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Case: State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson Transcript of: Grand Jury Volume V Date: September 16, 2014 This transcript is printed on 100% recycled paper Gor: Rea 515 Olive Street, Suite 300 St. Louis, MO 63101 (314) 241-6750 1-800-878-6750 Fax: (314) 241-5070 Email: Internet: < > State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson Grand Jury Volume V September 16, 2014 Page 195 to the Ferguson Police Department, he had blood on his hands reported. He wasn't photographed, nobody knows how much blood he had on his hands, anything left in vehicle? A That's a good question. I don't know. I don't know that Sergeant vehicle was looked at. ew Ao es wn : Okay. 9 MS. WHIRLEY: Anything else? Kathi? 10 MS. ALIZADEH: I've got nothing else. 11 Again, you were active in other aspects of this 12 investigation and should we need to recall you on a 13. future date, would you be available to testify? 14 A I would. 15 MS. ALIZADEH: All right. Nothing 16 further. 17 (This is the end of 18 testimony.) 19 (Recess) 20 MS. ALIZADEH: This is Kathi Alizadeh. It 21 is about 3:20 on the 16th of September. We are 22 about to call our final witness, Darren Wilson. And 23. as usual, Sheila and I will be asking him questions 24 and you are free to ask questions either 25 interrupting or wait until the end, however you feel Gore Perry Reporting and Video FAX 314-241-6750 314-241-6750 Electronically slaned by qbidi tab Ofhe-4c¥8.0004-0teb0Sbiidas Electronically slaned by State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson Grand Jury Volume V September 16, 2014 Page 196 | 1 is better for the flow of things. | 2 He is here and prepared to answer | 3 questions. 1 would tell you that any conversations | 4 that he has had with his attorney, because you heard | 5 him talk and we have heard testimony that he has had | 6 an attorney during parts of this, anything that he | 7 and his attorney have talked about are what we call | 8 privileged communications. And so you can't ask him | 9 about what did you tell your attorney or what did | 10 your attorney say about that, all right. | 1. Any other questions that you think are | 12 relevant are fair game, but the communications | 13. between anyone and their attorney are privileged and | 14 we can't inquire about that, all right? all riont. | 15 That being said, I am going to let him walk in and | 16 get sworn. | 7 DARREN WILSON, | 18 of lawful age, having been first duly sworn to | 19 testify the truth, the whole truth, and | 20 nothing but the truth in the case aforesaid, | 21 deposes and says in reply to oral | 22 interrogatories, propounded as follows, to-wit: | 23 EXAMINATION | 24 BY MS. WHIRLEY: | 25 @ So introduce yourself to the grand jurors, | Gore Perry Reporting and Video FAX 314-241-6750 314-241-6750 “eb3d11a0-0'9a-4c75.9984-a1a9bSb2fdas