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Uh teil Virginia Evans Laie soils Teacher’s Guide Virginia Evans Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate, Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the World. ‘www Jongman.com © Virginia Pagoulatou-Viachou 1992 All sights reserved. No part of his publication may be reproduced, stored in a retieval system, or transmited in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior wien permission of ‘he copyright holder. Photocopying The Publisher grants permission for the photocopying of those pages marked with a copyright line according tothe following Conditions. Individual purchasers may make copies for their own use or for use by classes they teach. School purchasers may make copies for use by their statt and students, but this permission does not extend to additional schools or branches. Under no circumstances may ary Peart of this book be photocopied for resale. First published in 1992 by B & E Viachou ~ “Express Publications” First published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited 1995. This edition published by Pearson Education Limited 2003. Fourth impression 2005 llustrated by Chris Zmertis Printed in Spain by Mateu Gromo ISBN 0582 82344 7