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Introduction ................................................................................................................................... 2
1.1) Describe the main stages of the purchase decision making process.................................... 3
1.2) Explain theories of buyer behavior in terms of individuals and markets ............................ 4
1.3) Explain the factors that affect buyer behavior ..................................................................... 5
1.4) Evaluates the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchasing 6
2.1) Evaluate different types of market research techniques. ..................................................... 7
2.2) Use sources of secondary data in two market research contexts (situations) ...................... 8
2.3) Assess the validity and reliability of market research findings ........................................... 9
2.4) Propose a Marketing Research for the chosen company of your study. Your proposal
should be no more than 2 pages and include the following points: .......................................... 10
Conclusion ................................................................................................................................... 12
References .................................................................................................................................... 13

CellphoneS was founded by a group of students Foreign Trade University in 2007 and
originally named CellphoneUK. Company at the forefront in bringing the latest products in
Vietnam. CellphoneUK known through the village with extremely rare product technology. In
2009, CellphoneUK are honored to become the "ambassador of LG Gold Sclass". In 2011,
officially renamed CellphoneUK to be CellphoneS with a slogan: beFirst.Always. So far,
company has all 10 sales locations across the country, with revenues of other great numbers.

One thing in particular, the company's customers, regardless of age, but the target
customers of the company are young people, with a passion for technology, and are willing to
experiment with the latest products.

1.1) Describe the main stages of the purchase decision making process
When referring to a concept in Marketing: "Consumer Buying Behavior", most of us feel
rather vague and it is not entirely clear. So, I will begin to define and analyze the concept of a
simple way. First of all, purchase behavior is a
decision-making process and the behavior of
those includes buying and using products. Buying
behavior of consumers mention the final decision
in buying behavior of consumers. To finding
more about "Consumer Buying Behavior", the
paragraph will follow the five stages of the
buying decisions of consumers. Rather than
repeat theory, I will direct and analysis applies
"Consumer Buying Behavior" on my behavior
with mobile company (CellphoneS). First, in this
period - recognition problems, a consumer recognize or realize that their desired state is different
from the reality of their condition. Apply for myself, when I feel old phones obsolete, slow
operating system, I have some money saved from before, I decided to go buy a new phone to
satisfy the demand of myself. In the search phase, I will realize that what I should demand in a
smart phone, I will learn and research through social networking sites, the poster of the store, the
popular tech site. Once I have selected the necessary information, to stage 3, I will evaluate his
options. Because I always have good ideas of exactly what I wanted, so I made a comparison
between the products of CellphoneS and substitutes by
elements of strength, weaknesses, etc. Stage 4 is the time I
will review and make a final decision whether to choose the
product or not cellphones and will proceed to the payment
process. In the final stage, I decide whether I feel satisfied or
dissatisfied with the results of purchase. This is where
cognitive dissonance occurs, "Did I make the right decision."
If I satisfied or dissatisfied with their decision, I will give the
personal views for cellphones to help them get the experience

for the customer later.

1.2) Explain theories of buyer behavior in terms of individuals and markets

In fact, the marketing analyst CellphoneS always wanted to study the behavior of
customers in the buying process. There are plenty of simple models shown are purchasing
behavior. But a model is widely accepted to be the technology products is Adoption model.



model, in order to




need to create the

desired customer and
must take all steps of







products technology,
should go from step 1
to step 4 can last
weeks, months and sometimes even years to investigate. Assuming that all the company's
activities are focused on one target customer. With the first phase (Awareness), CellphoneS use
these promotions to introduce a client to know the company's products, are exposed to the
product. But the bottom line is the customer's attitude may the neutral level, they may not be
evident. In step two (Interest), to stimulate the desire of the customer, CellphoneS can hold the
event, the event notification feature of the product line attractive to customers, create their
eagerness to forcing them to learn about the product. And now is time that the consumer will

decide what information is really needed, they are introducing what products useful or not, there
should always buy the product or not. At this stage (Evalution), customers have too many
thoughts, if you want to accelerate to purchase process, they should consider the organization of
the event for be experience for customers at stage 4 (trial). These events help customers get the
best experience so they can go to the final stage of the Adoption (or rejection). The problem here
is CellphoneS analysis should start from an analysis of one target customers. The reason is that if
the customer is a target customer of company, from him/her, a company can predict the behavior
of a group of target customers. So CellphoneS can build themselves the necessary actions based
on theoretical models purchasing behavior of customers (individual and market)
1.3) Explain the factors that affect buyer behavior
When I look at the factors deciding to buy CellphoneS phone, I have considered based on
three major factors: Social factors, Personal factors and Psychological factors.
Personal factors: I also use two factors to assess their decision before deciding to
buy products of CellphoneS. Prepared with the aim of buying a new phone, I
based on two factors Income and Life style: I have save money before, combined
with a small of income monthly to buy a modern phone that has a high systems
and trendy. However, the buying behavior of mine will be effected if existing the
gap between wanting product and money I had. Because, I can find easily a
mobile that ensure high operation, trendy, but my income cannot purchase, I will
not buying it.
Social Factors: I still live with my parents, so buying a new phone - an expensive
product, I have to consider and listen to the opinions of parents. So my shopping
behavior dependent on family, if my parents say no, I definitely would not buy a
phone that I want and vice versa.
Psychological factors: I can say pretty much affected the psychology of people
born outside Vietnam. At the line of CellphoneS, I can find two product lines to
satisfy two needs are highly configurable and trendy. The bottom line between
two lines of products are price and brand (Sony with China). With the same
configuration, China products are cheaper than the Sony's brand. But with my

mentality, I cannot buy the right with the desired configuration but I still would
choose the Sony brand.
In fact, to be able to make a perfect decision for buying the phone I chose, I love
combining all these factors together, and think about them in the same time. It may be the time
when I was standing in front of the CellphoneS retailer before Purchase process or in the process
information research at home.
1.4) Evaluates the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat
With CellphoneS, they define their target customers are young people, technology
enthusiasts and are willing to
invest a sum of not less for the




relationships with customers

through services, utilities that




example, I bought a smart

phone in the Xperia ZL at
CellphoneS. When I bought
the phone, I was had a free gift
beat headphone (value: 2million). It is bundled with this phone Xperia ZL. Another way to help
increase the company's reputation, CellphoneS installed a genius soft in my phone. This software
will help me keep track machine, check for updates automatically and report the fault of the
machine for I, I feel it's very handy. Since then I feel more trust at the CellphoneS, and often
purchase products in store. Another form to help companies develop a relationship with me when
I buy products, they give me a platinum card customers (15% discount all products). This move
helps me feel my company very seriously and want to have a relationship with my sturdy.

Brands can be defined as a new form of the product, service or organization but having a
recognition, name and an image. Brand promise is what consumers will get when they buy a
product or service of your brand. Brand Image
(brand image): Is that all what customers draws
from a brand. These concepts build on and
complement each other (Brand brings Brand
promise create Brand Image) In CellphoneS,
managers had built a brand promise to customers
"Be first. Always" They always want their
customers who want have experienced in the new
products first. Therefore the image of the company associated with trust comes from younger
customers who crave the first to use a new product. Cellphones have created a strong brand
image and always bring success in business. If cellphones do not have a strong brand name,
make sure the company is just like every small private phone store and no voice in the market.
2.1) Evaluate different types of market research techniques.
"Marketing research is about researching the whole of a company's marketing process."
Palmer (2000). CellphoneS want to get an effective marketing campaign, they need to come from
the essential requirements of the company. Currently, the company wants to expand a branch in
the Long Bien district. To do that, company needs to find out which items customers want to
experience and purchase; is location appropriate. So the company can use these methods to
gather information as "Observation, Interview, Questionnaire, Focus group". Each method has
good views and bad views. For example, the Interview, can gather information quickly but
sometimes the information is not true, and sometimes people are uncomfortable with interviews.
On the "Focus Group", this method has advantages such as cheap and fast information obtained
than "Interview" and deeper, but the data can be obtained lacked actual, and very difficult to
handle information. So, with the current business model of the company, the two methods
"Observation, Questionnaire" is most appropriate. In terms of "Observation" of CellphoneS
managers can observe customers into the store to buy what product they like, observe whether
what the best product they want to use. Also, with this method, CellphoneS can be observed and
choose positioned in the area of Long Bien district. In terms of the remaining "Questionnaire"

CellphoneS can be combined questionnaire survey on their forum. An online questionnaire was
designed for the customers when they want to see the product remotely on website. In addition,
companies can use paper questionnaires to give to their customers when they buy and see the
product at store. Finally, if CellphoneS want to have a good database, they need to apply the best
techniques. Through above technique, company can get the best ideas to grow business in Long
Bien district area.
2.2) Use sources of secondary data in two market research contexts (situations)
Return to the needs of companies, CellphoneS're looking for a location to expand the
business side of Long Bien district area. This is a completely new area that the company decided
to invest in development. However, all database clients of the company are not used. The
company will have to use the other secondary sources to renew data in new location. To save
time and effort, CellphoneS can use to the database has been collected from various sources.
Here, the data that companies should collect is: the level of customer consumption Long Bien
district area, population structure, income. (All information of secondary sources the company
can find on Internet)

Level of consumption and population structure: Finding out what the level
customer's consumption is a very real problem that CellphoneS should conducted.
Because if the company chose to place shop in that area, they need to check the
frequency of buying high tech of customer, or the company's business will not be
high. Besides, it would be difficult to obtain information on this matter. One way
can help companies get things they want, the company review the financial
statements of a number of technology companies such as Tran Anh, HC center. If
sales of the company in the field of high technology, it is possible Cellphones
identify the level of consumption of the people here. In addition, companies
should seek information about population structure. According to the Department
of Statistics (http://gso.gov.vn/), Long Bien district has a young population is
quite high, so easy to predict target customers for CellphoneS is quite high. With
these factors the company can fully get the data to make decisions

Income: Another factor is the customer's income. CellphoneS also need to pay
attention to this factor. Because the main items of cellphones is high quality

product with a price in the mid-range and high. If customer turnover is not high,
they will not seek to purchase CellphoneS. Fortunately, according to the GSO
(http://gso.gov.vn), Long Bien district revenue is relatively high per capita, thus
placing a branch here will perfectly reasonable for CellphoneS. With its products,
the company's products in accordance with the income of people in Long Bien
District will create good conditions for the business situation of the company.
2.3) Assess the validity and reliability of market research findings
The key for successful of a market research findings focus on 2 elements as brief and
quality of the research brief.
A researcher may wish to acquire a quality questionnaire based on cognitive psychology
and customers behavior, they must adhere to the following steps of the process:

Set the objective of the research

Define the research problem

Assess the value of the research

Construct the research proposal

Specify data collection method (s)

Specify technique (s) of measurement

Select the sample

Data collection

Analysis of results

Presentation of final report

If you have followed the above steps complete, a full report and have obtained good
evaluation results depend on whether or not the problem that it solved by questionnaire in
research. For example, if CellphoneS wants to establish questionnaire to survey the quality of
products in recent times and the level of customer satisfaction in terms of quality staff. But if in
the second step of the questionnaire to identify the wrong company research issues (wrong is
satisfaction level of customers for product in recent times), then the next step is to do the matter
will makes the final data analysis is not possible and not right. So a study table called well or not,

when it is properly defined the right research problem and has a data background information
fully and accurately.
In many situations, the questions in the questionnaire are correct but still get the answer
wrong or vice versa is perfectly normal. For example, there are questionnaires the following
question: "Would you like to purchase and experience products at CellphoneS?" answer can get
"No, I used to buy and experience products with my friends. This is a case where the person
making the questionnaire cannot understand what the question is asked, so they had answered the
question wrong purpose.
2.4) Propose a Marketing Research for the chosen company of your study. Your proposal
should be no more than 2 pages and include the following points:
Rationale: In 2013-2014 was a year witnessed many changes in the technology market
worldwide. Many vendors have released products is extremely delicate to the touch and
flawless satisfy almost all customers. Everything is spinning around a rotation
technology, is not except Vietnam. In our country, there are too many large technology
companies like FPT, Tran Anh, HC center, etc. become the top and also many small
companies began to emerge (e.g. CellphoneS typically). Therefore, to achieve sustainable
development and afford to compete, with the big capital is not enough, the company
needs to expand its area of operation. But with information and customer data of the
company is still lacking in the inner-city neighborhood. Therefore, this study will help
the company additional data needed, and can determine the appropriate factors to make
investment decisions branches in new locations.
Scope and Sampling: The research was made in Long Bien District for observation and
questionnaire for all people click online of companys website and who come the store at
Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District.
Research question:
o What is the level of target customer converge at Long Bien District?
o Is Long Bien District comfortable for company to develop business?
Research method and tools: In this study, both approaches using data collected as
primary data and secondary date will be used. To be able to get the information flexibly

and accurately, CellphoneS used as observation, questionnaires (online and paper), the
available data obtained from external sources (the Internet).
Resources and Work plan

Budget (VND)






Designing questionnaire and plan

Finishing preparation





Make questionnaire to Long Bien

Observation at store







Collect and Analyze primary data


10 - 12

Collect and Analyze secondary data


10 12

To sum up the entire database


15 16


16 18




Prepare plan and proposal

Final presentation



Through information, techniques and research methods in the analysis, the article
provides a look for CellphoneS Company to have specific research. The company may have
more choices when doing survey research; then, they may have the right decision in choosing the
next branch to develop the business of company

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