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How To Make Money

After Crisis

are flirting with such a possibility right now.

survive and thrive in a world where money

With a little preparation, however, you can still

Money is only as valuable as peoples

doesnt mean slips of paper in your wallet.

belief in it. After all, you cant eat it, wear it,
or take shelter under it. Money is, ultimately,


a convenience we all agree upon as a society.

After a deep crisis that affects all or most of

Weve seen it happen before after natural

society, that agreement can break down and

disasters. First, people cling to the idea

often does. In such instances, paper money

that civilization will protect them. They

quite often loses value rapidly and becomes

hit the ATMs and withdraw the maximum

worthless rather quickly. When this occurs,

amount of cash. They flood into grocery and

people become immediately much more

hardware stores. At first they ring up carts

practical and less philosophical. Instead of

full of food and supplies on a credit card.

giving you a perfectly useful pair of shoes in

When the power goes out, they spend what

exchange for a pretty useless piece of paper,

little cash they have left.

theyll start asking for a couple of fresh killed

rabbits or a basket of apples. Tangible items

A few days later, cash is still useful because

with real life uses and value become the

people still believe in its power. A dollar

medium of exchange, not paper money.

isnt yet considered just a slip of worthless

paper. It still embodies confidence in every-

Can this happen here?

thing that the dollar represents. However,

You bet it can. Some say that we are not far

since the paper itself lacks intrinsic value,

from this reality and, in an era of trillion

as food supplies diminish, hyperinflation

dollar deficits, some analysts think that we

sets in. Yesterdays $2 can of soup now sells

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How To Make Money After Crisis

for $5. Tomorrow it reaches $10. The value

the family bond, fitness, and trust.

of the paper currency becomes less and less

In a crisis, mass transit only lasts as long

about what it can buy you now, in the crisis

as the gasoline supply. Once that runs out,

situation, and more and more about what it

cars are nothing more than scrap heaps to

will buy when the disaster is over and youre

be pillaged for metal, plastic, and supplies.

able to return to civilization.

Anyone who happens to have horses isnt

But heres the rub. What if there is no going

going to let them go, so forget the illusion

back? What if this is the new normal? In that

you can drive up to a ranch and ride off

case, paper money quickly loses all but nostalgic

on a breed worthy mare. Your best bet is a

value and gives way to a barter system.

durable bicycle. While everyone else is busy

fighting over gasoline, get to the nearest bike

Barter systems dont emerge fully developed

shop and buy every bike tire, pump, chain,

overnight. Theyre based on perceived value

basket, and maintenance tool you can get

and usefulness, both of which can change

your hands on.

from day to day, especially in the early transitional period after a crisis. Certain things

Now, you not only have the most reliable

will always be useful; canned goods with

resource for moving around, you also have

no dents and original labels, reusable cloth

the potential to set up a new local com-

diapers, and of course, bullets. Other things

munications network. People still use bike

will have limited value. A freshly killed and

messengers today in places from New York

butchered deer is great, but without refriger-

City to Shanghai. Imagine how much more

ation, week old rotting deer meat is useless.

valuable those people will be when cell

Thus, success in the new economy will hinge

phones stop working.

on finding a balance.

Both individual phones and cell towers need


power. When the grid goes dead, it takes out

The best thing you can do for yourself and

bicycle gives you the power to negotiate better

your family is buy everyone a bicycle and

prices. In the time it takes someone on foot

make sure they know how to repair it. You

to walk to one vendor, you can bike to three,

dont have to wait for a crisis. This is something

negotiate with them all, and work out the best

any family can start now without raising

deal for yourself. Unlike people on foot, youll

any eyebrows. Exercise and mechanical skill

also have the ability to quickly get informa-

combined with quality family time will only

tion to and from nearby communities. This

earn respect from your neighbors and increase

can prove invaluable for anything from trade

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peoples ability to communicate. Having a

How To Make Money After Crisis

to warnings about potential hostilities.

of sinking into debt. If you think theres a reasonable chance of recovery, youll have your

But living off the grid means a lot more

entire life to pay it off. If things are truly grim,

than just losing cars. It will be incredibly

use that cash to invest in your future.

hard for people to adapt to living without

electricity. Most of us take electricity for

Also, keep in mind youre not going to be

granted in more ways than we imagine. Look

able to get as far into potential debt as you

at the windows in your house. Even in full

think. Most ATMs have a maximum $500

daylight, can you see well inside your home

per day withdrawal limit. Most banks have

or apartment without electric lights? Few

a maximum $5,000 cash withdrawal limit

kitchens have a wood or propane stove, so

for checking or savings accounts. The

all cooking is about to move outdoors. Our

reality is, you probably wont be able to get

entire perception of what buildings are for,

to all your money.

and how theyre used, will change.

This is why people still stash cash in secret

Going off the grid means no cars, no phones,

places around their homes in case of

and no electricity. If youre prepared to

emergency. Your grandparents arent crazy.

survive without those things, youll be one of

They lived through banks shutting their doors

the people who come out on top after a crisis.

and refusing to hand over peoples money.



In a true crisis, cash will only have value for

a limited period of time, so your next move
is to visit the grocery, hardware store, and
pawn shop for food, sundries, and guns. Keep

It takes a few days for even the most dev-

using your credit and debit cards for as long

astating crisis to fully set in. No one wants

as possible, wherever theyre willing to take

to believe this is the New Normal. Instead,

them. Save the cash for in-person transactions.

people will do their best to hold onto the



trappings of civilization. During this brief

transitional period, you have an opportunity
to transform some parts of your old life into
useful parts in the new one.

Youll obviously want to stock up on water,

For example, while you still have electricity

preserved food, gasoline, guns and ammuni-

and communications systems, take out the

tion. However, while everyone else is making

largest cash advance possible on your credit

a run on the pharmacy and frozen food, load

card. People understandably flinch at the idea

your cart up with these postcrisis trade goods.

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How To Make Money After Crisis


parts of the United States cant produce either

sugar cane or sugar beets. Even if youre in

This cannot be emphasized enough. Get

a sugar beet region, processing them into

as much salt as you can lay your hands

refined sugar is a massive undertaking.

on. Without refrigeration, salt is now your

main method of preserving food. Its also

Meanwhile, bees are suffering from colony

a necessity for the human body. If youre

collapse syndrome nationwide, so honey will

not near a salt mine or the ocean, salt will

be rare, precious, and expensive. In addition to

become difficult to replace. Go for the

stocking up on sugar, dont pass up the sugar

iodinized salt first, as it will have a higher

substitutes. Most of them have a highly concen-

value than the kosher salt and rock salt you

trated flavor, which means theyre lightweight

can get in larger bags. Use the iodinized salt

and easy to transport. Think of how many

for seasoning and the kosher and rock salt

servings of Splenda are in a box and how light

will be for preserving foods.

it is compared to a pound of sugar.


Minor Medical Supplies

We love hygiene. Most people dont have the

Pharmacies will be one of the first areas

faintest clue how to make soap from scratch,

looted, but in addition to prescription drugs,

nor do they have any real idea how long a

there will be a huge need for over the counter

bar of soap or bottle of body wash really

minor medical supplies. Band-aids, rubbing

lasts. Ignore the body washit doesnt last

alcohol, Neosporin, ACE bandages, and all the

as long and its harder to store. Instead, lay

other small things we take for granted in a

your hands on as many bars of hard soap as

minor injury will become major valuables.

you possibly can. In a few weeks, these will

become insanely valuable.

Practical Womens Shoes

Feminine Hygiene Products

Within a week, sneakers, work boots, and

solid, durable practical womens shoes will

Most ladies only have one box of these on

become an incredibly valuable long term

stock at a time. Eventually, people will learn

commodity. Many women will think they

how to make reusable pads (Etsy sells them

own a surplus of shoes, but most of those

now) but for the first four to six months after

shoes are likely to be decorative pairs of

a crisis, these are an invaluable commodity.

fashionable heels or sandals, many of them

Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

quite flimsy and made to fall apart in one to

Processed sugar might as well be gold. Most

form of transportation, useful womens shoes

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two seasons. Once feet become peoples main

How To Make Money After Crisis

will be a rare and valuable resource.

Be realistic when assessing your own goods.

Ask yourself what youll really miss in three



years rather than merely asking what you

can use tomorrow. Once youve made a
critical assessment, its time to emotionally

Once youve invested in everything you can

let go of things that other people will find

get your hands on, its time to take stock of

more valuable than you. There will always

your own valuables.

be people on the hunt for a novel or board

game to entertain them, for writing supplies,

Jewelry made from actual gold, silver, and

or for mementos of the way things used to

gemstones will retain value and be easy to

be. If you can emotionally let go of your past

transport, though in a pinch, people will likely

life, you can trade it in on valuable resources

prefer food or bullets to earrings or necklaces.

for the new normal.

These are more long term investments.

effectively gives you a guest room for mes-



sengers or merchants as well as well as a

For the first few weeks, people will essen-

place to house potential guests or allies if you

tially all be hunters and gatherers. Most of

run out of space indoors. If you need to move

the gathering will be scavenging supplies

quickly, youll want your camping supplies

from former retail outlets, offices, hones, and

and bicycles, so dont succumb to the tempta-

abandoned buildings. People will be focused

tion to sell your gear.

entirely on survival.

If a crisis happens in July, your winter

However, once everything worth looting has

boots and coat may look useless in the heat

been taken, people will settle into the new

of summer. However, in only four months

reality. For a little while, everyone is essen-

theyll be vital to survival. If you own books

tially going to end up a trader at a bazaar.

full of practical skills, like planting a garden,

You have nineteen pair of womens shoes,

carpentry without power tools, or butchering

someone else has fifty pounds of sugar, and

animals, those are suddenly very valuable.

some well prepared hunter has a freshly

Good cutlery such as Wusthof or Henkles

killed and fully dressed deer.

Camping gear is invaluable. Even if youre

in a stable, defensible house, camping gear

knives will be small, portable, and some of

For the short run, food will entirely replace

the most useful things you can own.

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currency. Youll measure somethings worth

How To Make Money After Crisis

in how many meals it will provide. If youre

in the fur. If a woman offers you canned

looking at a sturdy pair of shoes, theyll still

goods for reusable diapers, tell her to throw

be compared to enough meat to feed twelve

in a basket. Do your best to always be giving

people for a day.

people new, replenishable resources such as

meat, furs, and firewood in exchange for the

However, people are great at specialization.

more valuable processed industrial goods.

Hunters may end up at the top of the pack,

but people will still need safe drinking water,

As long as youre fair, consistent, and trus

cooked food, and clean clothes. If you dont

worthy, a merchant can also make a decent

have any specialized survival skills, you can

living as middlemen. People are accustomed

still make it in the new economy. Here are

to going to a store, handing over money, and

a dozen new entry level positions for post-

taking goods home. Even hardcore Ebay

crisis survivors.

addicts arent used to the time and energy it

takes to barter. A hunter could waste hours

Hunters Assistant

trying to haggle for the right price for meat,

or they could let you do it in, exchange for a

If youre already a marksman, youre most of

small cut. That frees up time for them to get

the way towards an excellent post-crisis career.

out and hunt more meat. Everybody wins.

If youre not a marksman but are skilled at

dressing or butchering an animal, you can still

Delivery Service or Messenger

be a valuable part of a hunting team.

If you were smart enough to invest in

Realistically, if you worked in an office, you

bicycles, you are well on your way to one of

got your meat from the grocery store and

the most valuable careers outside hunting.

never saw it with bulging eyes and bloody

We are information addicts. Thats not going

fur. If you have a strong stomach and are

to change. In fact, when information is more

willing to learn from a hunter, theyll need

difficult to come by, it increases in value.

people to help with the dressing, tanning,

butchering, and selling of meat. Plus, if

If you have a small fleet of bikes, you have

youre allied with a hunter, youll always

the potential to become the local informa-

know where your next meal is coming from.

tion broker. Someone has to do it, and that

someone wont be a person wasting gasoline.


If you dont have a fleet and family to set up

your own information empire, you can still in-

If you have a good stockpile of supplies you

dividually make a living moving information

can build this up over time instead of just

around and transporting anything you can

trading it away. First, never make a straight

carry in your backpack or in a bike basket.

food trade. If a hunter offers you a possum

for some medical supplies, tell them to throw
Absolute Rights Special Report

How To Make Money After Crisis


People from small families wont know how

to cook multiple gallons of soups and stews

If you happen to enjoy home brewing, you

which are about to become staple foods.

have an instant, excellent career option

A skilled cook can prevent everyone from

ahead of you. Historically, brewing has been

wasting valuable, limited food resources in

used to both purify water and preserve grain

exchange for a reasonable portion of what

through the winter. People learned to make

they prepare.

beer before they learned to make bread.

Your home distilling equipment can easily


be transformed from a hobby to a business.

Wood is about to become an incredibly

If youre clever, when you run out of grain

valuable commodity. People will need it

and hops, you can start brewing other things.

daily for everything from keeping warm to

The most difficult part of your job may be

cooking food. Cutting wood is more work

acquiring fresh yeast, so stock up on as much

than people think. If you can fell a tree with

as you can. Learning to cultivate wild yeast

something less powerful than a chainsaw

can be tricky, but much of Americas early

youre well on your way to having a resource

hard cider was brewed in open air contain-

worth trading for food. A small axe wont

ers where people hoped wild yeast would

cut it. You probably want a two man crosscut

settle, so youre not entirely out of luck if you

saw for felling the tree and a bucking saw for

do run out.

turning it into usable wood. This is a hard,

sweaty job best performed by three people


(the third keeps watch to make sure the tree

It seems like an obvious skill, but these

isnt about to fall in the wrong direction

days not many people know how to cook in

and also cycles in whenever one of the two

primitive conditions. A lot of people will insist

sawing tire out.)

they were great home cooks, but the success-

In addition to large firewood, people will also

ful postcrisis cook will need their own pots

need kindling. Someone who doesnt have a

and pans which can survive open flame or

saw but does have patience can gather the

other primitive cooking conditions. A $20

kindling necessary to make fires. It wont be

Teflon coated skillet will fall apart if put in a

quite as valuable as cutting down a tree, but

fire while a cast iron skillet and five gallon

selling kindling can still keep you fed.

steel stockpot will be great survival tools.

People used to low fat foods and nonstick

Salt Gatherer

coatings wont know how to cook in cast

If you live near the ocean, you can create

iron, which requires copious amounts of fat.

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an incredibly valuable resource. There are

How To Make Money After Crisis

several methods of producing salt from

recreational crafting. There are entire

seawater. The most primitive is to sand

competing chains of big box stores dedicated

down smooth sticks, char the exterior, then

to selling such supplies. It may not seem

plunge the hot sticks into the water and pull

obvious at first, but some of those skills will

them out quickly. Salt will crystallize on the

translate. If youve ever woven a basket from

exterior as the water evaporates. Brush the

scratch, both the basket and the skill to make

salt and ash into a collecting bag and keep

it have value. Laundry wont haul itself to

heating and plunging.

and from the nearest river, nor will firewood

pile itself to cure. With a little practice, you

You can also use any shallow clear plastic

can also create fish catching baskets which

container as an evaporative salt mine.

contribute to the food supply.

Simply pour a small amount of sea water (no

more than 1/8 to inch) into the bottom of


your clear plastic container and leave it out

Long before we had washing machines,

in the sun to evaporate. The shallower and

laundry was hard work. In a crisis, were

wider the container, the faster it goes. Clear

back to hand washing everything. Clothes

plastic tote lids are a good choice due to their

size and depth.

will no doubt be worn longer and harder

Small Engine Mechanic

stink and stains will drive people to get

than before the crisis, but after awhile, both

cleaned up. If you dont have any other mar-

There will always be a few people able

ketable skills and are willing to put in long

to generate power for precious electrical

hours on hard physical work, its better than

equipment. If you can fix anything from

farm labor.

a motorcycle engine to a food processors

motor, youll never want for work.

Farm Labor

Night Watchman

Everyone wants to believe theyll be a farmer,

but realistically, if youve never grown so

Some people will have more resources than

much as a home vegetable garden, youre

others. They cant stay awake all the time.

most likely to end up working for someone

If all you have is a gun or crossbow and a

else. Its hard, back breaking labor for little

willingness to use them, guards will be more

reward and no appreciation, but if it comes

valuable than ever.

down to doing that or starve, farmers always

have and always will need farmhands.

A lot of women today are very skilled at

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How To Make Money After Crisis

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