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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology Lesson Plan Template

The First Thanksgiving

April Newman
Grade 4/ Social Studies

Common Core Standards:

Grade Four
The fourth-grade year focuses on the early development of Ohio and the United States. Students learn about the history, geography, government and
economy of their state and nation. Foundations of U.S. history are laid as students study prehistoric Ohio cultures, early American life, the U.S.
Constitution, and the development and growth of Ohio and the United States. Students begin to understand how ideas and events from the past have
shaped Ohio and the United States today.
Content Statements:
Content Statements:
1. The order of significant events in Ohio and 3. Various groups of people have lived in Ohio over time including prehistoric and historic
the United States can be shown on a
American Indians, migrating settlers and immigrants. Interactions among these groups have
resulted in both cooperation and conflict.
2. Primary and secondary sources can be
used to create historical narratives.

4. The 13 colonies came together around a common cause of liberty and justice, uniting to fight
for independence during the American Revolution and to form a new nation.
5. The Northwest Ordinance established a process for the creation of new states and specified
democratic ideals to be incorporated in the states of the Northwest Territory.
6. The inability to resolve standing issues with Great Britain and ongoing conflicts with American
Indians led the United States into the War of 1812. Victory in the Battle of Lake Erie
contributed to American success in the war.
7. Sectional issues divided the United States after the War of 1812. Ohio played a key role in
these issues, particularly with the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad.
8. Many technological innovations that originated in Ohio benefited the United States.

Lesson Summary:
This lesson was created to explore and build upon knowledge of the First Thanksgiving. Students will integrate
videos, a timeline of events and a brief story using technology. Stories and timeline must have clear and
concise settings and times. The app the students will use is Glogster to create their presentation. After all
presentations are finished, the students will present their work on smart board.
Estimated Duration:
Five 50 minute class periods.

To begin this lesson, I will ask students to discuss Thanksgiving their meaning of it and some of their own
traditions verbally amongst the class. Student will be asked to watch sample videos, and look at images related
to Thanksgiving and its history. I will hook the students by asking them to brainstorm will each other, this
time after watching videos, and seeing various images of The First Thanksgiving. Students will be asked to
then create a Timeline and informational brochure for The First Thanksgiving and present to the class using a
smart board.

Instructional Procedures:
Day 1:
First 10 minutes: Introductory activity- the teacher will give a brief summary to students about the assignment
and whats going to take place and be expected of the class.
For the next 25 minutes: As a class the teacher will begin by exploring information about the First
Thanksgiving. The teacher will show the class videos from As a class we will then discuss
important events and start a basic time line of the start of Thanksgiving. I will also ask students to raise their
hands and give insight to their families Thanksgiving.
The last 5 minutes allotted we will begin introduction of the Mayflower.
Day 2:
First we will begin with a brief 5-10 review of the previous lesson of exploring The Mayflower and First
For the next 20 minutes I will instruct students to browse through different videos and images explaining
pieces and bits of information from what we have reviewed.
The last 10-15 minutes the teacher will introduce letters from children Pilgrims and Indians. The teacher will
read 2 letters aloud to the class and finish the allotted time with class discussion about the letters.
Day 3:
30 minutes The teacher will have students create their own time line of events on The First Thanksgiving using
the app Glogster. Students will begin uploading the videos and images they have researched and begin their
timeline of events.
The last 10 minutes the teacher will have a class discussion about the research efforts.
Day 4:
Students will be allotted 10 minutes to finish up their time lines.
For the next 30 minutes I will ask students to show their work to the class on the classs smart board.

Day 5:

The first 15 minutes will be used to go over the remaining timeline Glogster presentation.
The next 15 minutes the students will complete a multiple choice 7 question quiz about the 2 letters we read in
class from the Child Pilgrim and Indian.
The last 10 minutes of class will be used to go over the quiz given.

The class and teacher will have a discussion about what the students do and do not know about the First
Thanksgiving. I will ask the class to discuss what Thanksgiving means to them.
Scoring Guidelines:
Teacher will listen and review students timeline presentation. Teacher will use his/ or her judgement
to grade how well students presented timeline.
The teacher will present a 10 question handwritten multiple choice quiz.
Scoring Guidelines:
Students will be graded on both the 10 question handwritten quiz and Timeline presentations.

Differentiated Instructional Support

Students in accelerated learning or TAG Talented and Gifted will be required to make a Q code and podcast
information from their timelines.
Students struggling with material will have the option to view and listen to the podcasts created by the students
in the TAG program.

All information for this lesson was generated from this web site.

Homework Options and Home Connections

Teacher is going to ask students to discuss their Thanksgiving plans with their parents or gaurdians and write a
short time line of their Thanksgiving events.

Interdisciplinary Connections
With this lesson plan. Students are learning on a multitude of subjects. Students will integrate reading and
comprehension. Students will also be using grammar and spelling practices as well.
Materials and Resources:

For teachers

Computer Lab, smartboard, internet access

For students

Computer lab, smartboard, internet acess, 1 sheet of notebook paper, 1 pen or pencil

Key Vocabulary
Thanksgiving, Mayflower, pilgrim, indian, feast,

Additional Notes