adlerian mentor, went from cancer at age 70. And so it goes [Dr. Katz: Victor Silver
passed away in December 1999 of metastatic brain cancer].
Our friendship has become one of the Lights that keep me going in this Dark Night of the
Soul that humans call life on earth.
I am seized now more than ever with the truly terrifying insight that humanity is held in
the grip of some radically evil force calls it Deadly Orgone Energy, the Devil, or the
enemy of humanity. When I look deep within my own heart, and at all the human
functioning I have encountered over the last 50 years, I can only pray for the healing
grace of Cosmic Spiritual Orgone Energy to keep me functioning with a spark of love,
decency, and above it all perspective.
Humanism, and the ego-ridden scientific / enlightenment / corporate capitalist philosophy
that now dominates society has utterly failed the deepest human needs. Alexander
Solzhenitsyn, that now uncompromising foe of totalitarian communism, calls the business
culture that prevails in newly capitalist Russia liquid manure. It is a spiritual wasteland
that is spreading all over the Globe. Erich Fromm called it the religion of cybernetic
capitalism. The object of devotion is money, greed, and corporate power. The idols are
computers. The Priests are technocrats and business administrators. Behind this mask of a
smiling Wall Street, the Devil reigns unchecked. Humans have value only as efficient
producers and consumers of products. Phony Corporate Liberalism pursues its guilt and
profit-ridden agenda by downsizings, reverse discrimination, abortion, and unfeeling
promiscuous sexuality. Our precious freedoms are bartered away by multinational
corporations so that a stable environment may exist for international investment.
You are absolutely right about the dangers of trying to go it alone spiritually. Yet, I have
not been able to find the shelter of a religious or spiritual group that I could respect. I
tried organized synagogue Judaism, and it proved to be dominated by the mentality of the
little man. The feel good prosperity positive thinking churches seem too superficial

for me. I do feel close to some of the Catholic theologians and mystics. They understand
the radically fallen nature of humanity, and the reality of the existence of the Devil
[DOR] and Evil. So did the old Gnostics and the Desert Prophets of Judaism. Yet, the
gigantic organized power apparatus of the Catholic Church, with its anti-sexual
philosophy, is something I dont think I could accept. It is in stark contrast to the very
simple and profound healing ministry of Jesus. So, for the time being, I continue on my
lonely spiritual path. I feel like a solitary Gnostic monk, walking on an overgrown
forgotten mountain trial, stopping off the path here and there to examine wild flowers or
artifacts left by forgotten spiritual teachers and lost heretics (including the little
understood or used tools left to us by Reich). Sometimes I find a hidden grotto or alcove
to pray in. Up ahead, veiled by mist glistening in the noonday sun, is a deep blue/gray
range of mountains. In those mountains is the promise of salvation and water for the soul.
In those mountains all of the suffering souls and innocent victims of the emotional plague
know the cool healing embrace and ultimate peace and fulfillment of the Orgone Energy.
In those mountains is God.
My prayers are with you,

March 12, 1998

Dear Steve:
I was much moved by your letter, I sense the anguish and world-weariness. I find it wise
to share these feelings with one who understands, and I thank you for your trust in me.
The madness is up to our bloomin knickers. The Clinton thing is pathetic and
sardonically humorous. But, My God, the lies! I gave my stepson 1984 to read, and he
took to it. How is your son doing? I chuckle, though it may be graveside humor, when
hackers get into the defense department files or put down a whole a whole universitys
network. I really fear those electronic buggers, rather, the species that hath made and
useth them to what end? The 21st-century should tell.
It has been a time of terrible crisis for my wife and myself. We are Gnostic enough in our
orientation to accept the real possibility that powers and principalities are working hard to
deflect us from our path. My health has come to a grinding halt, as it usually does this
time of year (a savage March in Vermont). Ive got 40 pages to go to finish the bulk of
Volume II of the book on Alcoholism and the Search for God, but must go back and add
some inserts here and there, a task I do not look forward to. Im going to do the Reich if
I live for no reasons except that Im obliged to. [Unfortunately, Dr. Silver did not live
to do the book. "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy" represents
my carrying out of the unfinished task]. God is my publisher. That part is up to him. I feel
strangely withdrawn from the whole process. But I just want to put it all together and see
if it flies, as they say in the ad game.

My wife is studying for her M.Div. to become a United Church of Christ minister. Its
an o.k. little denomination, very extraverted in orientation, but with some serious
doctrinal commitments. The Evangelicals are insane, mentally and spiritually insane,
with some rare exceptions. Catholicism has always appealed to me, but, and I know of no
other way of putting it, their philosophy is so dammed smug. Also, I cannot abide the
Mariolatry that sometimes pushes Adonia completely aside. There is simply no scriptural
justification for the cult of Our Lady. Were watching Moses (Ben Kingsley), and
Abraham (Richard Harris, absolutely the best thing he ever did), and those Old Testament
types continue to fill me with wonder. WHAT FAITH! I am certain that Gods name IS I
And keep following your path. I think theres a bridge to the hazy-blue mountain range
just up ahead.
We should love to see you and Roz on your Rangeley excursion.
You are in my prayers,

March 17, 1998

Dear Victor:
Thanks for your kind words of spiritual counsel and advice. As an older brother who has
walked down the same path before me, I consider you my spiritual sponsor to use the
AA concept. This role requires no undue burdens, just full, free, and honest discussion.
You have already given that to me many times.
Please dont be concerned about my visit last August. I greatly enjoyed it. I did sense that
their were problems in your relationship with your wife, she seemed a fine, serious
woman and I hope our next meeting will find things more serene. You are way ahead of
things if you realize that marriage is primarily a spiritual relationship. Too many
relationships fail because each partner is thinking primarily of their own short-term
needs, and not what the other person may be feeling. Our culture, which is very spoiled
and narcissistic, seems to encourage this. I have had my own problems in this area. I have
done better in my relationship with Roz since I have looked at her feelings and sufferings
over the years, and try to take that into account. It is a very old concept that suffering
produces spiritual purification in the individual and in relationships. Also, a major
advance took place when I learned to see my own unrealistic expectations, and the fact
that I tend to sometimes see things from a very ego-centered point of view (my little
One major decision that did come from our August meeting is that we not attempt to redo
the Oranur Experiment. Reich has recorded in splendid detail the events and reactions

that took place at the time of the experiment. We only need do a thought experiment to
dig out the spiritual implications.
The weather up there must be very hard on your health, which is why many older people
seek warmer climes. You should seek immediate medical attention for any colds of flu
problems. These are potentially dangerous in people over 60. Otherwise, I am sure you
have the experience to safeguard your health. Each of us knows our own constitutions,
and what must be done to keep going.
I was happy to hear you have made progress on Volume Two of the study on Alcoholism
and God. I have read Volume One several times, and I look forward to reading the next
one. As to the Reich book, having read Underhills classic on mysticism, I am more
convinced than ever before of the rightness of the view of Reich as a healthy mystic. I
discussed the concept in my seminar this year, and the students responded very positively
to it.
I would be willing to work on the Reich book with you, but use of the word processor on
the computer is essential to any joint work. The word processor works exactly like the
typewriter, except you can move words around on the page and delete words at will. The
computer will also copy documents to a floppy disk for you and these can be sent
through the mail and loaded to the recipients computer for further work. I am sure your
wife could teach you the few simple operations involved. Of course, you have every right
to prefer the old way of working, and I can understand that.
The plans for the trip to Rangeley are still very tentative. It would be the week of July 13.
If all of our schedules can be made to coincide, we would enjoy dropping by for a visit
either on the way up or back. If the schedules dont work out, dont worry about it. The
U.S. mail is still a reliable way of communicating.
My work with the orgonomist continues apace, but I dont know how much longer I will
be able to afford it at the present frequency. (Ian is due to enter college in two years, and
that can, as you well know, can be expensive. He has grown into a very thoughtful and
serious adolescent, and I have tried to provide some gentle guidance with the typical
problems of his age. We have a very good and close relationship. I may have to reduce it
to one session a month later this year, particularly if I change jobs. If I can find any way
to continue at the present pace, I will. It has been very beneficial, even soul saving.
The ACO is now producing a video documentary on Reich. They have enlisted the
services of a good film maker, and I hope to see them finish it by the end of the year.
Life is a precious gift, and worth the struggle.
My prayers to you and the family.

Sunday, March 22, 1998

Dear Steve:
Not much movement in my life, sad to relate. My health has taken a slow turn for the
worse and for me, everything unravels when energy and strength depart. Its been a time
of progressive relinquishment I think its called aging, and, internally at least, I am not
going quietly down into the darkness. I dont mean to sound melodramatic (for me, that
is), but this is the first time I have ever arrived at a point where the vectors drawing me
there and those binding me here are nearly equally in balance. If I were depart this
vale of tears I would like you to have all my Reich materials, but you must promise to do
with them as you see fit, not out of any sense of obligation to me, but simply because you
may find something of value therein.
Its peculiar how the sweetness of all life touches me these days. Ive lived cheek-by-jowl
with the ugliness (Conrad has his character Kurtz cry out at the end of Heart of
Darkness, The Horror. The Horror!!), and that is surely not the last word. The sexual
revolution has so grossly misfired, the liberals have finally got the world they wanted a
brave new world they scarcely recognize brain tumors and killer depressions stalk the
land, but thanks to God, the DOW went over 8900 yesterday. I dont feel superior to
those who have or who are making it big in this brave new world. I just dont belong, and
I guess never have.
I know you will be doing much good in your teaching. And you have a privileged
relationship with Ian. Guard it well. It is such a fragile bond these days when women
rule. The man-woman thing is all wrong now. Im no sexist patriarch, but it is all wrong.
The Big-Brain Hysteric exerts a disproportionate influence in our lives. Can you imagine
lecturing on that topic to a college audience today? I cant. And yet the femine mystery,
the feminine sweetness remains in spite of themselves, the power, the real power. Bye the
bye, I am astounded as I follow all the cable talk shows on laffaire Clinton, at the sheer
quantity of breathtakingly beautiful, terrifying articulate female attorneys. They are
absolutely intimidating, Marsha Clark, Ann Coulter, and all the sisterhood. The light side
of it all has a twofold aspect. First, when they all talk at once, and secondly, when the
coup de grace is delivered by a magnificent sweep of a golden torrent of lush blonde hair
in the general direction of ones opponent. It is enough to make a broken-down, busted
up old male to submit to worshipping Diana of the Ephesians. IN SPITE OF
THEMSELVES, they are adorable. And talk about the mouth as a weapon. Orality, thy
name is woman!
And remember the old rabbinic saying, God is not nice. Hes not an uncle. He is an
Blessings on you and yours,

March 25, 1998

Dear Victor:
I was sorry to hear about your continuing health problem, but with all the aid that
classical medicine can give to keep life going, it may finally come down to a matter of
the will to live. I dont know anything about the specifics of your problem, but at your
age you could still look forward to at least another decade of functional life (maybe two).
I am honored by your offer of the Reich material, but I hope you are premature by at least
20 years. Besides, there are only a few Orgonomic Philosophers left and we cant
afford to have such a small and endangered group depleted any further. What does your
wife have to say about your despair?
Your letter arrived, via some current of synchronicity, as I was working on the outline
and research for a new book on Reichs final years that may prove more controversial
than anything yet written by a serious writer with a solid background in orgonomic
experience. [Editor: This research was the start of what became "Wilhelm Reich Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy."]. I intend to show a connection between
Reichs UFO research and his spiritual conversion in prison, with the line of research
leading to extraterrestrial theology as transmitted by alien contact. With the certainty of
the existence of alien intelligent life comes the reality of religions as conceptualized and
lived on other planets and in other galaxies. I admit this is speculation, but I am
reexamining the evidence from Reichs last years, including accounts by those who
communicated with him in prison, and I am convinced that there are still undiscovered
links with a final creative summation that connects up with Oranur, MOC [The
Murder of Christ], Ether, God and Devil, and the UFO expedition ["Contact With
Space"], ending with the possibility that Reich experienced some form of alien contact.
[Editor: We now know from his prison mate Harvey Matusow that Reich indeed made
contact with alien UFOs while in prison several days before he "died" and was taken off
the earth by them, leaving his body behind]. I intend to bring in the research of John
Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist, and other serious UFO / Alien contact researchers. The
Gnostics and the healthy mystics also will work into this as the spiritual antecedents of
the religious dimension of this. A new book on alien theology is to be published by the
State University of Albany Press, and I hope to obtain a copy. I already have a book that
describes the healing effects that some alien UFOs apparently have transmitted through
the orgone energy that powers their crafts. [Dennett, Preston, "UFO Healings - True
Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials" (Mill Spring, N.C., Wild Flower Press,
What effect this will ultimately have on earth religions is unknown. My basic premise for
this work is to take with absolute seriousness Reichs last expressions and research,
instead of treating them with Little Man skepticism as does Myron Sharaf, or a helpless
dont know of some otherwise sound orgonomists. [Elsworth Baker was an exception
to this in that he realized that Reich's UFO connection represented his "religion."]. Reich
had the courage to speculate freely, and I intend to do the same.

You are absolutely right about the state of male/female relations in our society. The
liberals and their emasculating supporters have no feeling for natural social functioning.
The real aim behind the humanitarian ideology and practice of gender equality is to
smash healthy genital functioning in both sexes. Healthy sexual functioning requires a
most definite and pronounced polarity between the genders. This is exactly what the
liberals want to neutralize and destroy. Male and female are both equal before the law,
and valuable human beings, but intense healthy virile masculinity and the sweet
enfolding woman are polar energetic functions. Nothing paralyzes a mans sexual and
work function faster than a hostile, power-driven dominating woman. As you indicate,
where in this country can such truths be spoken?
I learned a long time ago, when my brother died, the truth that God is a terrific force and
not to be secularized, minimized or reduced to a harmless human dimension. I always
liked the saying: Your arms are too short to box with God! Our minds and souls are
also too short to play games with a force that could end all life on earth suddenly and in
a matter of minutes. The Old Testament prophets and preachers knew this. We have
forgotten it.
Incidentally, if you want to be reminded what our task is, reread Nietzsches
Schopenhauer as Educator.
Wherever there have been powerful societies, governments, religions, public opinions,
in short, wherever there has been tyranny, the solitary philosopher has been hated. For
philosophy opens up to a man a refuge from all tyranny, an inner sanctuary the
labyrinth of the breast and that annoys tyrants. Nietzsche in Schopenhauer as

March 28, 1998

Dear Steve:
A very tonic-y letter for which I thank you. I detect a new sense of freedom and
rational certainty in your project, which I heartily applaud. Real spiritual growth. Sorry
about your Rangeley cancellation, but I think it well-advised. We shall see how the pieces
fall respecting out possible meeting sometime this summer. Susan will be doing a
hospital internship as part of her M.Div. in Burlington, very busy, and it looks like Blake
is off to a private school in the fall.
I keep my despair away from Susan as much as possible. She is just too sensitive to
carry that burden along with her already heavy load. What I need is a good dose of
springtime, and it seems to be coming. I am so hungry for answers and information. Im
one of those like Dostoyevskys Mitya Karamazov who justs wants answers to his

questions. I know for certain when I read about or listen to TV programs regarding black
holes, there are enormous cosmic, spiritual, and metaphysical issues upon which the late
Reich and post-oranur speculations can shed terrific light. Gnosticism is really a quite
terrifying philosophy. When I complete typing Vol. II of the alcoholism book, I must
return to WR and the big stuff, not that 12-step spiritual philosophy is small or
inconsequential. Im just a little dry there.
I am helping Susan with her theology studies and finding myself enjoying it immensely.
Those old 2nd and 3rd century Christians talked funny, but they were talking ABOUT
SOMETHING. Have you ever viewed Martin Scorceses film (after the Nikos
Kazanzakis novel) The Last Temptation of Christ? It has moved and disturbed me so
much that I have watched it twice in the past six months and have proposed to Susan that
we use it as the subject of our collaboration together. It is a foundation-shaker and very
close to the Murder of Christ in seminal ways.
You know of course that Reich seriously posed the question whether he was a space
man, not as nutty as it might sound on the face of it. I think from the Eva tape you
showed me, she would have little difficulty handling your speculations, and every time I
hear of Contact With Space, I am reminded of the Genesis account of the Sons of God
going into the daughters of men and reproducing a race of Giants. The notion of a
hidden bloodline in human evolution after one can free oneself from the hideous
distortions of the Nazis is seriously entertained by authentic occultists.
Yes, Reich and The Rabbi are the alpha and omega of my journey. I think I will hang
around to see how it all turns out. I long for more information on psychotronic healing,
but I think B. Koopman might have been turned off by the 50 page abstract on WR and
Gnosticism that I sent her. Its o.k., but what a goldmine of information would be opened
up by getting to know that woman or Blasband of course.
Schopenhauer as Educator is a book I have begun a half-dozen times, but never
finished. Perhaps now is the time.

April 5, 1998
Dear Victor:
As I have said before, it is always a good day for me when I get a letter from you. I have
no other close friend besides you who understands my research and thinking at this point
in time, and who I can talk with in-depth on spirituality, orgonomy, and politics, etc.
I was very happy to hear that you are helping Susan and working with her. She needs as
much love and support from you as you can generate.

After receiving your last letter, I viewed the Scorcese film The Last Temptation of
Christ. I was very deeply moved to the core of my being. It was all there: the doubt, the
trouble, the little man followers and the final agony and temptation to follow the way
of the world rather than God. The ending of the film was a riddle to say the least. Was the
guardian angel an expression of the Devil trying to lure Jesus back into the narrow
confines of traditional life? Or was it instead an expression of healthy life against the
need to give the sick masses a savior to follow and place in an inaccessible heaven
where he cant trouble the usual ways of the world? Perhaps you and Susan can cast light
on this enigma.
I have some exciting news from Dr. Blasband in the form of a taped presentation he made
at his last annual conference for his Center for Functional Research. With the work of
Russian biophysicist Nicolai Levashov, the psychic healer, Blasband feels he is taking
Orgonomy to a new stage of development beyond anything since Reichs death.
Levashov has discovered seven states of subtle energy that inform and structure our
organism. Healing is made possible by the use of the mind to precisely intervene in these
states of subtle energy and to restructure them to health. The biopsychological state is a
direct reflection of the health of these under girding energy bodies. Using this method it
is possible to do distance healing. This means that you can receive healing from Blasband
at your home in Vermont while he works from his office in California (or so I understand
it). He works from a photograph and telephone contact. He can be reached at 415-4352812. I have no idea what the fee for this healing would be, but if he follows Reich in
charging low fees for experimental knowledge, as opposed to expensive fees for
established knowledge, it might not be too high.
Even more exciting from a spiritual perspective, Blasband, building on the work of
Harold Saxon Burr and Levashov, thinks that there are energy souls that inform the fetus
at birth and when we die this soul rejoins a different spiritual dimension within the
earths planetary sphere. This is based on natural scientific work: the energy body of the
fetus is present right after conception, when there is just one cell of the new organism,
and it guides the development of all cells and organs of the body to maturity. As Eva
Reich has pointed out, there is a primary pulsation present in the fetus even before the
formation of the heart. Of course, the jump from this idea of pre-existing and postexisting souls is far beyond anything that any of the Orgonomists from the ACO would
be willing to accept which is why Blasband is no longer associated with the college.
Incidentally, your old friend John Bell was at this conference and he made a presentation
on social orgonomy. He has great respect for Blasband and apparently can accept his
latest natural scientific explorations into the field of what was formerly considered the
occult. I was happy to hear Bell mention that he is still friends with Howard Chavis,
and that they still maintain contact despite the fact that Bell is no longer associated with
the ACO. As I mentioned before, Dr. Chavis is very independent in his approach and
compares very favorably wit the old orgonomists such as Dr. Baker.
I will bring the tapes of these talks to our next meeting together, whenever we might be
able to arrange that. A Trip to Vermont for me does not seem to be in the cards given the

time available and other vacation plans with Roz. It might be possible to arrange
something for a weekend in the fall. Another possibility would be for you to come to
New York. Unfortunately, with our small garden apartment, I would not be able to put
you up, but I remember that you said you have a sister on Long Island. Given the totality
of the circumstances, we may have to content ourselves with continued mail
I continue on with my book project which has now organized itself around the idea: The
Last Days of Wilhelm Reich and the Spiritual Destiny of Humanity. I intend to produce
a truly original work of experimental philosophy along the lines of Schopenhauer As
Educator. Next week I will take a long overdue vacation week with Roz in Maryland
and Delaware which will be combined with college hunting for Ian (who will be in Italy
on a school trip).
My work in publishing goes on in an increasingly difficult corporate environment. The
company I work for was recently sold and is undergoing reorganization. On top of that,
my work group is in the process of changing the publishing method to desktop
automation and this is placing increasing pressure on us. The corporate world is not one
that I would recommend today to anyone, and the social pathology and greed behind the
seemingly objective talk of profits, expansion, and worship of technology is just as
pernicious in its own way as is modern liberalism in the political world. In fact, it may be
its counterpart in the business world and is a far cry from the small independent
businessman or craftsman admired by Baker and Reich. A good study of the corporate
character type with the use of character analysis and orgonomy is long overdue. The kind
of natural spiritual conservative described as the healthiest character type remains true,
but must be sharply distinguished from the contemporary Wall Street / Corporate
Conservative that in some form (domestic or foreign) now controls both political parties.
This will be a subject for some future communication.
My love and prayers to you and the family,

April 12, 1998

Dear Steve:
Your letter set in motion an interesting chain of events. I called Blasband immediately,
and left a message. He responded the next day, and we had a good talk. I have sent him a
photo and brief medical history and finances permitting we may begin the long range
Levashov therapy. The distance and the seeming eccentricity of the therapy cause me no
difficulty whatsoever. I trust the judgment of Blasband, Koopman, John Bell, and
yourself, and the central notion of Psychotronic Healing has never been far from me. I am
simply not getting better with standard drug therapy. It only holds the line for a time and
then the slippage continues. I have too much yet to accomplish to become an invalid. The

synchronicity of this whole business strikes me as one of the many significant ones in my
12-Step spiritual life, and I believe that this process may be the balm in Gilead for
which I have been searching. I am also arranging for a group prayer session and
meanwhile, taking my medicine. I am really backed into a corner with my resources
exhausted, but I believe God will show His way for me.
Susan and I viewed LAST TEMPTATION which she is using as a theme topic for one of
her M.Div. courses. We are pretty well in agreement that there are no armored mystical
tricks in the conclusion. In fact, the logic of the predicament and choices of Jesus grows
clearer with each viewing and thinking on the film. It is the most powerful rendition of
the Jesus tale that I have ever experienced.
My enthusiasm for the Reich project is returning. But first I must grind my way to the
end of Vol. II on alcoholism. Re-reading MOC [The Murder of Christ], WR comes so
close to saying THE final word on the Christology. Thank heavens that the final word
never gets said by anyone.
Your information respecting functional energy philosophy is certainly exciting. I hope I
dont sound blas when I observe that everything in bioenergetics theory has been
somewhere anticipated by the Big Guys in the history of philosophy, especially the
cosmological and metaphysical speculations. I still find reading (especially Paul Davies)
theoretical physics a terrific fit. It all confirms what mystics and functionalists have
known forever. It all goes back to God, the God whose name is I AM.
Youve convinced me to re-read SCHOPENHAUER AS EDUCATOR. Nietzsche knew
so much, even that early in his career. I like the projected title of your book [Dr. Katz:
This book became "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy."]. We are
talking apocalypse here.
Be wary of your worlds man traps as Melville describes them. I have recently found
just how quietly, insidiously, the favorite Adversary Stress can build up and then grab
us. Stress and THE BIG LIEGod it is appalling how much lying goes on and has gone
on. No wonder humanity cant confront the MOC.
I feel our getting together this summer will eventuate. Not sure yet of the details, but it is
a high priority for me.
Much love, prayers, and wishes for your well-being.

April 18, 1998

Dear Victor:
I was happy to hear that you are thinking of working with Dr. Blasband using the
Levashov psychic distance healing. The basic method is not new and goes back to the
early part of this century. As a complement to your other therapies, it can do no harm and
might do good. Dr. Thelma Moss, mentioned by Eva Reich in the tape we watched
together last summer, cites such methods in her work The Probability of the
I have just returned from a long needed one week vacation. As I face the return to my
normal routine, I am more convinced then ever before that a continuous use of conscious
will and intention is necessary to maintain any real semblance of emotional and spiritual
health. As Dr. Baker stated in an interview made in 1982, it is a constant effort to stay as
near to health as possible. It helps to have a creative outlet and I find writing to be such
a channel.
If it can be arranged, a meeting this summer would be great [Dr. Katz: This meeting was
not to take place.] Your prayer group sounds like a good idea and I would definitely join
if I lived nearby. I have myself been thinking of starting a lay spiritual group to be called
Harbors for Life based on the concept developed by Reich during his final days.
Perhaps such a group, which would discuss spiritual, orgonomic, psychic and 12-Step
philosophies, could be run by correspondence with a once a year weekend meeting
among participants. I would envision a monthly question, such as Spiritual Methods For
Dealing With Daily Stress, and a round robin exchange of letters between members.
Other possible topics: Reincarnation, Prayer, Sexuality, etc.
My love and prayers are with you and your family.

April 23, 1998

Dear Steve:
Please dont misread my views on conscious use of the will and intention on the path we
mutually pursue. It takes all one has and then some. But in our overheated civilization,
we can so easily deteriorate into driveness. I am astounded at how long it has taken me
at my very best to detect the subtle maneuvers of my stress bug, how frequently when
things were humming that it was disguising itself in trying to realize its only purpose to
kill me. The pathological death-wish is so damned real. We need a whole re-thinking of
spirituality, medicine, life, healing, its staggering. Did I read that TWO MILLION
women a year die of breast cancer? I went back and rechecked the Linda McCartney
(lifetime vegetarian and non-smoker) articleTWO FUCKING MILLION A

YEARBREAST CANCER. I understand from some of my female confidantes that

there is also a subtle trade-off process, you takes your choice and makes your move. My
God. When will they realize that the thinking gets further and further and further away
from truth? These are not bad men. Doctors and pharmacists and researchers are for the
most part NOT bad men, but here I sit locked into a crippled bioenergy system to tell the
world that they got it all wrong. (I feel considerably better as you might detect from the
loud bull-alligator bellows I am emitting).
I have not re-heard from Blasband and I am trying to put a bright and confident face on
the matter; hes very busy, I need to be scheduled, he is studying my photo and minimedical history or Im hopeless. I feel so very strongly about Psychotronics discussed
first in my experience in the 1970 book PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE
IRON CURTAIN. I feel real hope in that direction. I am sick of being sick! I am
teaching a course in Christian Ethics in the Vermont Academy for Spritual Training and
it continues to astonish me just how frightened adults are at the prospect of discussing
stuff that matters. I dont push their structures, but it still saddens. I like the idea of
Harbors For Life. Emphatically that was Reichs direction at the end. How I love the
mans courage to grow and outgrow. I am reading Martin Luther as a help to Susan in her
seminary work. The man astounds me and I feel a growing kinship. He had the balls to
stand up and say God is not a nice guy, a big daddy who gives you everything you want
when you want it. A mighty Fortress is an incredible musical statement of what God
truly is.
I have put aside the concluding 30 pages of my alcoholism book. For now, I have
completely lost contact with the material. I am chafing to begin the WR/Mysticism book,
fear and trembling, as ever when I approach the Master.
I believe my spiritual life has been altered forever by the Scorcese film, THE LAST
TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. I can hear Jesus voice from the film. Its eerie. Too much
ferment at my age, but God, it is exciting in the healthiest way.
See you this summer. Love to Roz and your son. EASY DOES IT.
Elohim/Adonai/Sanctus Spiritus
Love/Work and Knowledge

May 3, 1998
Dear Victor:
I have just finished viewing the video of the Spencer Tracy film Inherit the Wind about
the old monkey trial of the science teacher Scopes and the teaching of evolution. Never
have the issues of armored religion and natural science been so starkly presented. Some
day the case of the U.S.A. v. Reich will be considered in the same light of historical
importance. Reich found the suppressed answer in the orgasm function: real spirituality is
grounded in natural law as expressed in genital functioning. There is no opposition, just
unity in the energy metabolism of the Universe. Unity in the functioning principle of life.
Darrows final statement to the cerebral head armored journalist is crucial to an
understanding of this unity. Next time you are at the video store you might consider
renting it.
I hope you have been able to start your therapy with Blasband. Yes, you are absolutely
right about the killing potential of stress. It is the silent killer of life. Yet, what can we do
about it? I am in a stressful work situation now, yet I cant afford to walk away from my
job despite the fact that it puts me at risk medically. I have tried to find other alternatives,
and I have an interview this month with an organization for a job representing children
and adolescents in trouble. That will also have stress. There are no easy answers and
living with physical and mental pain is, as I get older, a daily reality.
Recently, on a rainy Sunday, I read two old papers of W.R.: Dialectical Materialism and
Psychoanalysis, and What Is Class Consciousness? Even at that early stage he was
brilliant at pointing out healthy social functioning as against the armored ideal of the
well-adjusted worker. If you bracket off his immature ideological statements, the
functional observations are still relevant.
Have you been able to start your Reich book?
My love to you and the family,

May 6, 1998
Dear Steve:
In 1950, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with Atomic energy, which
confirmed the objected existence of Good and Evil, God and the Devil, and their organic
identification with all human health and sickness.
Thats the first sentence of the projected book [Dr. Katz: Dr. Silver did not live to carry
out this project. "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy" is my

attempt to fulfill this mission.]. It contains the whole book. My trepidation at undertaking
this enormous and important (to me, at least) project is not to be believed. Five years I
will give to it, and I fully intend to finish it [Dr. Silver died in December 1999].
Nothing from Blasband, which alarms and discomforts me. I am placing most of my
remaining hope and courage in psychotronic medicine; is that the balm in Gilead? Im
trying to be realistic about my condition, but that does not mean submitting to every
medical recommendation or mandate my caring physician gives me. I know the drug
thing does not cure or reverse the kind of damage I have. I also know that, even in this
DOR-ridden physical and spiritual atmosphere there exists a way to recovery. Speaking
of which, in thumbing through my old Journal of Orgonomy copies, I became absorbed in
Bob Dews analysis of the biopathies. Terrific stuff, but he does not seem to offer much
orgonomic medicine for the severer ones.
INHERIT THE WIND is great, but alas, today it seems to be evolution and the
evolutionists who have assumed the mantle of dogmatic orthodoxy, with less proof than
the bible-thumpers, as obnoxious as they can get in their smugness, treating Jesus like he
owned the Jewish Deli on the corner. Darwins general theory is as not provable as is
Einsteins general theory.
I am hoping to pursue a study of the Holy Grail phenomenon. There is a legend among
the heterodox that the Grail was not a physical object, but represented the bloodline
descendents of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Any of the literature you may know of?
Yes, stress is unavoidable. I am sure your Orgonomist will be keeping close check on
your thoracic cavity. Baker prevented two heart attacks for me in my 40s as Reich had
done for him.
Sociopolitical behavior will never change until human character structure changes. Isnt
the Clinton fiasco a dreadful indictment of all Liberal America has wrought?
Love and Prayers,

May 10, 1998

Dear Victor:
Try to be patient with Blasband. I am sure the delay in hearing from him was more a
factor of his heavy work load and research schedule. You might get a faster response,
however, if you following up by calling him and telling him that you are anxious to get
started. It is also good to remember that psychotronic healing, as a form of natural
medicine, probably requires a sustained period of work to show results.

My work life in the publishing corporation, of late, has become very stressful. The
company was recently acquired by another legal publisher and they want rapid expansion
from an old business administrative staff that is unable to do it in the Fortune 500 way.
Anyway, as a long-time member of the editing staff, and someone who has been in the
industry since 1977, I have long believed that legal editors would benefit from strong
union representation. It would provide a check on corporate abuse. Also, if I had such
representation, I would someday be in a position to retire. Instead, I must work on for 20
more years because I have no pension benefits. I say this not from a position of political
liberalism or ideology, but because Corporate Capitalism is a sick destructive socioeconomic system based on the drives of the secondary layer for the greedy acquisition of
profit and the ruthless exploitation of working people. Both Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot
have said as much. In this regard, it is good to observe that the 19th century natural
conservatives opposed granting corporations limited liability and independent legal status
because they felt it would result in the accumulation of insulated economic power, and
the evasion of individual contact and responsibility. This is precisely what has happened.
My views, I might add, are not mainstream Orgonomic Social Science as expressed by
the present-day ACO [American College of Orgonomy]. I feel that the struggle against
Stalinism and totalitarian communism, as written of by Reich and Baker, has dominated
ACO thinking for many years. This has resulted in a blind spot to the destructiveness of
so-called corporate business conservatism. It may be true that cancer is a much more
deadly form of disease than most forms of heart disease. But does that mean we should
laud heart disease as a positive good? This is precisely the relationship between Stalinist
Communism and Capitalism. Reich himself never liked Capitalism and said so up to the
time of his death [Dr. Katz: Reich told a close associate, Dr. Victor Sobey, a few weeks
before entering prison in 1957, that he remained a Marxist!! Reich's Marxism had much
in common with that of the libertarian Marxist Raya Dunayevskaya - see her "Philosophy
and Revolution," and "Marxism and Freedom."]. He never wanted to get involved in the
commercial world, and in the 1940s edition of The Mass Psychology of Fascism said
that he came from such circles and was glad to have freed himself from their influence.
My old friend Jack Persoff, who knew Reich in the 1950s, stated that Reich had turned
down business propositions on this basis. The natural work function at the basis of all
value creation in every form of society, if freed, would result in a very different, and in
some ways more dynamic form of existence. It would certainly result in a more humane
type of socio-economic structure without building intrusive authoritarian state structures,
but as a result of the naturally decent give-and-take of work-energetic functioning [i.e.,
the Paris Commune].
I will also say that my background, coming from the poor Jewish working class in
Brooklyn, is probably quite different from the upper-middle class backgrounds of many
now associated with the ACO. They are very decent people, but I dont get the sense that
many had to grow up like I did facing eviction notices, a broken home, alcoholism in the
home, and a father who was incapable of protecting our economic and psychological
well-being. In fact, the only reason I was able to afford to attend Adelphi University back
in the 1960s was because of a Federal educational financial aid program started by

Lyndon Johnson. I probably never would have learned about Orgonomy if I had attended
any other College during that period of time.
This background is probably why my whole appraoch to Reich is more similar to the
older generation now in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. My existential functional philosophy is a
creative synthesis of what I have been able to internalize from Adlerian therapy,
Orgonomy, life experience, and every discipline (including genuine Marxism) that I have
studied. This makes me as unorthodox in my way as you are in yours (e.g. healthy
mysticism). The pleasure I get from really being myself is much greater than that
obtainable as a member of a smug in-group. At the last ACO annual meeting, Dr.
Harman, whose presentations on film I have enjoyed, put down the old college students
who were interested in Orgonomy during the 1960s because they described themselves as
being in Orgonomy instead of recognizing Orgonomy as an independent science apart
from their mystical involvement and expectations. Yet, we were the ones who kept
interest in Orgonomy alive and provided the Orgonomists at that time with their supply of
patients and supporters. It is easy to forget that Orgonomy at that time consisted of Dr.
Baker and a handful of other Orgonomists and teachers (such as yourself and John Bell).
Most people were too afraid to get involved with anything having to do with Dr. Reich,
who was discredited in the public mind by the FDA fiasco [Reich had been held in
contempt of court for shipping orgone accumulators across state lines in violation of an
injunction based on the Food and Drug laws that considered the devices to be
"misbranded."]. It was my generation, and a few others such as yourself, who at the time
had the guts to seek the discredited when we sensed that there was real truth and value
The work with my orgonomist continues and remains very valuable. His work on my
chest armoring has been the toughest and most painful that I have so far experienced in
the therapy. He also made me aware of my main character defense in a new way, a way I
can actually see and feel. It is both very exciting and very frightening to really feel and
express core feelings. I feel that I have been let loose in a turbulent ocean, with only my
inner compass as a guide. It is very hard and very lonely. It is for this reason that I must
be careful with my drinking, which I sometimes feel could get out of hand. The line
between a glass of wine for mild relaxation at meal time to a glass of scotch at lunch, at
night, etc., is not very great. According to the Big Book, I do not fit the definition of
someone with a drinking problem at this point. But with my background, it is a danger.
My Orgonomist once said that it is not the quantity that one consumes that constitutes the
problem, but instead the reason for drinking. My reasons are sometimes escape from pain
and anxiety.
At any rate, I dont think that I will be able to continue with the treatment at the present
frequency do due to the expense involved and most likely will have to cut back to once a
month at some point. Even if I stopped now, I will have derived considerable benefit,
although if possible I would certainly like to complete the entire therapy.

I like the start of your new book, and I await the rest of what I am sure will be an original
contribution. I would appreciate being able to read your ms. on the Alcoholic Character
Type, but please do not send me the original. Always send a copy.
I hope Susan [Victor's wife] is doing well with her studies. She is entering work that is
My love and prayers to your family,

May 13, 1998

Dear Steve:
You called it right again. Blasband phoned yesterday from New Jersey and I am booked
to call him tomorrow in California. I have much faith in the whole psychotronic
philosophy; it seems a next logical step from orgonomy. He scanned my photo and was
of the opinion that my immune system had been severely compromised by toxins. He
seemed interested that Baker had declared that orgonomy twice prevented heart attacks
for me. He had me repeat the statement. I trust him as a first-order orgonomist,
functionalist, and spiritual physician and we shall see where my path leads. I know that
too much remains for me to accomplish to submit to the dark powers of sickness and
despair. Yes, it can get awfully lonely out here under the arctic moon, but the cry of
fellow wolves on the other side of the ice pack let me know I am not completely alone.
Communication with my species and new information are essential to my well-being. I
just purchased Paul Davies two latest books on physics, and although I can only garner a
little of the technical material, I think my lucky stars that I studied philosophy years ago.
Every issue finally resolves itself into an issue of philosophy. It is astonishing how well
the old boys stand up: Plato, Spinoza, Kant, et al. Working with Dr. Wilbur at Adelphi
helped give me a solid foundation. How I miss him as a communicant double meaning I
Your remarks on the current Colleges attitude toward the old-timers are saddening, and I
cannot but think that they must think Blasband crazy in his current aberration from the
party line. Your analysis of corporate capitalism was astute. Bye the bye, I voted for
Perrot the first time around and Buchanan rings hard and true. Good Lord, watch the
stress as much as possible!
I am tentatively entitling my book THE ORANUR PARADIGM which is what postoranur theorizing should turn in to, if it follows its Aristotelian Final Cause. Subtitled: A
Speculative Study in the Cosmic Mysticism of Wilhelm Reich in Relation to Kabbalah
and Gnosticism [Dr. Katz: I have carried out this mission in the present work: "Wilhelm
Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy.]. It is a daunting and a frightening
labor. I actually feel it is beyond my powers, therefore, I will follow where a power
greater than myself may lead me.

It sounds as though you have certainly not yet crossed the invisible point of no return in
your drinking. But with your genetic package, and what Levashovian toxins you may
have received in your intrauterine life, it behooves you to attend carefully any major
changes in your drinking patterns. You are still young and basically sound, but descent
into biopathy can come on quickly. I hope you can stay with your Orgonomist if only on
a reduced schedule. When finances become available for me to have my second
alcoholism ms. typed professionally and Xeroxed, you shall receive one of the first
copies. Its good, I think, but with publishers seemingly limited interest in serious
manuscripts, and with the forthcoming bevy of Clintonesque excreta, it mat take some
time for me to find a willing publisher.
I am sure of one thing, young friend. The struggle is worth the palm. There is nothing
worth giving ones all for like God, family, friends, and truth.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

May 17, 1998

Dear Victor:
I like the title of your projected work: The Oranur Paradigm. Your job now is just to let
yourself go and get into the work without any worry of ultimately publishing it. You can
always self-publish a limited edition for fellow philosophers and recoup the cost of copy
production and typing by charging a modest cover price. It is important to communicate
the ideas above all else. These seeds can germinate long after we have left this mortal
coil. In his lifetime, Nietzsche privately printed many of his works. At the time, there
were probably no more than a dozen other people who understood what he was doing.
Today, that figure is a little higher.
The contact with Blasband already seems to have lifted your spiritual state, even before
any formal treatment has started. This is a very good sign. I hope you will keep me
posted on your progress. Maybe some day Blasband can come to the Northeast for a
seminar or lecture presentation on his recent research.
Your support of my evaluation of contemporary corporate capitalism is heart warming to
me (spiritually and orgonotically). Very few people understand that this criticism can
come from a position of anti-politics or anarchism. It took me several years to convince
one of my law book authors, a corporate functionary from way back, of the seriousness of
my view and the fact that it did not come from infantile leftism as Lenin would put it.
He is starting to see it, but his eye block and secondary feelings of power gamesmanship
and economic self-interest still prevent full in-depth agreement.

I have come to the realization that if one relentlessly strives for self-development, and for
the experience of being authentic and true to the core of unique life within, there comes a
time when the path becomes utterly lonely. There comes a time when a person has to do
what his heart and mind prompts, no matter how hard, and without the expectation of
support from a single living soul, politically or personally. As Martin Luther once said:
Here I stand, I can do no other Nietzsche knew this, particularly at the end. All the
more reason to appreciate the few other souls who can at least signal from the other side
of the Arctic, as you put it in your last letter.
As you so aptly put it, the struggle is worth the pain. Truth and love are the only things
worth fighting for.
May the spiritual higher power that protects and guides us be with you each 24

May 20, 1998

Dear Steve:
Clearly the book of miracles for my life is re-opening. Ive had three sessions with Dr.
Blasband, and I detect a slow shifting of the spiritual tectonic plates, very slow, very
genuine. Im in this all the way. Coincidentally, an old AA friend and former sponsor
telephoned me after many months. He is a hunter, outdoorsman, psychic and healer who
has no trouble whatever identifying what Ive told him of psychotronics. He knows the
topography well. Incidentally, Blake, who never remembers to take names of those who
called, remembered Jims. Funny, eh? All systems are go once more for the Big End
Game Plan of my life. I have the spiritual contacts I need to keep me from going bonkers.
Jim, Blasband, Koopman (who I phoned), John Bell, yourself, and my Godsend of a wife.
As John Bell observed after Bakers death, The work will go on, and I add I now
believe I can add my small share. God, purposelessness, meaningless, is slow death.
I am mentally sketching the outlines of my first chapter: a discussion (Kuhns mostly) of
the nature of scientific paradigms, Reichs earlier ones, Marxism, Psychoanalysis, and
pre-oranur orgonomy, the nascent burgeoning of the new post-oranur paradigm which
unites the mysticism of quantum science with the mysticism of Kabbalah and
Gnosticism, and a critique of one of the silliest JO articles Ive ever encountered,
functional juveniles (I was one of their number for a very long time) who believe Reich
knew everything. The more one realizes just how much WR DIDNT know, the more
awesome grows the respect for what he did, and above all, that post-oranur shaking of the
foundations that set the conditions for the Oranur Paradigm that he never lived to finish.
Dammit, Steve, its all so damned exciting, irrespective of whom and how many read it,
like it, or agree with it. The cosmos is so much bigger than Intel, Bill Gates, scuzzball
Clinton, Indian Nukes (wonder what Gandhi and the Bodhisattva would say), it is more

than enough to sustain a man and his work. I know the details are very important. But I
thank my Higher Power that I only need enter that arena periodically instead of living
there. Be true to yourself, stay sane, and hold to what you know despite the chorus of
Blessings and more blessings

May 27, 1998

Dear Victor:
I was happy to hear that things are working out with Dr. Blasband. From listening to the
taped presentation of the lecture he gave last November in California, he seems to have
independently evolved to your position of healthy mysticism. He states there that
insofar as Reich wrote off all mysticism as pathological he may have thrown the baby
out with the bath water.
The outline of the first chapter of your book looks good. I am sending you an essay that
appeared this week in the Science Section of the Times on Cosmology. I think you will
find it mind blowing. It is about Einsteins cosmological constant and a new funny
energy that seems to be causing the universe to expand at a far greater rate than can be
accounted for by the current theories of matter and energy. Reich always predicted that,
sooner or later, they would discover Orgone energy. It looks like it might be sooner. We
will see. There is still a long way to go to overcome the physical scientists terror of
cosmic contact (I could say contact with God and be more accurate.). Moses came
down from that mountain with a withered and shocked visage to go along with those
spiritual laws. The mob dancing around the golden calf had little time to ponder what
such an experience might mean to them or history. Some things never change, do they?
Incidentally, while at the Maryland shore with Roz this past April, we stayed in a hotel
room a few yards from the ocean. One night there was a spectacular full moon in an
absolutely clear atmosphere. I took a pair of binoculars that I travel with and for about an
hour I examined the moon closely and the light it shed on the ocean waves. The sense of
overpowering awe and mystery provided an experience of a transcendent spiritual power
that was undeniable. I could actually see the craters and mountain ranges on the moon
and whats more I felt them and felt the power behind them and in them. Since this was
off-season, the area was quiet and thus no noise interrupted the scene.
My therapy with the Orgonomist is going well and I feel a new biopsychological
freedom. All of the work of the past four years is finally starting to have its cumulative
effect. I will phase down starting next year to one treatment a month. I finally know what
old WR was talking about, and it is miles away from any intellectual understanding I
thought I had in the past. It is too simple, pure and decent to be comprehended by
intellectuals without many years of work. Even then it is an up-hill struggle. Jesus never

had it more right than when he said you must be like a child to enter the Kingdom of
Heaven. In my mind, it is only by the grace of God that I ever reached this point
considering the environment that I grew up in.
My Reich book is clarifying itself as I do the writing and research. I have decided to limit
myself to the socio-political domain since this is where my education, background and
interest are most strong. The work is organizing itself around the title Escape from the
Trap: An Answer to the Plea of Listen Little Man. More in a future communication.
My spiritual best to you, Susan and Blake.

June 2, 1998
Dear Steve
Always good to receive a communication from you. I am sensing a new contact
burgeoning with Blasband, although sitting silently on the other end of a long-distance
phone line I still find a bit.exotic (?) But I begin to begin to feel things moving.
Psychotronic medicine is probably my last shot at any quality degree of health, and I
propose to stay the course. My life is now where my mouth has been for so long, and I
like it that way. Another session tomorrow at noon.
I had a similar moonlight experience to yours during my first visit to Rangeley. It was a
spectacularly quiet, full-moon night on the lake. The light was everywhere. Our cabin
was perhaps twenty feet from the lake and I either awoke or had no yet gone to sleep
when I experienced the strongest sense of a presence in the cabin that I have ever
known. Naturally, my first impression was that it was Reich, a thought I shared with Dr.
Baker, and at least he never slapped me down about it. During the same stay, my thenwife, a darkly mystical and sensitive girl made the mistake of standing in front of the
mounted Cloud-Buster [a device for creating rain] she was innocent of orgonomic
knowledge at the time. Five minutes later she underwent a terrific oranur attack, anxiety,
nausea, and the general willies.
Thanks for the article. The cosmologists are beginning to do a vital bit of exploring. It is
not widely bruited about that much of Einsteins theory is beginning to show its age. The
all-encompassing, unchanging speed-of-light is really an essential postulate. It has never
been proven and is of course negated in orgonomic cosmology. But as far as I can tell
Reichs grasp of relativity and quantum mechanics was sketchy, and his mathematics has
certainly not reached the higher echelons of theoretical physics. Of course, his cancer
theory has made no acknowledged impact on oncology either. The powerful attraction of
the Oranur Paradigm lies for me in its unification of physical and spiritual reality; it is
grand metaphysics in the tradition of Spinoza (why not another Jewish mystic?).

It is encouraging to hear of your deepening functional comprehension of orgone therapy.

Is psychotronic medicine really the next step, as Barbara Koopman believes? I am
famished for more information and knowledge on the subject, but I guess it just isnt
available to the public.
You are well equipped to do up-to-date functional socio-politics. Have you begun to
sense an enormous covert EP [Emotional Plague] spite emanating from Clintons coven?
He is well on the way to wrecking the American presidency that will be his legacy.
One way or the other, no president can ever be trusted again. And what a fearsome sight
to see this badly damaged little phallic confront the increasingly cosmic dimensions of
foreign policy. What a treat when Iran, Iraq, and Lower Slobovia have the bomb. Is this
the man for the job? But as Jean Shepard was wont to observe, America will not
disappear with a bang or a whimper but with a giggle. What a silly, infantile,
narcissistic little ego verse we have constructed. Sodom and Gomorrah were Disneyland
rehearsals. We deserve all the funny energy that may be heaped upon us.
And yet with Julian of Norwich, All is well, all manner of thing will be well.

June 7, 1998
Dear Victor:
I continue to make progress in the research and writing of my book. It is the culmination
of a life-long interest in Orgonomy, politics, philosophy, and psychotherapy. Several
years were required before I could crystallize out the core energy. At its present stage, the
book is organized around the idea: Escape From The Trap: Orgonomy and Politics. I
am fairly certain at this point that the working title is an accurate description of the work
that will eventually result. The outline: I. Introduction and Philosophical Background; II.
The Healthy Socio-Political Character Type; III. Work Democracy; and IV. The New
My essential thesis is to capture WRs views from two sources: his writings on the issue
and the way he functioned in his own life in this domain. The implications of the latter
approach have, to my mind, never been examined. Using his own life as a philosophical
window on the true depths of Orgonomys political discoveries reveals a reality at odds
with the received interpretation of Baker, Matthews, and Goldberg on the one hand, and
the new leftist distortions of WRs Marxist period on the other hand. What I have
discovered is going to prove very controversial to the Orgonomic community at large
with the exception of philosophers such as yourself and publisher Jim Martin in
I have discovered that Reich functioned in his own life in reference to law, government,
society and politics almost precisely as that described as the most healthy way by the old

libertarian anarchists such as Kropotkin and the Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman. The
work democratic organization is most close to Kropotkins old small and decentralized
rural collective form. Furthermore, his approach to politics was anti-bourgeois political
and instead Marxist scientific in the spirit of Marx and Engels. WRs own instinctive
dislike of any form of politics and his absolute resistance to the permanent
institutionalization of his work point to a very mobile and fluid approach to society. The
old radicals absolutely opposed any form of state oppression from no matter what quarter
and fought state oppression tooth and nail. It is well also to remember that Marx and
Engels demonstrated that the state arose with class oppression and did not exist before it.
Reich himself recognized State Socialism, as constituted in his lifetime, as most adverse
to the self-activity of the working people. This is because a new caste of communist
functionaries became the new rulers and exploiters. Kropotkin was a natural scientist and
wrote a book on natural ethics that is the most complete statement of the life-affirmative
basis for cooperative functioning (work democratic) that has ever been written (from his
personal observation of animals and insects in the wilds of Russia). I could go on, but
much still has to be elaborated. I am aware that WR once told Paul Goodman not to
connect anarchism to the science of Orgonomy, but he did this to avoid further
interference with his work because of the distortion of anarchism by the emotional plague
that made the general public afraid of it. He already had the terror of the populace against
him based on orgasm research. Also, he was unaware of the healthy connections between
his work and anarchism, having admitted never studying the anarchists as he did the
Reich, in a letter to A.S. Neil on June 24, 1944, stated:The only hope I see is a
sudden, rational upheaval of the greater part of the people who carry the burden of work
and social interrelations upon their shoulders. It is interesting to note that it is just the
socialist leader [in America today you could substitute "Democratic" or "Republican" for
socialist] who is most averse to such a turn of events. ["Record of A Friendship," pg. 117
(N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1981).
My work life in the corporate world continues to get more and more difficult and
stressful. Getting out at my age is a very hard proposition. By the way, with the benefits
that orgonomic treatment has brought me there have also been some problems.
Orgonomy does not make ones life happier and easier as those states of being are
understood by armored humanity. On the contrary, along with an increased capacity for
satisfaction goes an increasing intolerance of armored people and the organizations that
they create with all the subterfuge and dishonest manipulation. There is also greater
awareness of the sadistic and murderous functioning behind the masks that most people
wear. Life in the trap these people have constructed can kill you by heart attack,
alcoholism, cancer, or just general resignation and disintegration. Nobody is safe from
this, and the illusions that used to make this reality more bearable are shattered along
with the armor. Nobody, to my mind, has ever completely escaped, including WR. An
increased capacity for pain and awareness is also a result of Orgonomy. As WR once said
to Micky Sharaf: "We don't hand out happiness here."

Stick to the psychotronic treatments. I am sure they will prove beneficial to you. I agree
with Koopman that his new form of energy medicine is a logical development of
Orgonomy, but care must be taken to remain clear about its true benefits and current
limitations. Blasband knows all about this, I am sure.
May the higher spiritual power that IS protect us both.......

June 10, 1998

Dear Steve:
I have sensed, for some time, your growing disillusionment with the world of law,
business, finance, and capitalism. My own financial security hangs precariously on a $
780 Social Security check, plus what occasional shekels I may gather in from Adjunct
Faculty work. I have absolutely no illusions respecting my future publication
opportunities or possibilities, although for a long while I held to the hope that somehow,
someday, my books on alcoholism and Reich would be "discovered." This will not
happen, but I am compelled to share the enormous knowledge and experience I have
gained. I hope that doesn't sound like another attack of Hubris. In addition, I am forced to
spend my days in almost endless social chatter about matters that don't matter, mouthing
platitudes and nodding yes to inanities. I am really stranded up this backwater and the
tide is out for good for my endangered species. Thank God for Susan and Blake, to whom
I can give much support and encouragement and deny access to my lonely ice-cave of a
spiritual world.
I have spent five moments of intense listening to the Clinton version of Camelot, and it
begins to stinketh worse than the original. That man is going from a nasty little man in
denial to a full blown plague character, who cares only for his own political survival. But
it is the army of fig-sucking defenders that revolts me to the core. I think it wise to
remember what Reich warned; never, never, try to do it politically. Politics is the antimatter version of every decent social impulse we have. I fear that before any return is
possible to Prince Kropotkin's vision (murdered by the Nechaevs and the Nihilists), we
will be compelled to go through a literal Armageddon. The roots of this social cancer are
too deeply entwined about the living organs of the body politic to be reversed by
functional knowledge.
Blasband is working on detoxification of my body at the moment. The psychotronic
theory makes so much sense and brings together so much I have learned in recent
decades. I knew intuitively that my immune system had run out of gas in recent years, but
I had no knowledge whatsoever regarding how to jump-start it back into action. My
organism would not have been able to tolerate straight orgone therapy, I believe. And the
pages of the calendar continue to flip.

The emphasis you are going to place on Reich's own personal sociopolitical behavior (did
I read you aright?) will prove extremely refreshing, and valuable. I have always found his
legal and juridical approaches magnificently pathetic-courageous and in search of THE
cause worth suffering the inevitable martyrdom for. The rotten mysticism of most politics
has been so forcibly documented in LeBon's work, Freud on Group Psychology, Milgram
at Yale, and of course, WR's "Mass Psychology of Fascism" plus its independent but
essential scholia, the second part of "The Murder of Christ." Reich's views of politicians
like FDR, Eisenhower, McCarthy et al, do not promote great faith in his characterological
gifts. Plus, as you know, he trusted most of the wrong people especially towards the end.
Baker told me he never could zero-in on a real EP character. Hitler and Stalin, after all,
were obvious marks, and many conservatives had the book on Stalin - and the Maoists at least as thoroughly as Reich.
We are blessed to have the last true perennial philosophers in our midst, the College, the
likes of Blasband, Chavis, Koopman, Bell, and the disorganized decent folk like Charlton
Heston, who won't trust Clinton with their 21-year old daughters.
The work is very, very much worth doing, that and protecting as best we can, those we
Breathe deep and don't ever forget - not that your likely to, that Love, Work, and
Knowledge are the wellsprings (a good Old Testament term) of our life. They should also

June 14, 1998

Dear Victor:
Although I seem to be going through a period of disillusionment, your last letter reveals
that you certainly no longer harbor many illusions in your existence. All the better for
both of us - our greatest tool is the clear apprehension of reality.
I pay very little attention to the various scandals that are put before the public by the
media and politicians. I feel that they are an enormous evasion of the essential and a great
waste of our money and the time of people who should be working to help solve social
problems, but instead are playing political games and chasing campaign dollars day and
night. That the people at-large can be so easily diverted by this circus is a very sad
commentary on the mass psychology of our society. I pay much more attention to
concrete factual news on what is happening in the social and economic domains, and the
details of the effects that people are experiencing in their own lives. In this connection,
the complete control of both political parties by powerful corporate and financial
interests, and the state of the international economic domain, particularly in Asia and
Russia, are much more important than whether Clinton had an affair with an intern

(however reprehensible and sick such an action was). No doubt Clinton has helped bring
our political leadership into further disrepute. But there is a good side to that. Maybe
more people will start looking to themselves for answers to their problems instead of
politicians and political ideologies that put the blame everywhere but where it belongs,
with us. There is a story that a divinity student became very disillusioned with bible study
and one night stood up and cursed at God for doing nothing about the many problems that
continue to plague humanity in every generation of life. He shouted: "Why don't you do
something?" Suddenly an answer came back from God: "I have done something...I sent
Rest assured I am aware of W.R.'s warning on "doing it the political way." But I also
remember that he was until the end very much in favor of direct action restructuring of
social functioning by a form of social character analysis that he called "social
psychiatry." This works by telling truth to power pathology and by trying to increase the
honest flow of energy between people cooperating to solve social problems. What he was
against, as were the individual anarchists, was the use of political parties and ideologies
to mask the power pathology of dominant groups and individuals who profit at the
expense of the people who by their work energy keep society functioning. For an
example of W.R. in this field take another look at how he handled the U.S. government
(take a look at the cross-examination in the transcript to his trial). Also, remember that he
never wanted Orgonomy to become institutionalized and fought against any permanent
organizations that he knew would trap him and kill truthful functioning by replacing it
with organizational politics and jockeying for position (Is this not what happened to some
extent after the death of Dr. Baker in the ACO?). Organizations were to be temporary and
were to be dissolved once their function ended. Again, Reich in this respect exactly
tracked the position of the individual anarchists, who also favored direct action instead of
politics in dealing with social problems; and here I mean not violence, the emotional
plague distortion of the true anarchist philosophy, but instead education and character
restructuring. As Emma Goldman once said: I don't want a revolution where you can't
My book continues to catch fire and I am very excited by it. The last section, entitled
"The New Humanity," will contain my speculations on unarmored spirituality. I will also
have something to say about the use of social character analysis in our present political
situation. A glimpse into my workshop: the rigid class stratification of society is the CFP
of the bands of armor that run cross-wise on the human body. A fully free work function
in society would result in the evolutionary/revolutionary development of small
decentralized cells of work energy in a cooperative environment. Some who have a
stronger or more needed work function would assume temporary leadership and gain
more work product in reward, but there would not be the tremendous gaps in income and
the indecent waste of wealth that we see today, with the cruelty and indifference that
Jesus fought in his life. I may experiment with social character analysis and
organizational restructuring in my work organization in an attempt to bring in the
Newspaper Guild. The results would be in the book. No doubt some in the ergonomic
community will want to excommunicate me after this book is published, but I am firmly
convinced that my use of Reich's discoveries in the social-political domain are closer to

the core truth of what he was all about than either Baker, Matthews, or the present day
ergonomic social scientist, Martin Goldberg. I may not be a paragon of health in the full
sense, but I remember something that Baker (in his taped interview with Jennifer Fox)
said in talking about D.H. Lawrence: "you don't have to be completely healthy yourself to
have a good sense of what it is, and to be able to use it."
You are very perceptive in your analysis of psychotronic healing and straight orgone
therapy. Orgone therapy is very tough and dangerous. I myself have a hard time
tolerating it and I am many years younger than you. I have my session tomorrow and I
can already feel the orgonomist's fingers digging into my chest. It is a good thing that his
treatment room is sound-proofed, or I am sure the people in the waiting room would
conclude he is practicing a form of medieval torture on some poor victim inside. I hope
Blasband is training some students in the Levashov therapy, if only for the selfish reason
that I may have to resort to it in my later years.
My work remains difficult, as does my personal life, particularly the personal since Roz
must go in for a cancer check-up. She remains free of the sickness for now, but for how
long. She is complaining of some unexplained pain and is scared out of her mind. "One
day at a time."
Do not worry about the ultimate publication and reception of your work. The books on
alcoholism are very valuable, and I am certain your work on Reich will also prove of
great value. I have been considering the revival of Oranur-Seminars Press for the
publication of my work, and your work would also be a candidate for publication through
this vehicle. There is now a scanning device which would make it possible to scan your
ms. into computer files without your having to be involved in learning to use the
computer. It will take a clean type-written copy and in effect reproduce it by taking a
picture of it and putting it into the computer. The big drawback is that this way of selfpublishing will not permit wide dissemination and cannot generate any real income (I
would be lucky to make back production costs). We would both be better off with
commercial publishers.
At any rate, we are only responsible for planting seeds. It is up to the great spiritual
energy behind the Universe to see that the seeds take root and germinate. Incidentally, a
great example of natural spirituality (as opposed to organized religious belief and dogma)
is demonstrated by Emma Goldman in her autobiography "Living My Life," published in
two volumes by Dover Press. Her descriptions of nature and people radiate with spiritual
Thanks for teaching me to remain true to myself....
As the old anarchists use to say: CHEERS!!!

June 18, 1998

Dear Steve:
I am finding it a little difficult to get a handle on just where you would go with your
novel sociopolitical interpretation. My own view is that there is such a tremendous job of
"unbuilding" the juggernaut of materialist-mechanistic social order, that I am unable to
see much beyond that task. [Dr. Katz: This problem has been solved with the discovery
of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.] I agree more and more with EFB [Elsworth
Baker] that we dont know what a truly healthy child would be like. How then might we
rightly conceive a healthy society? I sense one large peril in your approach. Will it be
rationally possible to ever return to something like the natural social order envisioned by
Reich which is all cluttered up with the Marxist garbage and utopian fantasizing or
DeMeos primitive matriarchy (which I dont believe ever existed evolutionarily it
failed the test if it ever did)? I am so deeply skeptical regarding the deeps of human
nature en masse. The restructuring of the brain and the energy system which got us
here as well as the armor-laden historical experience that weighs us all down, seems to
me to preclude a truly rational resolution. Of course, I have arrived at that point in my
own time-line where the future is a very short concept. I know that influences in a very
selfish way all my judgments respecting the building of a better social order. Put
succinctly, I want health enough and time enough to get my very specific work done, and
then to get the hell out of this space-time plane as fast as my little wings will carry me.
I just now got off the phone with Blasband. Things are moving but it will be a long days
journey into night for me to regain some degree of health. I feel we have developed a
tremendously positive rapport. Dr. Koopman has begun training with Levashov.
Regarding my second volume on alcoholism, in AA I have made contact with a fine
young man who has volunteered to computer type the first part of the ms. gratis. He liked
the first volume and likes me. It has revivified my interest in that project as I remain
poised on the threshold of THE ORANUR PARADIGM. My desire to write is flowing
back as I detoxify. Its hectic around here. Blake is going to Australia for three weeks,
courtesy of a well-to-do granddad; Susan is doing her intern chaplainship at FletcherAllen Hospital in Burlington, and I am re-immersing myself in the dark wonders of
theoretical physics. How difficult it is for the best of them to let-go and call God, God.
I am grieved for you and Roz and pray nightly. You indicated that she had little interest
in Orgonomy and thats unfortunate, although traditional therapies can do good things. I
hate that disease with a passion, for all it symbolizes and for all the dirty DOR (deadly
orgone energy) work it does to us. I seldom discuss Reichs work with Susan, although
she is all encouraging anent my project. At the deepest of levels she senses its truths, but
she is clearly disturbed by the spiritual and behavioral implications. She is so gifted
spiritually that I see little loss to her vocation if she does not quite formulate all she
knows and is in the ergonomic lexicon.

The God of Orgone sometimes seems so far off. But Hes always in charge.

June 23, 1998

Dear Victor:
My book Escape From the Trap is growing into a general work of philosophy. It will
ultimately be very much like what Colin Wilson did in his Outsider book in terms of
general approach, except, of course, that it will deal with Orgonomy and related subjects.
I will cover literature, politics, society and spirituality. I am very excited to finally find
my writing voice.
I agree with you that the human animal has so degenerated that it seems there is no mass
social answer to his misery. My intention, however, is not to provide a general answer or
new political way based on Orgonomy. Any attempt to make the natural science of
Orgonomy into a political ideology would kill it for all time.
I do, however, want to take a fresh look at socio-politics with my Orgonoscope. I have
never been satisfied with the treatment of Baker or Mathews on this topic. Bakers view
was heavily influenced by the cold war and the atrocities of Stalin, as well as the
prosecution of Reich. Paul Mathews spent his entire life in academia, and had to contend
with the gutlessness of that environment. My experience has been quite different, having
spent my entire working life in the conservative world of business and law, during a
time when the primary concern has been lack of jobs, and wars of imperialism. It remains
true that the natural conservative (small businessman, farmer, family doctor, etc.), as
opposed to the corporate conservative, is closer to health in his values and functioning
than the walkie-talkie brain machines of academia.
I intend to seek the roots of WRs social science in the great libertarian political
philosophers: Kropotkin, Goldman, Karl Hess, Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, Brunham,
etc., among many others. This is to get a clearer picture of the core of what society
requires if we are ever to have conditions that allow life to function freely, and at the
same time to be preotected. I also intend to take a close look at Bakers chapter 13 in
Man In The Trap, in light of where we are today.
Orgonomy has given us the tools to see what healthy functioning is, and the conditions
that enhance it. It is well to remember that WR at the end found the answer in raising
healthier children and in cleaning up the environment. In politics, he concentrated on
fighting the emotional plague, on the theory that if you kill the weeds, the flowers will
grow by themselves.
I was happy to hear that you have someone to keyboard your Alcoholism Vol. II book.
Please send me a copy of the book on computer disk when it is prepared. I would be

happy to add my editorial skills to the effort. When all is said and done, it looks like
Oranur Seminars-Press may become a reality for us both.
My new work plan has evolved to my own endgame goal of spending the last years of
my life teaching young people. I also intend to continue on with my own writing, which
is proving a real salvation and refuge to me.

June 25, 1998

Dear Steve:
Blasband and I are moving along, but this is a long complicated process. After
detoxification, the immune system needs re-building. Whats the hurry, I ask myself? It is
becoming apparent that all my health difficulties over the last decade can be traced
directly to a sub-clinical infection and the ensuing Chronic Fatigue Disorder. Levisohn
and Blabbed are on to something quite profound here. The whole theoretical presentation
of CFD whose existence, naturally is currently denied by the AMA, fits my behavioral
patterns like a glove. I am certain that my second attack in 1996 was brought on by my
efforts to overcome exhaustion by driving myself to further exhaustion. In a stroke of
pure serendipity, I found an article dealing with a young biochemist who made some
startling discoveries with CFS, who is currently dying of the infectious agents she had
unknowingly been in contact with for years. AMA wrote off all support for her work,
financial and professional. Have I seen this picture before, seems familiar?
I am sick-unto-death (damn nearly) of the medical minds massive inertia and its dimwitted fascination with big new therapeutic toys, and cures on mice that may prove
promising after more research. Always more research, more drugs, the philosophy of
chronic invalidism as the acceptable one for later life. Ive come across a line of
mattresses and pillows filled with magnets shades of Franz Anton Messer. Blabbed has
several patients who use them, but is not himself yet convinced. All I know is one night
with them, and I had the sleep experience of my life, as complete and refreshing as I
could ever imagine. Insomnia, if protracted, is potentially lethal for me; sleep is not
I am delighted that you feel to have moved on to a new plane with your Orgonomist. I am
sure he is a mine of information.
How pathetically ironic that the work democracy first organized by Reich with the first
generation of doctors turned out, for the most part, so tragically. Nowhere are the perils
of leadership more incisively expressed than in the MOC (Murder of Christ) section,

As friend, colleague and sympathetic critic of your work let me confess that I find Ayn
Rand and Wilhelm Reich strange bedfellows for Wilhelm Reich, especially Rand.
The major difficulty in seeking a new beginning, I think, is that the robber-baron
technocrats of our day and Goldwater, alas, is talking 1890 in Gila Gulch and Rand I
sometimes wonder what she was talking about have made it just about impossible to
pull a single thread of their tightly knit international conspiracy without the world
economy collapsing around our ears not theirs, but ours. Ive followed the machinations
of these one-worlders for 40 years now, and they are stronger and more in control than
ever before. A radical, catastrophic 180-degree turnabout in social, economic, political
and personal things is the ONLY way a real window of opportunity can be allowed, and
the price is devastating high. They wont go easy. Reich and Baker guessed 3-5 thousand
years for any effective reversal of the armoring process to occur. Still, thats no reason
for not giving it the very best we have to give.

July 5, 1998
Dear Victor:
I hear your sense of rage and helplessness at the inevitable medical problems that beset us
as we grow older. As with many things, there are no easy, fast, or even half-way possible
answers. One thing I do know, the key is in patient persistence, serenity, and letting go.
Nothing is to be gained by pushing and driving except more tension, more frustration,
and ultimately, hopelessness. Just continue on with psychic healing, prayer, the 12 step
theology, and your creative work. There is more healing for you, in my humble opinion,
in a satisfying evening with your wife than in almost anything else. I often remind myself
of the old adage one day at a time. Truly, today is all that we have, despite the fact that
our consumer culture keeps telling us to run the endless mill to a tomorrow that never
comes (it is never designed to). How else to keep the mindless industrial machine going?
How else to fuel the golden calf of Wall Street? Why is it that most people can never see
that all the events we are warned about in the Bible and by the prophets are happening
Now under a new mask and not just historical or theological oddities? At the age of 50, as
a result of crisis and also a gradual educational conversion, I am firmly convinced of one
thing: there is a straight clean higher and deeper spiritual or psychic energy that is God
and does exist for eternity and without limit. It is available to us at all times and in all
places. We must choose to be open to it and to let it fill us and guide our functioning. We
are free to accept it or reject it. Wherever and whenever a single solitary person feels this
sweet transforming energy, God is present and a church of one has been created.
I am writing this during the July 4th break. A celebration of the courage of a handful of
farmers, militiamen, merchants, laborers, philosophers and lawyers in the face of the
overwhelming power of bloody British Imperialism; based only on natural law and God.

Where is such courage now? Who will stand against corporate fascism? What is left of
pioneering social efforts?
For the past few nights I have been watching a presentation on Prophecy produced by the
Learning Channel. It provided much food for thought and meditation. The great
American psychic Edgar Cayce predicted the start of WW III for 1999!! His predictions
have proven over 90% accurate. He also predicted many earth changes, including fires,
floods, and earthquakes that we have experienced over the past few years. As I am sure
you know, Mr. Cayce was also a much renowned psychic healer who practiced distance
healing. Many of the prophets have also been naturally gifted healers including
Nostradamus. Nostradamus was persecuted by his fellow medical practitioners and
hounded by the Inquisition. He predicted the coming of three Antichrists. He also
predicted a nuclear war for 1999. It is supposed to start with the destruction of New York
City as a result of the efforts of the last Antichrist who will come from the Middle East
with the help of Russia.
Why the presence of healing abilities and the gift of prophecy? Both are based on Orgone
Energy Functions. This is an intelligent energy, mass-free, that is responsible for all that
is, and it is the same substance known as psychic or spiritual energy. It is the scientific
validation of Spinozas primary substance this is God. It produces the DNA in our cells
that are the blueprint for the development of life. Anyone who is open to it can use it to
heal and can, by sensing the coming transformations contained within it, predict the
development of the future. An illustration: Dr. Baker mentioned that Reich seemed to
know what he was thinking. Others who were in contact with him have mentioned the
same telepathic ability. This is the product of being relatively unarmored and able to be in
a high degree of contact with others. It is a natural ability. The web of life is dynamic and
connected. It can be sensed.
It does seem that we are in End Time as we approach the year 2000. Our own personal
problems pale in the face of the prospect of the end of life on earth. I can feel this based
on my own psychic abilities. So did David Koreas before he was destroyed by the
American Fascist State. I can see it!!
There are no easy answers. Life has always been most difficult, and it always will be, for
most of us, most of the time. There is no salvation on earth. The search for salvation on
earth leaves us open to the lower powers who seek to pull us down. It is well to observe
that with the orgasm reflex the head falls back, as it does when we contemplate the stars.
Creation and cosmic contact go together. The stars are in us and above ussomeday we
will return to them. Kant once said that two things filled him with awe: the stars above
and the moral law within. We now know that this spiritual law is part of the protoplasm,
placed there by our creator. As W.R. said in Listen Little Man, we have it in us, if we
only reach deeply enough inside.

July 9, 1998
Dear Steve:
Your letter (as per usual) gave me a boost. My brother alcoholic editor has looked at a
substantial portion of my second volume on alcoholism, The Three Pillars, honoring
Bill Wilsons statement that the roof of the temple of Alcoholics Anonymous is held aloft
by three pillars: medicine, psychology, and personal experience. My friend Dave C.
wrote me: This is a monumental work and I am excitedly impressed. He is a young man
with a depth of spirituality that defines his sobriety and he4 has offered to proof read and
computer type a substantial chunk of the initial overview I present, gratis. I, of course,
informed him that should the work ever take-off, he would be duly recompensed, but it
seems of no importance to him.
My cardiologist jolted me with a big-time diuretic and for the first time in months I am
unbloating. What a difference! I just finished a good session with Blasband. Its entirely
premature to expect any noticeable results; after all, I have been busy as a termite
undermining my health, physical, mental and spiritual for about forty years, with brief
intervals of recovery with Dr. Baker and AA. It seems that all the dramatic
synchronicities that fill cosmic space are not enough to remind me of what can and may
be; tight-jawed resignation and total amnesia blot out the miracles that have defined my
life in sobriety. A kind and perceptive observation regarding the health-values of a
quite night with my wife, the problem being that when they fade or get smashed in the
mouth by what Susan calls her issue, I automatically revert to my Wolf Larsen mode
I saw the same Edward Cayce TV show. I KNOW all those things are real, realer than
this shadow land we now inhabit. Reading the new physics is absolutely balm to my
spirit. The mind is so alive and engaged with those guys. I dont regret my lack of their
mathematical language. I get their ideas, mostly and most of those are found in either
Kant or Spinoza (who didnt cheat by renormalizing infinities) or mirabilis dictum
Bishop Berkeley! Those big minds, beginning, always beginning with Plato, have never
been surpassed.
How long can the corporate illusionists continue to scam us? For as long as we choose to
be scammed????
My prayers are with you and yours. You have important work to do. A recent
synchronicity that pulled me up from the mire from Isaiah: I have plans for you, plans to
prosper you and not to harm you.
Amen elohim

July 18, 1998

Dear Victor:
It is good to remind ourselves of the great dilemma that life in armored society constantly
presents us with: how do we attain and maintain any real degree of spiritual health and
rationality when almost everyone we encounter in our work lives and personal existence
is functioning in a sick and distorted manner in one form or another. In one person it is a
constant greed for money, in another, preoccupation with one person or situation to the
exclusion of all else. To compound the problem, we do not have the option of simply
walking away from many people and situations when they concern work or personal
family. We simply have to put up with the bullshit. There seems no harbor for life (to
use WRs late formulation) to provide a sanctuary for this. Almost everyone has their
own neurotic issues or agenda. On top of this, the media, be it television, newspapers,
radio ads, etc. continually reinforces the wrong life-negative values: money, power,
prestige, pornographic sexuality, violence, and getting over on the other guy by making
the best deal (in other words, exploitation).
Dr. Baker was well aware of this problem, and addressed it in a taped interview in the
early 1980s. When asked about health, he responded: There are no healthy people.you
cant be healthy in this environment.with what you have to put up witheverything
around you makes you want to contract down..It is a constant struggle to remain as
near healthy as you can.That is why people have to come back after therapy is over for
more treatment to loosen up again. When asked if the orgonomists were healthy, he
responded [paraphrase]: All of them? No. They dont have to be absolutely healthy to be
good orgonomists. Of course, we hope that they will get closer to real health as they go
The final Luciferic twist on the problem is that we all have our own neurotic tendencies
to contend with, and the neurosis in others will tend to bring our own to the surface. My
old Adlerian mentor, Leo Rattner, used to say that you have to become your own
therapist. Here are my suggestions on the matter. The crucial thing is to be guided by our
own feelings about people and situations regardless of what the conventional or nice
way of dealing with them may be. I try to avoid or limit contact with people and
situations that make me feel bad, devitalized, and diminished in some way. We feel what
we feel regardless of what we are supposed to feel. Self-character analysis, or in 12Step terms taking our own moral inventory, is of vital importance. Is what we feel
rational and clean or is it the product of old armor or neurosis? If it is clean, then rational
self-protection is the order of the day. If it is not, then we must sequester the feeling and
let it subside until we can get a clear view.
Having a satisfying love relationship is most important in maintaining a rational life. It is
also the most difficult part of the equation to maintain. Many people can, at least in the
early days of a relationship, feel some satisfaction. But, inevitably, as the wheels of life
and circumstance begin to turn, friction develops and passivity sets in. Most of us have a
tendency, out of a desire not to rock the boat, to go along with outmoded social forms

in the family and at work in order to get along and out of fear of conflict. Sometimes a
need for the security of old attitudes sets in even if we know better. All of this is based, I
am sure, on an intolerance of independent thinking and feeling because our
biopsychology cannot take the jolts and upsets of a full life, and the emotional costs of
going our own way regardless of what others think.
No authority can tell us how to live our lives. This includes orgonomists, spiritual
teachers, friends, religions or even our favorite old uncle. We must find our own way.
There are, if we are fortunate (as you and I have been), guides who can point out some of
the rocks in the roads or the fact that our approach is twisted in some way. But that is all
they can do. We must live our own lives. As Leo Rattner used to say: Go your own way
and let people talk.
I have just finished rereading the Appendix to The Murder of Christ entitled The
Weapon of Truth. There is much good guidance in that, particularly in finding and living
your own truth.
It is well to remember that healthy life regulates itself. There are no outside authorities.
Whenever I have sought this kind of guidance from my Orgonomist, he has rejected
assuming that kind of role, knowing that armored man wants nothing as much as to be
told what to do about everything (the politicians have built entire careers on this need
of armored man which is the result of the repression of spontaneous movement in infancy
and childhood). He is quick to point out when my suggested solution is not clean, open
and healthy, but he renders no specific advice.
As always, my best to you and the family

July 23, 1998

Dear Steve:
It is sometimes difficult for me to keep solidly planted in the forefront of my
consciousness, just how badly damaged the general human protoplasm is, how it is
crazily poisoned by the bombardment of the cumulative effects of all the cosmic and
planetary DOR forces, yet how it continues to blindly struggle for the something better,
something more, that none of us has forgotten is really there, somewhere, somehow. My
wonderment, gratitude, and rationally grounded hopes and expectations continue. Out of
nowhere this afternoon I picked up Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, to
peruse: it was as if I were reading it for the first time. It continued that marvelous sense
of the rightness of what we are about, the worth of love, work, and knowledge, the
mysterium tremendum et fascinans of which Joseph Campbell frequently speaks. Strong
and real things are happening with my health. I cannot thank you enough for the
accidental opening of the long-bolted door to the psychotronic realm. You have been
the agent of some remarkable happenings in my life, and I thank you heartily and humbly

for the important contributions you have made to refreshing me when I had hit the wall; I
am ready to continue the marathon.
Yes, the Weapon of Truth is one of the handful of absolutely persuasive statements
respecting the nature of truth, its beauty, and the dangers inherent in its usage. WR was
never more functionally brilliant. I think your Orgonomists approach is a genuine
reflection of rational orgonomic functionalism as it acts as a spiritual guide. His approach
sounds much like Bakers, when I would find myself in a similar situation. I will try to
get hold of Fromms book, and give you what feedback I can. Keeping faith with Life is
not always easy. I have found, however, it will always work for our good in the long run.
God is Life and Love. Who else is there to trust?
Blasband indicated that he may be interested in coming to Vermont in November to
conduct a seminar on Psychotronic healing. We have some contacts, but the snag is his
(necessary and valid) $200 fee per person with 10 or 12 participants. We shall see how it
unfolds down the road a bit.
The earth is burning up and blowing, washing away. The health of our whole society is
breaking down. On the profoundest level of life these things must run their course. But
health and sanity and spiritual cleanliness remain for those of us willing (and able) to
make the sacrifices. And there are a lot of decent struggling people out there. We are not

August 5, 1998
Dear Victor:
With all the signs of an End time upon us, i.e. drought, floods, fires, tidal waves, etc., I
thought you would be interested in seeing a picture (enclosed herein) of a galaxy
discovered by one of the new very high powered telescopes. As you can see, it is shaped
like a cross. Is this the final sign that we are heading for a cosmic catastrophe? Where are
the theologian-cosmologists to answer that one for us!
Presently, I am re-reading the Oranur experiment in preparation to writing the spiritual
part of my Reich book. A recent movie on television dealing with the haunting of a
family who had taken up residence in a very old house built over an abandoned coal mine
in Pennsylvania was very suggestive of Oranur effects. Also interesting was the fact that
a colonial era site was discovered in the mine exhibiting artifacts of Devil worship. Can
this DOR energy actually take possession of people? The movie, based on an actually
documented case of the mid-1980s, indicates this is what can happen to emotionally
vulnerable people. Reichs experiment also demonstrates as much.

My therapy with the Orgonomist is going very well now. The effects of the treatments
have taken hold and I feel better than I ever have in my life. I know that to maintain and
increase the duration of these feelings I will have to be active, alert, and self-protective. I
am enjoying them while they last. Incidentally, this Orgonomist is one of the few people
that I have ever met who seems to function from the depths most of the time, particularly
in therapy. He is present in the way a mountain lake or eagle is all there. Any attempt
at pretense or cover-up is unthinkable in his presence. He is highly sensitive and looks
into the deeps of human emotion with calm strength. When I walk into the treatment
room, I immediately drop all conscious defenses and open up as much as possible. He
communicates with a few well placed words that always seem to hit the mark. I have
discovered that even in the areas where I have strong initial disagreement with something
he has said, later on, upon quiet reflection, I find that once again he has nailed it on the
head. He is working with me very vigorously now, and I hope we can see an end to the
therapy in the year 2000 (an appropriate year!!).
I hope you are finding time to rest during this hot season. I fell with all my heart that the
best is yet to come for both of us.

August 10, 1998

Dear Steve:
Nice to regain contact with you again. Thanks for the signs and wonders. My AA
buddy-woodsman, hunter, guide, alcoholic in recovery, and mystic extraordinaire, has
begun to trust me with more of his experiences, and it does not look good overall. Some
will survive, but the tribulations will be terrible. I trust this guy as I trust Blasband and
yourself with this heady information. I too am beginning to feel positive effects from the
telephone therapy. My heart is growing stronger, and my attitude, in spite of what we
know, has never been more positive. I just received a pamphlet from CFR, and Blasband
is a busy man. John Bell is in Europe for a year and out of touch for the moment. Ill
probably call Dr. Koopman sometime soon. Your description of yourself and your
Orgonomist delights my heart. Any chance of you and Roz, and Ian (if he is so-minded)
to make it up for a few days?
Im regularly taking pao darco tea extract. Its a Brazilian tree with remarkable, and
reliable, I believe, anecdotal stories told of its long-term healing powers, and I can
happily and hopefully say, Im in it for the long-term. Getting healthy and spreading
health (a clumsy way of putting it) seems to be in my charts. My sense of the rightness of
our path grows firmer. I patiently await further developments.
In about a week, I should have a computer disc of about 100 pages on Volume II, The
Three Pillars, and Ill send it along for your commentary. About 300 plus pages of
manuscript remain, and I will lie back and see if my friend David maintains his ardor for

the project. The Oranur Paradigm has been put aside for the nonce, but not put away.
Everything lies ready at hand. I contemplate sending Blasband my long article-chapter on
WR and Jewish Mysticism/Gnosticism. Im on to something; although Im not always
sure just what it is Im on to. I simply cannot stop reading physics. For the first time,
however, Ive run across a renowned mathematical and physical theorist who gets my
goat. Heinz Pagels, a sworn to the death Einsteinium. I feel comfortable in rejecting his
criticisms of non-local causation, and I cant grasp how he argues that the micro world of
quantum reality does not operate according to the same laws as the macro world of
relativity and Newton.
And Einstein seems more and more limited in scope and just plain obstinately wrong
regarding quantum physics. No wonder he dismissed the accumulator; he really did not
need any fellow-traveler lab assistant to coax him. Blasband told me that no one in
Orgonomy had the math to do WRs biophysics correctly. God, its so good to know that
the work goes on, and not just round and round. Reading some of the old journals and the
ipse dixit defenses of Reichs work still troubles me. And how about the end of the
American presidency as we know it, along with American government and American
character! Its just adding to the stew. I too feel that you and I were never readier to
shoulder our tasks.
Stay well.
Blessings on your house
Barach bereshit elohim
PS: Blasband has begun de-toxing my central nervous system and I feel quite lively
frisky almost.

August 22, 1998

Dear Victor:
It looks like the events of the past week have validated our mutual perceptions of an
imminent catastrophe developing around the year 2000. Many major psychics such as
Edgar Cayce have predicted it, and events are bearing them out. Out dysfunctional
President is self-destructing with passive oral sex in the Oval Office with a young intern
and then, in a compensatory mechanism of macho dominant phallic self-assertion,
sending the missiles flying in a sudden ejaculation like Dr. Strangelove in the Middle
East (staining the land with carnage). Certainly we must fight terrorism, but the timing of
this has to raise questions coming during the Monica quagmire. Capitalism is undergoing
a world-wide contraction that can no longer be concealed or manipulated away from
impacting us here in the United States. On top of all this, Russia is undergoing a complete
social and economic collapse that makes the return of the Communists there almost a
certainty. To complete the picture, Oranur weather continues to devastate with violent
patterns and drought.

I think we will probably see WWIII by the year 2000 (significant events seem to cluster
in threes by some unknown form of orgonomic function). Russia has more nuclear
weapons than any other country except America. I hope and pray that I am wrong. If I
have any confirming premonitory dreams, I will let you know.
On the personal front, my work with my Orgonomist continues to be eye-opening and
defense shattering. There are times my sessions with him resemble nothing so much as a
form of combat as he declared war on every form of block that inhibits my full
functioning. The end result, which seems like a true rebirth, keeps my resolve to continue
with the work in some ongoing form, even if I must reduce the sessions next year.
As my father used to say in Yiddish: Man plans and God laughs.
I have been reading Larry Dorseys book on Healing Words, and I would recommend
it, if you have not read it. He describes psychic healing as the next advance in energy
medicine, and it sounds like what Blasband is doing. He talks about distance healing and
prayer. More and more I am convinced that this depends on as yet unknown functions of
orgone energy, particularly since distance healing and prayer penetrates all forms of
protection against other forms of energy such as lead, etc. in ways that resemble what
Reich discovered during Oranur. I would venture to say on this basis that bad weather
would interfere with the effectiveness of this type of healing.
My prayers are with you and the family

August 26, 1998

Dear Steve:
Its good to hear of you and your Agronomist, mano-a-mano. As you are well aware, the
confrontation will pay enormous dividends in years and decades to come. Good job!
The lengthening shadows over western civilization (and the world) spell the final
whimpering triumph of Modern Liberalism; their fing death-wish is going to win,
barring the unforeseen and always possible miracles. The White House is a cesspool of
lies; that joker has suborned to perjury more people than Monica. I want to avoid
becoming vindictive, but the sonoabitch wants to pull us all down with him.
I know psychotronic medicine works and is anchored in the same deep cosmic foundation
as Orgonomy. I must try to remain patient as the results unfold. Already, Ive
experienced heartening (no pun) results and my whole spiritual outlook is deepening and
widening. I skimmed Healing Words in my local bookstore and hope to pick up a copy
next week. The more I read in quantum physics the more functionally mystical it
becomes. I dont know just how close a legitimate fit it will make with the Oranur
Paradigm, but I propose to find out over the next decade. Its remarkable to me just how
stimulating and enlightening (and exciting) doing physics (sans the math) is to me. It all
just seems to make sense. I believe Einsteins armor was showing through when he came
up with the notion of gravity as geometry and the adamant refusal to consider non-local
causation as operative in his tight little universe.
I remarked to Blasband that when I visualize Dr. Baker, I see him wearing a monks hood
and he found that quite an agreeable idea. Koopman is training with Levashov, and the
CFR is seeking a commercial publisher for Levashovs bookI cant wait. Psychotronic
spiritual philosophy has brought everything together for me in a grand synthesis unlike
many in my life before.
I am enclosing the first disc of my nearly completed book on alcoholism. My computer
friend insists that he wants to do the whole thing.gratis. Its over 400 pages and brings
in much of Reichs thought on functional bioenergetic disease, which is what alcoholism
Love and prayers to you and yours

August 30, 1998

Dear Victor:
Your computer disk with Vol. II of the alcoholism book arrived yesterday, on Saturday.
This was fortunate in that it gave me an opportunity to read and think about it. You
certainly hit the nail on the head: the spiritual disease is the Self in all its narcissistic,

selfish, self-centered, and loveless manifestation and incarnations. The cure is the Godconsciousness and oneness with spiritual energy. Sin is separation from this energy by the
process of bioemotional armoring that breaks up the unity of the organism and produces a
sense of alienation and lack of contact. The theology of the twelve-steps is truly
applicable to the universal human condition of spiritual pathology that exists in all of us,
to a greater or lesser extent. It is just more dysfunctionally on display in the life of the
active alcoholic. The alcoholic wants to feel this oneness, and alcohol, as a vaso-dilator,
temporarily softens the armor and allows the spiritual energy to be felt, but when it wears
off, the armor hardens all the more and the body is inhibited from producing the
biochemicals that produce pleasure in the body. This is why William James knew that the
alcoholic wants contact with God and just uses the bottle as a way of doing it by
producing an oral orgasm. Alcohol also ultimately, when used to excess, increases
dehydration and the DOR build-up in the body. Healthy mysticism, medical orgone
therapy, 12-Steps, Spiritual Prayer, all of this helps increase contact with God and break
down the walls between the suffering human souls and the ultimate reality.
I know of a case in my own life that I have observed that bears out your thesis of the 12Steps as a Universal Theology. My mother, as you know, was in AA for 30 years. During
those years she had a long-term relationship with a man named Lou. Lou was not an
alcoholic, but had many deep-seated emotional problems. He was a working class guy
who had been employed as a barber and shoe salesman. He was not the type to seek out
psychotherapy. He was moody, unstable, and subject to rages. As my mothers
companion, he started to accompany her to AA meetings. In the beginning, he just went
to keep her company. Then a very strange thing started to happen: he started to listen to
the proceedings and he started to discuss them with my mother. Over the years a
noticeable change came over Lou until, in the last years that I knew him before my
mother died, he functioned with a degree of spiritual serenity that was truly remarkable.
When I asked him about this he replied: your mother taught me and the program taught
me. He was a simple man who, before his retirement, finally found work that he liked.
He worked as a messenger for a graphics firm in Manhattan. Incidentally, he once applied
for disability to the Social Security Administration on emotional grounds, having been
wounded in the same incident that took my brothers life. Fortunately for him, they
turned him down, which forced him to look for work. Work and the Program ultimately
restored him to functioning.
Stories like these help restore some measure of faith to us, but it would be a grave
mistake to underestimate the terribly difficult task we are faced with in our own lives and
in the lives of our loved ones. Every value of our commercial, business and social lives is
now governed by the spiritual pathology of the SELF, ME AND MINE, no matter what
the cost. Money is the true God of this society, and no other value matters to it. It is
glorified in the media, in business, on Wall Street, in politics, and permeates every aspect
of our lives into our most intimate family relationships. For this worship of the Golden
Calf, God will eventually destroy the American (read here Babylonian) Empire as
foretold by the Prophets of the Bible.

Few have the courage to challenge this Lucifer Force (Deadly psychic energy or DOR).
Instead, As Dr. Reich once said of the function of the orgasm, it is drowned in a deep
silence of shared pathology and fear. Deep within us, there is a heard instinct, probably
placed there in the evolutionary biological development, since we need the group to help
us survive against a frequently hostile nature. So, spiritual pathology can go unchallenged
if it is held by the social majority and not felt as ego-alien.
Where is the place of our established religions in all this? Under the excuse of render
unto Caesar what is Caesars, our religions are nowhere to be seen or felt in the larger
society. Also, the great doctrine of separation of church and state has been used as an
excuse to secularize our social lives and destroy any possibility of spiritual values,
contrary to the original intent of our founding fathers. On top of this, or perhaps as the
deeper cause of it, the primal life-giving spiritual teachings of our great Masters of Life,
as Erich From referred to them, has been watered down and distorted by ossified
religious institutions. The Little Man mentality has reduced the profound feeling nature
of these teachings of Moses, Jesus, etc., and made them into another form of business and
politics with all the power machinations that those domains entail. I recall my own
experience with standard synagogue Judaism. The same mentality that I encountered in
local politics and business was also evident here. The Rabbi, who was a woman with
great spiritual potential, left the congregation because she felt that by turning down her
request for more money, the group did not value her enough. Need I find more
examples? I am sure that you could supply many of your own.
I feel that a spiritual or counter-culture sanctuary would be a great help in resisting the
destructive values of society at large. But where is it to be found when the sick little man
dominates everything? Where is our Harbor for Life as WR put it? When I called the
Christian Science Information line, I received a recording of a neurotic voice touting the
virtues of resisting medical care because it interfered with right thinking that disease did
not exist.
Maybe our old friends the ancient Gnostic teachers were right about the irremediable
alienation of humanity on earth. I hope and pray that they were wrong, but I fear that they
were right.
Well, back to our work. I await the balance of your great manuscript. The only comment
I have now is that I feel you have been too cautious in your description of Reichs
feelings about the spiritual domain. I am convinced, based upon Reichs writings in
prison, and also those who talked with him and knew him in prison, that he had a genuine
spiritual conversion experience during the last year of his life. W.R. wrote in a letter to
his son about his experience in attending a Protestant church service in the prison: I was
deeply moved; I felt a new, universal faith in Life and Love, comprising all monotheistic
beliefs, races, etc. is becoming a dire necessity to counter-weight and -act the Enemy of
Man [See Ilse's biography pgs. 155-156]. She says that his letters showed a kind of
religious fervor that she found hard to understand, and that Myron Sharaf downplayed in
his biography of Reich. Reich spoke in prison letters of writing prayers, and of the
necessity for Sanctuaries for Life. This is an exact example of the conversion type

experience that William James describes in his great work The Varieties of Religious
My prayers are with you and your loved ones.
Each morning on my way to work, I recite the Lords Prayer to myself. It is a great
centering and meditative experience that clams me for the stresses of the day.
I have read Emmet Fox's " Sermon on the Mount" and I find much spiritual truth there.

September 2, 1998
Dear Steve:
Thanks for your kind observations about my ms. as well as the informative bulk of your
recent letter. My mind is in delicious ferment; I can understand how sparkling burgundy
feels when fermenting, while I mustnt taste it. The basic causes are two: my ongoing
telephone therapy with Blasband (I still can't believe it is working, but it is), and a
weekend at Rangeley. The Presence of the place - not just Orgonon - was overwhelming
in a richly fulfilling way. The lake was alive, as were the woods around Reich's tomb. I
visited it alone (Susan was not well), but I didn't go into the observatory. After 48 hours
there, not all of them joyous, my wellsprings were so recharged and refreshed that, when
I got home, I began assembling my immense pile of notes for the upcoming fall and
winter beginning of THE project of my life - "The Oranur Paradigm." I have never loved
a physical place as much as I do Rangeley (and this was the first time in six visits that I
can say that), and I have never been as spiritually and intellectually excited by Orgonomy
and the possibility that I may be able to add something important, and as yet undone, to
that glorious enterprise.
I re-read Pierrakos, and while I still reject his "Hooray for the universe" conclusions (a
Wm. James phrase), I found the observations on energy and energy functioning quite
exceptional, plugging right into the psychotronic medicine socket. IT'S ALL TRUE, my
friend. The theoretical backdrop for the Religion of Orgonomy is there. What is required,
I believe, is a grand cosmological synthesis, and I shall make a beginning, God willing.
Steve, if you ever manage to bring your retirement plans to fruition, Rangeley will prove
out to be a Godsend to you and Roz. I feel that it is almost the only place on earth,
excepting my home here, where I feel "right."
Blessings and keep the faith.

September 5, 1998
Dear Victor:
I am very happy that you are benefiting from the work with Blasband. As I have said
before, I believe our reconnecting after so many years has something providential about
it, and the mutual expansion bears this out. My book on Orgonomy continues to develop
and has settled into an exploration of two crucial and very controversial domains: politics
and spirituality. In the spiritual, my view has come closely in line with the trail you are
following, and perhaps we can both in our own lives and work make a start to explore the
dimension that WR had just entered during his final years, and especially in prison.
Unfortunately, death cut short his final spiritual development which, judging from all
other phases of his life and work, would have resulted in some major and probably
unforeseen breakthrough. Dr. Blasband is now a pioneer in this field, and we can expect
some real stimulation from his new research in psychotronic medicine and spiritual
philosophy. In the political, I know of none outside publisher Jim Martin in California
who are following the same line as I am. I still think that classical Orgonomy (as
distinguished from Reich himself) is too accepting of the values of the business and
commercial world. The dominance of this value system (me, mine, and my agenda,
regardless of decency and a feeling for life) is the major spiritual pathology of our time
(now spreading throughout the world). I disagree with John Bell's position that Reich's
earlier political phase in Europe was strictly a matter of medical desire to help. Surely,
that motivation obtained, but a clear examination of his writings indicated that he was a
very committed fighter for a new form of culture and life that far transcended the narrow
confines of medicine. He continued with this view until the end of his life in his concepts
of social psychiatry, in his battle with the FDA and HIGS (Hoodlums in Government),
and in his functioning (What better example of hoodlums in government than the attack
on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. The same anti-life forces were behind the FDA
attack on Reich). I would include his final spiritual phase, and his work with newborns,
as a further development of his quest for the "new humanity."
My prayers are with you and Susan...

September 10, 1998

Dear Steve:
It's comforting to know that someone else in this wide, DOR-devoured universe is
thinking and working along parallel lines. As you know, John Bell's "defense" of Reich's
early political involvements was the party-line in Orgonomy for a long, long time. But in
fact, he was a communist, belonging to the same cell in Vienna as another neglected
scientific and philosophic genius, Arthur Koestler. The functional dialectic of identity-indifference grow directly out of the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic. Bye-the-bye, Dr. Baker

agreed with me that "Invasion of Compulsory Sexual Morality" was the worst book WR
ever wrote. A major point of denial in Reich's socio-political theory - Freud's Primal
Horde - which brooks so large in any aboriginal speculations anent the primitive
matriarchy. And it's the primal horde's morphic resonance that humanity picked up on
and has carried to such an abysmal chapter.
I have been unable to locate Gershom's book suggested by you, but I found a new clean
copy of "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain," which I am once again
immersed in. The stuff reported (from 1970!) is breathtaking - what the hell happened to
the sequel in scientific studies? I've also just completed Paul Davies' "About Time." What
an eye opener on the real doings in theoretical physics (it's all in Spinoza and Kant!!!),
some of it laughable, some of it infantile, some of it terrifying; the physicists just can't
seem to get away from God, as hard as they try. And none seems to know whether what
they are doing on their formula-laden blackboards bears any resemblance to what's going
on "out there." For me, physics plays but one part, a large one to be sure, in the
constitution of the "Oranur Paradigm." I am not at all certain that Reich dealt with TIME,
NONLOCAL CAUSALITY, etc., but he certainly was one of the first since the preSocratics to emphasize that the universe pulsates - perhaps WR committed a tactical error
in naming this universal function "the orgasm function," but then again, WR was no
Your letters are always a tonic. May the providential mind that brought us together
develop for us future opportunities for mutual growth.
Love to you
Roz and Ian

September 13, 1998

Dear Victor:
I have been reading another book by Larry Dossey, this one entitled "Recovering the
Soul." It presents the scientific and philosophical basis of psychic healing, including the
work of the quantum physicists, and the biological idea of morphic resonance. He goes
into great detail on the concept of distance healing and nonlocality. I highly recommend
it as another step to the real unification of science and spirituality.
I have a little known bit of orgonomic history to tell you that I think you will find
interesting. You may remember, from the literature, the name Robert McCullough. He
was Reich's research biologist and chemist during the post-Oranur days, and
accompanied Reich to Arizona on the famous UFO expedition. McCullough passed away
at the age of 74 in 1995. I found a memorial article about him in "Flatlands Magazine," a
periodical that covers many off-beat and unsanctioned free-lancers in Orgonomy. It turns
out that after Reich, McCullough went on to become involved in the work of Rudolf

Steiner. Steiner (as I am sure you know) was a spiritual scientist who claimed to have
finally overcome the Kantian limitations of mind to breakthrough into direct contact with
the higher dimensions. McCullough found this approach entirely compatible with his
prior training in Orgonomy, and, in fact, became friends with Trevor James Constable, a
weather investigator and UFO researcher who operated cloud busters for years in
California. Constable also found Steiner's work to be well-fitted with Orgonomy.
I myself find the passing moments of spiritual perception, in direct contact with love,
work, and knowledge, fleeting as they may be, show that even in our spiritually
devastated and hellish society salvation may still be possible.
Recently, I picked up a book of prayers from around the world and from all faiths,
including those of the East and Africa. I would like to close by quoting one:
"Father, O mighty force,
that force which is in everything,
Come down between us, fill us,
until we be like thee,
until we be like thee."
[A prayer said during a boy's initiation in Guinea]
My love and prayers to you, Susan, and Blake

September 17, 1998

Dear Steve:
I am coming from a powerful session with Blasband. he is searching out the causes of my
heart condition. We agree that my emotional makeup plays a major role in my condition:
heavy chest armor, broken heart, etc. He told me that things will start coming up, and I
welcome it, although I may be talking out of the other side of my mouth when it happens.
I know that my bioenergetic sensitivity and awareness have increased markedly since
beginning therapy. Theoretically, EVERYTHING makes greater sense to me and will
continue, I believe, to do so. Thanks again for the synchronous message you bore me
about psychotronic medicine.
Ive known about Rudolph Steiner since my daughter attended the Waldorf School at
Adelphi. I thought him a great whack. Now I know better. Have I mentioned Trevor
Ravenscrofts book, Spear of Destiny? It catalogs Hitlers occult powers. Steiner was
high-up on Der Fuhrers hit list; he had guessed correctly the nature of the Fuhrers
power and appeal, diabolic possession. Trevor Constable was savaged by Jerome
Greenfield in the JO, but so much of his stuff appears in a new light after Oranur. I will
seek out Dosseys book. It sounds right up my alley. Sheldrakes book on morphic

resonance and the nature of biological causation is astounding pure Aristotelianism

with Platonic background brought to the fore. It helps knock Darwinianism into the
cocked hat where it belongs.
I am beginning to be effected deeply by Clintons plague. I had, perhaps, better lay off
my intense Clinton Watch. The more he hides the despicable (and sick) he becomes.
Hillary, the Dragon Lady, knows what shes in, but poor Chelsea, what a legacy he has
willed her.
The prayer says it all. I find myself more and more fascinated by Abraham and Moses.
Whence comes such monumental faith? I expect if God spoke to me I might have more
faith too.
All manner of thing will be well.
Juliana of Norwich and Victor of Barre

September 19, 1998

Dear Victor:
The good news is that I am now expanding my teaching at the Adler Institute for the
following two semesters. In addition to my yearly seminar on current issues in
psychotherapy, I will for the first time be teaching a course entitled The Philosophy of
Psychology and Psychotherapy. In this course I will trace Adlers philosophical roots in
the work of Nietzsche, Marx, and Hans Vaihinger, among others. The great philosophers
were of course our first spiritual psychotherapists, and I look forward to being able to
discuss a good selection starting with the Greeks.
I hope to be able to further expand my teaching activities in the coming years to the Adult
Ed. context, where I can reach a broader audience.
I continue my own study of the great mystics. It is a richly rewarding pursuit, and I thank
you for pointing the way.
I have some disturbing news to report. My new primary care physician decided that a
swollen lymph gland in my neck needs closer scrutiny, and he referred me to a surgeon.
The surgeon is of the opinion that it is not normal, and so on September 28, I will be
going to the hospital for surgery to have it removed and sent for biopsy. I think that it is a
collection of basically harmless cells discarded during the course of orgone therapy.
However, there is the possibility that it is evidence of a serious cancer process in my
body. It worries me that for the past year, I have been deeply tired in a way that never
seems to go away, despite vacations and holidays. I have for the past year been subject to
unremitting stress on my job, and stress has been known to trigger problems. Whatever

comes, I am putting myself in the hands of the Great Physician and his helpers on earth,
including my medical orgonomist.
I am not afraid of death. Death is not the end of life. It is the start of a great
transformation of spiritual energy in the quantum dimension and a great adventure in the
cosmic energy ocean. I still feel that my mission here is not complete. But that is
ultimately not for me to decide.
Please keep me in your prayers on September 28.
My love and prayers to you and your family

September 23, 1998

Dear Steve:
Naturally, I was troubled about your communication, but I think your strong spirituality
and fighting spirit will carry you through whatever may eventuate. You are certainly
right; your work is not nearly complete yet.
Your teaching plans get my mouth to watering. Nietzsche is assuredly the source of all
that is best in modern psychotherapy. Freud, Reich, Adler, Jung, et al. How sad that he
should knowingly immerse himself in all that will your own values krap. There is no
doubt that there was a little bit of the Nazi in him isnt there in all of us but his genius
allowed him to transcend even that Little Mannishness in his complex and brilliant
character. He said so much that is true.
The Clinton thing has really gotten to me. He is a spoiled, whiney, little brat and doesnt
give a shit about anyone or anything but himself. Slick Willy, get the hell out!
I join you in celebrating the great mystics. I think that science and that includes
orgonomy has gone just about as far as is permitted without a consummatory mystical
marriage. But do we have the time? I think that all we can realistically do is sit in our
cells and copy the old and wise manuscripts for posterity, and keep a weather eye out for
the barbarians. This world has so thoroughly passed me by that I wonder that God has
preserved meto what end, I still am not sure. But things keep happening,
synchronicities and intuitions. In some ways, I love my splendid isolation, as Freud
characterized his early career before becoming a celebrity. As Plato said, and our
archetypal grandfather Reich knew so intimately, it is a lonely business being the bringer
of new ideas. How scared and stupid Little Man is. I know. He lives in my neighborhood,
just below my thoracic cavity.

Therapy with Blasband is coming along. He has warned me that old issues would begin
surfacing and they have and they are not nice. I really want nothing more than all
the health I can get. Nietzsche was right about that sick as he was personally.
Steve, I certainly dont mean to remotely interfere in your health matters. Your
Orgonomist is certainly a strong arm for you. But perhaps psychotronic medicine might
be worth considering. I can attest that my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has absolutely
disappeared and it was terrible, as I gather you know. I have also taken to herbal tea,
Pau dArco, as well as a tincture distilled from the bark of a Brazilian tree. I really feel it
is helping. It mainly effects the immune system, but remarkable (if anecdotal) cures have
been widely reported for everything from shingles to cancer, among native peoples. The
answer is out there. We just have to fight through the smoke blown by the god dam drug
companies and the absolutely immoral, 30-second TV blips that nightly report a
breakthrough in treatingwhatever. You must follow your conscience in these matters,
of course. I have faith that you will make the right decisions whatever the diagnosis.
28 September will be a special prayer date.
God Bless you.

September 26, 1998

Dear Victor:
Your letter, as always, had a lifting and revitalizing effect on me. The life of a real
philosopher (and not one of the academic walkie-talkies) is, as you rightly point out, a
lonely one, particularly in our society and time. My legal education notwithstanding
(which I obtained to help buy groceries and pay the rent), I was born with a philosophic
temperament, and it has been both my curse and blessing to follow this path as a vocation
in the spiritual sense. It is a great consolation to have you as a fellow mystic traveler on
the path through this wilderness.
I have been considering psychotronic medicine and alternative treatments for some time.
After September 28, I will have a more complete picture of my internal medical
condition, which all other tests show is good (the trouble is that my subjective sense
much of the time now registers fatigue). My Orgonomist has suggested the Reich blood
test, but I must wait to see what the biopsy will show before deciding what change, if
any, is needed in my medical care. I would appreciate the names of the natural substances
that you take to help you, including the South American tree bark that you mentioned and
where I can obtain them. I might want to work with Blasband or Koopman on the
Levashov healing, as you have, but not before I complete or terminate treatments with my

Please do not get yourself so upset with the Clinton mess. The political domain is the
most superficial and the most resistant to any real change no matter what the temporary
ideological current or fad is. It is like watching the shadows on the wall of Platos
allegory of the caves. I have learned to detach myself from this, and I am starting to see it
all under the aspect of eternity as Spinoza put it. Remember, Clinton would not be in the
White House if a majority of our fellow citizens did not share his pathology to a great
extent. As the Russian philosopher Ospensky once said, the mass can never get free, there
are too many spiritual laws against it. Only the solitary individual, if courageous and able
to endure suffering, can, with a few of his fellows, hope to penetrate to the ultimate
answers, and these can only be worked out as an individual truth.
I have finally come to the position that you have been describing throughout our
friendship and correspondence. Philosophy, psychology, and natural science cannot
supply the ultimate answers, if only because they try to get there with the intellect alone,
and the cosmic/spiritual realm is much deeper. It can only be reached by profound feeling
and spiritual perception. This is where the healthy mystics can help to point the way, but
the path of the mystic journey must of necessity be a lonely one. The experience can be
ordered by the intellect and described, but it must be had only by the individual. It is not
at all as thought of by the average person. It is not a dreamy, other-worldly escape from
mundane reality. On the contrary, it is frequently hard, lonely, and the ultimate benefit
must be paid for in pain and suffering. The struggle between the light and the dark, good
and evil, is eternal and continues in the human heart until final release by death into the
cosmic ocean. The Godhead, as the Cabbalistic philosophers tell us, is unknowable and
unreachable. They called it the En-Sof. It is in everything that is and all time and space
without end. It is a force for tremendous good and life furtherance, but also, under the
right conditions, it can turn very destructive (As W.R. found out during Oranur). The EnSof is not concerned with the individual welfare or fate of any particular soul or being.
For that, each person must turn to the creator God, who is rooted in, and an expression of,
the En-Sof. The Sefiroth is the creator God, whose rivers of light and orgone energy
contract into human life and exist at the same time in the spiritual domain of the planets.
This spiritual energy exists in the different segments of our biophysical organism, and is
clearly shown by the ancient pictures of Adam Kadmon in the old Kabbalah texts. They
contain noetic feelings as emotion and perception. The work of orgone therapy, many
spiritual disciplines and good therapies, and the old Kabbalistic methods, is to restore
unity between the segments or, in spiritual language, turn the profane human into his
divine original form as it existed at birth, untouched by armored man, and fresh from the
ocean of living energy (the Sefiroth). By work and meditation, the Creator God can be
brought into contact as our individual existential higher power or teacher. He/she (there is
no specific gender in this domain) is not omnipotent, but can provide help and direction
as a guide. There are many spiritual laws that are probably unknown even to our higher
powers. Jung describes contact with his spiritual teacher in his autobiography, and called
him Philemon. By the fact of our feeling this, the ontological reality is proved. There is
much more to be learned and found, but this is how I see it now.
I would highly recommend a book on Kabbalah that I find better than Scholems work
for our purposes. It was written by free-lance philosopher Charles Ponce, and is

published by QUEST BOOKS, 306 West Geneva Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187. It is
profusely illustrated by reproductions of old drawings from the ancient texts, and is very
reasonably priced.
Thanks for your prayers
God grant us the courage to continue, and the serenity to enjoy and share what we
ultimately find..
September 28, 1998
Dear Steve:
Your letter was suffused with a serene energy. The view sub specie eternitatus is,
according to Spinoza, as difficult as it is rare. He is a giant (and, mirabilis dictum, a
Jewish mystic!). Ingested with Kant and Plato, ALL of the answers are given us, in so far
as we are going to know them intellectually. Bye-the bye, I have come to the belated
conclusion that Reichs The Murder of Christ is a supreme mystical treatise. Reichs
handling of the problem of truth is masterful. In spite of himself, he brings to
completion(?) the Jewish, ergo, human mystical tradition. And what statement in science,
religion or philosophy could be more mystical, and profoundly moving as: The identity
of Life and God and sweetness in the genital embrace. Psychotronic healing has restored
pelvic and genital feelings for me, the energy movement I had abandoned all hope of ever
experiencing again for over a year. Still there is much secondary layer fantasy mixed in,
but at least I recognize and humble myself before the real power of yester hare.
Cancer is on a rampage. I hear about it almost daily from friends and AA associates.
Another drug for breast cancer! When will they realize that more of the same is not the
answer, only a profound revolution in medical thinking (good to see a news report that
two-thirds of the nations medical schools are offering courses and including material on
alternative therapies)?
Consultation with your Orgonomist should, of course, accompany any therapeutic
additions you might be considering. From what youve told me of him, and your good
therapeutic relationship, I dont see any difficulties in widening the scope of your pursuit
of health. Of course, Dr. Blasbands move out of the college (he tells me, quite without
resentment, that he was thrown out,) may offer an obstacle. But I find it not accidental
that the day of atonement coincides with your biopsy for me. Judaism is so tough, and
unrelenting in a functionally sound way. I am currently reading Calvin along with Susan
wow! I just wonder how many contemporary Christian sects, which take their theology
from him and Luther, can really stomach the rock-bottom DOR (deadly orgone energy),
emotional plague stuff that both of them nailed?
There is so much happy horseshit in Evangelical Christianity as well. I josh with Susan
about the ultimate solution in all Protestant denominations I am familiar with: Appoint

an ad hoc committee. I imagine the ultra-liberal Jewish sect falls under the same
We had guests to dinner the other night, and the talk got round to: What would you have
studied and what would you have become if you had it to do again. How good it felt to
be able to respond: Philosophy and Philosopher. Alas, the logical positivists and
contemporary Marxists, et al, have come perilously close to ruining the whole enterprise,
these and the involutes who talk to themselves when they should be talking to students.
Next to revelation and mystical experience, philosophy is the most powerful tool the
Almighty has graced us with to help find our way back to him.
A small book on Pau Darco will be arriving shortly. It will answer all of your questions.
That and Blasbands brief article on psychotronic medicine, which you so kindly sent me,
have given me a practical functional re-orientation in my thinking about health and
medicine. Everything seems to be snapping into focus as I continue with Blasband. I was
close to tears on the phone last week (but how is this possible????), and felt waves of real
energy moving up and down my body. I wish I could spend more time with him, and I
pray Levashovs book finds a publisher soon. He must have been influenced, if even only
indirectly, by the activities reported by Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain,
I shall contact QUEST BOOKS, although it will be difficult to find a better and more
apposite work of Jewish Mysticism (for me) than Gershom Schlom. I have also found
much valuable material in Adophe Franks book, especially regarding the Sefiroth. Ye
immortal gods, God with a pelvis!!!!
Believe me. You are at the center of my thoughts and prayers today.
October 10, 1998
Dear Victor:
This past week, since I returned from my surgery, I have been very busy at work trying to
finish the yearly publication schedule on time. I am writing this on Saturday of the
Columbus Holiday three-day weekend, and so have time for some peaceful reflection on
recent events and your last letter.
The fact that you are responding well to Blasbands treatment does not surprise me. The
surfacing of secondary layer feelings is a regular event in all forms of spiritual/energy
healing and can be worked through. I find that one very effective way of dealing with
these feelings when they arise in the pelvic area is to bring down the softer feelings from
the heart into the sexuality segment. This can be done by feeling empathy and love for
the partner in nonsexual domains of functioning, and then transferring those feelings over
to the sexual. This considerably softens and dissolves those driving banging impulses and
accompanying fantasies that our macho culture seems to condition men into feeling about

woman, and allows the soft mutual melting to emerge without concern about
performance which is just another expression of sickness.
My therapy with Dr. Levine has reached a new point. In our last session this past
Thursday, and for the first time in four years of painful work, he communicated with me
on a level of equality as a colleague about events surrounding the ACO. Such respect was
very hard earned over the past years, as Dr. Levine is a very tough cookie when it comes
to accepting the interest of people who are not experienced medical orgonomists in the
general field of Orgonomy. Part of this stems from my courageous commitment to
therapy despite facing possible heart attacks and malignancies. Also part of the equation
has to do with my age as an old timer in Orgonomy and the fact that I first became
interested a very long time ago at Adelphi and during my therapy with Dr. Blasband.
Another good development is that my new medical insurance company is picking up a
higher percentage of the therapy, and I can go for weekly sessions until the end of the
year. I am hopeful that this will expedite the conclusion of the regular therapy and get me
to the point when I can come back several times a year for the maintenance treatments.
I am getting very excited about my Reich book as I continue with the research and
writing process. It is finally starting to take shape. The real excitement is that the book is
developing as I myself develop and have new spiritual experiences with greater
understanding for spiritual philosophy and Orgonomy in general. [Editorial note: this
work has now become "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy."].
My recent bout with the possible cancer, which by the grace of God I was spared from,
helped trigger a conversion experience more real than anything that I have ever felt
before. For the first time I was able to surrender to the spiritual energy of God without
fear of the outcome. I placed myself entirely in his/her hands. I wanted to live, but felt
with great certainty that death is not the end of life, and, if I died, that the spiritual energy
within me would continue in a new form in the orgone energy ocean. As Jesus said in the
movie The Last Temptation of Christ, death is not a door that closes; it is a door that
I was also greatly helped in all this by an insight that came to me as a result of studying
Kabbalistic literature, and because of a numinous dream that I had in the period before
my surgery. The insight suddenly came that the Kabbalistic significance that is found in
numbers and letters was an early brilliant intuitive understanding that Gods law is within
the human protoplasm in the form of cellular DNA and the self-regulation of the human
organism. When the radio astronomers sent a message to the stars they encoded the
information in a sequence of numbers that included the numeric code for human DNA.
Orgone energy is the ultimate mass-free spiritual energy that gives rise to this code of
numbers in the human organism, and thus this is tangible proof of the existence of a
higher intelligence by the evidence of its creations in a highly specific way. Within us is
the energy that also produced the Big Bang and the entire Universe, including all space,
time and eternity. What healthy mysticism allows us to do is to get in touch with this
primordial energy and thus receive noetic understanding of God beyond anything that the
limited human intellect can produce. I received some of this spiritual understanding in a

numinous dream. In this dream, I feel God communicated directly with me. In the dream,
I was working with one of my authors who is an expert in economics. I was trying to
work with him on an outside legal project, and he seemed distracted. Suddenly, I became
aware that a legal file having to do with antitrust law that I had, that had been in a
disordered state, was now in a perfectly ordered condition, with all of the relevant
information in the proper place. A higher power called to me which I answered by saying
ABBA. I was told telepathically that I was not to concern myself with trying to work
with people any longer in this domain, and that I had to get from myself, and ultimately
from God, what I had been trying to get from other humans. Then I became aware that
in this file (which I interpret as my soul which is now in a well-ordered economic state
of spiritual energy) were placed by God little scrolls with my name inscribed in each one
that contained important information of that would now be revealed to me. This was the
information of the Godhead, inscribed in my protoplasm, in DNA, and in the functional
logic of Orgone energy. I emerged from this dream with the absolute conviction that God
exists, and that there is spiritual life after death. I was able to face my surgery, and
possible mortality, without any real anxiety and with a feeling of inner peace and
fearlessness that I never knew was possible.
Let me hasten to add that I do not feel that this dream qualifies me as a new Messiah. As
Reich said in Listen Little Man, this experience is available to any person who is
willing to reach down deeply enough into his own soul where the immanent God meets
the transcendent God in functional identity. The entire ministry of Jesus Christ was
devoted to teaching people that they can do this. The Gnostics and Cabbalists knew this,
which is the reason that the politicians in the established religions and political States
persecuted them. This is the ultimate reason that Reich was persecuted and Jesus
crucified. This is the reason that the Cathars were wiped out by the Church, and the
reason why the Church outlawed the idea of the preexistence and reincarnation of the
soul at the Council of Constantinople in 553 A.D. Reich said in prison: I am being
persecuted for one reason, I found God in a way that is useable and knowable by the
individual human. [I am paraphrasing a prison legal writing]. It is easy to see why all the
vested interests in the established religious institutions and political parties and States
would be threatened by this. If the individual can know this within himself (herself) and
by himself, regulate and govern his own life in God and truth, feel it in the loving genital
embrace, in children, in knowledge, in meaningful life sustaining work, and in the stars,
what need is there for a class stratified hierarchy of full-time priests and religious
specialists or for the control of a political or economic elite over the destinies of the
human race????
I am sending you under cover of this letter a copy of an article that I obtained from the
new ACO website. It was written by Richard Schwartzman, and is entitled Orgonomy
and Mysticism. It was written not too long ago, and represents the current ACO thinking
on the topic. When you read it, you will understand why the ACO was unable to follow
Dr. Blasband into his new domain of research. While leaving open the possibility of
healthy mysticism as we understand it, Dr. Schwartzman adopts a very conservative and
cautious attitude to the new domain of paranormal healing and spiritual science. He says
that It would be arrogant to write off every unexplainable experience or event as the

product of an individuals disordered structure. These experiences, for now, must remain
without scientific understanding. Dr. Schwartzman also states: Anyone interested in the
study of orgonomy is at risk of mystifying lawful orgone energy functions, and Reich
cautioned against those who would modify his discoveries for their own ends, because of
their character armor. The basic principles of orgonomy continue to hold true and the
American College of Orgonomy is not ready, yet, to advance and develop orgonomic
science along unproven paths. We are not prepared to replace orgonomy by another
functional science especially one rooted in mysticism.
I do not entirely agree with Dr. Schwartzmans viewpoint, but I understand why he has it.
The medical orgonomists carry the very heavy responsibility of treating patients, and
trying to preserve Reichs discoveries in a world still very hostile to orgonomy, despite
superficial acceptance of the mind/body connection, and the New Age. They must be
careful or Reichs work will be taken over by armored society and absorbed, neutralized,
and made useless. The future of humanity depends on this New Knowledge, and there
are still only a handful of physicians, research scientists, and philosophers (I like to put us
in that category) who understand to any real degree.
Having said this, I think Dr. Schwartzmans error is in thinking that scientific knowledge
and method are the sole way to perception of orgone energy functions, and that most
other forms of perception and expression of orgone energy are distorted. But knowledge
is not only available by scientific method, and it can be obtained by deep contact with the
cosmos within, and in noetic perception in Art, Spiritual Teaching, Literature and
Philosophy. The great mystics have told us much that is true about the reality of the
cosmic spiritual energy behind the Universe. This contact was possible because in some
great profound way, if only for a brief period of time, they were able to gain access to this
knowledge within themselves, and perceive it outside themselves, in a way not
immediately useable by science, but in a way that may change life and the world forever
for the better as it spontaneously radiates out into society. The great task of science in the
21st century will be to fuse this noetic knowledge with the scientific method for the
practical useable benefit of humanity. Orgonomy was the first natural science to start to
do this, and it remains one of the best ways, but not the only one.
Now I think that Dr. Blasband has also made a real start in his investigations and work. I
also think it fitting that he does it in his own way separate from the ACO. As you know, I
feel that orgonomy and energy healing are best advanced by small independent groups
following their own research and sharing results in journals and meetings. Personal
feelings and disputes should be put aside in the interests of progress, and for the benefit
of patients and humanity in general.
I also think that if Dr. Baker had lived another 10 years, into his nineties, he would have
been very accepting and encouraging of Dr. Blasbands new direction. I base this on his
writings and on a taped interview I have of him that was made in the early 1980s shortly
before he died. He was ready to move into uncharted areas, and felt that there was a
spiritual reality as found in psychic healing and paranormal phenomena. When he felt
skeptical about the spiritual, it was not because it did not exist or represented a distortion,

but because as he openly stated it did not fit into his belief system of medical
materialism. But he was open to it.
I might add that Dr. Levine was very positive about my recent spiritual dream, and felt
that it represented an expression of lawful inner order and self-contact. When I said that I
felt it was rooted in God, he seemed very accepting of my interpretation and the entire
As always, my best to you, Susan and Blake, may God guide and sustain you.
October 18, 1998
Dear Victor:
This is just a brief note as an addendum to my last letter. I would like to express my
appreciation for the book on Pau dArco that just arrived in the mail. I plan to seek out
some of the tea in New York as soon as my schedule permits. Is there any
contraindication to taking this tea for people with high blood pressure? I think it might be
good for Roz since her immune system has been compromised since her surgery and bout
with chemotherapy. However, she is taking medication for high blood pressure. For
myself, I think that CFS is an ever-present danger, and I hope the tea can counteract this
By the way, does Blasband plan on coming to New York to lecture or give any seminars?
You mentioned a while back that he might be coming to Vermont. Has that materialized?
The new edition of the JO arrived synchronously with your book. In it, Dr. Konias
editorial deals with the danger of Reichs work being made into a new mystical religion.
It seems that the medical orgonomists now feel that mysticism is the major danger to
W.R.s legacy, as they once did with leftist politics in the 1960s. I feel that they have a
fundamental misunderstanding of mysticism in that, as you first pointed out to me, there
is such a thing as healthy mysticism, and a sound healthy person can seek spiritual
consolation and wisdom in mass-free orgone energy without distorting it into an irrational
swamp of spaced out otherworldly fantasies. The great mystics of all times and
religions were able to submerge themselves in this spiritual energy, and obtain direct
noetic experience of the Godhead in this way. I myself have had such experiences which
seem to increase since reconnecting with you and going into the subject more deeply and
What would you think of co-authoring a short article with me for the JO explaining
healthy mysticism as an expression of the genital character structure? It is all there in
Reichs work, especially the MOC. W.R.s prison experience lends even more credence
to this. Ether, God, Devil and Cosmic Superimposition also supports this thesis.
Remember Reichs comment therein about the silent meditating monk before the eternal
cosmos? Dr. Levine is now the Assistant Editor for the JO, and I could submit it to him

for preliminary review. The worst that can happen is that they will decide not to publish
it. No matter what the articles fate, we will have clarified our own thinking and research.
This would have value for our work in the books on the topic. We might help the
orgonomists rethink their position on the issue, and make a contribution at the same time.
Anywaythis is just a suggestion for you to think about.
I hope we can get together in the near future for another personal meeting. Your
friendship remains a refreshing oasis in the human desert that I must endure.
May the eternal ocean of living energy sustain you and your loved ones.
October 21, 1998
Dear Steve:
I am at the moment sipping my large cup of pau d'arco tea. There is also a tincture of the
bark which I take twice daily. I know of no conditions for which there is a
contraindication, quite the contrary, as you will see in your reading. It is a significant
element in my current spiritual healing. I will see Blasband again tomorrow, and then
there will be a two-week hiatus, he's off somewhere. He has not spoken to me of plans to
come East, and if he does, I shall certainly let you know.

Regarding your suggestion for an article, I have been slogging through literally thousands
of pages of notes, paragraphs, sections, and lengthy discussions and analyses I have
produced over the past 15 years, searching for material relevant to "The Oranur
Paradigm." There is sufficient material for several books which I shall not live to write,
and that's o.k. I fully intend to finish my AA writing and the Oranur book, which I intend
for an advanced audience of those who understand Reich's work. I do not intend a
lengthy exposition of orgonomy; much will be taken for granted. Your idea of us doing a
paper for the J.O. [Journal of Orgonomy] raises some thorny issues. The prejudice is
against us, clearly. I feel such a paper would be lumped together with Blasband's work,
etc. as a product of two individuals incapable of tolerating functional living, who must
needs mystify orgonomy, blah-blah. I have no need to enter into an atom-splitting debate
with the pundits, like Clinton's legal shenanigans; God what linguistic homicide he and
his ilk have committed on language and meaning. On the other hand, an article on
functional mysticism is sorely needed. Doesn't anyone in orgonomy talk about DOR and
Oranur anymore??? The thought of pre-submitting the work to your Orgonomist, Dr.
Levine, appeals to me. I feel that a substantial portion of my contribution has already
been made in my article on WR and Kabbalah. Perhaps you might get a response from
Levine on this? I would leave it to your discretion to decide how much of that material is
pertinent to the project, as well as what you would like your contribution to be. Medical
Orgone Therapy is clearly functional, rational, unarmored mysticism; clearly, so is the
whole of modern physics. Equally clearly, Reich's "Oranur Report" (Selected Writings)

opens the windows on a wider vista than many members of the American College of
Orgonomy are willing to consider. Do Reich's great intuitions respecting mysticism
embarrass them? Would they rather it be swept under the rug of silence like Newton's
astrological and theological thinking? My inchoate, and perhaps unsubstantiated feeling
about Dr. Konia [Editor: then research director of the College], suggest to me that he has
become number one dragon, replacing Mary Boyd, the protector of the gold of Thor.
Generally speaking, the attitude itself is a dangerous one. NONE can speak
authoritatively for the treasure trove of functional truths, many of them still buried, to
which Reich pointed the way, unconsciously following the map of the mystics. It cannot
be sat upon forever by "well-meaning" disciples. Blasband, I feel, is one, certainly not
the only one, to have moved on, building on the functional truths and his personal
encounters with Deadly Orgone Energy (over the decades). But as we say in AA: "This
is a program of principles, not personalities." Plato had the last word on this, as on so
many other things, in the allegory of the cave, absolutely my favored one for describing
what functional mysticism is all about. You will remember that one prisoner is released
from his chains, wanders into the upper world, and, for the first time, sees things as they
really are. When he returns to the cave, he simply cannot describe to the other prisoners,
who know only shadows, what reality is really like. And in the incredible finale to that
great work of wisdom, Plato states that the prisoners "will try to kill him."

Orgonomy holds no patent on functional truth; Reich and Baker both knew this, perhaps
Baker more so. I don't really know the current status of college membership and
activities. I no longer get the J.O. But if you feel we have a chance to make a
contribution and correct an egregious error respecting Reich and mysticism, let me know.
I feel the deep import of what "survivors" like you and me can contribute.
May God Bless You and Yours.

October 24, 1998

Dear Victor:
I have good and exciting news. My therapy with Dr. Levine has spontaneously and
unexpectedly come to an end. This happened after a breakthrough session in which I
realized that I have been waiting for him to give me orgastic potency despite the fact
that by every indication my therapy with him has been successful, and I am ready to
continue on by myself. Although I claim no superhuman degree of emotional health, I
have considerably more satisfaction in love, work, and the pursuit of knowledge than I
had when I started the treatment four years ago. After six years of medical orgone therapy
with two highly trained orgonomists, a total of 125 sessions, and many years of

psychoanalytic therapy for over 500 sessions, I have reached the point where I can be my
own therapist. The gas tank is full no more can go in. The task ahead is to creatively
fuse the two therapeutic experiences in my own functioning and philosophy of life, along
with the deepening of my spiritual awareness, and the striving for ever greater contact
with the living God.
I spent my final session with Levine reviewing the course of my work with him, and
exploring the general topic of health, and the maintenance of the gains I have made. He
was very positive about the step, telling me that he recognized what I have done in my
work with him, and telling me that I must do what I feel. It was his forceful and direct
response to me in our breakthrough session that made me realize that I was finished. I can
only liken the experience to that which happens to a Zen student when, after years of
meeting with the Zen Master, he suddenly wakes up after the Master cuffs him on the
head with a bamboo stick. I can always return for additional sessions if needed, but right
now my focus is on living my own life and going my own way. Enough is enough!
I want to quote for you a statement by Alexander Lowen about his feelings when he
finally ended therapy:
I had ended my therapy with Pierrakos [this was a therapy Lowen had undertaken
several years after he finished with Reich to work on some unresolved problems] several
years earlier feeling very good about what had been accomplished. However, if someone
had asked me, Have you resolved all your problems, completed your growth, realized
your full potential as a person or released all of your muscular tensions. My answer
would still have been No. There comes a point where one no longer feels it necessary or
desirable to continue in therapy and so one quits. If the therapy has been successful, the
person feels able to take upon himself the full responsibility for his well-being and
continues growth. [Lowen, Alexander, "Bioenergetics," Chapter 1, "From Reich to
Bioenergetics," pg. 42 (N.Y., Arkana, 1994)].
Another comment that comes to mind at a time like this is one made by Dr. Baker in a
taped interview made in the early 1980s. Discussing his own therapy with Reich and the
attitude of some of the other orgonomists toward their own therapies, he said: I didnt go
to Reich to get orgastic potency or anything else.I just wanted to get over my misery
and I was not concerned as to how perfectly healthy I got. Many of the others wanted
orgastic potency. I might add that orgastic potency is not something one gets, but is
the result of a spiritually surrendered way of life. It is a matter of grace and cannot be
achieved by therapy or anything else, although therapy can perform the vital task of
establishing the capacity for it. As Reich said, it is there some times with some partners,
at other times absent.
I might add as a postscript that I consider my friendship with you to be a very beneficial
and lucky byproduct of my decision to return to medical orgone therapy, since I never
would have looked you up if not for my revived interest in orgonomy.

Your last two letters, both of which arrived together, provide much food for thought. I am
happy to hear that you are working steadily on the Oranur Paradigm. I always stand
ready to review any manuscript that you care to share and provide feedback. I have
rethought the ides of an article for the JO, and I now think it not a good idea. We would
be better advised to get on with our own independent research and writing. I may write a
letter to Dr. Schwartzman in response to his article pointing out the possibility of healthy
spirituality as distinct form the distorted mysticism that he cites. You can if you want
write it with me, and we can send it as a joint communication. Since we both have a long
and serious interest in orgonomy, I think that the communication would get a serious
hearing and would open up the ACO to our ideas without trying to get involved with
publishing anything in their Journal, etc.
You have done a very good job of reconstructing your life and recovering from the very
serious biopathy of alcoholism. I know that you regret the decision to stop the therapy
with Baker, but, as you know, everything happens for a reason (spiritually speaking). If
you had not stopped with Baker, you might not have discovered AA, and your philosophy
of functional mysticism would in all probability never have been made. Your linkage of
Orgonomy with the Kabbalah and Gnosticism is a major achievement. I am discovering
just how major a discovery this is, as I get deeper and deeper into the topic. I intend to
discuss the issue in my course in December on the Philosophy of Psychotherapy and
Psychology. You gave me the spark to follow a path that provides me with an existential
spiritual philosophy, as well as a mode of research that will help bring the needed fusion
of philosophy, spirituality and science to greater awareness. There is also the major
benefit of providing a ground for the dialectical fusion of Adler and Reich (a topic that I
hope to discuss in a future letter).
Thanks for the advice on pau darco. I am sure that your health will continue to improve
with the spiritual healing of Blasband, and the loving relationship that you have with
I have no present recollection of Ron Greeley at Adelphi, but those days are shrouded in
mist after so many years. If you provide some more details my memory might get a jump
start. Was he a member of the informal orgonomy group?
May the God of living energy watch over you and yours.

October 27, 1998

Dear Steve:
What great good news! Salut! You have fought and earned a most difficult accolade
awarded only to those who stick it out and complete (as complete as we know it to be,
never finished, but complete). Your spiritual awakening, Satori, is complete, and now

for the newest of beginnings. Lowens quote was apposite, that final step in therapy and
first step into life so to speak where one assumes full responsibility for love, work and
knowledge to the best of ones God-given ability, as well as to carry that message as
discreetly as we can -to the multitude of fellow sufferers, many of whom do not even
know they are suffering until the tumor appears or the lights go out. God, it is lonely
work in one sense. In another, I find it makes one able to empathize, especially with the
young. They still maintain a sweetness that few will be permitted to keep clean and whole
by this nutso world of the second millennium. WHAT A FUCKING CENTURY it has
Blasband is away for two weeks (Ottsville, PA), and I miss the connection already. In
perusing an old JO, I came across an announcement that Dr. Richard Blasband would be
addressing Dr. Silvers Reich class at Adelphi University; the date, May 1973, 25 big
ones away! I had not seen or talked to him in that time, until my last gasp phone call six
months ago. I can never thank you enough. Bye-the-bye how did you initially cross paths
with him? And come to think of it, how did you find my address in Vermont? Quite
serendipitous for me. My writing has temporarily come to a halt as I tend to my affairs in
the real world. But I continue to read and ponder Reichs entire corpus.
My last session with Blasband was a chatty one. I asked about Konia, and he told me that
Konia was brilliant, a topnotch therapist, and easily frightened! Some of the old issues
he warned about a month back are surfacing, and theyre not all negative, just difficult to
integrate and accept. Pressing to the forefront has been my urge to find out who I am
racially. I was adopted, you may know, and all I know is that my birth name was Charles
Edward Bishop, and my mothers name, Addie. The story goes my father was a British
sea captain during the war. My adoptive father burned a batch of letters from my birth
mother in 1942, and I did not even discover the fact of my adoption until I was 31 years
old. I have a growing tremendous conviction that it is a vital part of spiritual recovery for
me to recover my identity, but I dont have a clue as to how to go about it. A friend
checked at Somerset House in London, where the birth of every child born of English
parents is allegedly recordedbut not me. Dr. Baker wrote a letter in 1970 to the
bureaucratsno dice. Goddam them! And there is simply none alive who knows the
I have taken to closing out my days with darkness, religious music, holding my quartz
chrystal, and repeating the name of God in as many forms as I know, beginning with EnSof and ending with the Souix Wakan-tanka. It fills me with peace. The depression
season has closed down on us here in Vermont. But I do not expect to be undergoing the
rigors of the past few winters though my heart is still a badly damaged piece of
machinery due to Blasband, Pau Darco, and St. Johns Worth, AA, friends such as
yourself, and my beloved Susan.
For what it may matter, I am extremely proud of your achievements and I look forward
expectantly to the unfolding of a long and spiritually successful whatever the
economics turn out to be career for you. Your friendship has been a real Grace to me.

November 1, 1998
Dear Victor:
Thanks for your very kind letter and the expression of validation that it contained. Many
who were adopted yearn for knowledge of their birth identity and there are now groups
that are trying to make the recovery of this knowledge more readily available. I am sure
that some parents who adopt want to keep this knowledge from their adopted children in
order to protect them from emotional insecurity and ambivalence. You might check with
the Vermont Department of Social Services to see if they have any ideas for you (or
similar agency, public or private). Failing all else, a good spirit medium may be able to
put you in touch with your biological parents via a trance session or some other modality,
assuming that they both are no longer around. If they are around in very advanced age,
the medium might be able to contact a source of information in the spiritual domain.
This could help you finally make spiritual peace with the situation. Your religious
contacts in Vermont might know of an honest spiritual or paranormal counselor who
could perform this service for you. Good luck whatever happens and remember that
there are spiritual laws in operation that are far beyond our comprehension. There are
reasons why we can't know everything or resolve everything within the course of our
brief lifetimes. Ultimately, we who have some intuitive spiritual awareness are lonely
wanderers in this vast desert prison that the Archons guard with all of their demonic
powers and dispersal of DOR energies. All we can do is to try to remain clean inside
and keep striving for contact with the God of Living Light. The Devil within is always
more powerful and insidious than the obvious destructive forces without. Prayer,
meditation and internal watchfulness are the beacons that can guide us home. We are
among the lucky, since we have heard the call of the Distant Light. Hold on to the echo
of that summons. Someday we will come home.

I am still in the aftermath of the termination of my therapy with the Orgonomist, and it
will take another year or two to absorb what I experienced with him, and what I learned
from him. My initial feeling is that both Reich and Adler, while touching on some
important truths, did not have the full picture because they stopped on the threshold of the
metaphysical. Only Jung, of all the pioneering psychoanalytic philosophers, took a step
into this ultimate reality. Reich experienced it in Oranur, but his medical materialism
caused him to draw back from it. In this regard, I highly recommend Stephan Hoeller's
book "The Gnostic Jung."

Recently, I came upon startling confirmation of Blasband's new research with Levashov
on spiritual energy and the earth domain. Each week I watch a cable program called
"Sightings" on the Sci Fi channel. This program deals with the paranormal and the

spiritual. It has the best and most serious treatment of the spiritual in that it always brings
in serious researchers to confirm phenomena. On October 27th, the show covered a case
where the inhabitants of a house in rural California were receiving spirit messages on
Polaroid pictures that they had taken in one particular room of the house. This room was
investigated by a highly sensitive psychic by the name of James (used by "Sightings" in
many investigations) who confirmed that a powerful current of energy was pouring out of
the earth and into the room causing vibrations within his own biophysical organism. It
was thought that the messages coming from the spiritual dimension were encoded in this
energy and represented authentic communications from an entity or entities that had lived
in the house. One identified itself as the "Guardian" of the place. Independent
investigators checked the film to make sure that it came from sealed packages and that
the camera was clean. This team of outside investigators was present as the pictures were
taken and developed in front of their eyes. THIS IS REAL!!! As a scientific check, the
Eastman Kodak Company was called in to attest to the pristine nature of the film and
camera. One of the lab guys, who has been with Eastman for 25 years, testified that the
phenomena was genuine although he had no scientific explanation for it (mechanistic
science of course never will).

On your questions in the last letter: Dr. Baker gave me Blasband's name. As to how I
looked you up, you were mentioned in the Preface to Jacob Meyerowitz's book "Before
the Beginning of Time." I wrote to him and he gave me your Vermont address. By the
way, your current address is not listed in the Adelphi University Alumni Directory, and if
you want to be reachable by former students and co-workers you might want to call the
University and give them a current address.

The year's publishing cycle at my job is finally over, and I am taking a rest for a few
days. This past year at work was the hardest in the last 10 years. I am finishing the year
in much better shape than when I started it. On that optimistic note, I remain your fellow
Gnostic Priest on the winding mountain path.....

November 5, 1998
Dear Steve:
Synchronicity Time: On the day your recommendation of Sightings arrived, my close
friend and AA spiritual advisor here in Vermont, suggested that I view.Sightings!
His own spiritual and psychic journey began with a viewing of the show just after I had

taken a 5th-step with him. You are right, spiritual laws are operating all the time with
those with eyes to see.
I have been re-studying all my journals. Some of the material seems almost quaint and all
of it overblown, unless one was there at that time. There are, of course, many good
things, but how irritating sounds the constant drumbeat, stick with what Reich says, dont
change orgonomy, youre a plague character if you dont buy the whole package, etc.
Reichs cosmology at its best, is a new restatement of what mysticism has known
intuitively for millennia and the much maligned W. Edward Mann in his book, Reich,
Orgone and Eros, demonstrated three decades ago. Any new insight that goes beyond
the orgonomic paradigm, pre-Oranur, causes terrific anxiety in the dovecote. Reichs
biophysics and cosmology are really highly speculative works of the imagination, and he
either didnt know much or care much about contemporary developments in astrophysics
and sub-particle physics (in all fairness, much of the most revolutionary stuff has come
out during the interval following his death). He just doesnt seem capable of accepting
the fundamental physical, and mystical, principle that there exists an unseen and
unseeable reality which undergirds observable phenomena. At least after Oranur, as
wacky as some of his theories may or may not have been, the foundations were shaken
and new portals on the unseen thrown open to the modern mind.
I had an interesting and gratifying experience this past week; I took notes for a deaf
student at Vermont College, and learned more about myself, the core me, I trust. The
place is loaded with feminists, but not the castrating kind so much. On the large lawn
before the main classroom building one finds two huge, stone-carved.Teddy-bears!!!
This is a fit metaphor for the curriculum. The instructors, knowledgeable and articulate,
all seem somehow crushed by the real world. Rampant, unfettered, subjective
imagination stalks the halls; everybody is on a journey or in process of self-exploration,
and everyone is a writer, poet or artist, the whole student body. Nobody claims to possess
final knowledge of anything, and its all in the manner of a safe, non-confrontational,
intra-uterine environment. I had first thought of applying for a job; I found out over time
that I am ready to go back to full-time teaching. Although the opportunities for spreading
my message are miniscule; only some backwater institution might accept my
BUT: and heres the kicker: I found myself slowly drawn into the process, and
enjoying it. I read many faces during my tenure there. There is such pain on so many
faces, and such incomprehension of the emotional plagued real world, which has eaten, is
eating, or will be eating them up. Much kindness though, and an odd kind of courage for
the many middle-aged seekers thrashing about to find the way to the waterhole in this
journey which will slake their thirst, the well-springs of true love, work, and
knowledge. I feel a deep (and not at all elitist) compassion for the whole process (God,
that incestuous lingo is repellant) and respect. I retain yet too much of the bull elephant at
the waterhole mentality, and I still cant find the desire to find myself accepted in the
matriarchal herd. But I am softer, wiser perhaps, and a bit tired. No more battles for me
and certainly no more crusades. But I deeply respect the pain and the courage I glimpsed

during my CIA mole like appearance among the gentle folk of effete feminism, and
substitute contact modernity. May their safe haven nursery be blessed.
I have always been a little suspicious of Jung, and his contemporary popularity makes me
doubly so. Theres much there, but it is a dark way to follow and dangerous.
Notwithstanding, his influence on my life through the agency of his influence on AAs
founder Bill Wilson, has been profound. I will use much of his stuff in The Oranur
Paradigm as complementary to Reichs work.
I am well, better than I have been in decades, and constantly seeking out new sources of
The Balms of Gilead. I hope we are able to keep in mind, as I wish the College might,
Isaac Newtons quote (I cant find it just now) regarding his discoveries as mere pebbles
on the shore while the whole sea of knowledge lay open undiscovered before him. Reich
uses it somewhere in comparison to his own work. I believe we are beginning to wade,
ankle deep, in that primordial ocean.
P.S. Possible meeting?
Deep Best Wishes. Victor

November 5, 1998; Second Letter of the Day

Dear Steve:
I just re-read the article in Offshoots by Lois Wyvell that you so graciously sent me
and its driving me nuts! Among a substantial pile of banalities, she says that God is and
love is and cosmic energy is, and then seems to scurry about to UN-SAY everything she
has just said. I am in a sweat, so I may not be too clear myself. It seems as if one
mumbles the mandala word Mysticism from the orgonomic high-ground, it becomes no
longer necessary to confront the glaring similarities revealed in the worlds great spiritual
philosophers and mystics and orgone cosmology. The Ur-word mysticism resembles too
closely for comfort the Nazi use of the word Jew no more need be said, and the
Einsteins and the Mendelsohns and the Spinozas and Toscaninis and the Freuds and the
Reichs are summarily encapsulated in that word. I am, of course, not accusing Myvell of
racism, thats not the point of the analogy. I merely seek to make my point as vividly as
possible respecting the orgonomic abuse of the word and concept, mysticism. I hope my
discussion of functional mysticism will clear up the point. Hope away. It wont!
In the one lecture I gave at the NYU Reich class (alas, I was pretty drunk at the time), I
remember a fairly attractive middle-aged woman who was visibly but ala hysteric
troubled by my quoting Reich as saying that the overwhelming majority of woman were a
great deal sicker than men, in more than one place. I also cited Reichs remark regarding
the defection from both psychoanalysis and orgonomy of promising male physicians: It
was always the women, meaning of course the wives who drew them away. I am finally
myself beginning to accept and acknowledge the tremendous power of women in my life.
They always had it, they always will; but it has absolutely nothing to do with Feminism. I

have always loved Nietzsches quote: The higher type women is always finer than the
higher type man, although rarer. Something like that.
The nonplussed woman at the NYU lecture was, I later discovered..Lois Wyvell, who,
as we headed for the elevator, turned coquettishly to me and commented, smiling all the
while, Did Reich really say that? Ill have to check that out.
Thanks for lending me your acute ear.
January 7, 1999
Dear Steve:
Well, the work DOES go on! I just received a substantial packet from Jim DeMeos
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory. Some of the material is beyond my
competence, some of it sounds like the same old cranky anti-health establishment stuff,
some of it is very, very important. How wonderful that Reichs work is being elaborated
upon and developed. You know, in quiet moments I just cannot believe the magnitude of
the Big Lie and its cover-up, the infinite Disinformation Ocean. Also, I get scared about
my own health (which is splendid, at the moment, all things considered, always, all things
considered), and dependence on the Medical Establishment. The Blasband experiment
continues on most successfully. I spent two hours chapping and shoveling ice off my roof
yesterday, slowly, deliberately, and popping some nitro pills. But, it came off
exceedingly well. I felt a kind of tired that I can only describe as working-man tired. I
KNOW directly that my heart and immune system are much stronger than they have been
in a decade; my brother Pau Darco and his little brother Kombucha the teas that
allegedly kept a Japanese army alive in Manchuria during the last winter of the war- are
working. Also prayer, mediation, thinking, gratitude, AA, Susan, my almost incredible
volte face in general attitude, exercise, and to some extent, diet, all are essential. Those
and friends with ears to hear. 99 looks like an exciting year for me. Bye-the-bye, I believe
that I will either die in 2001 or 2011. Rainbows are all over my life, and dreams continue
their strange organic development, with Levashovs dark animal spirits appearing over
and over again fearful but never angst-laden enough to waken me, and growing rather
more manageable, form alligators and anacondas, to ostriches and last night.TURTLE!
(My adopted Native American clan is the Turtle).
Your characterization of Evil was splendid, but not the topic for a best-seller in America
today, I imagine.
Now to the main purpose of this particular screed. The Levanda book is a hoax, a
dreadful, endlessly repetitious, purposeless and seemingly conclusionless piece by a
wanna-be Walter Winchell. The prose goes from juvenile to imbecilic, the total lack of
seriousness, the outright snootiness of the author, the mindless piling up of arid
biographical data respecting nameless non-entities in the German occult movement, it is
the work of a third rate poseur. As you see, I am not liking it much. What caught my

attention initially was the fact that Levenda is the ONLY independent confirmation I
have ever read of the existence of the SS-Ahnenerbe, Himmlers occult bureau, and I
have read about a dozen accredited Hitler biographies. Only in Ravenscroft have I heard
the name before. But Levanda does not seem to go anywhere with it, at least half-way
through. I feel Ive been taken. Its annoying to have to read on, but something may show
up worthwhile. His superficiality and triviality makes the text sound like a try-out essay
for the college newspaper. Alas, more than in any Reichian work!
I am also reading Heschels The Prophets. Ye gods; they were talking about 20th
century America. The joy of the prophetic message is of course that after proclaiming
doom, they offer hope, an attitude I am perhaps beginning to be able to assimilate. There
is something very big and very bad bound to happen in century 21. About the aftermath, I
can form no opinion. He makes observations about the prophets that can absolutely be
applied to W.R. in the books first chapter.
How can one smile and smile and yet be a villain?
May the Baal Shem Tov continue to protect us all.

January 10, 1999

Dear Victor:
Your statement that something very big and very bad in century 21 rings true [Ed: This
was pre-9/11!!]. I myself predict a world-wide Oranur plague induced by pollution and
biological warfare. How very much I hope we are both wrong!
I have not gotten too far into the Lavenda book, but so far I dont have either a very
negative or positive reaction to it. Frankly, I have come to the conclusion that the
phenomena of Hitler and Nazism is not explained by any occult ideas that may have been
dreamed up to account for them. The answer, to my mind, is to be found in an
observation made about Hitler by William Shirer in his The Rise and Fall of the Third
Reich. In the 24 hours before the invasion of Poland, Hitler suffered from almost
intolerable biophysical tension that left him sleepless. The accompanying ideation
concerned the subjugation of Germans living in Poland by the inferior Poles. It was
only when the destructive impulses, implanted in his biophysical organism by a cruel
father, were discharged in the aggression that Hitler relaxed. This is an exact clinical
description of orgastic impotence and its consequences. If you multiply this by the
millions in Germany who shared this impotence, you can understand that Hitler gave the
masses a rationalized way of discharging their intolerable tensions in destructive attacks
upon parts of their domestic population such as Jews and communists, also with
increasing international aggression. The sick mystical justifications represent the

cognitive expression of an attempt to mask the DOR energy in evasive quasireligious/political justifications, or as W.R. put it, in unhealthy mysticism.
It is for this reason that I now prefer to describe healthy religious practice as naturalized
spirituality rather than any form of mysticism. I agree, however, that some mystics in
history could be described as healthy to the extent that they gained clear noetic
experience of the mass-free psychic energy that created the Big Bang and the Universe.
Whitehead once said that religion is what is left over as consolation and explanation
when all other human explanation has been exhausted. Natural spiritual feeling and
perception is the culminating fruit of clear and satisfying functioning as an intimation of
the meta physical. It is what is left over after the reach of our knowledge and feeling
approaches its limit, yet we still feel that throbbing pure energy and intelligence that is so
much deeper than we can comprehend. Here we must turn to the poets, philosophers, and
great spiritual teachers. This is what Reich meant when he said that deep down the little
man has within him the poet and philosopher. It is what I now call the First Spiritual
Sense. Psychic healing is a trained and focused product of this sense and is a natural
science bordering on the deepest domain of creation, i.e. metascience or frontier science.
As you know, it is extremely difficult to find friends who can discuss these deeper issues
of life. Many people are absorbed in striving for money, power, and status at work, with
family activities and problems the only other concern. Real philosophical knowledge is
not a primary value, even among many so-called professional philosophers in the
academy who have become specialized research workers in linguistic analysis or mere
historians teaching a version of Western Philosophy to undergraduates. For myself, I
am almost constantly pondering philosophical problems in life and work. It is for me as
natural and necessary as breathing. It is a quality that has saved my life.
My understanding is changing so quickly that what I thought yesterday sometimes no
longer corresponds to what it think and feel today. This is functional thinking.

May 19, 1999

Dear Steve:
Friday marks my 11th year in sobriety. May 21st also marks the beginning of the most
terrible period in my life. It was awful. I had nothing but AA, and that proved out to be
enough. The blessings that continue to pour into my life are amazing, much more subtle,
but still amazing. Blessed be His Holy Name. It simply cannot be done without
God=Cosmic Energy. Nothing really can. His unsearchable ways continue to tantalize
me, the philosopher who must know all things, locked in the embrace of the little Ego
that wants to know as much as the Cosmic Energy that is coming to know itself through

us in a multidimensional dance of Shiva. Ye shall become as Gods. Where did I first

hear that that exquisite promise? Jesus continues to baffle me, especially the resurrection,
which, after all, is what IT is all about. I simply cannot accept the crude Christian
message that He died for my sins. It is too stupid, too cruel. And yet without Him, the
wellsprings of love, work, and knowledge are undiscoverable. The Murder of Christ is
just too big for our human consciousness. The more I find out how wrong Reich could be,
how linked to all the great mystical truths, the profounder becomes my awe at the
magnitude of what he did know and tell us.
I am slowly seeing my Blasband relationship in a clearer light. Psychotronic medicine is
working in my life, but synergistically, with the 12-steps, the Alexander Technique,
nutrition, love, mysticism, the old standbys in philosophy and medicine, the New
Physics, even some of the less wonky New Age stuff. And more is to be revealed. If the
old carcass holds together for another decade, as right now it seems it might, who can tell
what splendid revelations may appear. The journey not the goal (there is no goal), the
process, not the completion. I am surer of this now than I have ever been before. But I
still like to go for the home run, the knockout punch, the big discovery.
I think you might find Scotus Erigena exciting. He first translated Pseudo-Dionysius into
Latin. His scope and breadth are breathtaking, especially from the perspective of Latin
You are among the blessed few in whom orgonomic functionalism has taken on a reality
which transcends the good little patient, good little Reichian syndrome. I am one
characterized by Dr. Baker as those who know what health may be. Incredible fleeing
moments of complete surrender as I now look back on them. While the biophysical
apparatus no longer can be said to function optimally, there are plenty of valid
compensations, and excruciating moments of ecstasy, compassion, tenderness, and
I believe the life of the spirit considered biophysically is the next rung on the ladder of
functional development (Editor: Cf: Teilhard de Chardin, and the Karl Marx of the
Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts). It makes all the tawdry fake substitutes our
culture hawks as happiness, disgustingly objectionable. And they still cant figure out
what causes breast cancer!
Functional clairvoyant contact is wonderful, but dangerous unless we continue to be
vigilant about our own organism, and the inundation to which it is daily subject, of DOR,
filth, sickness, lies, perversions, and death. The awareness can be excruciating.
Life as it comes from the infinite ocean of cosmic energy remains so precious. I know
you know that.
Richest blessings on you and yours.

June 9, 1999
Dear Steve:
Its always darkest before the dawn. After a terrible period of confusion, loss of trust, and
continuing wonderment; How long, Oh Lord?, another marvelous quantum leap has
occurred on all fronts, the kind of falling into place that I so desperately need if I am to
continue on this exotic, eccentric (in the planetary sense) and sometimes grotesquely
alien search for the Balm of Gilead. ONLY when I know that a discernible difference is
taking place in my overall functioning can I ACCEPT anything, a hard-nosed pragmatist
open to the wilder dimensions of possibility. I am finally feeling results from
psychotronic medicine that are not merely episodic (apparently), but that herald the
dawning of a new sense of health and truth. Its working.
Your remark regarding Reichs view that if orgone energy possesses awareness then the
final proof of God is presented us. But that is what his final great work effort was all
about; it is what classical Idealism is all about, and what the New Physix is realizing as
truth in its speculations and advances. GOD IS SELF-CONSCIOUS awareness, Ergo Qui
Sum, Ayn-Sof, Actus Purus. I tend, more and more to believe that the most gigantic
impossibilities are possible, if we had enough faith, which I dont. Its sustaining the
vision through the daily trench-warfare which is so very hard, as you well know.
Sometimes I actually arrive at the take-off point, ready to really let go of everything and
fly blind by His directions; I think that may be in the cards for me one day. Susan and I
have reached a new plane in our Covenant, alas, colder, harder, truer, realer, still loving
and committed, but more space between us. Something has been lost, but something will
have been gained. At any rate, it was inevitable if stagnation and cutseypieism of the
worst kind were not to infect our marriage. This mystery is great, in fact, mystery has
become the leitmotif of my search. And it becomes more comfortable. We do not know
what a day may bring forth.
I am about to plunge back into the dark waters of the Oranur Paradigm. Its really all I
have to say thats of any worth to Orgonomy and Functional Mysticism.
Trust Gods timing.
July 24, 1999
Dear Steve:
Today is the first day of my 70th year, and it really has become a Day 1 of my EGP (End
Game Plan). It has been a week of spiritual inundations and maybe the clearest calling to
my vocation ever. In some ways, I regret my deeply engrained cynicism, and penchant
for seeking alternative explanations to the deep mysteries. But, in another, it is my only
guarantor of sanity. My new project undertaken with my AA spiritual advisor, Jim Paige,

has been clearly and emphatically outlined for me; to write up Jims psychic contacts and
unite them in a form of spiritual statement I refer to as Millennium Theology. Jim claims
to have been in contact with a spiritual being he calls The Angel for some ten years
now, who has periodically sent him visions, messages, etc. I am open to taking this as a
working hypothesis. I am clearly to be Jims amanuensis. And The Angel has made it
clear that my part of the operation is to be carried out under pretty strict guidelines. The
message itself is NOT all that new; very Old Testament prophetic, much indebted to
Revelation, and a very bitter brewed tea indeed. This Angel has teeth and hair, no fuzzy
warm krap, and his reports are douches of ice water on a January Vermont AM. I will get
to comment on them and disagree if I see fit. For now, I can truly say that this Theology
appeals to much of the Gnostic and functional mystic in me, but it has some scary
implications. If I start, which I shall do after this letter, its all the way, or severe
consequences may be expected. Suffice it to say, the contents of Millennium Theology
are as close to Old Testament Christianity as I have ever come, and Jesus is the swordbearer not the gentle lamb. Apparently, God is getting fed up with his beloved children.
The message resembles in tone, spirit and content much of the tougher material in Isaiah,
Jeremiah, and the Jesus of the Book of Revelation. And its no fool-around time, no backto-the-drawing-board stuff, just, Here IS all you are going to get from Me for now. Just
do it.
You know how intent I have been on lifting the shrouds over my genealogy and during
the last session with Jim, Angel spoke to him and.it rang true! My Scottish former life
had to do with the repellant political machinations that surrounded Mary Queen of Scots.
I, apparently, was one of the plotters and schemers and liars who brought Mary to the
axe. I am to seek her painting (only two extant), and ask her pardon, or I dont get it!
What happened when Jim saw this was not the typical rush of energy over my body, but,
as best I can describe, a sweeping wave of CLARITY and AFFIRMNATION, a modest:
Yes, thats it. I apparently was also responsible for Susans death at the same time, not
by my hand, but caught in bed with her by hired assassins (we married or adulterous
lovers???? more than likely, the latter). It astounds me that I am speaking of this material
as if it were indeed subject matter for serious consideration, but so I am. I have remarked,
after our Alexander sessions, that Susan appears inches taller with an authentic regal
caste about her head and shoulders. She was born imperious and it is probably something
she has to work out this time around with me, Heathcliffe the stable boy!
Another side benefit of my project with Jim: it appears that I am guaranteed time and
health to complete it and I am extrapolating to the Oranur Paradigm. I now see that what
matters is getting it written not published necessarily, and those who are meant to read
it will do so. Otherwise, I may have to come back to finish it and there are fairer
universes out there to explore.
His new one will be out in the fall. Keep your eyes peeled.

Keep your deflector shields in good operating order. We are all going to need them,
Deepest blessing.
September 2, 1999
Dear Steve:
On a day as spectacularly beautiful as this one, it is almost impossible to maintain
intellectual contact with the dark realities we know to be stirring just beneath and beyond.
My work with my spiritual advisor is depressing me for a number of reasons; the large
grain of salt I must swallow prophylactically before writing, but at the same time
straining to believe the dark scenario my friend Jim paints. I know its everywhere, and I
know as the weather closes in, its outlines will loom up again in the mists, but just for
now its wonderful to feel the noble primitive for a nanosecond. I have a real conflict in
reconciling what I know people to be theoretically and what I encounter them to be
existentially; people are simply a lot nicer than our theories should allow. Or am I just
taking a salutary sabbatical from all I deeply know and truly believe?
I applaud your ongoing efforts to bring some reason and decency to the market place. But
the roller coaster has run out of loopdiloops shortly, doesnt it? In some ways I have been
blessed by being rendered non compis mentis in this socioeconomic, socio-spiritual
environment. On the other, I am haunted by the growing feeling and its real of being
what I describe myself to Susan as, The Pointless Man. All this is prelude and
preparation, but it makes it difficult for me to generate much enthusiasm for all the
projects and prospects for the 21st century; is it going to be, as Yogi Berra observed, deja
vu all over again? I swear Ill vote for Warren Beatty.
My health is generally o.k. but almost 70 years of wear and tear takes its toll. I do
anticipate greater gains with Blasband, but theres no going back again. Funny, I dont
really want to. I might well have been a great criminal or at least an authentic
Underground Man. Ive always had a strong streak of the counter-culture in my veins,
you know, Alan Ginsburg and his Fuck you, America, with your atom bomb. I sense
the genuine possibility that a modified 1984 is insinuating itself into our lives, lacking
only the bog catastrophe to make it turn really nasty. But it does seem kind of pointless
to have reached my age and condition and not have any conceivable answers that can
make better things happen. I sometimes think Id like to be rich, but immediately
recognize that I would almost instantaneously go degenerate. Weird feeling. I look
around my bookshelves at dozens and dozens of gems of human wisdom, only to realize
that nobody reads these books anymore, and Im not just talking orgonomy. Speaking of
pointless, this letter seems to fit the bill.
I certainly hope that a personal encounter will be tailored to our different schedules and
life-rhythms. When youre ready, let me know the time parameters and I can check out
local dwelling places.

As I re-read the last paragraph of your letter, I cannot believe that I endorsed the all
manner of thing will be well sentiment. As Clinton might observe, it all depends on
what you mean by well.
Closing with a panoramic sweep of my green and sunlit backyard. Not even sad. Just
Stay the course. Its the only one we have.
Can you get me the address of Anthroposophist Pubs? It might be time for Rudolf
Steiner. Also, what about the serious Grail literature. There seems to exist one grail
tradition which views the Grail Society as all those blood-descendants of Jesus and Mary
October 5, 1999
Dear Steve:
The long delay was occasioned by some nasty little bion that whacked me 10 days ago
flu?? One day fever and a week of wobbliness, but these passed slowly. The most
frightening symptom was thorough, total mental disorientation, a distortion in my
space/time system like Ive never known. It still haunts the fringes of consciousness,
nothing frightening in and of itself, just the whole process. Coming back has been an
event. All sorts of paranoid suspicions and fears and a terrible sense of aloneness. Im
almost the whole way back, and I hope this is a one time thing. I was really crazy.
I have never been enamored of Konia, although respecting his powerful mind. All
biopathies seem to lead back to the great energy pool, and much seems a krapshoot. Im
not bragging here, the next time it may be Prince Biopathys turn at the gaming table.
Susan kept insisting that I see my doctor; it seemed almost as if she got angry when I
improved on-my-own, and thats how it happened. Next time, maybe I will take the
antibiotics. It certainly undermines ones confidence further in the medical lottery. To
understand sickness appears to me to take first priority, although medical magick will
probably continue to dominate the millenniums medical school curricula. There is stuff
going on that interpenetrates the ORANUR events which have dominated the last half of
the 20th century. These new strains of bacteria are pure DOR-bugs. We can only hope
that the College and the CFR are on their trail. A planet whose health has been broken
with a century of bombardment from DOR and six billion carriers of a mutating species
are not a promising spectacle for the future of humanity.
More later. Im still easily fatigued.

November 12, 1999

Dear Victor:
With this letter it is almost exactly three years since we have been corresponding. My
first letter to you was written on November 13, 1996. With this communication, we have
exchanged 187 letters. I have the complete correspondence on file and believe, properly
edited, it would be of some interest to those, like us, interested in spirituality, politics,
mysticism, orgonomy, and philosophy. It would have to be privately published and made
available via mail order by some outfit like Flatland Books that specializes in the
esoteric, orgonomy, etc. Of course, some personal material would have to be deleted. I
like to know how you feel about the prospect and if you agree with it. It would still be for
some future time. I dont believe it would generate any real income, but it might be a
small contribution on some very large questions.
I have not heard from you in some time, and if I dont receive a communication by this
weekend, I intend to call. I hope the lapse in communication is a product of your writing
endeavors and does not indicate some serious problem.
My life seems to swing from the socio-political to the spiritual. The spiritual still remains
vital to any real emotional balance. I intend to soon start seminars at the Kabbalah Center
in New York. There is one later this month on the Kabbalah and the new physics; I will
pass on any interesting material that I learn. I am now reading a book by Dion Fortune
entitled The Mystical Qabalah. I think that it represents what you have called
functional mysticism. Unlike Scholem, who is very intellectual and philosophical in his
treatment of Jewish Gnosticism, Fortune is very practical and pragmatic in a way that
makes the insights of the Cabbala available to Western intellectuals like us. It is
published by Samuel Weiser, Box 612, York Beach, Maine 03910, and I am sure it can
be ordered by phone.
My experience in labor organizing has been a learning one in every sense of the word.
The labor union functionaries, with their lassitude, rigidity, and lack of work vitality are
an interesting offset to the hyperactive corporate capitalists who madly pursue profit,
largely fueled by secondary layer energy. They are like two drunks dancing to the tune of
pop goes the weasel. In light of this reality, the wisdom of libertarian anarchism
continues to shine like a bright beacon in the dark desert of my discontent. In my office at
work, I have a quote from a work on libertarian movements: The actions of one free and
courageous individual are worth more than a multitude of silent slaves. The local
organizer said to me in response to my energetic approach: One person cant run an
organizing effort. But this is precisely the point. They have no faith in the energy and
courage of the individual and the possibility of an individual sparking a movement that
can be transforming. They have only a belief in numbers, the average, and an easy
contract with guaranteed benefits and as little conflict and tension as possible. My
response to her comment was: Nothing ever has or ever will be accomplished without
risk-taking and conflict. As Churchill said, blood, sweat, and tears will be constant
companions if we intend to make a difference on earth.

I now have a course proposal with the Brecht Forum for a course on Reich. I expect a
positive response, since I have been taking courses there myself on the work of Marx,
and the people there know me, and have heard me present material before. The Alfred
Adler Institute in New York is dying, and I expect that they will have to close their doors.
There are no new students, and many courses are being canceled for lack of enrollment,
including the one I was slated to teach in December. The Algerians there remind me of
the situation with the Trotskyites in the 1960s many years after Trotskys death. They
have failed to evolve with the truth of the times and are busy replaying the old tapes from
50 years ago. The work of Alfred Adler, as valuable as it may still be, is hardly
revolutionary or interesting to contemporary humanity, and it has been largely absorbed
into the culture. All the professional graduate schools of psychology and social work
teach it along with the other forms of ego therapy. There is no longer a need for a special
school as there was in the 1950s. In addition, they are stuck in a terribly deadly morass of
professionalism and credentialism. In other words, the economic struggle for money
and status is motivating them, in contrast to Adler, who believed in adult education and a
wide diffusion of his teachings into the ordinary working people of society. They also use
the psychiatric nosology as a form of moral labeling for people that, for one reason or
another, displease them. That is a sure sign that they have lost touch with the vital truths
at the core of Adlers teachings. I feel fortunate to have had my Adlerian therapy with an
old Adlerian from Europe, Leo Rattner, who really knew what it was all about and who
not only talked the talk, but also walked the walk. I miss him dearly. If there is a
form of consciousness after death for us, and he is aware of my functioning now, I feel
confident that he is smiling.
How is the Oranur Paradigm going? As important as Millennial Theology may be to
you, dont lose sight of Oranur.
My best as always,
November 16, 1999
Dear Steve:
I have signed myself in for much needed R and R. That attack of the flu or whatever a
few weeks back, really hit me hard, and in a unique way. Bless my dear helpmeet, she
alarms easily her fawn nature and when she does I am quite overwhelmed, whatever
the genuine status of my own culpability.
I am both flattered and recalled by your inspiring bugle sounding. I must really attend
more closely to the demands of my bioenergy system. Your injunction Dont lose sight
of Oranur swept over me like the twilight air after a long day of battle, then comes the
thought of how sweet it would be to lie down on the turf beside Molly. You mention
Dion Fortune, a name I have heard only once before in connection with Alistair Crowley,
the darkest side of me I ever want protruding from beneath the bedclothes (Bram Stokers

Victorian mentor). My, we do keep queer company you and me. All in the name of
I periodically review my blessings from the hands of Orgonomy, your friendship, and
knowledge of some obscure 19th-centruy characters like Dion Fortune are not the least of
I have fallen back into the clutches of some obscure Victorian folks who have at least as
much to say about the human condition as does the NY Times Book Review. The time
may be ripening for an effort at culling and pruning our joint efforts of the past three
years has it been that long, really? It might prove a valuable legacy to some struggling
Cabbalist somewhere; if not, he could refurbish our antiquarian contributions. [Dr. Katz:
This has now been accomplished in Wilhelm Reich Liberation Theologian of Cosmic
Still a noble possibility; important too, I believe.
There hopefully will be more of substantial interest in my next missive.
May the All-healing Orgone Energy Ocean enfold us.
November 23, 1999
Dear Victor:
I was relieved to get your letter after the lapse of so many months, but I am still
somewhat uneasy at the cryptic nature of it. It reminds me of the letters that Nietzsche
sent Peter Gast late in life, filled with awful insight and the desire to soar, never to return.
I hope in your next letter you will tell me more of what has happened. I have myself been
through some very tough times in my life, including major emotional blows.
Philosophers, real philosophers and not the variety that the academy seems to be turning
out, are sometimes fragile in unexpected ways. Sometimes companionship can be found
on those wild slopes that claim those who cannot easily live in the sad lowlands of
imprisoned spiritual energy.
My functioning continues to improve, thanks to vigorous self-help via physical exercise,
cognitive restructuring, bioenergetic exercise, dream analysis, and social therapy
(getting out and taking courses and speaking to more people, in other words, being more
active in all social spheres). As valuable as Orgonomy has been to me, I can no longer
accept orgastic potency as the sine qua non of psychological health. It is important, and
while sharing deep feelings of love by sexually satisfying expression definitely enhance
the quality of life and physical health, it is too uncertain and transient to base life on. My
definition now is that psychological and spiritual health and maturity depend upon
thinking in a philosophical and scientific way about reality, combined with an active and

courageous approach to existential problems. Sexual potency can enhance the striving for
meaning and pleasure in life, but even without a high degree of such potency it is still
possible to lead a sane and healthy life. In fact, too much emphasis on orgiastic
satisfaction is bound to lead to self-downing, narcissism, and unhappiness.
Well, enough of this line of thought for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Give my
hello to Susan.
Perhaps a meeting is in the cards for us in the year 2000.
[Note: Dr. Victor Silver passed into the eternal ocean of cosmic energy on December 4,
1999, at 9:07 P.M. Soon after his last letter to me, it was discovered that he had several
malignant brain tumors. I had a last conversation with him by telephone on December 1,
The historical, scientific and religious evidence clearly supports the finding that humanity
as a whole probably cannot attain collective liberation without extraterrestrial spiritual
intervention by an advanced scientific civilization from our galaxy and dimension, or one
from the higher dimensions that has attained Christogenesis. Whatever limited chance
there might be that the human race unaided could attain collective liberation would
probably require 5000 years, and humanity may destroy itself long before then. Every
attempt of humanity to liberate itself, on its own, has caused deeper entrapment in the
armored dense material domain, and more repression under the mask of new rationalizing
ideologies. It has also caused the deaths of countless liberators. The Russian mystic P.D.
Ouspensky may have been right, there are too many spiritual laws against it, including
confinement of spiritual energy in the prison of biological matter, heard instinct, the drive
for survival, human weakness, and last, but certainly not least, the internalization of 5000
years of class repression.
However, individuals can existentially attain liberation from incarnation in matter, and
ascend to higher spiritual dimensions, eventually merging into the Godhead of Life and
This does not relieve us of the obligation to fiercely fight the anti-spiritual, anti-life
forces killing our planet and its inhabitants. If you clear away the weeds, healthy plants
will grow on their own. They do not have to be forced by political leaders. It is well to
remember that this needs to be done on both an existential and collective basis. However,
we must try to remember that history overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that the
institutions that grow up around political, social, religious, and scientific truths, end up
killing the truth that they seek to preserve and perpetuate. In fact, almost inevitably, such
institutions turn the discoveries and truths of the founders into the opposite of what they

It is for this reason, like other pioneers, Dr. Reich warned against institutionalizing
Orgonomy. Most of the great spiritual, scientific, and philosophic leaders had small
informal groups of students. It was succeeding generations that ossified the truths with
institutional social armor.
No illusions, but no resignation either. We require pessimism of the intellect, but
optimism of the will. The great theologian Ernst Bloch dedicated his lifes work to the
principle of hope. With the experimentally verified spiritual energy functions, and higher
dimensional realities, that hope is now grounded in natural science, philosophy, and
There is also certainly hope in the research done on UFO contact and psychic phenomena
by Soviet scientists before the predatory Capitalist states defeated the Soviet Union. In
addition, the work of Juan Posadas, leader in Trotskys Fourth International, holds out the
paradigm of contact with advanced extraterrestrial races for the purpose of advancing
permanent spiritual revolution on earth. [See: Posadas, Juan, Flying Saucers, The
Process of Matter and Energy, Science, the Class and Revolutionary Struggle and the
Socialist Future of Humanity, Red Flag Newspaper (June 25, 1969); See also: Hobana,
Ion, "UFO's From Behind The Iron Curtain" (N.Y., Bantam Books, 1975); Ostrander,
Sheila, and Schroeder, Lynn, "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain"
(Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice Hall, 1970); Vallee, Jacques, "UFO Chronicles of the
Soviet Union - A Cosmic Samizdat" (N.Y., Ballantine Books, 1992). See the work of
Nicolai Levashov on the various forms of spiritual energy-matter.].
Teilhard de Chardin, the philosopher-paleontologist, postulated a civilization beyond
genuine scientific communism he thought could evolve by a process of Christogenesis.
This planetary society would have a collective web of spiritual and psychic energy. It is
interdimensional in nature, and probably exists on the higher planes. Such a civilization
would be very careful about contact with a species as barbaric as the human. Remember,
the last time contact was attempted by such a civilization, through its representative
Jesus Christ, he was crucified. If they send another, he will be accompanied by enough
psychotronic weapons to immobilize the killers of life. [See: De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard,
"The Heart of the Matter," pgs. 80-102 (N.Y., Harcourt Brace, 1976); "Day The Earth
Stood Still," Motion Picture with Michael Rennie (Twentieth Century Fox, 1951,
available on Fox Video); Reich, Wilhelm, "Contact With Space" (N.Y., Core Pilot Press,
1957); Reich, Wilhelm, "The Murder Of Christ" (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1980); The New
Testament, Revelation.].

Trotsky Contra DeMeo
With all due respect, since you are a serious scientist, why would you cite a 4th rate hack
political journalist to support the allegation that Trotsky was a mass murderer? All
objective and well documented historical and biographical sources prove otherwise.
Some documented facts:
Trotsky opposed Stalins brutal repression of the peasants during collectivization. He
favored lowering the prices of manufactured goods so that farm workers could buy more.
Trotsky was keenly aware of the mass character armor and the cultural backwardness of
the peasants, and favored a more gradual policy of winning them over. This was the
policy that Lenin (called by Reich the greatest mass psychologist in history) followed for
the entire society in the NEP era. Trotsky grew up on a farm, and used to bitterly oppose
his fathers mistreatment of peasants (one of the circumstances that lead him to Marxism
in the first place).
The sailors at Kronstadt were not massacred at Trotskys order. The battle at Kronsadt
was a military engagement between the Red Guards and the armed sailors. There were
casualties on both sides, and the sailors were given a chance to come back to the
revolution and rejoin the Red Army. If Lincoln had been faced with an armed rebellion
of Union troops just after the civil war, he would have taken exactly the same steps as
Trotsky did under the circumstances. Trotsky and the Red Army had just beat back the
armed invasion of many capitalist powers. The danger of new invasions and the
fomenting of internal counter-revolution was a very real.
Reich and Trotsky met in Norway when both were exiled there in the 1930s. Upon
arriving in Norway, Dr. Reich immediately joined the local Communist Party. He and
Trotsky both agreed on goals, but Reich did not think that a new party should be formed.
He instead favored self-activity on the part of workers (a forerunner of work
democracy). Reich at the time knew about Kronstadt, and also was well aware of the rise
of Red Fascism under Stalin. He had been in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, and was
expelled from the German Communist Party for his work with sex-pol.
Trotsky, prior to WWI, lived in Vienna and was a close friend of Dr. Alfred Adler and his
family. In fact, the two families used to socialize frequently. Adlers wife and son (Dr.
Kurt Adler, an old friend and teacher of mine), were socialists and supporters of Trotsky
for their entire lives. Dr. Kurt Adler lived in the same building with Reich, and used to
go skiing with him. They were both very much on the same wave length politically.
Trotsky repaid this support. He was very much in favor of psychoanalysis (which at the
time had helped his assistant recover from clinical depression), and later wrote an article
that foreshadowed the creation of Orgonomy by talking about the material basis of the

Alfred Adler was also a Marxist, and presented a paper to Freuds Society on Marx. He
felt that Marxism released the energy of the oppressed in the service of higher
civilization. This paper was recorded in the notes of Otto Rank at the time. Dr. Adlers
concept of social feeling gave emotional depth to worker solidarity. Adlers students,
including Manes Sperber and the husband and wife team of Otto/Alice Ruehle, supported
Trotsky. Alice later wrote a book combining individual psychology and Marxism
entitled The Path to We. Otto was later a member of the Dewey Commission that
investigated Stalins accusations against Trotsky and found them baseless.
Orgonomy itself was the child of Marxism and Psychoanalysis. Orgonomic
Functionalism is already present in Engels The Dialectics of Nature.
Reich told Dr. Victor Sobey, himself a former member of the Communist Party of the
USA, that he remained a Marxist. This is documented by Dr. Sobey on a DVD
obtainable from the Institute for the Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich in New
York. Reich told one of his students, Dr. Morton Herskowitz, that Trotsky was an
honest man, but had no tools to defeat Stalin.
Capitalism, as reported by the daily newspapers, is an inherently criminal system. Dr.
Reich knew this and fought it throughout his career. Reich described the Soviet Union
under Stalin as a form of State Capitalism (see the last revised edition of The Mass
Psychology of Fascism).
Dr. Reich was put into prison primarily as a result of the actions of the American
pharmaceutical industry, AMA, APA, and the FBI (arms of American State Capitalism).
Brady, a 4th rate hack political journalist like the one you cited to me, was a Stalinist.
Both American and Russian State Capitalism killed Reich and Trotsky. Trotsky, with his
policy of international revolution, was a great threat to American capitalism during the
depression, and Reich was a threat to the repressive sexual morality of the day that
produced submissive citizens ready for exploitation on the battle fields and in the offices/
factories, as well as a direct threat to the American medical industry with his drugless
treatments. Trotsky was killed by a Russian-American double agent sent into Mexico on
a joint KGB-American intelligence mission to prevent unrest that could interfere with the
coming alliance of the two states. Reich was hounded to death by judicial murder at the
behest of the American State Capitalists.
When Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Japan, Dr. Reich called it mass murder of
innocent children and adults by Truman and his class (direct quote). At the end of his
life, Reich was in contact with UFOs and expected their help in cleansing the earth of all
evil, violence and oppression. Some leaders of the Fourth International (Trotskys
organization) were also working along these lines.
Reich at the end of his life became a theologian of cosmic energy. He found new
optimism while in prison in the Universal Cosmic Force expressed in distorted form in
the great religions. This was a materialist outlook grounded in the science and
philosophy of measurable cosmic energy.

I could continue, but the rest will be found in my book: Wilhelm Reich Theologian of
Cosmic Energy.
This Reply is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Leo Rattner. The struggle continues!!
The true history of psychotherapy has been kept secret and suppressed. This is part of the
real history that the epigones of both Adler and Reich have wanted to bury. They turned
a great radical science into a bourgeois money making machine. Reich predicted this in
Listen Little Man.


The Dialectic Unchained: the Secret and Suppressed History of Radical

With the Capitalist Totalitarian Death-States murdering with impunity all over the planet,
destroying our environment and our very biological existence, can we who are carrying
on the rich legacy of Marxism find a way forward? This is the fundamental question no
matter what political current you are working with.
The class struggle is not only material, it is spiritual-psychological. The Capitalists are
using the same kind of psychological warfare domestically that they use against foreign
populations to demoralize them and prevent the masses from knowing the truth.
Advanced Capitalist States have refined this mass mind-control and rely on it to produce
the passivity and acquiescence in the population necessary to continue its crimes and
exploitation, both domestically and in foreign wars.
Marxists have historically been mistrustful of contemporary psychoanalysts and
psychiatrists. 1 This is because of the adjustment therapy prevalent since World War II
that rationalizes the Capitalist exploitation and tries to make people compliantly find their
place in the madness. 2 This has not always been the case. Radical psychoanalysts once
existed who helped people overcome their personal problems to see truth and become
revolutionaries. The attainment of health was signified by the release of revolutionary
energies, and self-direction. We need their knowledge today more than ever before.
Raya Dunayevskaya zeroed in on the main problem facing revolutionaries: the cancer of
counterrevolution within the revolution. 3 This is the failure of the dialectic to throw off
all repression and exploitation, continuing in an unbroken chain to freedom. What has
prevented the dialectic from negating the negation and becoming unchained?
Raya had a fruitful dialogue with psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, but our work will also be
aided by the work that Marxist psychiatrists and sociologists Alfred Alder and Wilhelm
Reich provided to unchain the struggle for freedom from the internalized repression that
4000 years of class-exploitative civilization left in humanity. As Herbert Marcuse put it,
we have always suffered from the return of the repressed, in the historic form of
Stalinism, and other State-Capitalist societies, as for example in the present-day Cuba,
Russia, China, and Vietnam.

See Dunayevskaya, Raya, Womens Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution, On the Death of Erich
Fromm, pgs. 241-42.
See Laing, R.D., The Politics of Experience (N.Y., Ballantine Books, 1968). This is a deep and brilliant
poetic analysis of the pathology of the normal in State Capitalist societies.
See Dunayevskaya, Raya, Philosophy and Revolution (Lanham, Maryland, Lexington Books, 2003).

What have Adler and Reich to contribute to the revolution in permanence?

Alfred Adler (1870-1937) is best known for his concentration on the inferiority
complex that produced neurotic symptoms in his patients. The neurosis, as he defined
it, was a reduced ability to function in the fields of love, work and knowledge. It was
anchored by the inhibited aggression produced by internalized class-based repression,
and the separation of the worker from the means of production. Adler extensively
studied Marx, and he had a close friendship with Leon Trotsky (when Trotsky was in
exile in Vienna).
Trotsky had taken over as editor of the exile newspaper Pravda. He had on his staff a
fellow exile journalist named Adolf Joffee (Joffee later became a key Bolshevik diplomat
in the early Soviet revolutionary society). Joffee became addicted to morphine, and,
suffering from depression, sought treatment with Adler. Dr. Adler cured him, and he thus
spoke highly of this to Trotsky. In this way Trotsky and Adler met and enjoyed a close
personal friendship (they played chess together in a Viennese coffee house). Adler had
already read Marx n his student days. 4
Adler gave a paper to Freuds Group in Vienna on Marx.5 In it he pointed out that the
healthy aggression was released in the working class by suitable political organization.
This aggression was in the service of the higher civilization that Marx analyzed as
gestating in the womb of Capitalism. I would further argue that this aggression was the
unchained dialectic, realizing itself subjectively and objectively in the Notion of freedom.
Later on his in his life, Adler described it as going from a negative through to a positive
(by the negation of the negation) in an evolving spiral of compensation building higher
Dr. Adler stated to the Psychoanalytic Society:
While in neurosis the aggression instinct is inhibited, class consciousness
liberates it. Marx shows how [the aggression instinct] can be gratified in keeping
with the meaning of civilization: by grasping the true causes of oppression and
exploitation, and by suitable [political] organization.Marxs entire work
culminates in the demand to make history consciously. 6

Hoffman, Edward, The Drive for Self Alfred Adler and the Founding of Individual Psychology,
Foreword by Kurt A. Adler, M.D., Ph.D., pgs. 63-65 (N.Y., Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1994).
See also, Rattner, Josef, Alfred Adler (N.Y., Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1983). Dr. Rattners work
delineates the libertarian socialist philosophy behind Adlers sociological and therapeutic work. His
brother Leo Rattner practiced a form of libertarian socialist therapy in Forest Hills for 40 years.

Hoffman, pgs, 63-65.

Adler, Alfred, On the Psychology of Marxism, Vienna Psychoanalytic Society (March 1909).
Recorded in the minutes of the Society by Otto Rank.

Significantly, Adlers first work was a book on the tailoring trade and the diseases that
unhealthy work conditions brought to the tailors. He originally set up medical practice in
a poor working class district of Vienna. Much as Dr. Louis Gogol 7 in his old News and
Letters column, Adler was concerned with the social causation of disease.
Adler was also the pioneer in discovering a biological basis for socialism. He started by
finding that inferior organs could be compensated by other organs in the body, such as
one kidney taking on the function of two. Psychologically, a felt inferiority would be
compensated by more intense bio-energetic movement; either in a constructive sense by
removing the social cause of the inferiority, or in a destructive sense by turning the
inferiority feelings against others to exploit or destroy (The fascists did this with the
Jews, or the current right-wing extremists against Muslims.).
Alder noticed that inferior feelings in workers, produced by class oppression and
exploitation, could be compensated in an individual and group by social action in the
class struggle. This strengthened bio-psychological health in both the individual and the
group. He developed the concept of social feeling which was the highest expression of
solidarity between workers in the dawning society. It represented empathy and mutual
He was a supporter of the post-war socialist government in Vienna. His wife remained a
supported of Leon Trotsky until the end of her life. One of Adlers daughters was an
economist, and perished during the purges of Stalin in the Soviet Union.
Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was a very gifted student of Sigmund Freud.8 He joined the
German Communist party in the 1920s. Reich broke with Freud over the biological
origin of neurotic symptoms, arguing that repressed sexual energy fueled psychological
disease.9 Freud at that time was promoting the death instinct and ego psychology. Reich
developed a therapy that freed the body/mind from repression and helped the biopsychological energy to flow freely in work and in sexual orgasm. The therapy involves
direct work on hypertensive musculature combined with character analysis (the typical
way individuals held themselves and projected or defended psychic energy).
This newly freed energy enabled a person to unchain the dialectic of freedom. Where
before they submitted passively to the exploitation of Capitalists, now they reacted
immediately and fought back. Reich discovered an inherent work democratic structure

Gogol, Eugene, Raya Dunayevskaya Philosopher of Marxist-Humanism, pg. 93 (Eugene, Oregon,

Resource Publications, 2004).

See: Sharaf, Myron, Fury On Earth A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., St. Martins Press/Marak
1983). See also, Corrington, Robert S., Wilhelm Reich Psychoanalyst and Radical Naturalist (N.Y.,
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003).

See: Reich, Wilhelm, The Function of the Orgasm (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961).

developed between freely associated labor without the necessity for vanguard parties or
labor bureaucracies. The parallel with the Soviets and the Paris Commune was strong.
Reich stated: Every social order produces character forms which it needs for its
preservation. He created a bio-therapy to release the masses from the crampedcontracted character structure needed by the class structure and division of labor,
enabling people to function in a fully revolutionary way.
Reich worked with the Communist party and developed Sex-Pol, 10 a movement devoted
to the sexual counseling of the masses (including abortion and full rights for women in all
spheres). The Stalinist functionaries dislike this and expelled him. He argued that the
party was not reaching the masses emotionally. Instead, it provided dry economic
analysis. Hitler was to prove more successful with his mass psychology. (See Reichs
Mass Psychology of Fascism. 11 He described the Soviet Union as a state capitalist
society in this work.).
Dr. Reich found himself on Hitlers death list, and all of his books were burned in
Germany in the 1930s. He fled to Norway and joined the Norwegian Communist Party.
Later, he had a meeting with Leon Trotsky, also in exile in Norway at the time, and they
discussed possible ways of uniting their anti-Stalinist struggles.
Ultimately, Reich felt that the creation of a new Marxist party or international (such as
the still-born Fourth International), would not mobilize the masses and unchain the
dialectic of freedom. He felt the movement to freedom must come from the masses of
people in their own lives, both individually and collectively.
Trotsky went to Mexico, and Reich went to the United States. Reich moved to Maine
and pursued natural scientific research into cancer and weather control. He remained a
libertarian Marxist until the end of his life.
In the 1950s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an injunction against Dr.
Reich for misbranding his cancer treatment devices (they were cosmic energy

Reich, Wilhelm, Sex-Pol Essays 1929-1934, edited by Lee Baxandall (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1972).
This book contains Reichs sociological work from his most active Marxist period. Also of great interest in
this collection: What Is Class Consciousness? pgs. 277-358. Reich deals with the passivity of workers in
the face of the power of Capital, and the resulting propping up of Capitalism rule. He also has very
interesting comments on the newly formed Fourth International of Trotsky. Reich, like Raya
Dunayevskaya, did not believe in the dichotomous separation of masses, party and leadership. At all times
he fought for self-activity on the part of people in the face of oppression.

See: Reich, Wilhelm, The Mass Psychology Of Fascism, pgs. 237-238 (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press,
1946). Reich stated: No matter what terms were applied, it was clear that in the correct sociological terms
of Marx state capitalism had taken the place of private capitalism [in the Soviet Union]. The concept of
capitalism is not determined by the existence of individual capitalists but by the existence of market
economy and wage labor. This work was first published in 1933.

accumulators) as a cure for the disease.12 He did not answer the injunction and was held
in contempt of court for violating the injunction.13 He died in Lewisburg prison in
November 1957 (murdered by the American Capitalist State for his sexual and political
The importance of a Marxist psychology to free the creative energy of the masses, as
Adler and Reich developed, is of the first importance in unleashing a movement from
practice that will itself become a form of theory. Capitalism makes work energy, which
is also a form of biological energy, into an inert commodity, and requires the freezing of
movement and sexuality in order to produce submissive people. How else could people
be trapped in dull offices and factories? As the coal miners on strike stated: what form
of work is worthy of human beings? 14
Herbert Marcuse, a philosopher of radical psychoanalysis and long-time correspondent of
Raya Dunayevskaya (he wrote an introduction to Marxism and Freedom15) theorized a
biological need for freedom from the repression of the class-structure. He pointed the
way to a new society of production as art, and a higher civilization based on ever greater
unities of life in Eros. 16
As Marx indicated, the goal of socialist society is to allow the full development in
freedom of the all-around capacities of human beings. These capacities already exist in
the masses of people and need to be unleashed. Marxist psychotherapy and mass
psychology will help the dialectic freely extend itself as Absolute Mind-Body by helping
free the masses to strive for freedom in a self-directed movement. This does not in any
way detract from self-determination, it only enhances it. 17


See: Reich, Wilhelm, The Cancer Biopathy (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973).


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Dunayevskaya, Raya, Marxism & Freedom, pgs. xx-xxv (Amherst NY, Humanity Books, 2000).
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For (low cost) Adlers therapy: NY: The Alfred Adler Institute of NY, 212-254-1048; Chicago: Dreikurs
Psychological Services Center, 312-201-5900 x248. For Reichs therapy: NY, Dr. Harry Lewis, 212-6756592; California, Dr. Daniel Schiff, 503-290-4655. For group bio-energetic therapy, call the Alexander
Lowen Foundation, 203-966-3474. These sources should also have information for referral if you do not
live in their areas.

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"I have read your book with high enthusiasm. Its as if you and Reich
entered into each other leaving you a sense of urgency about the
orgonotic revolution. The principle of hope is a difficult one, and Bloch
and Chardin come at it from different directions, although messianic
Judaism is behind the curtain in both cases. Reich, however, had
more courage than Chardin to face into the demons emergent from
evolution and any Reichian eschatology has to be paid for by societywide dissolving of characteriological armoring. No guarantees
allowed! The sexuality of the divine is endlessly fascinating and if
Hinduism does it better than everybody else, it doesnt follow that
there is less armoring within a Hindu family. While their deities have
divine intercourse, one senses a little embarrassment when they are
reminded of thisIve been to India three times now.
The quoted letters are moving and show a deeply searching mind.
Together with your previous text they tell a compelling tale. Well
Robert S. Corrington
Professor of Philosophical Theology - Graduate Division of Religion
Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940

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