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Tonya Sadler Grayson We Te October 22, 2014 Dear Mike Miles, A few months ago, | briefly mentioned to you one of the hostile encounters | had with Trustee Nutall. Although all of my interactions with her have been unpleasant because of her false attacks of me, my experience in June was particularly uncomfortable. Since we haven't made the time to discuss, ! wanted to be sure that at the least | provide you details of this incident. During the June Board Meeting, | was approached by Trustee Nutall in the hall, outside the Board Auditorium. She was visibly upset and spoke fast and loudly. It was unexpected, but { quickly realized that her anger was towards me. Trustee Nutall continuously accused me of “treating people like trash”. She told me that | was no better than anybody and would probably not be working at the District long, Trustee Nutall advised me to start watching my back because people should be treated with dignity, not like | treat them. She went on to say that most of the folks in HCM don’t know what they are doing because they are new, like me. Trustee Nutall spoke continuously as | listened, and finally | asked about the nature of the accusations. She said that | should have let the folks that were fired for recruiting athletes quit or retire. She elaborated more by saying they have been with the District longer than me and | didn’t have the right to just fire them. | listened respectfully, but looked around repeatedly for assistance because | was unsure of Trustee Nutall’s intentions. Previously, | heard that Trustee Nutall hit a DISD executive, and | didn’t want to be her next target. About four minutes expired when Dr. Blackburn intervened and inquired about the nature of Trustee Nutall’s and my conversation. Trustee Nutall informed Dr. Blackburn that she wanted to know why | was walking around treating people like trash, like | was better than them. Trustee Nutail then turned to me and requested that | answer the question. | advised Trustee Nutall that | am a professional and do not treat people like trash. She sighed and stated, “You are one of them”, ‘A few hours later, | was sitting with Dr. Blackburn and Deno Harris in the “Chief and Executive Director” dinner area. Trustee Nutall walked into the dinner area and commented to Dr. Blackburn that she thought he would be wherever | was. She then accused Dr. Blackburn and me of “doing something”. Trustee Nutall sat in the chair directly in front of me and began to verbally attack me. She stated that she didn’t believe that | answered her question earlier as to why | treated people like trash, Without a pause, Trustee Nutall said she also heard | was trying to get rid of all the people in HCM so | could hire some more “new news”. | asked what was a “new new”. Trustee Nutall looked at me, sighed and responded, “You don’t know what a new new is - do you know what a Trick is - it’s like you”. | was very offended by her comments, but said nothing, out of respect. Dr. Blackburn interjected and suggested that Trustee Nutall calm down. Trustee Nutall turned to me and said, “You must not hang out in the hood”. | assured her that | did not “hang out” in the hood, She then made a sound and said, “You ain't black - You are one of Miles’ people”. Trustee Nutall continuously made comments about me being new and stated that | was hungry for power. As one of my Directors walked in the dinner room, Deno Harris dismissed himself. Dr. Blackburn started a conversation with my Director, and my employee addressed the question to me, Trustee Nutall inserted herself by stating, “Nobody wants to talk to Tonya - You see, Tonya and | don’t see eye-to-eye - She ain’t one of us sister girls”. Dr. Blackburn suggested that we all get back to the Board Meeting. As you can imagine, | never expected to be treated like Trustee Nutall treated me at the June Board Meeting, Again, Trustee Nutall has repeatedly made snide, unkind comments to me both before and after the June Board Meeting; however, | continue to try to avoid her when Possible. | understand as an executive, | must interact professionally with the Board Members, but it should also be expected that Trustee Nutall would also be professional at all times. Again, since we were unable to speak about this situation | want to be sure | share my concerns with you, in the instance | am verbally or physically attacked by Trustee Nutall. Honestly, | fear coming in close contact with her. As always, | appreciate your support and time. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please let me know, Thanks, Sincerely, — Aina fad ag Tonya Sadler Grayson Executive Director —HR Operations Human Capital Management To: Whom it may concern eee From: Freddie L Jackson, Driver / Security Dallas ISD__/ “~ Subject: Trustee Brenadette Nutall Date: 10-21-2014 On Wednesday 10-15-2014 at around 8:30 am, | was asked to meet with Trustee Nutall concerning an incident that occurred between her and Superintendent Mike Miles at Billy Dade Middle School earlier in the week. Upon meeting with the trustee, she wanted to know why, as a black man, | did not come between her and Mr. Miles to prevent the uniformed Police officers from physically removing her from the school. | told Mrs. Nutall | could not have interfered with the lawful duties of the officers without being arrested myself. | also work for the Superintendent, and was not asked by him to say or do anything to Mrs. Nutall. | felt that it was not a racial incident and that the action taken was appropriate for a person who was acting loud and disorderly in a school. Mrs. Nutall went on to say she was disappointed and had lost some respect for me not coming to the aid of a black woman, who was being treated that way by anyone, not just police. | told Trustee Nutall that if the situation had been different, being, if she was being treated that way by just anyone | would have come to her aid as | would for any woman . At the time, | thought it was unusual for a Trustee to question an employee concerning this type of incident. This statement was made by me voluntarily.