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A project proposal of the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA), Santiago City, Office of the
City Mayor
Cremation has become one of the most popular ways to preserve the remains and ashes of our
loved ones in spirit. Other reasons why we cremate our deceased maybe due to the lack of burial space
in the cemetery especially if the citys population is fast growing like the City of Santiago in Isabela.
Cremation is becoming acceptable to Filipinos because of its practicality and economical reasons.
Sometimes, people are not attracted anymore to traditional burial rites and would want to
simplify their funeral and memorial process which cremation allows them to do. In fact, caskets will just
be rented if our dead will be cremated.
Cremation might also be preferable for environment reason. Traditional burial is a known source
of certain environmental contaminants with the coffin itself being the major contaminants.
In view of this, the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) under the Office of the City Mayor
has come up with the proposal for the establishment of a crematorium in the City of Santiago, the first
ever in region 2.
The following is a rough estimate of the needs and cost of putting up a crematory building:
1. LOT if necessary, the lot to be purchased should be a government-controlled lot with an
area of 1,000 square meters, more or less.
2. Building/Structure the building is simple and should be located and constructed on a place
far from crowd and congestion. We can consult an experienced engineer to prepare or draw
a standard plan of a crematorium, and probably with one (1) cremation chamber.
3. Amenities/Future Plans Later, we can add some amenities like a chapel, waiting area,
bonery, vaults for keeping the urns, flowers and souvenir shop, convenient parking area and
video library of your memories with your loved ones.
4. Staffing Pattern the OSCA under the Office of the City Mayor will be the ones to supervise
the management and operation of the Citys crematorium in coordination with the CSWD.

Senior citizen and the elderly can likewise avail of their usual discount privilege and perhaps, if
the crematorium is already in full swing, the city government can even offer free cremation for senior
citizens and even to poor residents of Santiago City who wish to have their dead cremated can also avail
of free cremation service to make life easier for indigent residents. (Example: Manila North Cemetery)

Prepared by:

Cynthia C. Cruz
Member, OSCA