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Increased sensitivity and

sharpness at low dose

The new ADC MD40 imaging plate is Long lifetime No more retakes
Agfa's latest high-technology version of ADC MD40 imaging plates are protected by an The storage phosphors on the ADC imaging
a key link in the digital imaging chain, EBC (electron-beam-cured) top coat. EBC top- plate have an extremely wide dynamic range.
ensuring improved image quality for coating is an Agfa-proprietary technology for This results in high tolerance for varying
dedicated applications. hardening a pre-polymer lacquer coat into a exposure conditions and a greater degree of
high-density polymer shield that protects the freedom in selecting the patient dose.
Superior image quality phosphor layer. This results in plates that Furthermore, in many cases the wide exposure
The ADC MD40's storage phosphors feature feature superb resistance to mechanical wear latitude of the ADC MD40 imaging plates
high absorption efficiency, excellent and extensive immunity to chemical cleaning allows the visualization of all diagnostic
homogeneity and short response time. solutions. A new adhesion layer is an information with a single exposure - e.g. bone
The latter means that the previous pixel is fully additional improvement for the imaging plate's and soft tissue. Both of these features have
faded before the next one is stimulated. As a stability, guaranteeing its superior durability, the effect of drastically reducing the retake
result, a higher level of sharpness at all spatial especially when Agfa's ADC Digital Screen rate. In this way, the use of ADC MD40
frequencies is attained. Cleaner is used for plate maintenance. Finally, imaging plates leads to a substantial reduction
the ADC reader handles the imaging plates of the population dose load.
Agfa's EBC top-coating technology provides a without any forced bending, further
smoother plate surface, giving improved contributing to their exceptionally long
signal-to-noise ratios. The anti-halo layer is an lifespan.
Agfa-patented blue layer that forms a perfect
barrier against laser light, while letting through Downward compatibility
the stimulated light. Each ADC MD40 imaging plate is identified by
a code on the back. The ADC MD40, ADC MD30
The ADC MD40's increased sensitivity and and ADC MD10 plates can be used together
sharpness at a low dose make this imaging without any problem.
plate especially suitable for dedicated
ADC MD40 Imaging plate
Technical data

Requirements Spectral information

ADC ID Software version 1.1.09 or higher Luminescence Spectrum
(Unix®) 1
ADC ID Software version 2.0 or higher

Sizes 0.6
18 x 24 cm
18 x 43 cm
20 x 40 cm 0.4
24 x 30 cm
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14”) 0.2
35 x 43 cm (14 x 17”)
15 x 30 cm 0
8 x 10” 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850
Wavelength (nm)
10 x 12”
Sharpness - MD10 versus MD40
Phosphor composition
Typical luminescence 400 nm

Plate structure
protective EBC coat
phosphor layer
Adhesion layer
support P.E.T. (white)


Spectral absorption
Fraction of Absorbed X-Ray Quanta



10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
X-Ray Photon Energy (keV)

High absorption efficiency, with typical sudden increase at

the Br, Sr, I and Ba K-edges of 13, 16, 33 and 37 keV

Image retention
Two hours after exposure 70% of the stored energy is still
present with no visible loss of information upon readout.
Image retention still exceeds 45% after 24 h. Readout is
recommended within 1h after exposure.

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Characteristics of the products described in and servicing of imaging and communication of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
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without notice. consistency of products is thereby provided.

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