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I. Choose the best answer.

1. It seems that whenever I travel abroad, I

A. forgot

B. am forgetting

to take something I need. C. forget

D. had forgotten

2. “Hurry up! We

for you. What’s taking so long?”


for an important phone call. Go ahead and leave without me.”


wait – wait

B. were waiting – will wait


have been waiting – am waiting

D. will wait – have waited

3. The plane’s departure was delayed because of mechanical difficulties. When the weary

passengers finally boarded the aircraft, many were annoyed and irritable because they in the airport for three and a half hours.

A. are waiting

B. have been waiting

C. were waiting

D. had been waiting

4. “Robert is going to be famous someday. He “I’m sure he’ll be a star.”

A. has been appearing B. has appeared

5. “Where’s Polly?” “She ”

in three movies already.”

C. had appeared

D. appeared


is in her room studying

B. studies in her room


in her room is studying

D. has in her room studied

6. “Hello? Alice? This is Jeff. How are you?”

“Jeff? What a coincidence! I


was just thinking

about you when the phone rang.” B. have just been thinking


just thought

D. was just thought

7. “What

about the new simplified tax law?”

“It’s more confusing than the old one.”


are you thinking

B. have you thought


do you think

D. have you been thinking

8. “When is Mr. Fields planning to retire?”

“Soon I think. He after that.”

A. worked

here for a long time. He’ll probably retire either next year or the year

B. has been working

C. had been working

D. is working

9. Homestead High School’s football team

a championship until last season, when the new

coach led them to win the first place in their league.


has never won

B. had never been winning


is never winning

D. had never won

10. Fish are among the earliest forms of life. Fish

on earth for ages and ages.



B. are existing

C. exist

D. have existed

11. The earth

on the sun for heat and light.


is depended

B. depending

C. has depended

D. depends

12. The phone

constantly since Jack announced his candidacy for president this morning.

A. has been ringing

B. had rung

C. rang

13. “Is it true that spaghetti don’t originate in Italy?”

D. had been ringing

“Yes. The Chinese


A. have been making

spaghetti dishes for a long time before Marco Polo brought it back to

B. had been making

C. have made

D. make

14. “I once saw a turtle that had wings. The turtle flew into the air to catch insects.”

“Stop kidding. I

A. don’t believe


B. didn’t believe

C. am not believing

15. Here’s an interesting statistic: On a typical day, the average person How many words did you speak today?

D. wasn’t believing about 48,000 words.

A. spoke

B. was speaking

C. speaks

16. After ten unhappy years, Janice finally quit her job. She

time before she finally decided to look for a new position.

A. hadn’t been getting B. didn’t get

C. isn’t getting

D. is speaking along with her boss for a long

D. hasn’t been getting

17. A minor earthquake occurred at 2:07 a.m. on January 3 rd . Most of the people in the village


at the time and didn’t even know it

until the next morning.


slept – occurred

B. had slept – would occur


were sleeping – had occurred

D. sleep – was occurring

18. The little girl started to cry. She

A. has lost

B. had lost

her doll, and no one was able to find it for her.

C. was losing

D. was lost

19. According to research reports, people usually

A. turn

B. are turning

in their sleep 25 to 30 times each night.

C. have turned

D. turned

20. Jane’s eyes burned and her shoulders ached. She Finally, she took a break.

at the computer for five straight hours.


is sitting

B. has been sitting

C. was sitting

D. had been sitting

21. The word “stupid” was in my report but it



didn’t refer to

B. wasn’t referred to

C. referred with

D. referring to

22. I’m sorry I’m late. I

in the traffic.


hold up

B. held up

C. have held up

D. got held up

23. When did you discover that the money



was disappeared

B. had disappeared


had been disappeared

D. has disappeared

24. Naturally this vase is expensive. After all, it

believed to be over three hundred years old.

A. is

25. The streets

B. will be

C. was

to the city centre on Christmas Eve

D. had been with people and traffic.


led – packed

B. leading – were packed


which leading – pack

D. to lead – packing

in the heart of Ho Chi Minh

26. The Notre Dame Cathedral,

between 1877 and 1883,

City’s administrative centre.

A. built – is set

B. was built – was set

C. built – set

27. He had not had a chance to come back to his hometown

university in the US.

D. building – is set he finished his studying at a


up to

B. still

C. until

D. to

28. They reached their hotel

after landing at the airport.



B. hardly

C. shortly

D. scarcely

29. The teacher

him because he sometimes came to class late.

A. gets angry with

B. gets angry at

30. This wet weather has lasted for 3 weeks now;

C. got angry about

D. got angry with

rained every single day.


there has

B. there was

C. it has

D. it was

31. Billiards

his favorite game when a boy.




B. are

C. was

D. were

32. The valuables we had

stolen the other day.




B. were

C. be

D. being

33. There was nobody around. John was standing where he


had left

B. had been left

C. has left

D. has been left

34. Every man, woman, and child




B. love

C. loved

D. loving

35. The statistics in this report




B. was

C. are

D. has been

36. Goods cannot be dispatched

payment details have been confirmed.



B. by the time

C. until

D. no sooner

37. your kindness and generosity. I don’t know what I’d do without you.



am really appreciating


really appreciate

B. will really have appreciated D. have been really appreciating

38. Apparently, Jackson

his resignation for some time before he finally left.


was considered

B. had been considering


used to consider

D. has considered

39. The tennis tournament

held at the sports center but at the last minute the venue


A. has been

B. would be

C. was going to be

D. is to be


“Did the owner admit starting the fire herself?” “In the end. The police

her for some time.”


had suspected

B. were suspected

C. were suspecting

D. would suspect


“We decided to cancel our vacation.” “What a shame! You

the trip for ages.”


have planned

B. had been planning

C. are planning

D. were planned


Last time I saw Liz, she

her new job.



used to start

B. was about to start

C. is going to start

D. is starting


All applicants

out this form on arrival.



are filled

B. to fill

C. filling

D. are to fill


The staff has known

that they might lose their jobs.



B. for long

C. so far

D. for a while


“Are you over your illness now?” “Almost, but I

tired easily.”


still get

B. have still got

C. will still have got

D. still am getting


The minute the document


you must take it to the director’s office.


is arriving

B. will arrive

C. arrived


“I got the job as summer camp counselor.” “You were lucky

D. arrives from so many candidates.”


having been chosen

B. getting them to choose


to have been chosen

D. to have chosen


The pay cuts

causing the workers to strike.


were blamed on

B. are blamed in


were blamed for

D. have been blamed for


“Should we call Mike and get him to bring his CDs?”


“It’s too late now. He

home already.”



was supposed to leave


B. will have left


A & B are correct

D. could be leaving


“The dining room is already now, isn’t it?” “No, I

some flowers.”


must still have arranged


B. had to arranged


still have to arrange

D. would have to arrange


By the time the shop opened at 9 o’clock,


the shop-assistant unlocked the door

B. everything had already been sold


there was a queue of people waiting

D. we spent rather a lot of money that day


We didn’t see the sign warning about the bull,

A. yet it was an unpleasant encounter for the tourists


B. or we wouldn’t have dared to enter the field


C. that was posted quite high on the gate

D. because we thought it would be safe


The best magnifying glasses can make things

A. look 10 to 20 times larger than they actually are


B. look larger 10 to 20 times than they are actually


C. 10 to 20 times larger than they are actually

D. look larger than 10 to 20 times they are actually




it can often be more beneficial to have a vocational qualification.


A. Not until a lot of people were able to get university degrees

B. Whereas most young people have their hearts set on a university degree

C. Everyone wants a university degree because they can use it to get a high-paying job

D. Because the best way to a successful future is a university degree



When opening a bank account,


A. the staff of the bank are very helpful with the completion of the forms


B. interest rates have gone up dramatically


C. you have to provide some form of identity

D. your money will be much safer there


Britney Spears

in the Waldorf Astoria on this visit to New York.




B. is staying

C. is going to stay

D. will stay


Hurry up and buy your sandwich! Here


is coming

B. comes

the bus! C. is going to come

D. coming is

58. “Sorry I haven’t phoned. I lost my address book.”

“Oh, you


forever lose

your address book! Why don’t you keep everything on the computer?” B. are forever losing


have forever been losing

D. have forever been lost

59. We can’t leave a ten-year-old child on her own. What on earth

A. do you think

B. are you thinking

C. have you thought

of? D. did you think

60. Don’t ask him! He

C. is being

61. Rameses II

B. ruled

62. Intervention was urgently required – the starving children

really difficult at the moment.

B. is

A. does be

A. was ruling

over ancient Egypt for more than fifty years.

C. have ruled

little sign of an end to the drought.

D. is going to be

D. had ruled weaker by the day and there


were growing – was

B. had grown – was being


had been growing – was being

D. were going to grow – was

63. By the middle of the nineteen sixties many parts of Europe


a tremendous economic



B. were experiencing


had been experienced D. were going to experience

64. Phil stood at the door soaked from head to toe; he

A. was running

B. has been running

65. By the third month of the war rebel forces

A. took

B. had taken

C. had run most of the province. C. had been taking

D. had been running

D. were going to take

66. At the time of the trial last summer Hinkley

A. had been

B. was

in prison for eight months.

C. had been being

D. was being

67. At the time of the take-over the company’s shares

in value for several months.

A. had declined

B. had been declining

D. was going to decline the truck twice last week.

C. was only using

loads of small shops around here when I was

C. declined

68. Brendan was surprised to find the gas tank empty as he

A. had only used

B. had only been using

69. Things have certainty changed – there

D. was only used



would be

B. used to be

C. used to being

C. were used to being

70. to leave by 10 a.m., but I overslept and missed the train.



was hoping

B. have hoped

C. will

have hoped

D. hope

71. I wanted to work for a large organisation. Now I want to be self-employed.



used to think

B. would think

C. was used to thinking D. got used to thinking

72. The nurses’ strike

the current waiting time for minor surgery by two to three weeks.

A. increased

B. has increased

C. had increased

D. has been increasing

73. The incidence of street crime

by five per cent in the last two months.

A. has risen

B. has raised

C. has been rising

D. has been raising

74. She

with the symphony orchestra three times this season.

A. has been playing

B. has played

C. had played

D. had been playing

75. It won’t be the first time she

against the government in her long career.

A. votes

76. You

B. has voted

C. will vote

my chocolate! There’s some on your shirt.

D. is voting

A. have eaten

77. The workers

A. have called

B. had eaten

C. have been eating

D. had been eating

for the chairman’s resignation, and now they are still calling.

B. have been calling

C. are calling

D. are going to call

78. for management to begin negotiations on pay, maybe once or a number of



A. have called

B. have been calling

C. had called

D. had been calling

79. She felt terrible during the interview because she

from flu since the previous day.

A. had suffered

B. had been suffering

C. suffered

D. was suffering

80. When I last saw John, he

and was out of breath.

A. ran

B. had run

C. had been running

D. was going to run

81. Going by all of the recent polls, the social democrats


A. will win

B. are going to win

C. win

next week’s election by a huge

D. will be winning

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I’ve won the jackpot on the lottery and I

it all straight away!

A. am going to spend

B. am spending

C. will spend

D. spend a new shopping centre in town.

83. I’ve just been to the council meeting. It looks like they


are building

B. will build

C. are going to build

D. build

84. “Have you looked at the new financial report yet?”

“No, but I

at home this evening so I can study it then.”


am staying

B. will stay

C. are going to stay

D. stay

85. The takeover is going ahead, I’m afraid, so we

some redundancies in the New Year.


will make

B. will be making


will have been making

D. will have made

86. I don’t want to be rude, but

with us for long when you come over to Britain?


will you stay

B. will you be staying


will you have stayed D. do you stay

87. The lecture

on time – they rarely do here.


won’t probably

B. probably won’t

C. will probably

D. probably will

88. Shh! You

disturb your mother.



are due to

B. are not to

C. are to

C. are being to

89. They Mayor of Paris

attend the service tomorrow before leaving the city.


is about to

B. is to

C. is on the point of

D. is being to

90. These pills are

with any other medicine.


not to be taken

B. not take

C. due to be taken

D. not taking

91. The timetable

be published on 1 st May.


is due to

B. is about to

C. is on the point of

D. is due for

92. Hurry! Run! The train’s just

leave without us!

A. to

B. due to

C. about to

D. gone to extinction. D. due to

93. Because of the erosion of their habitats, some species are

C. likely to

94. He's very

A. about to

B. on the verge of

to accept the position as we can’t match his current salary.



B. likely

C. sure

D. surely

95. We

promote trainees within two to three years of qualifying.


are about to

B. expect to

C. anticipate to

D. acquire to

96. “I’m sorry about spilling wine of your dress last week.”

“Don’t worry. I

A. was going to

take it to the cleaner’s anyway.”

B. would

C. was to strike her again. C. was about to

97. As he raised his arm she realised that he

A. was due to

B. was to

D. would have gone to

D. was of

98. I’m really sorry. We waste any more time.

to stop at a service station and phone you, but we didn’t want to

A. were due to

B. were going to

C. were to

99. Everyone was getting impatient. The trial of the century

A. would to

E. A & C are correct

B. was to F. A & B are correct

C. was due to

D. were able start in two minutes. D. B & C are correct

100. Crash investigators

release their findings to the press later today.


are about to

B. are due to

C. are to

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


101. The exam starts at

arrive at the hall at least five minutes before the start.


Be sure to

B. You are to

C. Be bound to

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


102. Hurry up! The tour group is

If you don’t come now, they’ll go without us!


to leave

B. about to leave

C. on the point of leaving


B & C are correct

E. A & C are correct

F. A & B are correct

103. Do you believe we are

a really exciting breakthrough here?


on the point of

B. forthcoming

C. on the verge of

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


104. Standing underneath the stricken building, no one seemed aware of the




B. imminent

C. bound

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


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105. “Do you think the judges will like my entry?” “Of course. They’re

A. sure

E. A & C are correct F. A & B are correct

B. bound

C. unlikely

to like it!” D. B & C are correct

106. We

one hundred per cent customer satisfaction with this new vacuum cleaner!



B. guarantee

C. anticipate

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


107. The society

expand its membership by twenty per cent in the next year.


hopes to

B. may

C. envisages

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct

F. A & B are correct

108. Look, I didn’t put the rubbish out this morning because I thought you

do it!


were going to

B. would

C. were

D. B & C are correct


A & C are correct F. A & B are correct


109. The new department store

on 2 nd January, but the explosion prevented this.


was to open

B. would open

C. was to have opened


B & C are correct

E. A & C are correct

F. A & B are correct

II. Supply the correct forms and tenses of the verbs in brackets.

1. You know, my mother (sit)

2. The old house (stand)

3. I (spend)

4. When I (be)

5. After she (finish)

6. When I (meet)

7. I (never learn)

8. I (watch)

9. You (search)

10. This morning the sun was shining, and I (decide)

11. The city now (crowd)

12. “Anyone (live)


at the album for the last 15 minutes.

on the top of the mountain as long as I can remember.

English. down to listen to some music. as a waiter for a year or so.

a lot of time cooking since I (retire)

in London we all (study)

dinner, she (sit)

him, he (work)

to drive. I go to work by bus.

the film with my friends last week.

all the house but you still can’t find your keys and you’re late.

with people who (seek)

in this flat?” I (shake)

to begin (see) the sights of London. employment.

: “It (be)

my head and (say)


since the last tenant (move) out.”

13. Coming up to the desk he (take)

the key that (leave)

there by the doorman and


up the stairs to his room. Inside he (find)

that the letters (be)

not where

he (leave)

them. His room (break)

in while he was out.

14. Hurry up our favorite TV programme (be)

15. I don’t know why you always (talk)

16. Who was that girl you (talk)

17. Today is the first anniversary of Grandpa Max’s death, and I (think)

18. My uncle would rather that I (not leave)

19. When I see my sister again, she (finish)

20. You shouldn’t get Jack (type)

21. It’s a great pity you (not come)

22. The occupants of the house (say) attic until the night terrible storm (break)

23. Had he not interfered in his sister’s marital problems, there (be)

24. If you continue with your diet, you (lose)

25. The builders will start work as soon as the plans (approve)

26. They haven’t finished their work yet. If they (finish) Nha Trang now.

27. She wore the wig (avoid, recognize)

28. No sooner I (arrive)

29. If your father (smoke)

30. This room will look brighter once your father (finish, decorate)

31. Were she (know)

32. It looks as if this light (burn)

over long before we (reach) in class, boy.

you in the street?


to when I (pass)

about him all day.

yesterday. all her exam.

this letter. He’s a careless man. to Brighton with us last Sunday.

that they (never notice) out.

any strange noise in the

peace between them.


about five kilos by the end of this month.

their work yesterday, they (go)

by others.

than I (send) Jane a letter to say that I had a present for her.

less, he (have)

much more money.

the truth, she would tell you about it.

all night. I (forget)


it off before I went to

bed last night.

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33. I visit new countries every year. By the time I (be) countries in the world.

34. Were I (know)

35. Do you know whether she (finish) done before tomorrow after.

36. He said that everything (happen)

sixty, I (visit)

all the most interesting

all that

the answer, I’d tell you right away.

typing or not? If no, make sure she (get)

in about 2 minutes more quickly than what (estimate)

37. “Attention, please! Why you (always talk)

in class, Tom? OK. Today, I (have)


me Mr. Grainer, and he (tell)

you about how to avoid school bully.”

38. According to the agenda, he (have) Tuesday at 2.30 that’s when he (just finish)

39. She was breathing fast and deep as if she (run)

40. I wished you (work)

41. I’m sorry (not attend)

yesterday’s lecture.

42. It was an opportunity (not miss)

43. (Not notify)

a meeting at that time. So, how about making on his talk with the broad of director.

a long way.

as hard as Mary (do)

of the changes, he was late for the meeting. He asked for the reason and

out unintentionally. at the pub. Definitely it was my twin brother. him to give it up but not a success.

got the reply that his email address (leave)

44. It (not be) He (be)

me, the one you saw (drink) addicted to alcohol. We (help)

III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense according to the context.

Passage 1

Many children start going for dental checkups at an early age, but Kelly Smithers was fourteen

years old when she went for the first time. It (1)

(be) not a happy experience.

Until then Kelly (2)

(be) lucky. She (3)

(always have) good teeth and (4)

(never have) suffered from toothache. But for two or three months Kelly (5)

and off, in one of her teeth. So, her mother (6) (be) necessary.

(get) pain, on

(decide) that a trip to the dentist (7)

It (8)

(turn) out to be a terrible experience for Kelly. She (9)

one sitting and (10)

and (12)

(be) in great pain. Since then, Kelly (11)

(never have) the courage to go to the dentist’ again.

(have) twelve fillings in (suffer) from dental phobia

But then, three months ago, Kelly (13)

(sign) up for a session at Feelgood Dentistry. She

(need) to do

(have) regular counseling sessions and (18)


(start) to have toothache again and (15)

(realize) that she (16)

something about it. At Feelgood she (17)

(be) given the chance to talk through her problems thoroughly. “It (19)

far,” she says, “I (20) able to overcome it soon.”

(be) wonderful so

(begin) to understand what lies behind my phobia and so I should be

Passage 2

Karen sat at her desk. She couldn't concentrate on her work because she (1)


about Dave. They (2)

any of her other colleagues. They (4)

about anything together – work matters or things that (6)

time. But now, everything (7)


(work) together for three years and she (3)

(like) him more than (be able to) talk

(affect) their private lives at the

(be) very strange.

(have) an argument. They (5)

(change). She felt that Dave (8)

(he, have) some terrible secret? She decided to speak to him about it.

Dave (10)

(have) a coffee in the canteen when she found him. She got straight to the

(start) working here at the

(behave) very

(I, do) something to upset you?’ Dave said

point. ‘Dave,’ she said, ‘I (11) same time and we (13)

strangely. (15) nothing at first. He (17)

(know) you for years. We (12)

(always get) well together. But you (14)

(What, happen)? (16)

(sit) there in silence. Then he leaned forward and whispered, 'No, you

(do) something I


(do) anything wrong. It's me. For the past couple of months, I (19)

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shouldn't. But I can't tell you about it now.' And then he got up and left. As he disappeared, Karen


(wonder) what on earth it could be.

IV. Error identification.

1. On the old days men used to hunt for food and women stayed at home to look after the family.

2. Imagine what life was like in our country two century ago and you will see how women had to suffer from inequality.

3. She punched and kicked by her attackers.

4. He beat me on chess.

5. I crept up the stair, trying not to get up my parents.

6. We were waded across a shallow stream.

7. I think I’ve broken the wash machine.

8. The bridge will remain closed until essential repair work has been carrying out.

9. Is this house belong to you?

10. I am needing some information from that library.

11. He fastened up his coat and hurry up.

12. They grew up in the same neighbor.

13. The elephant often describe as largest of all land animals.

14. The concrete is a building material making by mixing cement and sand with gravel and water.

15. The majority of countries are very concerned that if whaling does not stop, nearly all the whales will be dispatched.

16. Living in New York, apartments cost more to rent than they do in other, smaller cities.

17. The winner of the first auto race held in the United States, in 1895, driving his car at a speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

18. By the end of the examination, Bill, considering the most intelligent student by his friends, had finished it for more than an hour.

19. The progress was made in the field of urban planning over recent years has resulted in a different view being taken of downtown areas.

20. The attractions between opposite poles on different atoms call Van der Waals forces.

21. The rate of inflation is soon expecting to decrease gradually by some economists.

22. Anyone find walking on the grass or picking flowers in this park will be severely punished.

23. The asleep children were wakened by the loud sound of the crashing thunder.

24. She suggested taking the plane this evening or that we go by train tomorrow.

25. Until recently, California was largest producer of oranges in the United States.

26. I had not done much more work since I talked to you on Wednesday.

27. Only once in my life I have been to New York, one of the big cities in the United States.

28. Although he was inexperient, he got a good job.

29. Everyone was pleasant with the result of the election.

30. I find it ashamed to spend all this money.

31. The official language is English but the main speaking language are Ewe, Twi, and GA.

32. My computer has lots of games which I can play after I have did my homework.

33. Supersonic flight is the flight that is fastly than the speed of sound.

34. English is a comparative easy language for us to study.

35. A United Nations consists of about 160 nations.

36. I rarely see a film although there are many films that are worth to see. I prefer plays to films.

37. In order to help human beings live longer and more healthy, many scientists are working hard so that they can invent new drugs.

38. Find and correct mistakes in the following passage. My neighbour is called Jeanine. She is coming from Belgium. She is living here since 1995 and she says she has been going back to visit her family in Belgium only once. She's having an accent that is the same as people who are coming from France, but I never ask her if she is speaking French. She is really liking to go to the theatre and she is inviting me to go with her one Saturday. In the short time I am knowing her, we become good friends.

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39. Find and correct mistakes in the following passage. A few years ago, when my friend and I were hitchhike through France, we sometimes stop for the night in a park or a field. If it wasn't rain, we just sleep outside in our sleeping bags under the stars. We really enjoying that. If it was rain, we put up our small tent and crawl inside for the night. One night, while we sleep in the tent, I think that the ground moving under me. I sit up and I realize that the tent was try to move and only the weight of our bodies was hold it in place. When we get outside, we discover that we stand ankle-deep in a small stream and our tent slowly floats away. At first, we really surprised and worried, but then we think it is very funny.

40. An imminent event is one that happens soon.

41. Please stop making so much noise or I report you to the supervisor.

42. As I was about to leave his office, Bob said, ‘Let’s get together for lunch sometime, will we?’

43. They came and asked for people to help immediately, so Jenny jumped up and said, ‘I do it!’

44. When he is released next week, Pat McGuire will spend almost five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

45. I’m going to work on the report at home last night, but I had left all my notes in the office.

46. It’s probably too late to phone Margaret. Do you think she’ll go to bed already?

47. I’m not certain, but I guess it’s raining later this afternoon.

48. Forthcoming books are those that we think to be available soon.

49. I can’t believe that you’ll sit on a plane to Malta while I’m driving to work tomorrow morning.

50. If I’ll finish before you, I wait for you outside.

51. Will Stefan to get these boxes later or is to take them now?

52. I must get to the post office before it’ll close or the parcel doesn’t arrive in time for Joy’s birthday.

53. My next door neighbour, who is usually shy and doesn’t say much, is being very friendly this morning and has a big party tonight for all his friends.

54. Martin was used to smoke a lot when he was studying, but since he has been working in the bank, he hasn’t been smoking as much.

55. People were slipping on the wet floor because no one had cleaned up the water that all of us were knowing had leaked from the coffee machine.

56. When you will make a promise, you tell someone that you will definitely give them something or that you definitely will or won’t do something.

57. As we were entering the building, I noticed a sign that someone has put above the door which said, “Be alert.”

V. Sentence transformation: Rewrite the sentences in such a way that they mean almost the same as the given ones. Use or start with the words or phrases in brackets, and do not change them.

1. It’s a long time since I last went to a soccer match. (I HAVEN’T)

2. This is my second visit to Canada. (TIME)

3. Mary started learning French five years ago. (FOR)

4. I am on the tenth page of the letter I am writing. (SO FAR)

5. The last time I saw Dick was in 1985. (SINCE)

6. After I arrived here, I started to feel better. (SINCE)

7. It’s over twenty years since we got married. (WE)

8. Toney hasn’t been to Paris before. (FIRST)

9. Harry left before we reached the hotel. (BY)

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Today is Liz and John’s thirtieth wedding anniversary. (FOR)

11. It's almost a year since I stopped smoking. (UP)

12. Nobody has had sight of the boat for two days. (LAST)

13. Immediately we finish this, we’ll join you. (MINUTE)

14. Bergkamp's goal is the most extraordinary I’ve ever seen. (YET)

15. It’s only after a week that you begin to feel relaxed here. (HOME)

16. He’s almost certain to leave before we got there. (ARRIVE)

17. Loukas was last heard of over a week ago. (CONTACT)

18. Theo is the most infuriating person I’ve ever met. (MORE)

19. Never before have I seen children who are so well-behaved. (SUCH)

20. This type of car used to sell very well before they started producing the more modern 306. (LESS)

21. It appears we have received the wrong information. (SENT)

22. It looks as if we made a mistake on our order form. (FILLED)

23. The ministers were clearly left by the president not to have acted swiftly enough. (OPINION)

24. I’m glad we managed to get out of there: it was hell. (MADE)

25. The manufacturers are certain of a high level of customer satisfaction with this product. (GUARANTEE)

26. Out plane’s departure time is at 6.30 in the morning. (LEAVES)

27. Let’s stop playing soon – out opponents have so many points than we do. (GOING)

28. My great-grandmother celebrates her hundredth birthday next year. (OLD)

29. It’s unlikely that humans will ever be able to live on the moon. (THINK)

30. It’s my parent’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary next Saturday. (MARRIED)

31. Come along next Monday afternoon – the band always records on Monday afternoons. (WILL)

32. We are one hundred per cent certain of the success of our proposal. (CERTAINLY)

33. The government expects another six thousand people to be in work by the end of the summer. (FOUND)

34. Do you have any idea of your arrival time on Friday? (ARRIVING)

35. Our daughter has got a role in the school production of Miss Saigon next month. (APPEARING)

36. The result of our appeal against the parking fine should arrive in the post tomorrow. (DUE)

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37. Do not disturb the chimpanzees during feeding time. (DISTURBED)

38. Turn that music down! It’s so loud that it’ll definitely wake all the neighbours. (BOUND)

39. Scientists in the human genome project feel that they are about to discover the secret of life. (DISCOVERING)

40. Will you promise that you won’t get drunk again tonight? (NOT TO)

41. It is probable that the road-sweeping contract will be withdrawn from Dustbugs. (LIKELY)

42. Everyone in the villiage lived in fear of the volcanic eruption, which was imminent. (IMPENDING)

43. The designer believes that he will be able to finish the specifications by tomorrow afternoon. (ENVISAGES)

44. I really don’t think that the examiner will accept a handwritten script these days. (UNLIKELY)

45. Please make your purchases proceed to a check-out. The store is going to close in five minutes. (ABOUT)

46. If we want medical research to provide cures for all known diseases, it must be adequately funded. (IS)

VI. Cloze test.

Passage 1

Mexico City is growing quickly. In, 1970, the city had about 9 million people. Now it has over 17



homes do not have water. They also do not have bathrooms or electricity. The Mexican

government is (4) city.

better in the

, there is not enough housing. Large families have to live together in small homes. Many

million people. All these people are causing (1)

for the city. There are not (2)

about all these problems. It is working hard to make (5)

? Where are all these people coming from? They are

coming to the city from the country. Life is hard on the farms in Mexico. Most people on farms

have to live a very simple life. They have no (7)

the city must be (8)

money for modern things. People think life in

Why is Mexico City growing so (6)

So they leave their farms and (9)

to Mexico City.

All around the world, large cities have the same problems. One of them is air (10a)

Mexico City has bad air. It is dirty and (11)

Cars are one reason for dirty air. Many Mexicans


into the air. It is not easy to clean up the air in a large city. The

now own cars and drive in the city. The factories in the area also cause air (10b)

factories put a lot of (12)

government has to make new (13)

and everyone has to help.

Passage 2


Area: 330,991 square kilometers

Population: 87 million


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It borders China to the north

and Laos and Cambodia to the west. To the east and south lies the South China Sea, which the

Vietnamese call the East Sea. Mountains and hills (2)

four-fifths of Vietnam’s territory with

Truong Son range stretching over 1,400 km. Mount Fansipan (3,142m) is the highest peak

in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam lies on the eastern seaboard of the Indochina (1)


The most populated areas in Vietnam are the lowland alluvial plains: the Red River Delta (15,000 sq. km, with a 3,000 km-long dyke network) in the north, and the Mekong Delta (22,000 sq. km) in the south. Vietnam’s two biggest rivers, the Red River and the Mekong River, respectively

discharge 122,109 and 1.4 million (4)

meters of water.

Vietnam’s 3,260 km-long coastline features beautiful beaches like Tra Co, Lang Co, Nha Trang,

Vung Tau, and Ha Tien. National (5)

Bach Ma in the center and Cat Tien in the south.

include Ba Vi, Cat Ba and Cuc Phuong in the north,


Minerals: coal, iron, aluminum, tin and oil.

Agricultural and forestry (6)

: Rice, maize, sweet potatoes, peanuts, soy beans, rubber,

lacquer, coffee, tea, tobacco, cotton, coconut, sugar cane, jute, and tropical and (7) fruits.


Vietnam is essentially a tropical country with a humid monsoon climate. The average annual mean temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius throughout the country (Hanoi 23.4°C, Hue 25.1°C, Ho Chi Minh City 26.9°C).

In July, the average temperature in Hanoi is 28.6°C, in Hue it is 28.9°C, and in Ho Chi Minh City, 27.6°C. Lowland areas receive around 1,500 mm of rain per year, while mountainous areas

receive 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm. Humidity can reach (8)

to 90 percent in the rainy season.

Vietnam has two seasons: cool and dry from November to April and hot and rainy from May to

October. North Vietnam has four distinct seasons, of (9)

The south is warm all year round, with seasonal variations (10) three degrees Celsius.

fall is considered the most beautiful.

temperature averaging just

Passage 3

Renewable energy is the future. (1)

fossil fuels, renewables are non-polluting and

inexhaustible. In 2010, 16% of global energy was from renewable sources. And a BP report recently

of energy production. But green energy is

showed green energy is the fastest-growing (2)

environmental effects and much of the technology is

still being developed.


from perfect. It can have (4)

The sun is a powerful resource. In six hours, the world’s deserts receive enough solar energy to

year. Solar panels are thin wafers of silicon that trap the sun’s

and convert them into electricity. Desertec, a European multinational, is currently

power the world for an (5)


planning solar energy farms (7)

by 2050. Solar panels operate silently and require (8)

free. The panels are expensive and energy-intensive to make, and the raw (9) sourced through environmentally-unfriendly mining.

North America. It hopes to generate 15% of Europe’s energy

maintenance. But they’re not problem-

are often

water into energy. This is usually achieved by

damming a river and then releasing the water through a pipe within the dam. As the water

Hydropower involves converting (10)


through the pipe it turns a water turbine, (12)

create electricity. Hydropower is the

most (13)

renewable energy worldwide, (14)

for over 20% of all renewable sources. It’s

cheap, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases and, (15) constructed, they can last for up to a century.

dams are expensive to build, once

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