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How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

1. Make sure you have a clear and concise thesis statement in your introduction
In the introduction, set the context by reviewing the topic generally then explain why the topic is
important or why readers should care about the topic. Your last sentence should be a clearly defined
thesis statement.
2. Make the transitions between your introduction, body and conclusion clear and logical
Transitions hold your essay together. Without a logical progression the reader wont be able to
follow your argument and the essay structure will collapse. Good transitions tie your ideas together
from the introduction to the conclusion.
3. Include evidential support in your body paragraphs
Have one main idea in each paragraph that is logically connected to the thesis statement. This is
important for clarity, direction and readability. Also explain why your evidence supports your thesis
statement. You also need to consider different viewpoints and say why these alternative views are
wrong, poorly informed or outdated.
4. Include Evidence
You need to include researched, accurate and contemporary information in support of your thesis
statement. Again however you should consider multiple viewpoints. Do not exclude evidence that
does not support your thesis, rather include it and critique the evidence.
5. Think of your argumentative essay as a debate with a classmate
If you are discussing the reasons for crime in a country, there will be a beginning, middle and end to
the debate. Make sure your argument is complete and does not tail off before the end is reached.
6. Conclusion. Readdress your thesis statement, do not just restate it
Do not include any new evidence in your conclusion, instead synthesise the information you have
given and restate why the topic is important. Review your main points and your thesis. You may
also include a short discussion of further research that could be completed in light of your essay.
7. Proofread your writing
Do not hold back on this. Proofreading is the final and one of the most important parts of the
writing process. In order to do this properly you need to know how to proofread and you also need
to practice your proofreading regularly.

Use a five-paragraph approach for your essay. This is not the only approach; however it is standard
and effective. And of course there will be times when you need a lot more than five paragraphs.
Complex issues and detailed research needs a complex and detailed essay. When discussing
numerous sources and empirical data you will most certainly need a longer essay. The length of
your essay will ultimately be determined by the assignment guidelines and restrictions.