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Social Science (Std. X)

Name : _______________________________________
Roll No. : _________ Batch : ____________
Instructions :
(1) This question paper contains 54 questions.
(2) All questions are compulsory.
❐ The objectives given below from No. 1 to 15 carry equal marks. Select the
appropriate alternative from the alternatives given below each question. [15]
(1) Which of the people, who settled in India were more developed people than any
other tribes ?
(a) Dravidians (b) Australiods (c) Apline (d) Aryans
(2) Which is a famous work of Bharatmuni ?
(a) Karnbhar (b) Urubhanga (c) Natyashashtra (d) Maltimadhav
(3) In which district is Dholaveera situated ?
(a) Khavada (b) Kachchh (c) Alibet (d) Khadir bet
(4) Who wrote Ain–e–Akbari ?
(a) Akbar (b) Amir Khusro (c) Abul Fazl (d) Ziauddin Barani
(5) In which class of endangered animals does the Cheetah in India belong ?
(a) Extinct (b) On the verge of extinction
(c) Endangered (d) Vulnerable
(6) In which year the “Bombay Natural History Society” was established ?
(a) 1883 (b) 1857 (c) 1904 (d) 1953
(7) Which movement was started to save Deodar forest ?
(a) Save forest movement (b) Chipko movement
(c) Deodar movement (d) Green forest movement
(8) Which state receives benefits of Nagarjunasagar multi purpose project ?
(a) Karnataka (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Tamilnadu (d) Kerala
(9) For which mines is Hazaribag well known ?
(a) Iron (b) Copper (c) Mica (d) Manganese
(10) With the collaboration of which country the Durgapur Iron and Steel plant is
established ?
(a) USA (b) Britain (c) Russia (d) Germany
(11) Which is the longest highway ?
(a) No. 8 (b) No. 2 (c) No. 7 (d) No. 5
(12) Which type of economy is known as free market economy ?
(a) Capitalist system (b) Socialist system
(c) Mixed Economy (d) None of these
(13) In which year, the New Industrial Policy was implemented ?
(a) 1951 (b) 1991 (c) 1981 (d) 1986
(14) What is the number of female per one thousand males in India ?
(a) 921 (b) 919 (c) 933 (d) 941
(15) Which is the least corrupt country of Asia.
(a) Srilanka (b) China (c) Singapore (d) India
❐ The questions given below from 16 to 30 carries equal marks. Each question
carry 1 mark. Answer the following questions in one sentence. [15]
16. What is the distinguishing feature of mankind ?
17. Which community is known for its best embroidery art ?
18. What is Sculpture ?
19. How many Vedas are there ? Name them.
20. In which sacred grove the herbal plant useful on snake bite is found ?
21. Which factors are important for soil formation and its fertility ?
22. Which award is given in India to encourage the development of forest ?
23. For which type of Agriculture man destroyed trees on large scale ?
24. Write four surface water resources ?
25. On what basis can Industries be classified ?
26. Who can be called poor ?
27. What is the main aim of Public Distribution System ?
28. What is meant by Communalism ?
29. Who is called as handicapped or disabled ?
30. Name the types of Iron ?
❐ The questions given below from 31 to 42 carries equal marks. Each question
carry 2 marks. Internal options are also available in certain question. [24]
31. Which duties are included in our constitution for preservation of cultural heritage ?
32. Write a note on the art of “Ajanta Caves”.
33. Write a short note on Wooden art. OR
Write briefly about “Embroidery and weaving art of India”.
34. Write briefly about “Sun Temple of Konark”.
35. Why should we preserve and maintain our heritage ?
36. What are the special features of Black soil ?
37. What is Green Revolution ?

38. State the aims of multipurpose projects.

Write briefly about “Rain Water Harvesting”.
39. State the measures to conserve minerals.
40. Write two features of developing economy.
41. What are the objectives of “World Trade Organization”.
Write the main objectives of Air Pollution Control Act.
42. Distinguish between a terrorist and a Revolutionary.
❐ The questions given below from 43 to 49 carries equal marks. Each question
carry 3 marks. Internal options are also available in certain question. [21]
43. Write briefly about the Drainage system of Mohen-Jo-Daro.
44. Write a short note on “Red Fort of Delhi”.
“Ancient India achieved great heights in the field of Chemistry.” Justify the statement.
45. State the causes for the destruction of forest.
46. Write a short note on Fertilizer Industry of India. OR
Write briefly about measures to control environmental degradation.
47. Explain the concept of sustainable development.
48. What are the causes of price rise ?
49. State the main aims of National Policy of Women Empowerment.
❐ The questions given below from 50 to 54 carries equal marks. Each question
carry 5 marks. Internal options are also available in certain question. [25]
50. Write a note on ancient Indian literature.
51. Write in detail about the development of Ancient India in the field of medicine
and surgery. OR
“India has unity in diversity”. Explain the statement with examples.
52. Write in detail on transport Equipment Industries.
53. Describe the types of unemploment. OR
What are the main reasons of poverty ?
54. In the given map of India show the following details with proper signs or symbols
at their correct locations.
(A) One state producing sugarcane
(B) One centre of Iron and steel plant
(C) Hirakund Multipurpose Project.
(D) Golden quadrilateral express highway linking Delhi to Mumbai
(E) One region where copper is found.
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